I do thoughts/opinions on your favorite KGuprs with my own twist to it..

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  1. Craig Thomas

    I said this before but ill say it again...My dearest Abby, when you can't seem to get along with other females its probably not them its you!

  2. Angie Ussery

    In the bottom of lalas thanksgiving picture u can see lil tjays head or that could be someone else idk

  3. Mati ‘Twas

    Man fucc a Fredo

  4. Shermoy Powell

    I can't take ddg and Rubi serious.💯

    1. Shermoy Powell

      Someone is really press

    2. Designer the Don

      What does that even mean? Sound ridiculous

  5. Iso ‘

    damn I been waitin on vlogmas n this nigga ken gotta fuck sum shit up 😂🤦‍♂️

  6. Designer the Don

    Ddg been saying multiple times in the last week or so and again yesterday that he was about to get back on KGup so that’s good too. Probably could have talked about that in the video

  7. Dorian _hunt2007

    noti gang

  8. Dorian _hunt2007

    noti gang

  9. Dorian _hunt2007

    noti gang phone broke lol sorry kiara

  10. Николай Марков

    0:32 lucky-draw.online

  11. Wolf 7th

    Darryl is a female. He's the most emotional dude I've ever seen 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    1. Kelvin Wilson


    2. Go_Smd


  12. Leh GOAT

    I missed it noooo 😭😭

  13. Вадим Никишнев

    0:17 schoolteens.online

  14. ayana debellotte

    Kitective for life

  15. Steven Smith

    0:25 beautiful-girls-here.online

  16. Sym Taylor

    DDG just need to give Rubi time and she will come around. Ik he's hurt about the situation but just let it okay out and she will come around. Just chill and try to stay low key/private.

    1. 5k.Just0

      Kelvin Wilson plus my gut ddg only been in 4 Relationships 3 on the internet and he’s still young so he’s still learning he will get there one day

    2. Kelvin Wilson

      @5k.Just0 facts

    3. 5k.Just0

      Kelvin Wilson that’s what I’m saying she don’t feel like she need ddg that relationship was too toxic feel like they should learn from it and move on

    4. Kelvin Wilson

      Rubi is doing fine, and she had people over for Thanksgiving, her producer was there and other people, rubi needs to get away from all that silly bullshit, plus she was at the Mike Tyson weight in today. She's doing good. She don't need him

    5. Smh

      @Designer the Don right it kinda threw me off when he was tweeting and acting sad but then when he was on live he seemed happy asl.

  17. Dirtbag Squad

    Abby been scamming

  18. Designer the Don

    Abby Nicole and nem was trying to get them views😂😂😂

  19. Dirtbag Squad

    Abby always chasing clout lol, her channel dead.

    1. Wolf 7th

      She be finessing with her try on hauls too.

  20. India Lee

    I noticed day one Ddg Aura started declining since Rubi came into the picture soul ties ain't no joke

    1. Kelvin Wilson

      When ddg got rubi, he got all stressed out, trying to show her that he's the big shit, trying to control her, and all that shit back fired on him, and it drove her away,

    2. DFromTheVille

      @Smh go watch hunter x hunter

    3. 5k.Just0

      Designer the Don half of the people who say Spiritually broke don’t even know what it mean they only saying it because Solluminati said it💯

    4. Designer the Don

      @Smh people just make up anything like the spiritually broke sh*t lol. These people be sounding like clowns man

    5. Smh

      Who the hell is aura ?

  21. Dirtbag Squad

    Abby drama is fake as her hair and make up.

    1. Designer the Don


  22. Dirtbag Squad

    Ddg needs to take a page out dearra books.

  23. Dj Sims


  24. Go_Smd

    I’m sorry but that song with autumn & ddg it’s just a no for me. Especially the music video it wasn’t even all that it looked tacky. (Just my opinion, I don’t think I would ever listen to it again it’s just not the type of music I would listen to, but they both talented.

    1. Kelvin Wilson

      Facts, the song is better with out the music video, but I like the song

    2. DFromTheVille

      Yea I agree the music video was bad and didn’t make sense. And the song wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. All together I’d give it a C+

    3. Go_Smd

      @Buba Bajinka lmfao stop you must be delusional. If you a fan boy then just say that. 😂

    4. Designer the Don

      I think Ddg need to be pushing himself with his music and Let autumn and TO do their own songs/videos now until he pops off like he really wants to in music

    5. Buba Bajinka

      bro how can u jus say that shit gard AF

  25. KaNiyah White

    I was wondering when you were gonna post

    1. Edward Sanders

      Facts like been 3 days

  26. Akilah Ali


    1. Christopher Francis Nation

      Hi 😊

  27. Ozmargamestar bigdubs

    I’m so bored

  28. VHS Kara

    I clicked on this video so mf fast 😂

    1. Melanie Davis

      Thought I was the only one😩😂

    2. The real Dior Ana

      Stg 😂😂

    3. Mike Lil Guapo

      swear ta gawd😂😂 lol 🚫🧢 I love her content

  29. Princethegreatest 1

    Damn most of yo vids is ddg🤣🤣

  30. Amarri Sharpton

    Why she had to talk the whole time over got the baby crying and pausing the video every mf second

  31. Official Blue

    Riley views went down dramatically tho on YT

  32. SeanTheTruth

    He said straight up that’s cool

  33. KamiReberu

    Did she just say va-lad?😂

    1. KamiReberu

      Keep up the work tho luv the vids when is the next coming out ?

  34. Zaterx

    Riley wasn’t selling her pictures, she got hacked

  35. MockTie

    Ddg everyday

  36. AarxnDuzIt


  37. Shai&RichyRich

    Lmfao they really out here fake beefing they was both at the friends giving that she went to man bye 💀

    1. Shai&RichyRich

      @llII they was both together at the dinner this shit fake asf now she wanna make a video talkin bout she apologize for how she was actin gtfo it was fake anyway 😂

    2. llII

      What happed

  38. Tatiyana Niyel

    I dead want my one with Corey!

  39. Tatiyana Niyel

    Corey need to STFU speaking on BLACK women! Ya wife not even BLACK! You have no grounds to speak on us. PERIOD!

  40. Santana Season

    I came for one thing

  41. The Writer Chick

    My fave voice in the BG is baby Kayleigh 😁👍🏾love it

  42. 1millymir

    They on some Rubi rose and lala shit this shit need to stop

  43. Jessica Santiago

    He said put a shirt on that’s cool

  44. Michael Murillo

    that not ddg

  45. SevereDripJay **

    Still would clap Riley idc idc

  46. Tim2litty LittyGang

    Ya telling him get it together but we all need to get it together he not Lying ether he just speaking from his prospective an I’ve also experienced this but don’t get it fuck up I love my black women niggaz be jacking to be so pro black but we all got flaws B

  47. Layya Washington

    It’s the string for me😭😭😭




    I know they guy who has them btw

  50. Jack Scott

    Haha Riley a loser

  51. BigTankTelevision

    When did Abby start this accent thing

  52. Makhayla Downs

    I Think Abby And Kays Beef Is Fake Cause They So Called Just Did Kennedys Hair And Makeup. But Yet They Beefing 🤔

  53. Baba Zuleh

    DDG has no self respect! Rubi can and probably is cheating on him but he’ll keep going back. Wtf happened to our DDG bruh

    1. Marian Barker

      His relationship not your so move along

  54. Clutch God tv


  55. Elite Nautica

    This shit lame 😒 that’s about it

  56. Tayja J

    Ddg need to snap out of it fr its sad man he's getting taken advantage of , if I was his close friend or anything i would try my best to help him out this shit cause he deserves better

  57. KallanC

    Clearly abby is the problem. Everywhere she goes its problems

  58. Sandi C

    Straight up that’s cool yes it’s him

  59. Brenden

    I don’t really use Twitter like that but can someone tell me how to find Riley pictures I’m asking for my friend who’s phone broke

    1. Angie Ussery

      dlr ok reddit is weird as hell

    2. dlr

      www.reddit.com/u/lyxl664? This a reddit thread, scroll down some and you'll see the riley ones

  60. D Mariie

    Abby situation is definitely fake fake fake 😳😳

  61. OmmieTheHomie

    Okay even if it was ddg , they said they cool , so I’m sure they be around each other 🤷🏽‍♂️

  62. Everyday Car Guy

    If all else fails start an only fans lol

  63. Setera Lockley

    There’s levels to toxic... ddg called Rubi “my bitch” but that woulda never came out of his mouth with Kennedy she wouldnt of accepted it ... that’s the diff between the two relationships

  64. kris jr

    Who got those pictures

    1. dlr


  65. Warren Family Values

    Riley really for the streets lol 😂

  66. Gaming 03

    Always here for DOG no cap.

    1. Angie Ussery

      DDG: woof woof

  67. Roy Vaughn

    Leave Riley alone guys 😒. I support her woman rights 🥴

  68. Sinds93

    And i oop🤭

  69. Juice Ent

    Definitely his voice 😂

  70. Gossip Girl Central

    That’s not ddg y’all the voice too deep

  71. Emmanuel Chenny

    Interviewers are only going to ask questions about what fans constantly talk about regarding u. So unless DDG can magically erase everyone’s memory, ppl will continue to ask him the same line of questions, unless something dramatic happens with him that gives ppl something else to talk about it. & it’s unlikely that any crazy will change with him overnight

  72. Emmanuel Chenny

    Just for the record Kiara, Going to someone’s Instagram isn’t an accurate way to tell if they’re bothered or unbothered. Some ppl don’t show emotion or vent on social media the way others tend to do. Some ppl hide it.

  73. yung ze da scholar

    For some reason I feel like everything Kay said about Abby is true

  74. R. S

    Ddg said “ u got a shirt on that’s cool” like he her dad 😂

  75. Yung JD

    That’s him

  76. llII

    I dont even care about rubi and ddg

    1. Marian Barker


  77. Adr Ran

    👀👀 Not bad Riley

  78. Seven 7

    Yo if you got Riley pics hit me ig twezy101