I do thoughts/opinions on your favorite KGuprs with my own twist to it..

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  1. KingLo TRG

    People un subbing cause u a scammer not cause they there for fredo

  2. Obf Ashton

    Mikey a clout chaser and down bad🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Konscious

    For people to really sit up here and act like fredo is a saint is crazy to me because there is multiple people out there claiming that he’s a scammer as well so for him to be up here calling Mikey out is hella weird tbh the facts is all over the net and it’s sad but alot of these influencers have been known to scam people out they money yeah Mikey wrong for trying to expose fredo and bring his personal business out but tbh that’s disloyal for fredo to had dropped that video in the first place especially if he had the video for 3 months (he said) regardless if Mikey was wrong or not to try and publicly tarnish his name was foul the situation could have been handled differently from both ends this is not a defense for Mikey though he definitely fucked up for taking them peoples money and running off but let’s not act like fredo hasn’t done the same notice fredos whole live earlier he was dodging them real questions because he know he wrong as well and people was calling his 🧢 he be doing the same shit even turned off the comments because people wasn’t taking his side damn this a long ass paragraph.😂😂 but nah they all full of shit and fredo weird plus there’s more people that have made videos that have been around fredo claiming the same shit Mikey did so I mean the info is valid at the end of the day Mikey a foul ass nigga and fredo a foul ass nigga and a hypocrite.💯💯 I rest my case anybody feel different about what I said that’s cool I’m just calling it how I see it nothing more than an opinion. ⬅️

  4. Shirley Simmons

    I don't believe this, who send $500.00, to someone they don't no. Haven't heard from these guys in awhile, hope this is not a get attention prank. Miky and Fredo have broken friendship and went back to being friends. I think they both in this.

  5. Sidney Lewis

    Enjoyed the video

  6. Rio Sauvee

    Now he can scam without the publicity😂😂

  7. Regillio Wolff

    So fredo and and mikey are scammers

  8. Noah Johnson

    Why you bringing ddg into this bruh

  9. Bag Chaser !!

    DDG just did a video in New York

  10. Kyng Mundo

    Why’s DDG on the thumbnail he don’t got ntn to do with ntn there

  11. Veeny tv

    Fuck no that game going for 800+ anything less is a scam don’t care who you is ain’t putting nothing pass it

  12. Life in the DMV with your boy 3K Metamorphosis

    You messy asf for adding DDG there 😭😭😭😭

  13. fwayjoc

    This happened to someone I know by Mikey too😂😂😂

  14. Alex Roberts

    fredo isn’t lying mikey scammed my friend for 500 for a ps5 i was shocked when i heard it was other people smh this where greed gets u

    1. Regillio Wolff

      Both are scammers

  15. Jamhold88

    Looks like you need to make another video, because CEOMiky just exposed a bunch of stuff about Fredo on his channel.

  16. Tyrique Hinds

    Smoking on that CEO Pack

    1. aj loc

      fredo pack mikey would whoop that nigga😭😭

  17. Kizzy Torres

    God bless her

  18. Kani L.

    lol karma always catches up to people somehow or someway

    1. Yaqub Freeland

      Yup that’s why I wouldn’t do stuff like this because god will get u back for it

  19. Kizzy Torres

    She tried shittt

  20. Xxblackside beatsxx

    The lazy eye throwing me no cap

    1. Martell

      i thought i was the only one to catch it lmao yoooo shit was sending me

  21. YoBoy SPADE II

    Homegirl dad looks like he just got out of prison...

  22. Zae3X

    I don’t trust him enough to leave food around him ‼️😂 yalll trippin for giving dude 500$

  23. Ajauny moore

    triple upload wow miss Shanay nay you have officially owned your masters 😂😂

  24. Bc Dubb

    I feel bad for royalty she been nothing but loyal💯and cj just kept fucking up🤦🏽‍♂️

  25. Aquil Stephens

    huge shout out to kiara for the triple upload she is working very hard to get us this content very much appreciated shout out to my boy rob too and the premiere gang

    1. Aquil Stephens

      @Kiara Shanay your welcome kiara keep grinding

    2. Kiara Shanay

      *takes a bow 😂 thanks! 😁😁

  26. Dirtbag Squad

    Imagine messing up your real teeth for fake teeth,, that’s crazy could never be me. Self esteem dead.

    1. Sheila Tabengwa

      Jus say u broke folk😒

  27. Cherno Barry

    Mentioning DDG to get in Fredos skin 😂.he knows that Fredo's weakness is ddg this is funny.

  28. Dirtbag Squad

    Ddg for sure over kennedy lol.

  29. tj Harris

    Nah he got screenshots of frado

  30. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

    Mikey is bringing everything to the light 😂😂😂

  31. Fernando Martinez

    Ain't no way in hell that I'm sending someone that's outta state 500 dollars for anything. If we ain't face to face, it ain't happening.

  32. Mari D Tv

    Kiara wassup

  33. xXkonrayXx

    Prettyboycrackhead needs to learn how to pick members

  34. IG: Therealfrostyy

    Ceo Mikey on Annoying twitch stream talking to PrettyboyFredo

  35. Nathan Harvey

    Mikey turned into a fredo 2.0, he was completely taken advantage of as a fan and fredo taught him everything he knows now so they both pieces of shi

  36. Flexunivers3

    why mention ddg though💀💀 smh

    1. Yaqub Freeland

      Because he knows ddg is a trigger word for fredo because he never really wanted to fight ddg but I hope fredo not rocking fake chains yo 🤦🏾

    2. xXkonrayXx

      @Flexunivers3 still Kiara and ceo like ddg its cool anyways 😆

    3. Tiktok2021 plus free promo

      attention seeker😹 smh

    4. somerandom

      @Flexunivers3 hes probably trying to get under someones skin

    5. Flexunivers3

      @xXkonrayXx I meant Why CEOMIKY MENTIONED DDG💀

  37. D CASH

    Dis guy is clearly lame

  38. youngin Lyle


  39. Jarod Wilson

    If you were going show a video clip of ddg and rubi, you should have showed a clip from the video, ddg meets rubies father, it's really entertaining, and it shows the real ddg, he's quiet and laid back, and rubies father is full of energy, he made ddg uncomfortable at times, especially when he said rubi is his child, his baby girl, ddg looked nervous asffff 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. omar mckenzie

    The Bahamas 🇧🇸

  41. Major

    He knew.. everybody gets their teeth shaven down lol

  42. Ronaldo Morales

    He really hanging out with silky the fake woo smh💀

  43. Sidney Lewis

    When DDG yelled Rubi's name. Lol

  44. IG: Therealfrostyy


  45. Ashley Washington

    S/O to Kiara Shanay for putting up videos❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Ashley Washington

    I love DDG & Rubi Rose together❤❤❤❤❤🤞🏾 i think they are a great cute couple.

  47. tee 79

    Yea there’s is different ones Clarence got the ones where u don’t shave ur teeth and at the time ddg didn’t kno when Clarence got his he was mad cuz the dentist didn’t tell ddg that their are different versions

  48. Shirley Simmons

    Rubi is so happy, fingers crossed. When they trip, they trip. They getting along pretty well. 😄

  49. Simone Addo

    Fredo know he can’t fight but when he’s with his niggas he talks hella hard.

  50. OT TV

    These niggas RL dont know who spin master is 😂😂 these niggas finna get hurt

  51. Carla V

    I love me some DDG & Ruby’s vibing.They love eachother and try to work out on their problems in the relationship,wish them the best,they’re cute together✨ Ps: I have veneers,in the past they used to shave down all the patients’teeth but it’s been a year they know how to keep your normal teeth with the veneers(at least here in Paris,I’m french).my teeth are not shaved down otherwise I wouldn’t have done it,i’m 28 my teeth were in a good shape but i wanted a better aesthetic.

  52. Carl Johnson

    The crazy thing is DDG nor that dude fredo can come to grove street. Straight buster!

    1. Vortion

      Aye I ain’t laugh like this in a min 😂

    2. Haitian Jack

      New York is dead homie this is not the 90s no more

    3. SetTrender


    4. Dave P

      Give em a pass og

    5. Simone Addo

      @Carl Johnson lol niggas is wylin

  53. Stevie J

    Ohh. That's DJ Spin... Mickey Better Chill. I'm Not Worried About Him. But If You Look On DDG IG There Is A Pic Of Guys In A Certain Block In Harlem That's With Spin That He Need To Be Worried About Bc Dude Can Put A Bag.....On Another Topic Annoying TV Is The One Who Needs To Be Worried Before Mickey Or Fredo. He's a big DDG Hater whose on Twitch & it all started because he was talking bad about DD

  54. Only Slappers

    I know mikey goofy ass ain’t talking bout sum up💀💀💀

  55. M

    Breaking news.😂. That nigga Mikey on IG sayin he finna expose fredo. Lol.

    1. Kiara Shanay

      Sheeshhh 🥴


    Damn that’s the longest I’ve ever watched Mikey

  57. blessing nzerem

    Yea some places They put the teeth over your teeth and tell u or they just shave it down

  58. Kensia C

    I like when ddg & rubi are on good terms lol they are vibe, that other drama stuff on the Internet from them, definitely not needed. Seem like they are trying to keep that side of their relationship off the net. Good for them!

    1. Kensia C

      @Jeremiah Artis nah she talking about theshaderoom stuff

    2. Jeremiah Artis

      Spoke to soon

  59. Mja5y Don

    Hope he put down one them. They living like the internet and real life is the same.