I do thoughts/opinions on your favorite KGuprs with my own twist to it..

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  1. Virtul

    DDG said his self, “he paid to play” (paid for features from decently clouted artist). That’s probably why ppl think he is

  2. Treezy

    "My nigga, my ex"🤔

  3. itslovelynicole

    One thing about kiara shanay she’s gonna promote her man music lol he’s fire tho

  4. Steph b

    Damn Tina voice deep af 😂I'm sorry but I had to say it

  5. Chike Amadi

    babies just make you stuck to someone

  6. Wavy Damon

    DDG is so underated and keeps getting so much hate bruh 💯.. Im telling yall one day he gone make it and stop getting hate.

  7. Christopher Pettway

    Man that hand shake will cause a dangerous 😳 reaction

  8. Infamous Yella

    I didn’t see rubi repost it or anything though so 🤷🏻‍♀️ of course he would do that for more views

  9. Christopher Pettway

    What????????? A baby 👶

    1. Jarod Wilson

      Not happening

  10. Kat Kat

    The music video was shot on like April 2, if you go on his page he’s wearing the same outfit on the same date and rubi’s hair was in a straight wig around that time as well.

  11. Dark 8 Prince

    Look like a young Andre the Giant

  12. Kwik D

    If anyone interested in any of those two(DDG and Rubi), they better make SURE SURE they are over each other😅. I feel like they will fool around with each other FOREVER 🤣.

    1. Jarod Wilson

      @Kwik D it's not that simple, rubies wears a straight hair wig about once a month, plus you got to listen to ddg, ddg said on Twitter, when he released the album, he said "I already got the music video for treat me right, but I'm not going to drop it yet

    2. Kwik D

      @Jarod Wilson You can easily find out the timeframe by her hairstyle in the video vs hairstyle on Insta. But it ain't that serious, i really ain't interested in knowing.

    3. Jarod Wilson

      Rubi is single, ddg is good at begging and pleading but it's not working anymore, that music video was shot a month ago.

  13. Jarod Wilson

    Ddg and rubi are single, that music video was shot a month ago, when rubi was in New York, she came back to LA to LA for one day to shoot that music video, then they went shopping, and everyone sW them at the same store, and ddg has been trying to get rubi pregnant since they got together, when rubi recently got covid, ddg was praying she was pregnant in a post on Twitter, but rubi isn't stupid, she's not gonna get pregnant ba a narcissist toxic pizza delivery delivery man, rubies trying to get a Grammy not baby at this time in her life, and rubi done him a favor, she should have demanded a feature from his fake ass.

    1. Lil_ Sim

      Bruh why you creating fake narratives we know you don’t like ddg but at least don’t be bias and speak real facts

  14. YoBoy SPADE

    Ain't No "some" people think that babies fix a relationship, there's ALOT of people who think that babies fix a relationship. That's one of the MAIN problems with the world and people....

    1. Jarod Wilson

      Rjbie isn't looking for a baby at this time in her music career

  15. Tyler Dakid


  16. Ashley York

    I can't think to deep when it comes to Rubi and DDG 😂 She hasn't even promoted the video yet, hopefully she will but if it was someone else's video/song she would've posted it as soon as it dropped. They confuse me that's why I can't give them too much attention. Seems like a one-sided relationship/friendship.

    1. aj loc

      Ashley York yea haha better not say nun lmaoo

    2. Ashley York

      @aj loc Whatever you say. Goodnight

    3. Ashley York

      @Jarod Wilson ummm DDG didn't have a feature on her tape so what are you talking about?

    4. aj loc

      Ashley York you a damn lie and she did promote ddg music plenty times 🤣🤣more than he did let’s be real he only promoted her mixtape lmao

    5. Jarod Wilson

      @Ashley Yorklisten, she might support a artist that she likes and listened to, but ddg is her ex and she hates him, plus ddg gave another girl a feature and didn't give her one, and you think she's going to support some bs for him, she would be a fool if she did.

  17. Ashley York

    I read a comment saying that Clarence shouldn't have reacted to the video in the first place and I agree. What was his intent by letting people know what's going on between him and Queen's family? It seems messy and petty on his end.

    1. Ebony

      @Ashley York hostility? He just said that he needs more time. What’s wrong with that? I agree about it being avoidable though, they both should have just left it off the internet and spoke on the phone

    2. Ashley York

      @Ebony I didn't see Tina's video, all I saw was Clarence reacting to a birthday video about Queen buying her mom a car. If Tina didn't speak negative and owned up to what she did, why so much hostility on Clarence end? I just think all of this could've been avoided.

    3. Ebony

      It's because Tina made a video first. She essentially mentioned him in a video and said that she apologized if she offended him for the stuff in 2018. Everybody ran to Clarence's page to tell him about the apology and then was slamming him for not going to the birthday party. He responded and said there was no beef, he just needed time... Why is it acceptable for Tina to mention it but not him? I didn't see anything wrong with either

    4. Ashley York

      @ana ana Right! Queen was just with her family and everyone seemed happy, then here he comes with the negativity.

    5. ana ana

      Exactly. Grown man. He should be more respectful of queen and her family. No family is perfect. Let him talk about his family

  18. Triniti J

    Why did she steal queen boyfriend card instead of queen’s like you are going to steal do it right 😂😂 at least if it was your sister y’all would have just had a cat fight. But now Clarence won’t go to any of queens family functions

    1. Triniti J

      @ana ana lmao I just realized that after I commented it and didn’t feel like deleting it 😂😂

    2. Triniti J

      @ana ana lmao I just realized that after I commented it and didn’t feel like deleting it 😂😂

    3. ana ana

      She thought it was queen's, but it was joint card

  19. Rommie Brown

    *Queen sisters didn't get hit with the good look genes. She's the pretty duckling in the family*

    1. Rommie Brown

      @cstanberry5 Bless her daddy cause Good Lord 👀. They gay by incelibacy

    2. cstanberry5

      Cause shes mixed with Arabian lol she got her father side looks lol

  20. So Littt

    Was Tina supposed to be a man😭? Or is she a trans I don’t just asking ??

  21. Triniti J

    First it was fuck my ex now they together 😂😂😂😂 they funny

    1. Triniti J

      @Marian Barker oh ok

    2. Marian Barker

      They not together it just a video

  22. Bandman. Mo

    DDG going to win us Detroit niggas don’t play when it comes down to fighting

  23. Dime

    S. I. M. P. SEASON

  24. Miss Shae White

    Honestly they all getting boring It’s the same stuff over and over

    1. Jarod Wilson

      They both are single.

    2. Marian Barker

      It’s boring but you watch it

  25. aj loc

    ddg and rubi relationship is all fake ik for a fact her label told her and ddg to act like a couple just like they did with lala and rubi friendship lol this ain’t real 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. nate higga

    At this point DDG and Rubi just do that just to promote a song cuz every time they do that then right after they be like go stream this song😂😂🤦

    1. 22 diva

      Rubi has not even promoted the song lol that's shows you they not together

    2. Wavy The Don

      I pretty sure they filmed the video before the break up

    3. Jarod Wilson

      Y'all stupid, they're not back together 😒

  27. Dirtbag Squad

    Who drinks out of random people cups. Then blame someone else lol. These are the people y’all look up to lol 😂

    1. Mrs Tee

      Right, like you that drunk, that's your fault.

  28. elijah gunn


  29. Dirtbag Squad

    Lol 😂 ddg straight trolling now. I believe they are doing this for clout and music

    1. Jarod Wilson

      Don't be stupid, this music video was made a month ago, and she just said f my ex while sbe was performing

    2. aj loc

      Ashley York also ddg barley previewed last night that he was dropping today outta no where lmao

    3. aj loc

      Ashley York what if they aren’t doing it for clout ??💀🤦🏽‍♂️

    4. Ashley York

      @aj loc No, I'm saying if they are doing all of that for clout and video views what's the point if the numbers aren't high?

    5. aj loc

      Ashley York that don’t matter ddg still underrated you can’t expect him to get millions of views already his label don’t even push his music like that

  30. Shawntae Lanase

    Queen shoulda just texted her sister all that sticking up for that man but never her family smh she’s in for a rude awakening once they are done Clare gonna make it hell for her

  31. Latasha C

    A music video of them two I'll pass


    lil sister?? Or you meant big brother??😂😂

  33. Sidney Lewis

    Enjoyed the video.

  34. Major

    lol Tina should have not responded at all. maybe turn off her comments .. just my take on it

  35. Dave P

    I honestly think this video was short prior

  36. Amanda

    Queen and clear bear not going to last.

    1. Clementine YT

      @Amanda sarcasm*

    2. Amanda

      @Tylor Made God told me

    3. Tylor Made

      Stf you ain't God.

    4. Muvie Lavee

      Why you say so?

  37. Black Prince

    No disrespect but that intro song is the first I’ve liked from Rob.

  38. Mrs Tee

    They think they're staying reverlant , but actually its the opposite. People are getting burnt out. Tired of this off again on again narrative.

  39. Muvie Lavee

    Ddg & rubi has a Love/Hate relationship, when they not together they both feel like they have a void they need to feel.. it's gonna divine intervention to seperate them cos they kinda feel attached that's why they not letting up. My cousin & her husband had the same situation but they matured now & living happily.

    1. Marian Barker

      @Jarod Wilson bitch you let ha live ha life you think you know ha life better than ha

    2. Muvie Lavee

      @Jarod Wilson shut up old horn* man....you in your 40s but always in rubi's cheeks someone who is young enough to be your daughter. Go take care of your children or sum. I have the right to comment especially when they put their issues out & i'm just making an explanation based on what i've seen so STFU!...

    3. Jarod Wilson

      Ddg and rubi are not in a relationship, that video was shot a while ago , let rubi live her life

  40. Love Jonez

    Rob Allen Music Tho! 🔥

    1. Love Jonez

      It’s not Cap to me y’all weird 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

    2. Ness

      @Iplay4fun HD no bullshit 😂😂

    3. dope pranks

      Stop the cap jit

    4. Iplay4fun HD

      That shit ass he need to stop I skip past it every time love kiara tho

    5. Lumnii


  41. OT TV

    I really dont think rubi and ddg back together, I think he did that to promote the video, rubi hasnt even posted about it

    1. Designer the Don

      @Jarod Wilson it was shot within the last 2 weeks lol

    2. Jarod Wilson

      Facts, rubi and ddg are not together, that music video was shot a month ago.

    3. nate higga


  42. Tarik Headlam

    The music video was prolly shot a long time ago...

    1. Designer the Don

      Not really, shot the first week off April so it’s still pretty recent

  43. Toomuch ToSay

    I love Queen & Clarence, but Tina did not say anything wrong. She was telling fans to stop being messy and bringing up the past. People are really blowing her video out of proportion

    1. Ebony

      @Linda Smith you obviously didn’t watch her first video where she apologized for what she did

    2. Linda Smith

      @Ebony no she didn’t when he did his lil rant before finally saying Hbd he brought it up and only express them wronging him.

    3. Ebony

      @Linda Smith are you missing the part where she brought it up first? I really can’t with you. She apologized and he said he needed more time. Both were done publicly, have a problem with both or let it go. I honestly didn’t have a problem with either until she made the second video talking about the card

    4. Linda Smith

      @Ebony he talked about then, so why couldn’t she. He made it a point to reference that. He clearly still has a issue, otherwise it would’ve been short and sweet.

    5. Ebony

      @Linda Smith you’re talking about something completely different. I’m not talking about ANY of their actions in 2018, including the fact that she stole. I don’t care, it’s over with. I’m speaking on her video that she made a few days ago where she said it was only Queens card. That’s not true, she went into deal and in my opinion, I think that’s when things went left

  44. Ray Kim

    Y'all that was just for the video, nothing more nothing less. I'm sure they don't even communicate.

  45. Sym Taylor

    They still broken up. I think DDG wants to reconcile but it's up to Rubi since he the one that messed up. The vid was dope one of his best visual vid. Rubi have too many people in her ear and her producer be throwing slick shots at D. He be acting like he want to f*** or have f*** her. He's always in her business. SN: Really don't think Rubi is really ready to settle down. Wish them luck tho!

    1. Denise D. Stone

      @Sym Taylor exactly! I like rubi but she has to realize a lot of these guys only want her for clout, sex or having their name attached too her cause she's rubi rose but the difference is ddg love her and didn't care about her past.

    2. Marian Barker

      @Ray Kim you can’t keep shit real with me

    3. Ray Kim

      @Marian Barker Just trying to keep it all the way real with you 😂

    4. Marian Barker

      @Ray Kim I really don’t gaf but you stay thinking you kno what really going on

    5. Ray Kim

      @Shasa Right

  46. Shasa

    I don’t think Rubi & DDG are back together they may talk a lil but not back together. I loved the video! It was beautifully shot, DDG needs to keep up the high quality videos like that. It’s no shocker Rubi hasn’t supported the video tho lol lowkey weird but I do understand if they aren’t together rn. Lowkey she might be talking to someone also. She tweeted that like around the same time he tweeted the video soo still think she being petty. Back to the video, I loved the plot twist at the end of the vid, what are some of you guys thoughts on it. I felt like he was reminiscing on the past but in a new relationship but some people said he was dreaming & it never happened.

    1. Muvie Lavee

      @Sym Taylor ddg should just ignore her. She hates when he does that lol. She went back on YT when he wasn't giving her attention. He should just go ghost on her for now & focus on his fight.

    2. Shasa

      @Muvie Lavee I agree with you just what I said ! He needs to focus when he shakes that cold he has. Let her do her lol she probably will be back any way.

    3. Shasa

      @Sym Taylor yea she definitely does like that text she posted on her ig story a couple days ago was from someone she talks to , it wasn’t from ddg. That’s crazy tho her way of thinking is messed up. She entertains people but expects ddg not to do the same. I didn’t think Rubi knew what promiscuous meant when she use to call herself that but she does. I don’t think she sleeps with all she encounters but I definitely think she entertains conversations that is inappropriate when you’re in a relationship. That’s why ddg needs to put his foot down. Not saying he is perfect but I think alot of times he is reflecting how she moves. Besides he needs to focus on the boxing match anyway so it’s for the best anyway rn. & yea Ariel just simply gave off clout chaser vibes ngl. He isn’t paying her any mind because you’re right he isn’t trying to make Rubi upset.

    4. Muvie Lavee

      @Shasa ddg should just focus on his upcoming fight, take care of himself, eat healthy, boss up & start living his life...He def need to stay single for awhile, hopefully it will give him a clarity of his wants & needs in life...Rubi will be fine.

    5. Sym Taylor

      @Shasa You on point. I think she talks to people "many" but still wants D. It's just too many people in her ear telling what to do. Hey she a big girl and she can do as she please. Girl I thought he would've posted Ariel doing "impatient challenge" but he didn't. I think he didn't post it cause he don't want Rubi to get mad although they ain't together but I see she looks like she wants to be with him. He haven't been giving her play time tho. Ish that will have RR in a frenzy. 😂😂😂

  47. Virginiamadejay

    Ion think they together I think he posted it for more attention to the new music video with her

    1. nate higga

      Right they do this all just for promoting


    They Seem To Genuinely love each other!! Let them be

  49. moneyovereverthing_

    Nah I think ddg and rubi broken up because the picture ddg took for the video shoot set was a1 and a half ago he just dropped the video now

    1. aj loc

      yea this old lmao

  50. Haredo Abdi

    Rubi & DDG is literally draining

    1. Haredo Abdi

      @Jarod Wilson that’s what I was commenting about lol... like idk what’s wrong with ole girl coming for me like RELAX💀

    2. Haredo Abdi

      @Marian Barker About*

    3. Jarod Wilson

      They're not back together, rubi just said f**k my ex, and said she was single in a KGup video.

    4. Marian Barker

      @Haredo Abdi bitch I’m not the one talking bou someone else’s relationship is draining like it’s your relationship dummy

    5. Haredo Abdi

      @Marian Barker don’t comment.

  51. 0nly. Bhadbby

    They about to be 24 , & they act like that 😂

    1. Jarod Wilson

      Rubi is single, she just told you idiots that, the video was shot a month ago

    2. Mrs Tee

      I been saying this. Agreed

  52. Ogquan Simmons

    Lol I love kiara

    1. Chrono Cross

      @Kiara Shanay 😍

    2. Kiara Shanay

      Love ya! 😁

  53. NextUpCam

    Why she think Clarence scared of niggas in Detroit.... We from NYC nigga, niggas know how we get active on hood

  54. Go_Smd

    Rubi & ddg might as well start a family since they ain’t ever gonna move on from each other. 😂

    1. 22 diva

      A CHILD!!! sheesh they havent got themselves rught maturity on zero yes materials things wouldn't be problem please not yet one thing I noticed just looking on the outside I really doesn't think Rubi family care for him.so the trust is not for them to be together

    2. Go_Smd

      @Jarod Wilson not the fake pizza delivery man 😭 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Jarod Wilson

      That might be the dumbest shit ive head, rubi is not going to ruin her music career for some narcissist fake pizza delivery man, rubi is single and working her ass of for a Grammy not a baby idiot

    4. Clementine YT

      That's stupit 🤦

    5. Ariann Campbell

      Pls don't bring a kid into this

  55. Go_Smd

    Lmfao nobody can ever take ddg & rubi serious anymore 😂.

    1. Jarod Wilson

      Rubi just told you idiots she single, and has been single for a while now, that video wS shot a month ago, when rubi went to New York, then she came back to LA for one day to shoot that music video.

  56. Life of KirlyLoxs

    Tina needs to chill FR

  57. LvuTay

    bro her voice omg 😩😩. LMFAO i’m down bad

  58. xQueenVx 49


  59. Life with Tresia

    I’m so tired of ddg and rubi but I’m here for it at the same time

    1. Life with Tresia

      @Jarod Wilson awe

    2. Jarod Wilson

      @Life with Tresia the video was shot a month ago, when rubi went to New York, she flew back to LA to shoot the video, then her and ddg went shopping and they got back together for a while, then they brook up again.

    3. Life with Tresia

      @Jarod Wilson yea.. I guess but they still kissed and stuff and they lovey dovey and in the video her hair black and on her yt video it’s black to so it was recently 🌚

    4. Marian Barker

      @Jarod Wilson your point you stay riding

    5. Jarod Wilson

      Rubi and ddg are not back together, that's why she dropped her youtube video to let everyone know she's single.

  60. Diamond Diaries

    Ddg gone win

  61. Wardo __

    I mess with DDG but boxing isn’t a easy one month train. Bro better put in work or nate gonna sleep his ass.😴 im rooting for DDG tho🤷🏽‍♂️

  62. Elie

    Have a great day god love you

  63. Zachia E

    I love how everyone is brushing off Adam abusing LaToya. Adam said he never hit her but LaToya never said that he Punched or slapped her she said he put his hands around neck and choked her and he didn't deny that.

  64. noor mohamed

    you husband dont get no views

  65. noor mohamed

    Oh no i- ... "ima show u baby" please stop remixing songs...

  66. Hikmah King

    Just let it go dude. Leave her alone already.

  67. Quenda French

    PoloG face expression😂😂😂

  68. Treat.

    He right. You have to sell your soul to make.

  69. Christopher Pettway

    Yep it's definitely easy!!!!!

  70. A1 Dorian

    Subscribed Ki sorry ma.