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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Chris Sails VS Clarence
    6:22 - Flight & Megan Will See Each Other Soon
    7:21- DDG Secret

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    1. Alec Bergen

      Ya Tina went on ig or iTunes talking about it

    2. NawfSide GOKU

      Ion think yall know what simp is

    3. Myeshia Lapree

      Kiara shanay is here kiara shanay is here 😝🧡

    4. Shay P

      DDG makes statements just to get people talking ...and yet gets agitated when the people are in his business despite saying he wants a private relationship...boy stop Kennedy probably has a man that she's been dating for a while she simply learned to keep it to herself ...

    5. HI

      Ya they back together

    6. Amanda T

      Clarence Bringing up Chris being an abuser is NOT hitting below the belt! Chris needs to take accountability for his actions. Period!

    7. Lil Speedy

      Queen got a soul tie on Chris dude is a lost soul that break up really fucked him up

    8. AtlantaMadeAlex

      I feel like ot Megan would b a big ass dub for flight

    9. cherrie lajune

      Clarence is definitely hitting back because Chris was feeling his ex...

    10. Jason Soenksen

      fuck rubi they bet not get back tgr ]

      1. Marian Barker

        @llII I don’t cause look at her likes on Twitter I think they’re done

      2. llII

        @Designer the Don I think they back

      3. Designer the Don

        @UC8Eq6MpmU6MNW17qEAbSfbg i don’t even know but both have been off social media in the last day outside a few posts. Would not be surprised whatsoever

      4. Designer the Don

        Get that hate out your heart

    11. _ Marlow

      Overtime Megan has a bf

    12. chyanna latimore



      Drake better be on this album DDG

    14. Imtithal Dahir

      rubi is hella toxic.

    15. Shantik Miller

      I thought ddg and rubi was toxic they are but Um this Chris and Clare situation is toxic toxic they should get married . Clare made Chris trynna get with his ex

    16. Cynthia P

      Really hope he finds someone else, If he is looking for a real relationship he has to learn to get pass the trash

    17. Travon Semper

      Mans still a entertainer not a rapper

    18. Chara May

      Clarence was making fun of dark skin woman on his Twitter page smh . They’re both immature

    19. BJ Turner

      Tory lanez and 42 Dugg on the album I got the 42dugg song unreleased

    20. BJ Turner

      They got parental controls on cj account cj not gon see this anytime soon😭

    21. tsdekiel sellers

      Two grown ass men are really going back and forth on the internet over a girl 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. tsdekiel sellers

        @Shanique Smith they weird don’t put all the other niggas with them this the first time I seen this shit😭

      2. Shanique Smith

        Mind you over a girl thts already with one and won't take back the other...men are weird

    22. Zen

      When she said it all started i said with an orange basket ball #wizardkelly #proudfamily

    23. Quoyah Carballo

      Clarence gotta start ignoring chris

    24. TRIS GETS Cash

      Clarence and chris look like twins

    25. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

      I like when said good stuff abt kiara😂❤️

    26. Shaquon Straughn

      Polo g is going to be on for sure

    27. Raynard McDowell


    28. Naph YT

      the features are , polo g , fivio foreign , lauri , osiris and 24k golden

    29. Iso ‘

      what does his dads actions have to do with him? 🤨

    30. Shamma Matar

      I think back in may or june he said he got a feature with nle choppe + Ik for fact he gotta feature with polo g if not 🤦🏾‍♀️

    31. Gina LV

      It's Not Hitting Below the Belt calling Out An Abuser 💯💯💯

    32. Lamar Robinson

      he finna have a ft with tory

    33. Kimone Chin

      there's a reason for domestic abuse why he has to tell his side? Wasteman

    34. grayboy tv

      Yo kiara gotta have 300k by now 😂😂😂😭😭 congrats Kiara

    35. Juju Pyc

      He gon get carried like crazy 😂

    36. Juju Pyc

      He shouldn’t do all features lol

      1. Designer the Don

        Yeah he should, this isn’t an album, he needs more association with other artists on songs to get more exposure and his name out there in the music world and by doing an all tape features is good for what ddg specifically needs to do. Even blueface gave ddg the advice to do that since he’s breaking his way into the rap game as he’s coming from KGup .

    37. Dream Chills

      At this point throw the whole chris and Clarence situation away 😒

      1. T B

        Please. It was slick entertaining at first but now.... like please let it go

    38. tj Harris

      Chris sails is talking about soft 😂 do u not hear his voice

      1. Kay Fizzle

        This the comment 😂😂❗️

      2. Iso ‘

        exactly. then he gone say sum bout Clarence being “feminine” but Chris wore dresses 😂🤦‍♂️

    39. Emmanuel Chenny

      8 Songs ain’t gonna cut it. That’s pretty much an EP. That’s not really gonna make an impact. He needs 12 to 15 songs for it to really make a statement

      1. Designer the Don

        @Emmanuel Chenny it’s not about holding, he don’t want no skips on his mixtape which is why he’s not doing a 15 song project or so.

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @Designer the Don nah bruh, if he’s trying to make statement, he can’t be holding. He has a lot of eyes on him because his song blowing. You have to flood the market. Ep isn’t gonna make as much noise as a full length mixtape trust me.

      3. Designer the Don

        Naw 8 songs is enough for a project and then he can release an album next year

    40. Mieyki K

      Clarence said a while ago what his dad was in prison for.

      1. T B

        Exactly. This isn’t new info. He’s even said free my dad “ before.

    41. Lorraine Hanks

      His Daddy Chris, not him!!! Go catch ya life, it’s running down the street🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Boutabag

      I hope either he don’t put moonwalking on the tape or it’s just an extra song but everything else new

      1. Emmanuel Chenny

        @jr that’s not true. A lot of artist drop singles before the album or tape. And still put it on the project. It’s very rare for an artist to drop a projects full of all new never before heard tracks .

      2. jr

        Rappers only only previous songs they dropped on albums most tape/eps be all new

      3. Emmanuel Chenny

        Why would he not put it on the take, that makes no sense. It’s a big single

    43. Monique Sanders

      DDG and Rubi are in the same industry so they will be seeing each other at events and now she lives in LA. It's a choice were all the masters of our mind and our decisions.

    44. Vel 1hunnid

      Rubi gotta new luxury apt wit Big views her shit FYE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. JANNA DON

      I've been saying they need to stop too but their delusions stans say I'm protecting an abuser and I should ne abused ..lol smh they are sad puppies FOLLOWING folks off the cliff...I AGREE WITH YOU 1 MIL % ABIUT THEY NEED TO STOO SOMEBODY NEED TO BE THE BIGHER OERSON I JUST FEEL QUEEN WONT SAY NITHINGBBC SHE LOW KEY LIKES THIS MESS BUT ITLL NACKFIRE BC AGAIN CJ WILL SEE IT ALL AMD HE MAY TURN AGAINST HER FOR ALLOWIMG SOME THINGS TO BE SAID AND SONE FROM BITH THE MEN SHE HAVE POWER TO NAKE THEM STOP ... NOW SHE WILL TWLL CHRIS HE MEWD TO STOO BUT CLARE WONT GET THAT SAME TALK BC HES DOJNG WHAT SHE CRAVES GIVING HER ATTENTION ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND TBH THIS IS THE MOST I've seen him go this hard and this long for her. As he should but before all this and then he could have kept some things off cam... but I digress

    46. Vel 1hunnid

      ClareBear 💀💀💀😫

    47. JANNA DON

      You are the only one who called that part out frfr these other ppl act like he didnt say CJ goingbto grow up to be just like him ..THATS REAL LOW TO SAY AND SPEAK ON A CHILD THAT YOU CLAIM YOU LOVE SO MUCH...not 1 person said that was wrong .. its crazy bc QUEEN should have told him about himself on that one .. bc it's fair to say clare grew up to be like his dad .. Tina did say he hit reava and kicked her out bc of her cheating the boys look alike ...smh butBOW that they are good with queen again shes saying it never happened..smh see to me they are protecting an abuser also ..but again they can do it but chris cant... smh I like them all but damn call them out in their bs well Clare's bs bc hes the only one talking but as a grown woman it makes queen look bad bc who's protecting CJ? He will grow up by o see this man he lives with say hes going to be an abuser like his dad ... give the same energy whenbppl do wrong bc as much as their STANS AND FANS dont want to admit it they do wrong too...its a diff in fans stans and supporters... supporters will call them out on their bs stans and fans will ignore it and harass the ppl clare them are against ...


        Where did he say that?

    48. Otismckenzie36

      That’s so corny what does clearance have to do with his dad lmaooo Clarence did say his dad had some altercation but clearance isn’t his dad lmaooo

    49. hamilton

      ik ddg a drake fan and ik he got drake feature money if he get drake that shit goin crazy

      1. jr

        Drake would be a good feature but dont count on it rn drake charge 1M per ft ddg not dropping that much rn

    50. Chrissy Dee

      The beard vs the beard who finna come true. I'll wait ✋

    51. Tae074

      Polo G

    52. Life with Aaryn

      Just because Rubi moved to L.A. and got a penthouse doesn’t mean they back together, I think Ddg left Rubi for good but who knows what goes on behind the scenes

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @Jason Soenksen stfu you a dumbass I didn’t see it dumbass

      2. Jason Soenksen

        @Life with Aaryn she said it in the vid dumbass so you aint watch the vid either you just commented ?

      3. Life with Aaryn

        Designer the Don What was he tweeting cause I ain’t see it

      4. Designer the Don

        Ddg ain’t leave for good tweeting what he did earlier today

    53. Kay Velli

      Chris wanna be Clarence so bad 🤣

    54. Treveaire Jordan

      They need to stop bringing kids into stuff like this if u got a prob with a person y’all handle it.

    55. Life with Aaryn

      I feel like Clarence had every right to clap because Chris said something to him first and that’s just that on that.

    56. Marks man

      Hell no we dont want no collabs with no one FTC we chilling fxck these hxes

    57. Hannibal730

      Queen likes Light skin dudes with beards. because Chris and Claerence look the same.

      1. lol

        @Tety Koese cap

      2. Tety Koese

        Clare looks better, he is mature and his attitude is everything, he is respectful and calm. KGup handsomest guy goes to #clarencenyc

      3. lol

        @-Isa Urameshi- na Clarence beard makes him look he got a whole cardboard box as a head

      4. -Isa Urameshi-

        Clarence looks better tho. Chris's beard gives me OCD.

    58. Life with Aaryn

      Who don’t have school tomorrow??

    59. Kelvin Wilson

      I don't think they got back together, because ddg took another girl to Mexico, and I think she understands that he's not the right nigga for her, and she can do so much better, she needs a man who's going to work with her, not a nigga who's competing against her.

      1. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson that was back in mid august when they went for ice cream lol, I’m talking about September/October etc. and yeah they did get back together multiple times

      2. Kelvin Wilson

        @Designer the Don my time line is perfect, yes they did hang out a little bit, he bought her icecream and stuff, but they never got back together and she left and went back to Atlanta

      3. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson your timeline still is messed up, When ddg and Rubi broke up at the end of august publicly , they were still talking and chilling days after that before she left to go back to Atlanta the beginning of September or so. From that moment on they kept talking so then right before her birthday she was out in La for a week and half before that or so and then they were back chilling together a lot at her hotel and even ddg mansion before she flew to New York for a music video shoot and then to atl for her birthday . The day after ddg came back from queens party in Atlanta, rubi left to go back to Atlanta for about 4 days or so and then flew to Houston for the weekend for a hosting. Then that Sunday she flew to LA and it’s a fact she saw ddg that day(they were back together as a couple) but broke up last Sunday night I know you hate ddg but chill man sheesh lol,

      4. Kelvin Wilson

        @Designer the Don first thing, rubi started living in a hotel room because they broke up, before that, she was living with ddg, then they broke up and she went to the hotel, she left and went back to Atlanta, she came back to LA, and ddg started coming to her hotel and bringing her flowers and they got back together right before her birthday, they stayed together until ddg father was about to leave, rubi started looking for her a place, and ddg said, I'm single I'm single, rubi want to Houston and when she came back, she was staying in the hotel again, they got into a fight on Twitter, dune dune

      5. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson yeah they did get back together before their breakup last Sunday , she was calling him bae on Twitter that night. Just because she got a hotel room didn’t mean anything, she always does that so ddg wasn’t mad about that what are you talking about? Ddg was in LA, he was just being petty with the Mexico stuff, he may have taken a trip there recently but it’s a fact he was in LA all last week especially when Rubi was there on Sunday from there on. When he was saying he was in Mexico he really wasn’t and that’s facts


      Heyyyy Kiiiiiii

    61. MrScans1

      One is a colorist and the other is a clout clown, who cares what them dudes on.

      1. -Isa Urameshi-

        Who and who?

    62. Life w/ Tati

      Clarence can’t control what his dad does (it’s not him) but Chris still put his hands on females so there is no comparison 🥴🙄

      1. Life w/ Tati

        @STACIE But Clarence didn’t put hands on any women. That’s the point. Yeah his dad may be guilty of that and we don’t know how he worked through the struggles with that or held his dad responsible but it wasn’t him. He can only worry about himself. Chris “allegedly” abused these women and is not apologetic for it. He still trolls Queen which is a form of emotional abuse on her and online he shows no respect for her as the mother of his son. But y’all not ready for those conversations.

      2. STACIE


    63. Calantha Thompson

      I just want to know how Clarence is “FEMININE” when he does NOT put his hands on women.. and rather box a guy. As for Chris... he only fight women. Who’s the real vagina??

      1. ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ

        @Sharday Williams read it again little buddy. She said Chris is the real "feminine" for hitting females. And he did it multiple times dude. I can defend him for putting his hands on a girl for throwing glass at cj tho. I would have done the same if it was my kid.

      2. Sharday Williams

        Did Chris not ask him to box? And who declined and said they were too pretty wasn’t it clearance? please stfu

    64. Sym Taylor

      Don't think they are back together as yet but by the end of the week yeah. Well he said he love the girl, they just got to work on their issues in house. Keep it private and it will work.

      1. Sym Taylor

        @Yesenia Lopez Ik that too, was speaking on him since he was the one with the tweet. Ish she done said she love him too. Now calm down!😒😑

      2. Yesenia Lopez

        You always making it seem like he the only one that loves her she clearly loves him too🤣🤣

    65. Shaun Hennis

      Lil tjay

    66. Jason Hayword


    67. Djesko

      ayo Kiara stop calling my nigga DDG a simp

      1. Boog Boog

        He is that's reality , son still my nigga tho

    68. slimeyyy.ty3

      polo g

    69. Paul Senteu

      I love Kiara Shanay, she always sleek with this titles 😂

    70. Shasa

      I don’t think they back together just yet but eventually they will be, especially with Rubi moving LA lol like it’s not like she living in ATL anymore sooo that just gives them more reason to see eachother if either one isn’t out of town. DDG lasted a whole week without really simping. I think he just wanted to hold off on letting her back in but if they see eachother face to face DDG will be right back with the girl lol women are his weak spot.

      1. KingLo

        Nah he goin slip up and get her pregnant

      2. STACIE

        He stupid if she exposed him

      3. Shasa

        Sym Taylor that’s so true deep down DDG isn’t a cheater, he really ain’t like the doggish type like he said in that video, it was basically to get back at her.

      4. Sym Taylor

        He wanted to hurt her like she hurt him. Now he feeling it caus he really love that girl. They just need to work on their issue and it will be good. Keep it in house.

    71. Sarah Archbault

      DDG the simp, is powerless against Rubi. She got him in the palm of her hands n she know it. Rubi prob let him hit cuz she was lonely, n he got reeled in again.

      1. No Chaser

        @Sarah Archbault Use him for what? You act like the nigga pays her bills or something. She is an independent woman that works for her own shit. Him taking her out on a dinner date cause he want to spend time with her is not using him. That’s what grown men do when they are interested in someone.

      2. Kelvin Wilson

        @Yesenia Lopez 🤣🤣 rubi said tjay got a big d..k, if sbe said he had little dk then it would be a problem, lil tjay did a lot. More for rubi then ddg did, lil tjay would pick her up and take her to the studio and take her back to her hotel, he would hang out with her and lala, ddg didn't do shit for her

      3. Yesenia Lopez

        @Kelvin Wilson tjay ugly asf, plus rubi said he don’t know how to fuck lmaooo...andshe said ddg put her to sleep move alone 😳🤣🤣and that stupid of you to say that tbh😂tjay was just for that one time

      4. Kelvin Wilson

        @Yesenia Lopez let me say this, lil tjay got a better chance to get rubi than ddg has 🤣🤣🤣

      5. Yesenia Lopez

        @Sarah Archbault and yea dumbass assumptions where was all the proof at?lmao I’m saying the shit you said was stupid of him hitting for that... she simps for him too what you saying

    72. Koko Bangz

      Moma Riva already said in one of her videos that never happened and she apologized to Clarence and them at her album release party for whatever went on between them. Clarence been said his father was in the joint and what he was charged with chris just really mad right now but he should calm dwn before he makes a bigger fool of himself

      1. Koko Bangz

        @Dymond Grady-Dupree the video of queens record release party and you got to look for the video of when Clarence dad first got locked up in know the title but it's def there

      2. Dymond Grady-Dupree

        Factsss but what video is that when ms riva said what happened between them and What video was there with Clarence explain what happen with his dad

      3. Jekeira Jackson

        Thank you ! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    73. Empress Candy

      I have a feeling that Ddg will have a feature with Trippie Red ... I guess we will find out soon.

      1. •

        @Boutabag the song was removed from all platforms

      2. Official Young Bill

        He will have one with his homeboy polo G

      3. Official Young Bill

        @J'drian Childress real

      4. Boutabag

        @• it’s already dropped by tylah yaweh

      5. Boutabag

        That would be fire

    74. Yung St4r

      who's ddg again? bro left us 😤🙄he don't need to be a rapper rapper real niggas gonna listen it regardless

    75. K love


    76. summer english

      Why he call him clearbear

      1. jr

        He lowkey like clarence 😭

      2. summer english

        @Moreno_P Ik that I’m sayin why is he calling him that it’s weird

      3. A'mae Jewel

        @Moreno_P still unacceptable

      4. Moreno_P

        Clarebear is the name queen gave a bear Clarence gave her. N Cj calls him that

    77. Aaliyah Williams

      I really pray n hope that Ddg blow up 🔥🔥🔥 cause he really lit

    78. Anise Westbrook

      😳😳 🤦🏽‍♀️ 😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️

    79. Aaliyah Williams

      I hope Ddg n rubi get back together they just gotta stay low key n work on themselves 😊

      1. Infamous Yella

        He said they both damaged it will never work

      2. youroneonlyfam23 akasimple

        @Yvan. kg facts

      3. life with morra

        Hell nah he need Kennedy back

      4. Kelvin Wilson

        She needs to leave him alone, this nigga just took a girl to Mexico, she should never talk to him again

      5. Aaliyah Williams

        Welp that’s y’all opinion 😘

    80. Lisa

      Bruh didn’t chris just say he won’t Mention Clarence no more 😩.

    81. Kool Shay

      None bc all 2020 ppl been saying he stole der music I'm just saying!🤷🏽‍♂️😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    82. Shay Davi

      i wouldn't be surprised if rubi and ddg get back together... and only reason why ddg song moonwalking in Calabasas is #1 in Spotify is bc blueface is on there...

      1. KpTheG

        @Designer the Don apple is the biggest. I don’t care enough to keep debating. Hope you voted.

      2. Designer the Don

        @KpTheG since when is Spotify not considered a big platform? Who really believes that ? Lol

      3. KpTheG

        @Designer the Don I said it isn’t as big of a platform as it’s competitors luv.

      4. Designer the Don

        @KpTheG Spotify is a big platform; rapcaviar is literally the biggest playlist on Spotify for rap music and it’s #1 on there right now and have been top 3 on that playlist for weeks.

      5. KpTheG

        Lol no it’s #1 cause Spotify isn’t as big of a platform fr. What number is it on Apple Music & Tidal?

    83. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg music good, only waste youths don’t think so, guys shooting niggas and robbing isn’t the way to go, so that’s why they hate on ddg.

    84. Dirtbag Squad

      I saw rubi new ig, video mane she as a nice body and it’s natural not like Kennedy’s body.

      1. Blen Dejene

        @Mrs Tee and u using ur body to type abt what another person does w they body is pathetic jus like you🥴

      2. Mrs Tee

        Rubi gets her body done, by other niggas on the regular.🥴 A nigga going to be a nigga, natural or unnatural. Stop bringing that shit up. A body not going to get you loyalty, my g. Because Rubi uses that body every chance she gets😉

      3. Designer the Don

        Both are fine as hell but Rubi on another level than Kennedy imo and her body all natural. Kennedy should have never got her body done.

    85. Dirtbag Squad

      Tweeter finger Ddg will never find a woman lol. Nigga on tweeter crying about everything lol, nigga u rich stfu.

      1. Designer the Don

        He said he’s an emotional n!gga bruh, is what It is 😂

    86. Stan Stan

      Ddg music always been good tho tbh

      1. ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ

        @West Side Rio ong😂💯. You barely here jit anywhere else except Florida. Shidd we might as well own that word😂

      2. West Side Rio

        @Kay Fizzle lol stfu jit is a Florida word

      3. West Side Rio

        @ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ fr he ain’t have to say our shit 😂😂

      4. Kay Fizzle

        @West Side Rio people say jit in different places too mane we say it in Memphis

      5. ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ

        @West Side Rio ight bet. Lemme go listen to this shit😂. Oh it ain't that major but he aint had to say jit.

    87. Designer the Don

      I dont know if him and Rubi are back officially yet but he’s tweeted something like that before getting back with Rubi in September so I wouldnt be surprised at all whatsoever. They both be simping so it was it is 🤷🏾‍♂️

    88. The Drip Kid

      I’m tired of Chris bad rapper sails

      1. T B


    89. April Dawn LaRue

      Rubi just posted on her IG story that she got her own place and it is a penthouse but that doesn't mean there not back together.

      1. 0nly. Bhadbby

        I still want her to fight lala like she said she would

      2. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson you literally don’t know what you talking about lol, they were back together last Sunday when the breakup happened 😂 when she came from Houston to go to la after her hosting...🤨 Ddg tweeted I’m single I’m single im single, like 3 weeks ago a few days after they came back from Vegas. They got together after that too and broke up 2 more times, (first the day rubi left to go back to atl after ddg came back from queen party, and then broke up again after getting back together when rubi got to La after coming from Houston last weekend

      3. Kelvin Wilson

        @Designer the Don ddg said, I'm single I'm single, rubi never came back to his house, and she was out looking for a place of her own, her and ddg have never been back together since then

      4. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson I remember when she was filming for that show/video, it was literally like almost 3 weeks ago right after they came back from Vegas a few days after she left staying at ddg mansion and went to the hotel actually. Remember ddg was tweeting I’m single, I’m single, I’m single etc. Around that time she had the same outfit on and hairstyle in an ig video and that’s when her video was recorded That was released the other day. Plus no one truly knows if ddg saw her before she went to Philly/atl or since she’s come back to LA, everything ain’t on social media

      5. Zakyra Monk

        @Kelvin Wilson lol ddg never went to Mexico he lied 💀😂 he did this one time before talking about he was gone on a trip the whole time his ass was home


      ON 4NEM🤣

    91. Giovanni

      Tis i...we are "down below" cool

    92. Alyssa

      Queen mom already addressed this and said they are on good terms



    94. QUiNTiN BANKS


      1. Jeremiah Artis

        He like damn i can't get away with shit

    95. Dirtbag Squad

      Change flight life? Always broke women trying to change people life, no your life getting change by flight by the clout.

      1. Stacey Dailey

        And the caption was from a song people believe anything

    96. Shon Gorgeous


    97. Dirtbag Squad

      Bigger man Kiara after queen bash him, Clarence shifted on him over the years, Chris needs to shit on them back.

    98. Amj 2Wavy

      Chris ain’t no bigger man 😂

      1. Charles davis

        @Sharday Williams idk bout bigger he’s just taller lmfao

      2. Amj 2Wavy

        @Sharday Williams you don’t get it my guy

      3. Sharday Williams

        He’s a lot taller and bigger than clearence 😂

      4. Kiara Shanay

        Dang 😪

    99. Giovanni


    100. Dirtbag Squad

      Clarence thought shit was sweet the true coming out, Clarence your time as come.

      1. Kam

        @Dirtbag Squad stop talking to yo dad disrespectfully , I put u In dis world and I can sure as hell take you out💀🖕🏾

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        @Kam yea for your mother

      3. Kam

        @JhonnyBravo attention

      4. K love


      5. Bronny’s Plug

        @Kam 😂