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    0:00 - Intro
    1:11 - SoLLUMINATI Responds To Crazy Rumor
    3:17 - Cardi B Explains How XxX Pic Posted
    5:47 - DDG & Rubi Rose House Hunting
    7:36 - Lil Tjay & Lala On Bae Watch

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    1. Mojo Trill

      LALA's the biggest Capper in the world

    2. Debri Harper

      She ain’t need no clout 💯 so nope I don’t believe it

    3. Benzel Washington

      Rubi was in Playboi Carti's Lambo with a whole Lotta Red interior

    4. Gavin Twitty

      The title is so off. That’s definitely not the same car, look at the dashboard. Hop off my guy.

    5. RealizeReal T

      Lala dog name polo maybe she trolling

    6. ibrahim omar

      I memorize the whole beginning minute of the video

    7. Matthew Richardson

      Rubi aint in polo g lain

    8. Daunier Thompson

      Ddg a dummy 😂 nigga you ain’t got that shit on lock yet bruh lol

    9. Nyfe

      That crazy that my tweet got posted 😂😂😂

    10. giovanni Fleurant

      Them adds annoying bro every fucking two seconds

    11. L.S T.M.T

      And that mot ddg car. On the right side of the lambo post with a glove compartment. Ddg background post on lamo is 10 Brown the car that Ruby Rose was in his background Post Red plus ddg at that time when shooting a music video You So he was working

    12. Jay Gld

      Everything was good until rubi came around literally his channel got so boring ruined my KGup watch list 🙄

    13. YoBoy SPADE

      Cardi probably did it on purpose but only for a FEW seconds. It probably wouldn't DELETE so she panicked and began doing stupid sh*t but i doubt it was an 'accident'. She KNOWS what she was doing...

    14. 0nly. Bhadbby

      Damn Rubi about to live with DDG 😂she need her own money

    15. YoBoy SPADE

      Her DUMB aghsss! She don't realize that whenever anything that you post and DELETE, it doesn't go away IMMEDIATELY. It still REMAINS in some people's timeline for a short period of time first before it goes away...🤦🏿‍♂️ but she probably thought she deleted it and turned her phone off anyway so it doesn't make a difference...🤣 I wanna see the screenshot.

    16. YoBoy SPADE

      She gon care when her money starts getting 'low' and she start going BROKE....🤣

    17. YoBoy SPADE

      They don't even look right together but hey, whatever floats your boats....

    18. YoBoy SPADE

      Well, since they DON'T CARE what people think, then I'm SURE they won't care when people get to 'popping off' and speaking their OPINIONS about them, RIGHT??

    19. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Jesus Christ loves you and he's coming soon ❤ You deserve to be happy and free ❤ God sent his son to die on the cross so you could be ❤ Talk to him ❤ Turn to him before he comes on you unexpectedly like a thief in the night ❤ Wake up this is a message from God ❤

    20. Josh T

      Y’all definitely reaching Polo g girlfriend/baby mama is Crystal who is signed to zooted with ddg and obviously rubi is ddg girl

    21. L.S T.M.T

      Ddg is not that crazy if u thought. Rubi was going to move in. You just can't move anybody in your house because when u wanted tham out state law make it hard for you to get tham out. And Rubi is the type person to no just get out the house Dgg would half to go to the court house and sign all type shit

    22. Andre’s Life Story

      Man who tf are your Key tectives these people have to be like 12 years old or younger 😂😂😂

    23. 808 Tec

      These titles lol

    24. KpTheG

      If Cardi posted it on purpose she would’ve posted a way better pic lol

    25. CLEE 01

      Sick cardi folded 😂😂😂😂

    26. Unityyy

      I moved in with my bf when we started dating but I didn't have a choice soo..... It depends. We're still going 3 yrs later with a 8mo baby. 😌

      1. KpTheG

        Don’t settle for just that though....

    27. Justice Jones

      Its ice that say polo

    28. sugagal1987

      I don't think she did it for clout she doesn't need clout. People need her for clout. Cardi b is very sexual person. She is the type to not be shy to walk around naked she is very comfortable in her skin she used to be a stripper duh. I think she was drunk it was her birthday she was feeling herself it was the end of the night and she posted that picture not thinking it was a big deal. Then patience and other people started calling her and telling her to take it down and she realized she shouldn't have done that


      If she did it on purpose that's fine with me

    30. Isaiah Davis

      Ddg could never be as good as polo g and lil tjay remember that

      1. JayceeSoFie

        Angie Ussery naw he can’t

      2. Angie Ussery

        He can be as good as polo

    31. Mpho Motsoane

      Lmao Polo G aint dumb!

    32. Ashley York

      So nobody is going to talk about DDG & Kennedy both are going to be at Queen's party this weekend? 🤔

      1. 5k.Just0


    33. Ceejay

      In Daniella Perkins last vlog she was with liltjay, I wonder if LaLa was there...seemed like they shot a music video and she stayed the night.

    34. M

      gyal said house hunting like he don't have a mansion ffs

    35. Game 0000

      ddg ur a simp she for rhe streets

    36. Cassie Sandra

      Cardi so aggy

    37. Mike


    38. Ayden Galvan

      People are so stupid Cardi D does not need clout she’s Cardi B

    39. Aaron YT

      Polo still with Crystal but they hella lowkey. Polo and Crystal was in Puerto Rico for her birthday

    40. DwrightXIV

      my teaser trailer is dropping today at 2pm est 🙃 appreciate if you guys would check it out

    41. Bričito

      Oh no. It takes way longer than that before I move in. Took me and mine 6 years before we made that step. These young kids just rush everything nowadays

    42. Lorraine Hanks

      La La can date who she want, hell Ruby knew what was up🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. TikTok Thots

      Tjay standing on his tippy toes 😂😂

    44. Dimitri Fifer

      I didn't know they got a house together what i miss😂😂😂

    45. Laquisha young

      Idgaf Lala and tjay is not genuine and it’s going to end very badly for Lala. Cause he’s just doing this for promo and attention still and Lala just want to make Rubi jealous cause she sees Rubi isn’t paying her any mind anymore. Karma finna be a big bitch😂😂😂

    46. Jekeira Jackson

      Every time she say “alert alert” it’s something funny 😂

    47. Ooo Chileee

      It’s always about the money 💰 to that nigga

    48. The life of Sterling

      Definitely an accident.. she didn’t even try to look all that good in the pictures.

    49. Malaika Sparks

      me and my bf just moving in together and we been together 6 years yall got chill lol

    50. Egypt Overstreet


    51. allaboutambiee

      I doubt she did it for clout , she dont need clout . with tittles like that for sure wouldn’t post it on purpose

    52. Taettachip McClain

      Why did DDG go get the same car as LilTJay... Little Darryl you gots to do better G., You had a meeting with Jay Z them company then you started wearing all black everything... You started hitting my Mans ex-broad Now you got a car like him. Tweezy gets a lady and get married then all the rest of y'all wanna get a girl and get married... These about the following-nist group of niggas I ever seen or heard of... They are NOT from Cali please stop saying that...

    53. Andriana Leatherberry

      Cardi looks like nicki in that video

      1. chantell z

        She is trying to look like Nicki

    54. Grameo Larry

      How are you doing Kiara? How are you feeling? Cardi B is rich, famous, and she has a daughter so she definitely doesn't need clout. I mentioned she has a daughter because the paparazzo is always going crazy just to capture a picture of her baby Kulture. Even when she was making those appearances on love and hip hop: New York she still wasn't clout chasing. Cardi accidentally uploaded that photo.

    55. Jaded Jaderson

      Rubi matches polo g better than DDG if we’re being honest. I’d ship, they’d be super cute.

      1. Angie Ussery

        Well if we saying that that’s not honest they would look cute but ddg fits way better

      2. Go_Smd

        @Kelvin Wilson your actually slow, ddg is barely a rapper he just started. And plus this don’t got nothing to do with ddg at all. Rubi has been in the industry for longer and she knows a lot of rappers.

      3. Kelvin Wilson

        @Go_Smd now I know why they call you dumb ass, do ddg know travis Scott, no, do ddg know drake , no, do ddg no JZ, no, ddg don't even no cardi be, so what you just said, makes no sense.

      4. Kelvin Wilson

        @Angelina Avalos you sound stupid, rubi don't even know polo g plus she's ddgs girl, but if she was to get with polo, that means she's not f.ckjng with ddg anymore, so she can get with anybody she wants, plus, rubi don't know cristel, so if they both were single, they can get together,

      5. Go_Smd

        @Kelvin Wilson lmfao your joking right ? They both in the same industry everybody knows each other.

    56. Jaded Jaderson

      Tjay will publicly embarrass lala and we’ll be happy to watch her get her karma.

      1. Kelvin Wilson

        @Angelina Avalos we not talking about now, ok, he's with lala now, if you forgot, ddg and rubi broke up for more then a month, rubi was knocking at ddgs door, and he didn't let her in, rubi stayed in a hotel room for a month, before she went back to Atlanta, doing this time, lil tjay was trying to get her back, giving her rides to the studio and hanging out with her, rubi would bring lala with her, and lala met lil tjay, they would all hang out together, rubi went back to ddg, and lala backstabbed rubi and started dating tjay

      2. Kelvin Wilson

        @Angelina Avalos you sound like a fool, if she got a bad attitude, then why was he trying to get back with her , trying to be around her ass much as he could, that's how he met lala, because he always trying to get rubi back, and rubi would bring lala with her, and when rubi moved in with ddg, tjay made his move on her friend,

      3. Kelvin Wilson

        Iwill not fill sorry for lala at all

    57. Luwam Hail

      It’s Cardi pic for me💀😂😂

    58. JBIRD35

      Y’all complaining about the title and what not stop crying it’s KGup cry baby asses 🤣

    59. Craig Thomas

      it's like Offset said, Do anything for clout...Do anything for clout. The dude who posted the Tik Tok about Solluminati knew EXACTLY what he was doing and he knew it would go viral.

    60. o dese

      I like how ur always laughing 😂😂😂

    61. Spit Facts

      On me they said her areola looked like pancakes 🥞 Me: I’ll put butter on them bytches 😋 and have a good morning 😃☀️

    62. Chris H

      To the little kids on this post, nobody just moves in with someone right away. It takes time to make that decision. Y’all don’t even know how long or serious they really talk. Chill y’all

      1. L Nixon

        Yes and young men should NOT give up their space and not too much of their finances either. You'll regret it when the relationship goes from fun getting to know you to arguing over who squeezing the tooth paste the wrong way.

    63. Spit Facts

      U mean DDG gone help her buy a house🏡 Supa trick to tha rescue 🦸‍♂️

      1. Louis Fambro

        I hope NOT🤦🏾‍♂️

      2. watch tv


    64. billy bill

      ddg and polo g are homies they litterally know each other family

      1. Olando Davies

        @billy bill oh yea u right

      2. billy bill

        @Olando Davieshell yea he always hangout with dub nem have u seen the video in zias channel when him and polo g are reacting to a song, he record that at ddg crib.

      3. Olando Davies

        Polo knows ddg family?

    65. Evie

      TJAY is faking with Lala DDG won the bitch he really wants

    66. MarvStylin

      Y’all reach with any and everything y’all rlly think rubi is talking to polo🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ

        @King Jamon ik I was just asking cause ian remember. But I found it so it's all good

      2. King Jamon

        @ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ doesn’t mean they date tho.....

      3. ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ

        @King Jamon even if they dont. Polo look like he wanna be single for now. And didnt he just comment on one of crystal ig post ?

      4. Yaqub Freeland

        Yeah just want to have fun to talk abt

      5. Angie Ussery

        Ikr ddg and polo friends why would rubi do that

    67. Evie

      She probably wants ddg to ask if she would like to move in maybe he not ready for that

      1. Angie Ussery

        They ain’t ready but that would mean we get rubi in the vlogs so I would be happy

      2. Kelvin Wilson

        I think the reason rubi didn't move in with ddg, is the same reason Kennedy didn't move in with him when she moved to LA, ddg is hard to get along with, and she don't want to find her self knocking at his door again,

      3. Smh

        I don’t think so, I feel like if she wanted to she could’ve. It’s more like cause yk how ddg and rubi be arguing and when they argue they usually be away from each other until they are cool again so it’s more convenient for her to buy her own place.

    68. K love

      The reason I think rubi not staying with ddg she is that type of woman that has to have her own if they break up she won't be homeless and also they can spend the night at each other place and if her family comes around she can let them stay over her house instead of being a burden to ddg etc

      1. Dc Ejay

        Nah she just don't wanna get kick out 😂😂😂🥴🥴🤧

      2. Isaiah Hyndman

        I think it’s because DDG dad is in LA so he don’t want Rubi to feel uncomfortable with his dad in the house

      3. Smh

        Facts and like when they argue or something she gonna need her own place, instead of having to keep paying for a hotel to stay at.

    69. jr

      I think cardi did it on mistake but her ego probably not hurt about it bc 4 years ago she was a stripper doing wild shii she really not fazed I dont think🤷🏽‍♂️💪🏽😭

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        She probably did it on purpose but only for a FEW seconds. It probably wouldn't DELETE so she panicked and began doing stupid sh*t but i doubt it was an 'accident'. She KNOWS what she was doing...

      2. Spirit Fapper

        @Chris H I mean it isnt hard to do it by mistake tho

      3. Chris H

        She did it on purpose. These phones ain’t that complicated

    70. Sanny's Journey

      I sing the intro every time I watch your video I sound a mess but I sing it anyways . Lol 🤣🤣🤣

    71. who dat


    72. It's Teyoncé

      It was a mistake cardi don't need clout wtf

    73. Aliyah Augustine

      Y’all tripping about kiara title and still click😂😂😂😂😂I think y’all should stfu🙄 Caz I love my self some kiara videos🥰😍😘

    74. Petty Wap

      Y’all weirdos keep saying why Rubi don’t just move in or stay with Ddg.. How tf she gonna cheat if she move in with him smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all slow.

      1. Arianna Amerson


      2. Ashley York

        Byeeeeeee 🤣🤣

      3. Jay Bee

        😭😭😂😂😂 you funny asl

      4. Smh

        😮 lmfao 😂😂

      5. Bethannie Shields


    75. kentrell roosevelt

      I knew this shit finna drop when a saw rubi post house hunting while with DDG wheew chilee 😭💀

    76. Petty Wap

      Shout out to Tjay & LaLa 💯🥂

      1. A Moneyfl

        nah I fw tjay but I don’t fw lala no more


      Dats tuff

    78. Street Vise

      Why Rubi not staying with ddg?

      1. Petty Wap

        @Angie Ussery yeah her and Tjay were just relaxing enjoying the weather huh smh get your slow ass out of here (Wiz and king Von are prospects aswell) we know Tjay was still smashing for sure. We not gonna mention the 10 rappers before Ddg tho. She ran through ain’t nothing you can do or say to change it

      2. Angie Ussery

        Petty Wap she never cheated tho

      3. chantell z

        Y'all be acting like you know everything was keneddy staying with ddg ? Y'all just be hating on that girl

      4. Petty Wap

        How she gonna cheat if she stay with Ddg? 🤷🏾

    79. No Cap Keem

      Don’t do my favorite rappers like that don’t bring DDG into da bs... but especially not POLO G and it’s all love btw. No haters here 🚫

      1. No Cap Keem

        @ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ no cap

      2. ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ

        Nah fr. Polo ain't been ain't drama for a good 2 years now. Leave that man alone. That man living his best life out here🤦🏾‍♂️

    80. Only1Doobie

      It’s literally about the money from everybody that’s what people gotta understand

    81. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg likes the attention lol, and he likes people begging for his presence

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @John Salary so is your mama lol

      2. John Salary

        Broke haters

      3. Smh

        And I’m begging for you 🥺😜SN

      4. Petty Wap


    82. Shasa

      Idc how anyone tries to twist it, LALA will get her karma also it’s not hate but it’s a fact. That situationship with Tjay wont end well, she will be left looking stupid just like how she was when she followed Gunna to Jamaica & he other effing other girls while she was there. & Rubi is definitely moving to LA.. but into her own place. In a recent interview she had said she was saving up to get her place out in LA.

      1. A Moneyfl


      2. Ashley York


      3. Chris H

        None of us know what’s true from any of this

    83. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg don’t want her in his damn house lol. He’s likes his space

      1. Jaded Jaderson

        It’s probably rubi that wants her own place

      2. Isaiah Hyndman

        @Blvck Lvnd Nah I think DDG wants to give Rubi her privacy because his dad is in his house

      3. Smh

        Nah he even said in one of ciantes video when ciante asked ddg to move in and ddg said “what happens if me and rubi get back together and rubi wants to move in with me” . Ddg is willingly to let rubi move in anytime.

    84. Dirtbag Squad

      Cardi breast are ugly next

    85. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg got back his 40k and dip on ddg squad again. He’s the goat for the finesse

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @Smh make a web site for my cuz

      2. Smh

        @Here's Brayan Yo u caught me 😱

      3. Here's Brayan

        @Smh ay yo??

      4. Smh

        @Dirtbag Squad I like the view 👀

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        @Smh lol leave alone stalker, I’m closing my window

    86. Sym Taylor

      Lala a attention seeker. She going to get hers. She did the same to Brandi her ex bbf. I

      1. Ariann Campbell

        @A Moneyfl ok and rubi is not all what she acts like either and have said that. Just because she shows yall the quiet side of her she acting innocent no she's just not telling the internet her business. Yall want her to shake her ass on the internet like rubi does? Tf 🙄🙄🙄🙄

      2. Ariann Campbell

        @Go_Smd exactly like yall don't know the story and you never will rubi could be lying as well. She has also said like lala that she is not the same person she shows everyone vs her with her close friends and lala also said that about herself as well.

      3. Go_Smd

        @A Moneyfl I never said she was innocent, your blaming her for posting her own bf lmfao tf wrong with you?

      4. A Moneyfl

        @Go_Smd nobody said that, y’all just act like she innocent and ain’t do nothing wrong but ok

      5. CTM Plug

        @Zerci 360 exactly. I’m not even going to explain myself , because he probably won’t even understand it . I’ll just let them stay clueless.

    87. Slice

      I just notice sollumanti built like flight but even more lanky and taller


        Tall lanky dude

    88. Mimi Keandra

      DDG not house hunting with rubi 😭😭😭 its just Rubi. DDG own a whole mansion. If anything he not living with rubi. The title was a reach lol

      1. Mimi Keandra

        @ShemariaAree yep 👍🏽

      2. Mimi Keandra

        @I'll let you know if Shes For The Streets wow you sound mad as fuck .... ☹️

      3. Olando Davies

        @Go_Smd nigga🤦🏿‍♂️did u not read what I said , the sun is to bright ,The atmosphere changes the apparent color of the sun by scattering light. The effect is called Rayleigh scattering. As violet and blue light gets scattered away, the average visible wavelength or "color" of the sun shifts toward red, but the light isn't entirely lost. It’s not that hard to understand... so maybe it was Ddg car or her friends , did u ever take science class? Stoopid,

      4. Angie Ussery

        Well if u check his new vlog idk

      5. Go_Smd

        @Olando Davies are you stupid ? That’s not how it works. It’s her friends lambo, she literally posted on her story of her friend driving a lambo that she was in and it’s the same one when she said “house hunting”

    89. llII

      Kiara shanay still find some way to speak about ddg

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        She BETTA! Cause i ain't subscribed for sh*t ELSE! tF u here for...lol??

      2. Therealzoe Heuy 17

        @DAT WAY why you surprise fam, onlyfans is way better 😂

      3. DAT WAY

        @jr no way

      4. jr

        She making ah bag whatever name she gotta speak on she fs making over 10k monthly

      5. kentrell roosevelt

        @Kiara Shanay 😭💀🤣🤣

    90. Angie Ussery

      Why no noti?

    91. Yesenia Lopez

      You do anything to put ddg on the title when he’s just chilling😂🤣🤣

      1. Ariyanna Brown


      2. Karon Lee



      goodnight kiara we love you

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Love ya Ramon!

    93. Kevin Wavyy

      I love ur videos please reply

      1. Kevin Wavyy

        @Kiara Shanay let’s go she replied

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Hey hey 😁

    94. FunnyComa

      I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life ..

    95. life with morra

      I think it was a mistake because cardi already has clout

      1. STEEZY•jt ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄


    96. Dorian _hunt2007

      Notin gang we back

    97. Go_Smd

      That’s not ddg lambo, ddg lambo has a brown interior that is rubi’s friend lambo that she was in. And I know this because I remember a few weeks ago before ddg bought a lambo that rubi posted a story in a lambo that had red interior that her friend was driving in.

      1. Go_Smd

        @Mr. Serious some girl I don’t know who she is but rubi posted on her story of her friend driving that red interior lambo.

      2. Mr. Serious

        Which friend

      3. Go_Smd

        @Sym Taylor yeah whatever

      4. Sym Taylor

        His interiors is peanut butter not orange

    98. miguel Cabrera

      In today's videoooooo We have alot to talk about After the intro:)

      1. Kiara Shanay

        You knowwwww it

    99. louiking 1 # 2

      didnt ddg just move in his mansion

      1. Bethannie Shields

        @Go_Smd I believe you cause that video she makes in the mirror a guy come at the stairs... she started to go down then end the video

      2. Go_Smd

        Kiara got it wrong, rubi was not with ddg. That lambo that she was in is her friends car cause ddg doesn’t have red interior and rubi even posted on her story a few weeks ago of her inside her friends lambo which is the same lambo she was in before ddg even bought a lambo, meaning rubi is gonna get her own house.

    100. D Price

      Lala trying to make Rubi jealous with that story cause her and ddg happy

      1. Ariann Campbell

        So yall expect her not to post. She can post him of she wants doesn't mean she looking for clout. Yall reaching fr

      2. Ian Chumba Fitness

        @0nly. Bhadbby i didn't know smashing/dating your friend ex makes you mature.

      3. 0nly. Bhadbby

        No she not , lala way more mature than rubib

      4. YoBoy SPADE

        Her posting on her Story gets people to TALKING.....

      5. Go_Smd

        @Davonie Mcf Fr like why can’t they let them be together. They just making some random things up to wish on their downfall.