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    1. Kiara Shanay

      What ya’ll think of all of this drama? 😳 Don’t forget to smash the LIKE button 👍🏾 and subscribe for more videos 🥁

      1. Lunaticft_

        Let’s be honest here rubi had her own fan base before even introduced to ddg us KGup niggas just didn’t know about her

      2. Petty Wap

        Let’s all be honest here Rubi Entire career is based off drama without drama or DDG no one cares for Rubi she has no personality Her slogan should be “she for the streets” 😂 She’s prolonging and blowing this whole situation up because it’s free promo for her flatlined career 🤷🏾

      3. Akima Benn

        Lala recent live exposed everything rubi needs to stop the bs.. Her excuse is she a libra and go with that yall weird

      4. MRNEVASEEN1

        Lala responded again. And she's with Lil Tjay and it gets deeper.

      5. Lunaticft_


    2. yo gju

      AND THATS OK......

    3. Anna Hawkins

      Okay but how old was Carti when Lala was 17?! 👀

    4. Ant Will

      I love seven!

    5. lesa. ww

      I'm not gonna believe any of them until I get proof but also let me put my 2c opinion Both Rubi and Lala are wrong Rubi is wrong for going out with DDG like she knows it's wrong if it wasn't wrong she would of told Lala about it since they are sisters right Lala is also wrong because that's her friends ex The business part is fine but further than business it was wrong But maybe she did to get back at Rubi

    6. EPT SQUAD

      Even kiara shanay couldn’t believe Lala 😅😅😅😅

    7. Calvin Slaps

      geez....the only person ill believe is ddg...i need his side of the story

    8. Sean Williams

      Why do females trip over stupid stuff like this smh

    9. ayana debellotte

      That's a lot of fucking lmaooooo

    10. Mqkezz

      Lala a snake

    11. Mqkezz

      Lala story sound stupid

    12. Lisa

      At the end of the day Lala fucked a lot of ppl boyfriends. She acts innocent, but at the end of the day u saying that’s not ya friend but u was still cool with her. An you still cuddled with the nigga , which was her best friend ex that’s very weird. Tjay was def tryna get back at Rubi and Lala fell for it. The fact that Lala Saying she kissed ddg make her look worse , cuz 2 years ago he was with Kennedy. Then you waking up in this nigga tjay house doing a live that’s soo weird.

    13. Khalil Stephenson

      where do I find the beginning song "where do we go"

    14. Taylor Ray

      Taylor was trying to save her ass denying stuff.

    15. Ron Ron

      Karrueche don't even fuck with la la no more and they're under the same management. La la is known more for her promiscuous ways. Being a industry bop ain't a good look.

    16. just hurry

      Kennedy where you at????

    17. techCUISINE

      This fake beef

    18. De'Shayla Ferguson

      ' give it up fo lil tjay , he the coochie man in the coochie land , or watever that lil tiktok song said 😂😂😂🥴 !

    19. niqniq76

      Birds of a feather...flock together

    20. Jordan Byrne

      She for the team

    21. Lala Eatin’ A Got Damn Burger

      Well ain’t this some shxt 😭

    22. Gilligan 123

      My husband......omg.....ddg is karma cause who ever he’s around become toxic like him

    23. Isabel Serrano

      DDG got to do better. At least Kennedy ain’t never posted up a video telling everything. He went from class to trash🙄

    24. Princess Diva

      So we going to act like Rubi ain't Rubi im confused do y'all think she changed over night.. I believe LaLa I just don't trust rubi

    25. Princess Diva

      To everyone in the comment section who needs to here this.. Rubi made Ddg unfollow Tiana & Germany girl, had beef with the painting girl made ddg stop recording with Seven and other zooted females now attacking lala knowing damn well they were faking their friendship Lala don't owe Rubi a damn thing #period Rubi a mess

    26. Chrissy

      Ngl i believe lala

    27. Kamogelo Rae

      Kennedy douched a bullet 😂🤣

    28. Moye W.

      Brandy who..?? What her handler

    29. Nesta Joseph

      Lala belongs to the streets🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

    30. Kam and Yessey


    31. clint12366

      Yo if rubi fucking the whole industry, lala gone obv, fuck on some of the nigga....she fa the streetz

    32. Jumongi The Apostate

      Yoooooooooou so ddg was trying to talk to lala but everybody thought Reilly was lying hahahaha

    33. Nancy Perez

      maybe riley was being honest...

      1. Yana

        she was LOOOOL ddg was angry because riley tried to expose him

    34. Ayo_lyteskin

      Who cares about the truth when all this bullshit they saying is more entertaining lol

    35. Shantik Miller


    36. K Preme

      Rubi is meeting wit wiz not ddg

    37. K Preme

      I trust Lala

    38. Gina LV

      Rubi Clearly can't be Believed. DDG Squad was right about Rubi Rose being from the Streets 💯💯💯

    39. Chanel Mims

      So everyone jus gone ignore the fact the these girls got almost as much bodies as they age that’s the real gag they needa slow down n stop selling ya soul for clout and close ya legs

    40. Lordstealzuss

      She didn't expose her for messing with carti lol carti fans been knew that we not dumb it was a reason her voice is at the beginning of shawty in love

    41. Zay EBR

      Ima be real w y’all Lala Did cap about “She ain’t know carti n rubi was dating”. I’m 100% sure he told u his name , u got his number , his IG and saw her there 🤣 It’s playboycarti let’s be real here . Who ain’t know about them 🤣

      1. Zay EBR

        Also lala didn’t deny Smashing the 2 other ppls boyfriends going behind her own friends back

    42. Nemesha Smith

      They both insecure Taurus and libra.. money hungry for sure. Lol blac chyna and Kim k examples birds of s feather flock together... bur rubi makes good music so she 1 up them

    43. Nemesha Smith

      Isn't seven almost like 30? These ppl literally came out of high-school less than 3 yrs ago and she's all up in the mix lmao 🤣 I can't 🤦🏾‍♀️

    44. Jamie D

      Ooooo Child i would never want La La as a friend 😤

    45. n0fac3 2k


    46. El Hajj Matthews

      Honestly you don't have to like lala but you should still be able to see her point. Cuz I know if my homie or sister or anyone im cool say some shit like that FOR ANY REASON im gonna fw them differently. All this blind loyalty is so weird to me. Like if we cool asf then im all about code and loyalty. But if we cool in public but I'm not calling you when my tire flat or I'm in an emergency then ion owe you no real loyalty

    47. El Hajj Matthews

      Ddg with rubi he posted a picture with her on snap

    48. KingLo

      Rubi is the devil and she easily manipulating all y’all minds and it’s sad . Just because it sounds convincing doesn’t mean it’s true 🤷🏽‍♂️ it ain’t nothing but years of practice

    49. Emma Sungeni Sangala

      What? Lala how did you “not care” and “not know Rubi” but you know he said “she was disgusting and crazy”? 🤣 Meaning you knew she was his girl! Girl bye 🚶🏽‍♂️

    50. Petagaye Golding

      Them full man like smh then ddg no want girl like that vodo she a work on ddg

    51. David

      DDG & Lala definitely did more than kiss, Hate the way RILEY went about things but she wasn’t lying about a lot of things. I like DDG but I’m not a blind follower. Rubi is trying to get rid of the Zooted women... 😅

      1. David

        @niqniq76 Notice how everyone else is made to look bad but him? I wonder why...

      2. niqniq76

        I said the same thing. DDG definitely has everyone fooled. He is a piece of work thats why Kennedy is not with him. He let the fame take over

    52. BigTankTelevision

      Robs music is really growing on me no cap

    53. BigTankTelevision

      Why Kiara so funny without trying

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Hehehe thanks 😁

    54. LEA 001

      Lala did mention the label part. She said she told me she was only my friend cuz the label told her to hang out with her cuz it’ll be a good look.

    55. The Source

      At this point, if any of them wanna be believed, they need to produce receipts. Anyways, y'all ever peeped that most female friendships don't last? Y'all females weird for hangin out with people you don't like.

    56. Ieshia Martin

      This is getting messier and messier by the minute. I knew that prank video when Lala told Rubi she was pregnant by DDG was off. They’re friendship started off some weird shit, and ended on some weird shit.

    57. Destiny Love

      Isn’t Taylor with Dan so this is all messed up to me

    58. Hannibal730

      "These tweets don't have no ads in it". say that on youtube. lol


      Lala is a easy kill, I might dm her


      They both belong to the streets..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣😁😁🤣😂😂

    61. Otismckenzie36

      On god they’re lying....... (lala Nd Taylor) what female would tell the truth about this lmaoo

    62. Sarah Archbault

      Rubi is crazy as hell.... I can’t stand her 🤮🤮 she for the streets

    63. Petty Wap

      LaLa was quiet Rubi started all the talking first LaLa just responds to Rubi wake up ppl pay attention Rubi made this bigger than what it was y’all all coming for LaLa when Rubi brought all this shyt to social media wake tf up pay attention and remember the key words Rubi and LaLa both said they were never real friends therefore LaLa ain’t do shyt wrong and seven said her self this shyt started months ago y’all don’t know shyt y’all trashing LaLa when Rubi the real problem she’s pushing every female away from Ddg wake up ppl

    64. Jupiter Sound

      1:37 Damn....carti doing everything except dropping music🤦🏾‍♂️

    65. jelly K

      This is why men can't have female friends. U ll get involved in their shit

    66. Leona Williams

      Both are for the streets tbh

    67. Lephus Nelson

      The prettiest girls be the biggest thots no cap!!!

    68. Juanito Parra

      Fuck da bullshit DDG nd lil Tjay gotta drop a chat together

    69. Carlos Smith

      Who else thinks the girl Lala said brought around DDG and felt some type of way about her sneaking around is Marlie...(they did a never have I ever together)

    70. Nate

      Lala and Rubi = 🛣 🛣 🛣 both prob smell fishy asf down there 💀💀💀

    71. Owens Paul

      Lala is treeshing for money and drama

    72. Mbasa Banzi

      Damn, Ddg finally got that smash hit he be working for, got over Kennedy and got in a relationship with Rubi, kinda successfully quit KGup and all this s*** happen. 😭😂

    73. Cleo Chrissafi

      It was like 2yrs ago when they kissed

    74. Deven Kappalot

      Ddg new post with rubi

    75. Tayja J

      i believe lala over rubi cause if you think about it rubi changed ddg so much man and she just weird .. my opinion is that this whole situation is just a mess from both points .. so many secrets and shit all aired out . Can’t believe shit nowadays smfh . 🤦🏽‍♀️

    76. Paul Senteu

      Lala said Taylor didn't f**k Lil Tjay but she didn't say she didn't.

    77. Blake Mills

      I’m the one that told Kiara Shanay where to get the full vid 😝😝 And this drama is crazy all I wanna see is DDG back on KGup and him doing some videos pranks and funny stuff with Rubi 🤷🏽‍♀️

    78. Kraviz Kay

      No lifeshaq - That's tuff!! Blueface - that's Tuff!! Ddg - That's Tuff!!

    79. Katlego Maakamedi

      Rubi called DDG his husband wow that’s cute ♥️😭

      1. Katlego Maakamedi

        Thx for correcting me 🌸

      2. KingLo


    80. Veeny H

      Her husband 🙄 we gotta get divorced 🥺

    81. EzohSZN

      BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA THAT WAS LIL TJAYY LMFOIAIFUjbqaiweubiubviwuyawegf nah bro im off this.

    82. EzohSZN

      You know what. dont even talk about rubi rose and ddgs relationship. They will be perfect asf.

    83. Tay Kappalot

      Its like i kinda belive lala on that kiss ddg part because she was in his vids after him and Kennedy broke up look at these that link is when he said he in the friendzone deep.. This link is meet my new friend

    84. Em K

      Lmao lala having tj in the background says it all

    85. Javarius Woods

      Mane I rely on kiara so much she keep me updated much love to her

    86. Carlos Smith

      Y’all remember Savannah’s issue...everybody was speculating Rubi had something to do with DDG cutting her off...and with Lala saying Rubi is insecure about pretty girls...that might be true

      1. Ashley York

        That was obvious

    87. Shawntae Lanase

      I wanna hear what seven say she keep it real no cap

    88. Boutabag

      Bruh somebody gotta be a impostor I say vote em both off

    89. Aaron YT

      I think it’s the Marlie girl she’s talking about. She probably spoke to DDG without telling her

    90. Aaron YT

      Lala’s behaviour of I will do whatever I want to now. It’s my choice and shit just makes me think she’s never struggled in life and she just a brat. Like daddy issues typa shit. She probably has hella sugar daddies too

    91. Aaron YT

      Lala and DDG defo fucked lol. She didn’t say it cause Tjay was there with her on live. I think Lala still thinks everyone thinks she’s innocent. She sounds like a whole capper. Rubi’s story makes more sense to me. My thing is Lala fucked up and she made it worse cause she went out and said they were never really friends.

    92. Ayo Duke

      2k n u can smash lala

    93. RIKO SMALL

      Where’s the part of DDG and lala


      mane somebody lying and idk who 😂 it’s crazy how these two stories are so different

    95. Lesean93

      Lala knows she messed up! And now that's why she thinks she has to defend herself with lies to make herself look better and to make look rubi bad... I believe Rubi on this one! Because she just sounds like she's so serious and real about! Lala in her response video she just sounded so desperate! She wasn't even talking with confidence!

    96. alanfbaby1

      Lala being playing innocent whole time be fuckkng the city 😂

    97. yaboi_sabs 05

      This nigga tjay doin all dis at 19😂😂😂😂

    98. Street Vise

      OK lala but why are you now dating liltjay though? Still at his house and shii. Idc what anyone says friends or not friends don't do shii like that

    99. morgan junius


    100. YSN_Shaune 13

      DDG posted a pic wit him and Rubi on snap