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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - FunnyMike & Jaliyah Update
    2:18 - Deshae & Jordyn Clowning On TikTok
    3:21 - DDG Spotted In Rubi's Truck
    5:12 - Kennedy's Alleged Boo Moved On

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Shoutout to all my viewers from The UK 🇬🇧♥️

      1. Sinead Brown


      2. Mercy E


      3. S


      4. Miss K


      5. Huncho Jay


    2. Noramen Andrew

      I personally don't believe it. But if they are then they are going to get back soon enough trust me she has a baby with him. So there for she's not going anywhere.

    3. GreenOffHezo

      Kennedy Never Dated Dave Lol

    4. Sammilee123

      I don’t think Kennedy was with him i think her and corie living they best life just having some fun.

    5. Carl

      Definitely the same truck😂

    6. Neeyah_ldn


    7. tommy blaze

      Before the year up rubi going to get pregnant by ddg ...(remember my comment )

    8. J. H

      Uk guys love the American girls respectfully, there just a bit more forward and know what they want. Uk girls are more chilled but can be a party killer due to English culture.

    9. Djay Blacks

      Is it only me that want DDG to get bk wit Kennedy n get it over wit

    10. Djay Blacks

      On the low I only hav faith in Clarence n Queen at this point they all I rooting for

    11. Cynthia Valladares

      I love ur videossss but hate the intro music lmaooo ur be loud as sht

    12. Jon Only

      Cuz Kennedy knw what she doin she move diff after ddg cuz y’all nosy

    13. Joshua Jean-Baptiste

      Believe in JESUS, we are all sinners deserving the wrath of GOD, because we sin against a holy and just and perfect GOD. Therefore we all deserve the punishment hell, but GOD in his rich grace and mercy by which he loved us sent JESUS to die for us on the cross to leave his throne and suffer for us. To be the perfect sacrifice for us because he himself was and perfect. That if we would have a repentant heart and believe in JESUS and place our faith in Him, we will be saved from the eternal punishment which is hell, and be given eternal life. l

    14. ChocolateQueensTv

      I like Kyla more on her please 👆🏾

    15. Infamous Yella

      DDG and Rubi 🙄 didn’t she just say he was trying to pay for p**** why on earth would he get back with her she’s a bad look for him keeps “exposing” him exactly why his music flopped

    16. BJ Turner

      Look at ddg tiktok Rubi truck is in the back

      1. Tre Jones

        And you can see her shadow with the hat on

    17. Sugagal

      I don't think Kennedy was dating that man he had pictures with a bunch of other girls on his page from the same trip and all the pictures would make you think he's dating them. I think dude is just a flirt like he said but on another note I think Corie may be vibing with Fredo

    18. Ganny Bredy

      Personally I Think Why Them People Relationship Like Kennedy and they refuse to be with normal people they always wanna be we people who's poppin' y'all will be always in drama on the internet

    19. Candy Heartz

      All of Youngboys girls are pregnant all the damn time! Damn that boy fertile 😲😧

    20. Aaron YT

      They were just ok holiday having fun. That’s all

    21. Jayungin 1

      yall da reason y ppl can’t keep no relationship 🙄

    22. Angel Davis

      Well that shit sad that Kennedy have tu go threw all that , but at same time maybe foe tha bezt that she du let that guy go cuz her love alwayz haz been DDG and will alwayz be her and DDG need each other and belong tugether foever and itz time that DDG go get Kennedy back in hiz life and realize that they both love each other they need get back tugether 💯👈🏼

      1. Lynn Woo

        WTF are u talking about none is true no one has any facts

      2. Marian Barker


    23. Psalm's World

      They just smashed, ain’t nothing serious there

    24. YoBoy SPADE

      Of COURSE that boy most likely put another baby in her. He living like he's living in the STREETS...🤦🏿‍♂️

    25. Miss K

      Kennedy was never with Dave!

    26. carleneovo

      She was never dating Dave lol

    27. YoBoy SPADE

      People are becoming CONTENT with toxicity in relationships...🤦🏿‍♂️

    28. Jacorria Brock

      I feel like even if funny mike was single he would still do things & buy things for her 🤷🏽‍♀️

    29. Dave P

      Lol this nigga was in a movie? At DDG

    30. Nick Murillo

      That “good evening gentlemen” hit different

    31. detroit jayy

      That nigga said dis you eat a egg roll today😂

    32. SLIME TIME

      I miss the old days with ddg & kennedy videos😔

      1. SLIME TIME

        @Marian Barker it's not the same as the first watch

      2. Marian Barker

        Go watch em

    33. SonyX

      thats the same tuck ong one

    34. LaTaija H

      I was just on that girl kyla page this is crazy

    35. Sheila Tabengwa

      Ddg n rubi never break up🗣. Ur head gon hurt tryna keep up with them two🤦‍♀️

    36. ABDOUL

      The ceiling is not the same

    37. Damon Casimir

      Dave from Top boy watch that series 🔥🔥🔥

    38. D2 savage


    39. Addiction Hub

      I was wondering why kylaa turned her comments off 😭 but she got her own money so I’m pretty sure she buying her own gwagon🤣

    40. Sym Taylor

      They definately bk together. They just need to tak a vacation and get away for a bit.

    41. Amilli

      Rubi & DDG will eventually be done 100.

      1. Marian Barker

        @Amilli you care but care about yourself instead of ddg and rubi

      2. Marian Barker

        @Amilli and

      3. Marian Barker

        Why you care worry bout yourself damn y’all so invested in their relationship

    42. Kyng Mundo

      That’s not the same truck

    43. Im Just That Guy

      Dave never went out with kennedy,them niggas flew them out though

    44. Anise Westbrook


    45. Anise Westbrook


    46. It’s all love Sorry

      I think everyone (including me) wants Kennedy in a relationship soo bad that any guy she hangs out with everyone assumes she’s dating.

    47. Ashley York

      Corie liked a tweet during that vacation saying that Dave and Kennedy weren't dating, everyone just cool. I think Kennedy just went with Corie, Corie personally know Fredo.

      1. Ashley York

        @Afro Libertarian She didn't say it...

      2. Afro Libertarian

        Of course she'd say that

    48. Only1Doobie

      Naw that’s the same truck

    49. Ashley York

      Rubi and DDG are going to end so bad, just watch and see. It's no longer toxic, it's chaotic.

      1. Ashley York

        @Marian Barker I know what they show us & I know Rubi said they both have something on each other.

      2. Marian Barker

        @Ashley York I’m not shit it’s no my relationship and you don’t know them personally

      3. Ashley York

        @Marian Barker The proof is there, you're just in denial.

      4. Marian Barker

        You don’t kno shit just assuming worry about your own relationship

    50. Craig Thomas

      I don't think that was Rubi's truck DDG was in. The truck DDG was in had air vents on the ceiling and Rubi's truck didn't have any vents.

      1. Bradley Sanders

        Exactly.. people be reaching!

      2. Designer the Don

        Go check ddg latest tik tok, that’s Rubi truck and that’s her shadow with him dancing.

    51. AceLawrence Jr

      I heard funnymike cheated on jayliah 🤯

      1. Clementine YT

        @AceLawrence Jr naw u good

      2. AceLawrence Jr

        @Clementine YT okay my daughter lmaooo

      3. Clementine YT

        @AceLawrence Jr 🤡🤡

      4. AceLawrence Jr

        @Clementine YT girl her own sister said it miss me

      5. Clementine YT

        Don't start spreading rumors

    52. Priscilla XO

      I don't think him and Kennedy were dating nor do I think she cares.

    53. bluu michelle

      Kennedy unfollowed Dave too

    54. Justin Joseph

      who say dave was with kennedy tho

      1. Justin Joseph

        That’s the Internet for you

      2. CrazyMTF CrazyBlue314

        Evey time she hangs out with guys they automatically boo her up with them they did that last last year on her last few trips when she took a picture or seen talking to a guy

    55. Dirtbag Squad

      I wonder why ddg went triple copper no one taking him serious cause this bull . How u talk like u the ish and shorty making u look dumb

      1. Sean Carter

        Y’all be lame ash

      2. Prime Time sports

        😂😂😂😂 dam

      3. tia nicole

        Triple copper Lmfaooo💀💀

    56. Tavii bee

      LOL these people are crazy 😂

    57. Stevie J

      "Shorty Was With Me & I Got Her Lit, But I Heard She Be Hopping From Dvck to Dvck, But I'm Not Tripping I Know How It Get, I Am Not Putting My Trust In No Bvtch"

    58. nate higga

      Just stop caring it's funny at this point I think this is ddg Karma for the way he treated Kennedy 😂😂😂 he said Kennedy what's the problem

      1. felipe godinez

        quit lying when tf ddg say that they both made a video saying both of them was the problem 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    59. Taniece

      Am tired of ddg and rubi rose 🚶🏻‍♀️they seems like light switch

      1. Marian Barker

        Don’t watch

    60. nate higga

      In he wonder why people talking about him and his career is falling don't nothing hit for him no more his KGup videos his music videos

      1. Marian Barker

        @Designer the Don weirdo

      2. Designer the Don

        @Marian Barker calm down Jamal, don’t pull out the 9

      3. Marian Barker

        @Designer the Don bitch I’m not in my feelings about shit that don’t have nothing to do with me

      4. Designer the Don

        @Marian Barker get out your feelings yo lol, I’m just saying he needs to not give af about other peoples opinions more thats it

      5. Marian Barker

        @Designer the Don let him be y’all always got opinion on his life worry bout yourself

    61. mgrnt

      wait hold on wtf is 3:28 is that a movie or something??? whats the name of it

    62. rocky

      Y'all thirsty for kennedy to be in a relationship

      1. Lynn Woo

        @Go_Smd very smart its hard out here 4APimp!!!!!!

      2. Marian Barker

        No you are

      3. Go_Smd

        @rocky yeah she probably do be annoyed cause people be coming up with the most random shit about her she don’t even be doing nothing to anybody she just minds her business.

      4. rocky

        @Go_Smd kennedy don't even be doing nothing and be getting dragged into shit everyday lol I know she be annoyed as fuck

      5. Go_Smd

        Lmfao people will continue to assume if she in a relationship or not. But I’m glad the way Kennedy is moving cause these people got nothing on her besides assumptions 😂. She moving privately which is a smart move 💯

    63. King Camp

      New Baby Again Youngboy 😂

      1. DisDatSplahhh H

        Nigga clearly don’t know what a condom is😭

    64. Go_Smd

      Ddg & rubi won’t be done like I said before dont take they “breakups” seriously

      1. Boutabag

        Is this Dlo??🧐

      2. Afro Libertarian

        @Jarod Wilson she just as crazy as he is so it unpredictable

      3. Black Bananas

        @Jarod Wilson Bruh they both dumb don't just blame it on one person

      4. Credpy Squad

        @Jarod Wilson if she tired she won’t be back with him. Let’s wait and see

      5. Davon Hart

        @Jarod Wilson they both are simps buddy not just him

    65. Tae No Facade

      What movie was DDG in somebody’s lmk please 😭😭

    66. Go_Smd

      Kennedy was never in a relationship with him. 😂

      1. Mike Harris

        @Yousaidwhatnow streetZ

      2. Mike Harris

        @Go_Smd u don’t know nun groupie

      3. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Mike Harris how tf you think she was in a relationship with him base off a group picture?

      4. Go_Smd

        @Mike Harris cause it’s obvious 😂 why would she get with someone who literally hangs out and flys out a bunch of females constantly. You think she would ever take him serious? 🤣🤣

      5. Mike Harris

        How tf would u know??? Where u there??

    67. OT TV

      Ion think he was in rubi truck

      1. Jarod Wilson

        Neither do I

      2. felipe godinez

        this is weird ppl are investing wayy too deep into shit now💀😭😭but fax💯

    68. Cedric Thomas

      It’s the bald headed females for me tbh

      1. Clementine YT


    69. Life with Tresia


    70. D Man

      Delivery guy part ddg funny asf 🤣🤣

      1. Mike Harris

        @Designer the Don especially if u a boy

      2. Mike Harris

        @Designer the Don bro why u be so Invested in Ddg relationship life. I always see u here commenting on it. It’s pretty weird

      3. Designer the Don


    71. Jaded Jaderson

      I’m so over Rubi and ddg at this point. They look pathetic and its actively making them look like clowns to the public. Oh well not my problem

      1. big kj

        It's becoming irrelevant now

      2. Clementine YT

        If it isn't ur problem why u commented LMAO 😂

      3. Marian Barker

        So stfu

    72. Kensia C

      Lmao “this nigga mad I don’t want to be with him” yea okay Rubi! Yes she is definitely CAP.. won’t ever be believing her at all. I knew when they both were quiet the next day , that ddg & Rubi were back on. Also y’all don’t believe every bad thing rubi says about ddg, just like she is the one who LET ddg in her house & on top of her doorman knowing because dude was spending weeks at her place. She just says anything when she mad or in her feelings. 😂

    73. Florence Morale

      "Boos gone wild." 🤣

    74. Credpy Squad

      They are probably back based on Rubi latest story eating sushi. And DDG latest tik tok. I don’t really care about their relationship. It’s just Rubi looks bad when taking him back because she says so much bad things about him. And DDG looks bad when they broke up because Rubi makes him look like a b word but yeah man makes me cringe when they get posted due to the comments.

      1. Ashley York

        They both have something on each other.

      2. felipe godinez

        Designer the Don bro wtf is you saying acting like ddg ain’t got mad homies ddg sometimes don’t even use his care probably takes ubers 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

      3. Marian Barker

        @Designer the Don that not rubi truck it looks completely different

      4. Designer the Don

        @Marian Barker that’s not how ddg lambo truck look in the interior, that’s how Rubi truck look though

      5. Marian Barker

        @Shirley Simmons wth are you even talking about

    75. Sidney Lewis

      Enjoyed the video.

    76. Afro Libertarian

      I'd bet $1k Kennedy got more bodies on her than Rubi...

      1. Afro Libertarian

        @Go_Smd only "Big Mouth" had over a million

      2. Credpy Squad

        @Go_Smd I’m not saying it’s about anybody but it does have a meaning the whole song was meaningful. And people did tell him Rubi be hoping rom d to d people did tell him that.I’m not saying it’s about her but yeah. Have a good day

      3. Go_Smd

        @Credpy Squad it defiently doesn’t got a meaning y’all just reaching. 😂

      4. Go_Smd

        @Afro Libertarian she made music and was in popular music videos that got her to be noticed by millions of people. She created her own fanbase. You can’t hate on her grind

      5. Keionna Watson

        Lmaoo guys logic be so funny...

    77. blessing nzerem

      It’s not the same the thing in the middle then the one he’s in

      1. Jarod Wilson

        It don't look like the same car to me either

    78. angie p

      🤣🤣 they're never gonna end.. that's her truck and all imma say is check his tik tok lmao. We gotta just let them do them, toxic & all.

      1. Davon Hart

        @Jarod Wilson u are a whole dude in these comments writing paragraphs about they life like wtf nigga😭

      2. angie p

        @Designer the Don lol man his comments be having me weak... atleast he's consistent tho. That boy said ddg pretend to be valet and stole her car 😆🤣😂

      3. Designer the Don

        @angie p LOL, she said this ain’t gta, buddy talking about he stole her car🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead

      4. Jarod Wilson

        @Designer the Don but seriously, i think they're back together, because she just showed the bracelet on her arm, the one ddg bought her 🤑🤑🤑

      5. Ray Kim

        @angie p It might take a miracle at this point to be honest

    79. Chrisgon mad

      What commercial was that w ddg😭

      1. Designer the Don

        He was in a movie

    80. supbape

      Dave is a rapper having fun let him be 😂😂

    81. Shirley Simmons

      Rubi has a sun roof, I don't see one above ddg head,

      1. Jarod Wilson

        It's not the same car, it probably was the call girls car

      2. Shirley Simmons

        @Blac Deku that comment was for designer don, you popped up before he could get it, chill out

      3. felipe godinez

        Designer the Don u weird

      4. Shirley Simmons

        @Blac Deku what the hell you talking bout,

      5. Blac Deku

        @Shirley Simmons tf u talking about?

    82. Shirley Simmons

      I didn't think they were dating, we have not seen Kennedy seriously with a guy since ddg. Some relationship take longer to get over, specially when you were in love with the guy. I think Kennedy taking her time this time.

      1. Michael Michael

        @Joey_ Breezy they got back together after that breakup

      2. Howard Jackson

        Howard Jackson is a female my name is felicia and he pays my bill he hates gossip an hear say cause he's a criminal justice major who is out of school my bad 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      3. Shirley Simmons

        @Joey_ Breezy well okay, that tell you she was miserable and was done. That's a hell of a statement 🤔

      4. Joey_ Breezy

        shorty told the internet he showed her what love wasn’t 😂 embarrassing

      5. Hp Sqad

        Brooooo she wasn't in love she was for clout nd money 🤑

    83. Mr. Serious

      Lol these Rappers don't date they just fly out ig models like kennedy and corie for a vacation and some sex

      1. fuck every one whores

        @Ashley York they did ur favs isn't so sweet like ya think

      2. Blackisword Perrier

        @Go_Smd That doesnt mean they aint got smash at these places tho. You dont know nothing nor do I just shut up.

      3. Boutabag

        @DisDatSplahhh H nah he too deep in all hope is lost he’s done

      4. Go_Smd

        @Lynn Woo Columbia, Cabo (Mexico) twice, Atlanta, North Carolina, London, and so many other places. Y’all slow they got they own money and pay for it themselves. They literally travel constantly 🤣 so you make no sense. Keep hating you goof.

      5. Lynn Woo

        @4beta8 exactly how many trips has Kennedy and Corey been on and paid 4 themselves

    84. Life w/ Tati

      Here early, during the premiere 😌

    85. aaron vizcaino

      Kiara shanay is here whoopttyyy

    86. Designer the Don

      I don’t think Corie or Kennedy was really dating them uk dudes, just friends but those pics were alittle too much for just being friends imo but whatever


        @DisDatSplahhh H bro on god they think these girls are holy

      2. DisDatSplahhh H

        @Butterfly but if you insisted I will fuck yo night up with some truth 💀💀 or you can let it go

      3. Butterfly

        @DisDatSplahhh H you swear you know this girl and she barely even post or say anything. You’re giving me fan behavior. So invested in people’s lives, you should invest that time in something productive that’s gonna bring you income not karma. Bye.

      4. DisDatSplahhh H

        @Butterfly oh so now I’m hating💀 ok lil bro whatever you say king 🙌🏾

      5. Butterfly

        @DisDatSplahhh H you’re such a hater. You don’t know these females in real life so stfu !

    87. Kara

      Earlyyyy Ganggg 💚💚

    88. Temidayo Odugbemi