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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Akademiks Leaked DDG & YB's Song
    4:38 - Carmen Is Upset W/ Corey
    6:15 - Kennedy's New Boo Revealed?!
    8:48 - Rubi Rose Is Back At It LOL

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Kiara Shanay

      🤍 Let’s get this video to 3K LIKES 🤍 👍🏾 👍🏾 👍🏾

      1. Gray Gray

        @Kiara Shanay 😂

      2. Kiara Shanay

        @Gray Gray BearBuddah 🐻 😂

      3. Gray Gray

        I’m gonna let you slide with the pronunciation 😂😭🇦🇬

    2. Kayla Ray

      Sis got the tea

    3. Kwame Braithwaite

      I live there 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬

    4. Juice5 Fifty

      My nigga Dave from the endz is with Kennedy BIG 🇬🇧 💪🏾

    5. Moneybag CHINX

      Uk rappers are trash sorry 😂😂

    6. ツararepokemon

      Let them have fun. Maybe if people stopped worrying about other people so much they could be doing exactly what the people the watching doing , living life. Kennedy & ddg not together & what the two got going on individually or together don’t got nothing to do with the media. Fredo & Dave are talented UK artists, no one got flewn out. Corie & Kennedy got they own money I’m sure they all just linked up , and just because people pose together or go on trips don’t mean nothing till they validate, with that being said mind your business please , everyone be safe ! Periodt.

    7. Dubai Memes

      Dave is a huge upgrade from ddg

    8. JasonSmallz

      I made a vid exposing Lil Boom... he’s not very happy with me lmao

    9. Hes_jus_niceee

      Y’all see how ak dodge that question about how much ddg gonna sell 😂


      Love how Kennedy took her time to move on instead of hopping into a relationship dry af

    11. Ahmed Harrower

      Kennedy not with Dave it was a holiday link

    12. Chastain Stone

      Pple who got sumn to about Ken are ddg fans. They so stupid. I'm glad I been stop watching ddg. I stopped after him n ken was no more. He is the only reason why I watched him. And they talking bout ran thru. Lol ddg flirts and sleeps around ruby even said he be cheating. Where the lie at?

    13. Princess Marie

      Didn't yb work with Armon and Trey 🤔

    14. Phil Rockwell

      That carribean view just proved the earth is flat. They been lying too everrrrrrybody. Fr fr 😂😏

    15. CradleBabyRocker 05

      I live in Antigua and Barbuda

    16. Butta Creamcake

      How is Kenneth getting ran thru she not fucking everyone and can't live without someone like DDg and Rubi

    17. Santana Season

      Kennedy move in silence she keep her shit lowkey

    18. Aaron YT

      Dave my guy. But they were just chilling on a yacht man. Nothing serious. But Fredo does follow Corie and Dave does follow Kennedy lol

    19. Nicea Ward

      Oh Dave sent Kennedy those flowers......ok

    20. Nicea Ward

      If KenKen with Dave she upgraded totally.....he sexxy and accent !!!!!

    21. Platinum Barbie

      They be hating on Kennedy so fuccin bad!!! Leave her alone!!! There were way more females there than just them 🙄

    22. Mel Rose

      People need to stop assuming about Kennedy. Sis is living her BEST life privately! 😌

    23. Kp HVY

      Who would Kennedy be if dog ain’t pop her off

    24. Zai Zai

      Carmen is stupid, I can't feel bad for her. She's the one that continues to put up with Bubba. 🤷🏽‍♀️ These kids need to get off Kennedy's ovaries. If anybody is ran through it would be DDG. If anybody is for the streets it would be DDG. He has been with more girls than Kennedy has been c dudes since their break up. Let this girl move on and be happy. Kennedy is classy.

    25. DDJ Reacts

      i been waiting my whole life for DDG and Youngboy to collab but here come the two superstar of all time

    26. YUNG SAGE



      Hey Sis!! Unsub from Carmen and Corey's channels!! #BLM

    28. BangBangChooChooTrain

      Kiara the correct pronunciation is baar · boo · duh.

    29. Rianna Stewart

      Kennedy a ran through? Y'all better keep her pretty name out of your mouth

    30. ReiWYD

      Dave is is huge music artist in the UK and prob in north america 2 in terms of UK music ive had him on my playlist for like 4 years or so

    31. K Solo

      So DDG gets into a whole relationship , dating a girl who said she’d only date guys older than her then later becomes jus a kill to another rapper younger than her.. Kennedy is seen wit a guy & now she’s getting ran thru ?..

    32. 2AM in Paris

      Akademiks leaking a DDG song with a NBA YB feature is pure mathematics

    33. Mpho Motsoane

      UK/Europe niggas are a whole vibe, they different. Wishing Kennedy all the best.

    34. Luminous Lala

      I think Corey over her

    35. EverydayFinesse

      Dave?!? No way

    36. Aamir Roberts

      I'm From Antigua 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬 best place on earth.

    37. Aamir Roberts

      Lol i think he raps too brooo dave is the best uk artists and has ft with drake

    38. Harry 009


    39. Edward O

      Fredo and Dave diss coming soon

    40. ImKingJJ

      Dave has that banger No Words

    41. Ice Cube

      i fw with santan dave music its fye

    42. YoungGirl never broke again

      Lmao kennedy and dave 💀

    43. Carrie Bradshaw

      Youngboy doesn’t do many interviews but he does get on live and interact with his fans a lot . He’s very humble and doesn’t really like the politics of the industry .

    44. Trapmash247 Lool

      Fuck them i don’t know them they ain’t 1hunna uk gang shout me 😉

    45. Eshanti Richardson

      I don’t see how Kennedy is ran thru.. y’all literally seen her in 1 relationship maybe 2. Y’all ride DDG stuff too much.

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        @LKB11 LKB11 what verse you are referring make you think he's talking about them?

      2. LKB11 LKB11

        @Eshanti Richardson Dave is the furthest from a cap rapper and when did I say i know her? I like her,I think she's funny and a good person. i know you have 95% cap rappers in the US but its far far less common in the Uk because we dont take that and that music doesnt go to the charts. Dave is one of the realest rappers in the game, 0 cap, just shows me you dont know both sides and your ignorantly defending. Not gonna lie im not the person to believe anything just off social media in any way so dont even try put that on me. You could be right but Dave doesnt go to America or anything so he doesnt just meet anyone from america (reference to his song) thats why i think is has to be about them. Some of what you said is just false though. He spent literally nearly all his time there with them, there was stories/pics multiple days with her.Dave is a Mercury and best album winning artist at 20. He is the Uk's Kendrick or J cole, literally a prodigy at 16. Nobody in the history of rap was like him at that age and I started with US rap from a very young age listening to all the legends. I should'nt have said ran through because its disrespectful, i dont know if they were talking before and had an argument later or some shit like that but he definetly hit and is not with her now so thats what i get from it. I could be wrong but i very much doubt he went with him posted pictures with his arm around her to nothing happened, if you do i think that you might be a little naive to not think they got together after a holiday together. Dave doesnt pose with any girl either if he is not getting the girl

      3. Eshanti Richardson

        @LKB11 LKB11 people can lie, the point is yall think y’all know mfs thru social media when y’all don’t. Haven’t even spent a day with her &’ y’all know how many people fucked just bc of he say. It’s weird

      4. LKB11 LKB11

        Well turns out they did get ran through........ Dave just made a bar about them in the song Mercury he released today

    46. JS

      Dave on a Netflix show called top boy too

    47. NCLkidMJ

      That’s Dave from topboy with Kennedy and he is a singer too , and the other one is fredo a singer too

    48. Jawanda Smith

      Omg kennedy can do what she want to ..everybody just assuming stuff that girl living her life ..she making moves and she Happy thats what life is about doing what makes you Happy post pictures and let ppl assume what they want

    49. D E S I

      At this point Carmen just wanted a second baby with same father. Cus he will forever cheat n she’s gonna keep talking smh. She should of took her son and moved on. Ken can do wtf she wants so idk y ppl r in her business or judging her lol she owes no one be thing. N I’m saying this and I’m not even crazy about her. At all. Ddg just need a super fire girl that will treat him right constantly n hopefully he won’t f it up to finally stop looking at Rubi. Same goes for Rubi. There both young rich and popping n every one once a piece so I personally think they should not be takin for the next 5 to 10 years n go crazy. Protection of course. Be headache free n responsibility free both have no kids. Shit learn from ken lol living her besttt life . Hello.

    50. Eleta Taylor

      U.K. Gang🤪 Dave is a great artist

    51. latoya byfield

      I have been to this island before!

    52. Gorden Thomas

      365 beaches no cap

    53. Gorden Thomas

      I live in Antigua tbh

    54. It’s Dee

      They got Kennedy messed up Bc she is real private when it come to her dating life, she don’t bother nobody, she don’t be in no drama so I’m confused on how she’s “ran through” and a “groupie” also rubi is not better than Kennedy cut it out.

    55. The Anoying Troll

      This is an Upgrade from DDG....Dave has a song with Drake, ANNNNDDDDD he Stared on Netflix's top 5 show, "Top Boy".....Good for her

    56. tyrese williams

      Fredo and Dave are big UK artists

    57. L B

      I live in Antigua 🤣

    58. india brow

      I’m from antigua🇦🇬 we have 365 beautiful beaches

    59. Tadz family

      Dave is funny

    60. Sk 00

      Ak definitely got paid

    61. Mercy E

      I never thought fredo and Dave would be on here yk 😂😂 mad

    62. Jbandz

      My wood 😂😂🐐

    63. Jays Universe

      Ddg do not own kennedy. Ddg has his toxic ass relationship with rube. Stooop it

    64. the lifeofRome

      Where is bare Buddha?

    65. the lifeofRome

      Santan Dave

    66. Cristian Ondablock


      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        Lol....its the fact that you think you can cancel kennedy.

    67. Niita Aisha

      Kiara it’s Bar-bew-da (Barbuda) You and Rob should come I’ll show you around🙂

    68. Inaya N Bradley

      She's pregnant with his baby and he's doing all of this like she already had a miscarriage scare and he going out doing all of this truly upsetting and annoying it don't matter what she look like they already have a kid and they have a baby on the way and he's stressing her out she is way too good for that boy like he disrespects her in so many ways and she still won't get up and leave is really sad but then again Carmen is pregnant so I'm sure it's a lot to handle right now but he's not making it any better I hate to say it but if she has a miscarriage it's from the stress that Corey is causing.

      1. Netra Sherman

        Right talking about he going to do better boy stop the lies

    69. Von _268

      I'm from the island of Antigua and barbuda🇦🇬🔥

    70. united-YA'OH we stand!

      Carmen any anyone who’s controlling or acts on emotions , no man likes that, it pushes them away, it doesn’t matter what you look like, there’s a 100 million other women YA’OH Has made who are as equally beautiful and less stressful , don’t ever think you’re the only one. YA’OH will show you that you can’t smother a man, you can’t freak out every time he walks out the house, he’s going to go where he wants, you can’t be everything, it’s not possible, just be you, nothing last forever and if it’s meant to be it will be, but we only know what they show us, a lot of putting on for the camera and pregnant or not, Corey seems to be tired of pretending.

    71. John Salary

      Kiara. I like you as a African American female youtuber. But who cares what Kennedy go with or does. Acknowledge the real African American females that have talent an true skills. As a man I saw the hole cm up of Kennedy . Soon as Ddg got her hot she forgot bout the man who put her on. An as a man bro code that's not cool. I can say you a real female I can't say the same about Kennedy.

    72. Malab Macaan

      I’m so happy for DDG , Kennedy and Rubi rose to find happiness again, after what they’ve been through. Apparently that Dave guy that Kennedy is with is a colourist,he made an awful tweets (old tweets 2015) about darkskin women . Is this a red flag for Kennedy?

    73. xMissCuriousx

      Sending you love girl from London, UK 💜

    74. Amanda T

      I’m sick of the narrative that a woman is “ran through” because she hung out with someone. Kennedy has been publicly single for two years now! These childish ass ddg fans need to mind their business. That girl is GROWN and if she wanted to be in a new relationship she is well within her right to do so! They wanna call her a hoe, and ran through. But ddg been linked to 3+ girls since him and Kennedy broke up and they don’t have nothing to say about that.

    75. Mzldn

      That’s not Dave’s girl 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m from the uk I know

    76. Tammii Rella

      Bruh is BAR-BU-DA 😂

    77. Silvio Semedo

      Fredo and dave are the best of London right now!!!! Dave is a goat

    78. Roma Samuel

      Im from that island

    79. living in the light forever

      Kennedy can move on he did ket that girl live her best life please she has been single for a min team Ken Killaz do ya thang Ken Ken Run it up lol

    80. Allow me to introduce myself

      she did not just call Santan Dave ''a guy called dave''

      1. LKB11 LKB11

        @sun shine You definetly know one of his songs, it went big in US aswell

      2. Tor Baf

        @sun shine his an Uk Rapper and Actor i guess since he was in a movie etc

      3. sun shine

        lol we don't know him in America

    81. philmore

      Yes sir Antigua lit asf

    82. P21NCEE

      From the 🇬🇧 NOCAPAA

    83. Anthony Martin

      Santan Dave has better bars, killed his acting appearance in Top Boy, and already got the Drake feature DDG wants.

      1. O-BLOCK

        @Moneybag CHINX im not from the uk nor the us my guy, so my opinion is neutral

      2. Moneybag CHINX

        @O-BLOCK bro your name is O Block just admit we better 😂

      3. O-BLOCK

        @Moneybag CHINX typical american mindset, dave got wayyy better lyrics

      4. Moneybag CHINX

        @O-BLOCK facts bruh uk is just trash in everything

      5. O-BLOCK

        @Moneybag CHINX cap

    84. GIG

      The UK 🇬🇧 IS Getting the recognition that they deserve

      1. GIG


    85. Honey Bee

      “she know all the words” 😭😭

    86. Ash Project

      Kennedy is so chill and private. Let her love her life. She’s dating and having fun. When a girl dates around she’s being “run through,”when guy dates around “he’s so cool”. Kennedy hasn’t been associated to anyone really since DDG. DDG has dated Rubi and different girls in between. Let both parties be happy, and enjoy dating. They’re both young.

    87. Ash Project

      Wow... Drake remixed one of Dave songs and he was on drake produced show Top Boy. They cool. DDG must be punching air he’s obsessed with Drake lol

    88. Ianiqui


    89. Jervon Esprit

      Bruhhh u pronounced the island wrongg😭😭😭😭

    90. Reekz1up

      Dave deffo bagged her

    91. MEGAHREAL1

      Dave’s music is better than DDG’s music no cap

      1. Yboah Prod

        @Designer the Don 😂😂 I’m not even from the up but u Americans think the world revolves around you ? U think niggas in Europe r listening to that ?

      2. O-BLOCK

        @Designer the Don dave got a drake feature, his lyrics and meaning is also way better. Just listen to "dave - black"

      3. Designer the Don

        Ain’t nobody playing no uk music in America, but yet I see celebrities/athletes and the radio playing moonwalking in calabasas all the time. Kim kardashian had it playing in the background when she was working out last week

    92. MEGAHREAL1

      Santan Dave is a lit rapper and artist!!!

    93. Joey_ Breezy

      I’m over Cory n Carmen not err thing have to be made public

    94. GH Sense

      Dave is a big talented artist in the UK

    95. Kyle

      I’m from the uk... Dave and Fredo are big artists over here ... my top 2

    96. mizzy c6

      I’m from the uk Dave is the best Uk rapper

    97. moya Gilkes

      Their in my island 🏝️ Antigua 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🇦🇬

    98. K. Nicole

      🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬 my home

    99. maxim nlandu

      Drake and jorja and stormzy, ddg kennedy and Dave. I expect that Scorpion heat forreal

    100. 4beta8

      I thought Dave asked Kennedy and Corie to be in his music video🤔. And let's not even compare Dave to Ddg, Dave is a proper rapper rapper, great lyricist too. Respected by many rappers including Ddg's favourite rapper Drake whose done a song with him.

      1. KAY BLACK

        Ty700037 tell that to drake bro

      2. Ty700037

        @KAY BLACK never even heard of dave or fredo

      3. KAY BLACK

        Yeah this is fax, I like ddg but dave and fredo are different levels