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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Big Rubi Caught DDG In 4K
    6:14 - Chris Sails Didn't Get Invited To Collab

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    1. Molly McKenna

      Who’s Ariel tho ?

    2. Mars Castle

      I love tiana! Idk how people can dislike her

    3. Micah Ivey

      Tiana was gorgeous and sweet she cared so much for him I was hopping he would end up wit her anyway but he just Dont know who he want like at this point he juggling wit that girl feelings

    4. JTooOfficial _

      Ima be real rubi rose ain’t that cute doe no cap

    5. Tommy

      Tiana is a bad bitch

    6. Peter Apollon

      Whos Ariel

    7. Angel Davis

      Lmao 😂 DDG anit thinking about nasty rubi rose pazz around sleeping around wit tha world he rather live life and du him 💯👈🏼 but hiz love iz Kennedy 💯🔐

    8. Jxrdn

      Idc what nobody say Tiana the baddest out of all these girls, Rubi second though

    9. E A

      Who’s Ariel !!?

    10. Abdi Sje

      Tina Don’t want him lmao

    11. Business With Dunlap

      Eff Tiana and her racist dad lol yep I said it. I like Rubi, she's just been hurt by DDG too many times.. and is Ariel the video girl?


      Do y’all think he kinda miss Kennedy?

    13. Joshua Jean-Baptiste

      Believe in JESUS, we are all sinners deserving the wrath of GOD, because we sin against a holy and just and perfect GOD. Therefore we all deserve the punishment hell, but GOD in his rich grace and mercy by which he loved us sent JESUS to die for us on the cross to leave his throne and suffer for us. To be the perfect sacrifice for us because he himself was sinless and perfect. That if we would have a repentant heart and believe in JESUS and place our faith in Him, we will be saved from the eternal punishment which is hell, and be given eternal life.l

    14. AG Keyz

      You cant win on the internet. I hope they all get a bag and find true love off camera. Look how much shit these ppl going through to look good to us... I feel blessed to not be rich and famous, because 9/10 I would be doing the exact same shit STRESSING w/ hella fake ppl around

    15. LuvWade

      Rubi lame ash

    16. Levi Coat

      @kiarashanay do you live under a rock? When you rich you can have whatever you want 1,2 or 3

    17. Who is Delta

      Tiana tbh chill i think they finna link

    18. Kim Booker

      Savage rubi 😈

    19. Brimzy Jarick

      Yo voice satisfying 😫

    20. Malliena Lewis

      In my opinion both are toxic point blank shes a narc and so is he they both have met their match -

    21. FREE TO FLY TV

      The way the comment section set up you sware yall know any of these people personally or knows what actually happened behind the scene. Smh

    22. Yung Apolo

      DDG is a simp

    23. Shebo

      this shit not cute, its really sad

    24. Sharilyn Jones

      Chris annoys me!

    25. Hally Lee

      Man can ddg and rubi just leave each other alone damn ik all his ex’s just laughing at they stupid dumbs ass relationship

      1. Hally Lee

        @Marian Barker why do u care to comment

      2. Marian Barker

        Why do you care

    26. kada wynter

      Fine out an the other episode of dragon ball z 😂 that one got me.

    27. MelinatedYoungMan

      It’s obvious some of yall never been in a relationship 🤣🤣🤣

    28. Stacy

      Jesus died for our sins, and lived the life we couldn’t. Anyone who acknowledges that they are a sinner, recognizes that Jesus died on the cross and rose 3 days later, and truly accepts Him as Lord and savior, will be saved. Repent & Live for Him, He loves you and He is coming soon 😁💕.

      1. mansa musa

        Jesus is Satan/Saturn

    29. Rose JADE

      I watch ddgs videos and everything but come on like we all know he’s the toxic one, he’s always saying something unnecessary

    30. latoya byfield

      They all need Jesus!!!!

    31. Markell Wooley

      Ddg is corny and Rudy is a clout chaser

    32. Ashley Muse

      I miss tiana in ddg video 😫😫

    33. HOFwiththaSAUCE

      Me 💭 who is Ariel


      She said simp😂jus sayin shit


      Rubi can get beat up respectfully 😭


      Thank you !!! Rubi rose don’t even believe in him ...

    37. Jecarroll Marshall

      That’s tee tee phone go watch tee tee video

    38. Setera Lockley

      He didn’t even spend enough time with Tianna for her to elevate him mentally, never got to know her true intentions or nothin... ddg just hopes she sees his tweets and reaches out to him

    39. jh1 25

      Two agents of chaos!

    40. jh1 25

      Two agents of chaos!

    41. J. Spadez

      Tiana or Emaza

    42. RGE DopeBoy

      Why tf yall in his business?

    43. Nas Naeema

      Darryl is severely LOST, he definitely needs help. He doesn’t know how to cope.

      1. I'm just here so I won't get fined

        @YungTony Music fax😂

      2. YungTony Music

        Spiritual So told us in advance 🙆🏽‍♂️

    44. Becky Boo

      It seems that Rubi and DDG are so alike and both have issues with being alone and self esteem. He seems to bring up other girls for rebound purposes to make her jealous and make it seem like he's already over her when he's not - hense the wanting to drive to her and see her crying and upset. Rubi knew he was tryna use these girls to make her jealous and so that's why she sent the phone convo to Ariel to get back at him. I wish them both the best, but exposing your relationship on social media to this extent is tacky and doesn't help them sort things out. I hope the best for both of them.

    45. the lifeofRome

      He like them white girls

    46. Big Tysoo

      Told niggas from the start tht rubi was way too toxic for anybody

    47. Nat Halie

      Omgaaaad Chris be on some Ike turner, Joe Jackson, mr Knowles shit....I maid's because of me.. it's all mee if it was not for mee uuugggh jeeeezzz STOP it, they are good all by their self GOD gave their TALENT u was not the Tina nor the Michael and surtanly NOT the Beyonce of that group. U mest it up but you are still here and creating stop inserting yourself into places you do not belongggggk!

    48. Haitian Jack

      I don't know why y'all hate ddg but all y'all was clowning Rubi when Tjay had her crying for a flight home . Tjay had embarrass her on all media outlets. Tjay was doing interviews about how he embarrass Rubi but y'all wanna call ddg lame . Carti shot at her but call ddg lame SMH us black people are getting dumb by the minute 😂😂😂

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        All that other stuff you talking she dealt with cardi and tjay how she dealt with them. Now she dealing with ddg how she dealing with him. Ddg ain't no better than tjay or cardi.

      2. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Haitian Jack it the same thing. Tjay expose her. DDG exposed her.

      3. Haitian Jack

        @Yousaidwhatnow WTF that's not exposing 😂😂😂 she wasn't crying like Tjay had her . Tjay was doing interviews about her he went on ig live with others rappers clowning her , akademiks made a ten minute video calling Tjay a 🐐 and calling Rubi thottie rapper . Akademiks said he doesn't respect Rubi music and no jumper was talking about Tjay exposing Rubi 😂 what if Carti would've shot Rubi would we be talking about her now . DDG show Rubi how to make money in this pandemic onlyfans. investment dogecoin trades youtube ect. But if Rubi was messing with a nigga like Tupac he would've ended her career and that's real real talk

      4. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Haitian Jack he exposed her knocking at his door, trying to make her look desperate. When she only wanted her stuff. DDG just slick with his bs...he insinuate/hint stuff, not giving specifics, leading people to assume, suggest and imagine the worst about people. That way his hands stay clean. Narc move

      5. Haitian Jack

        @Marian Barker it's crazy ddg will never expose Rubi she ain't perfect she did some sneaking stuff like out the blue she will post I'm single as fuck so you know what that means I'm about to do my thing

    49. House of Matrix

      DDG just focus on your music. DDG should’ve dated the girl from Ceradi or Tiana

      1. Marian Barker

        Why you so worried bout who he's with

      2. Designer the Don

        No, both of them were trump supporters lol

    50. Evie

      Awwwwwww ddg miss his best friend SEVEN 😢💔😔 I knew it

    51. Aaron YT

      Tiana was the one. DDG’s biggest L

    52. David

      DDG & Rubi might might physically hurt each other if they were married. This is becoming a train wreck. Run away from each other while you still can 🙏🏾


      I don't think Queen would care if Chris were to be invited, I believe it's Clarence.. Queen has moved on seems like she don't care...

    54. OBN trell

      Essence was the best choice

      1. Ashley York

        Absolutely not. She didn't even want to pay for a $20 meal 🙃

    55. Purple Love

      Ddg weird af

    56. Mona

      Lmao this video is mad funny. But I love Rubi though 🥺 I like Thiana too I hope she don’t get caught up in this mess. She’s better than DDG!

    57. BamEscobar

      Who said you can’t have 2 girls ??

    58. javonna

      Can’t even be mad she recorded I would too if guys always trying to play me like I’m the thirsty crazy one😭

    59. Bigg duwopp

      Ddg coming to broward

    60. Samuel Simpson

      Rubi jealous that ariel is a baddie so she being childish and tryna ruin it

    61. Blod ip

      🤔if I'm not wrong didn't ddg go to Dubai with Kennedy while he was in a relationship with tiana

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        You most definitely WRONG!!! DDG met Tiana Feb 10th 2019 by the end of march they was done. He stop talking to her. Him and Kennedy didn't go to dubai until middle of July.

      2. Old Black King

        Kinda of

    62. Twisted TAP

      damn rubi weird bro 😂 my nigga was trying to be nice and she did em greasy

    63. WaveAfterWave TV

      As DDG Squad we are embarassed

    64. Brianna Nelson

      Tiana is so pretty🥰🤘

    65. Jasaia Mercado

      Savage Rubi

    66. CLIX - Pubg Mobile

      its tee tee phone and all those supporter they cause it all

    67. jasmine mitchell

      💖 Jesus Christ loves you all and he's coming soon 💖 In history many babies became kings but only one king became a baby 💖 Jesus Christ died on the Cross so you could be free 💖 Talk to him 💖 God bless 💖

    68. Kay Sayss

      I mean did everyone forget she was liking all her father's racists posts? If he is treating her like a rag doll then he obviously don't take her serious & never will, though IMO he should pay her dust.

    69. Alieu Donzo

      Thanks God rubi rose not born for ddg, because ddg coming to go to hell.

    70. Jahleel snap

      Wait who tf is ariel

    71. Random Empire

      I hope they collab on a video!! Just a mukbang. I use to go watch old videos of DDG and Tiana, !!! Hope they link up for real.

    72. Chicho Johnson

      I'm team Tiana fuck that toxic shit

    73. Old Black King

      Ariel had pics on her IG story dolled up and they said I aint going nowhere and Still mines.q

      1. Old Black King

        @Designer the Don yeah it did tell all we need to know but when 1 is ready to stop playing the other is holding up things. Its an endless cycle

      2. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor basically still in love with Rubi, hard to get over someone he has a lot of feelings for etc. just explains them really and why we see them “argue” over social media or even subtweet to get each other’s attention. Good video

      3. Old Black King

        @Sym Taylor no doubt. At least Rubi got her own money.

      4. Sym Taylor

        @Old Black King She only there for the bag, trust me. DDG will get played from her as well.

      5. Old Black King

        @Designer the Don what u think chances they get back together

    74. Designer the Don

      Y’all saw Rubi rose supporting ddg preorder tweet about his album early this morning ? These two lol

      1. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don Like I already commented, he's gonna be down super bad. He better be prepared for a good amount of his fans to turn on him after this.

      2. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim ddg was only saying all that tiana nonsense and “booking a flight to Fort Lauderdale “to bait Rubi the other night to get a reaction, they both be petty lol. He never got on that flight and been in la and likely was with Rubi right after all of them tweets etc 😂 because both apparently were at the same mall around the same time the day after those tweets and then Rubi was showing support reposting his preorder of his album plus. Some other stuff like the video Rubi posted that night with the heart emoji and then Rubi last night saying “ I miss my husband 😕” while in Atlanta as she just left LA yesterday morning

      3. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don I guess she said what she said. But WTF is up with Kiara not posting yesterday? There's too much shit that was popping off. She'll post today for sure.

      4. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim Rubi said on her Instagram story “ I miss my husband😕” last night lol

      5. Ray Kim

        @Kay Kay Stay tune for today's video, it should be there

    75. Miyah Kingston

      In every interview that rubi was in where ddg was mentioned she always defended him ( and not just brush it off like he does) so How he brought up “ he supported the album” as if she wouldn’t have done that If he dropped. And she defended him when they weren’t even dating, could you say the same about ddg?

      1. Marian Barker

        @Ray Kim ddg is petty just like rubi but you know for sure they love each other they just stubborn

      2. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don If she really do love him, there’s better and more mature ways for her to show it. Him too.

      3. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim she has no reason to be fake, she love ddg she just be mad at him too at the same time it’s simple lol. These two can never stay that mad at each other obviously

      4. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don What makes you think she isn't being fake by doing that? I doubt she's doing it out of the kindness of her heart.

      5. Designer the Don

        Rubi supported the preorder of his album today too even after the other day by retweeting his tweet about it a few hours ago . These 2 be all over the place and can’t stay away for too long lol

    76. Cionna I


    77. Prince Womo


      1. Prince Womo


    78. Dime

      Typical simp

    79. Zee Zoom

      DDG dropping an album, they making smart moves 💯💯doubt they really done

    80. Mwaka Monze

      Tiana supports Trump...DDG dumb.

    81. Senai Perez

      Who tf is Ariel 😂?

    82. T B

      She not fooling anyone rubi want ddg

    83. Only Slappers

      Y’all niggas lame💯

    84. Mekhi

      Am I the only one that think her voice kinda cute

    85. iFilthy

      imagining having a girl like tiana that blushes every moment around you then boom you date a rubi rose that will kill you 💀💀💀

    86. Nito Shadow

      ddg needs ctrl alt delete rubi from his life

    87. flyboytez _

      Him trying to drive 45 mins to see you is some drunk shit😂😂😂so she can’t say he not that drunk, he’s CLEARLY drunk to wanna drive that long😂😂😂😂😂

    88. Ty Wilson

      Yo sometimes I just be wanting to slap ddg head through the camera bra 🤦🏽‍♂️ he doesn’t listen an he act so green when shit we been telling like 8 months ago never been bought up or told I know some people fake through the camera but everyone shows there true selfs naturally regardless no matter how hard you hide it , but it’s clear as sky blue rubi was clout chasing him to stay relevant in the rap game an I hate how he telling us and tweeting use about this as if 94% percent of his fan base told him about her ass I blame him an I ain’t saving his ass anymore when it comes to relationship cause he does this to himself 😂💯

      1. Ty Wilson

        @Old Black King because it’s obviously proven right , it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell when someone not trying to be settled down and wanna live it’s that’s obviously is rubi ddg not really

      2. Old Black King

        He a whole grown ass man why should he listen to teenagers. Plus he is half the problem.

    89. Rick

      I’m sorry but the video of DDG recording rubi messing up his door gets me weak every time😂😂😂

    90. Ty Wilson

      Kiaria stfu an “let her post that video I’m nosy ion give a fuck about the other shit it’s entertainment for us tbh

    91. Joshua Callwood


    92. Treezy

      Floderader, idek how to spell what u said😂😂😂

    93. Shonda Murrell


    94. KingLo TRG

      Him and tiana was a vibe

    95. The Drip Kid

      Tbh I never liked Rubi at a certain point I had to say fuck it since DDG is happy so I’ll just mind my business and let him mess up and continue to simp and be manipulated and hope that he learns from this relationship and his mistakes

    96. Tatiyana Niyel

      They really should put stuff aside and get to the bag. Imagine them all in the same room? That would be something to watch fr. DUMB VIEWS

    97. DFromTheVille

      DDG should drop Ariel anyways. She got a whole child😂

    98. life as germaine

      i actually miss tiana and ddg😩😍.

    99. Kadisha tianna

      Ddg need to learn how to be alone Fr 🙄

    100. Ayeee UGuys

      Kiara be doing these in one take too 😭 I fucks w it boo