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    0:00 - Intro
    0:19 - Lil Tjay Wants A GF
    1:28 - DDG & Riley Are Friends Again

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    1. Ahmad Robinson

      he needs to rekindle him and tiana

    2. notYourRage

      Did we forget Riley's boyfriend still exists?? 😂

    3. Carl

      Why did ddg and Riley fall out anyways

    4. Pretty Stinaa

      If ddg rekindle with Kennedy it’s over Lmaoooo

    5. Hannibal730

      HImynamestee have the Arthur Fist

    6. Britt Bratt

      So maybe y’all children will get over that lil tjay & lala phase. He never claimed her , now he officially saying he want a girl.

    7. lil s

      Riley first. Who's ddg gonna make amends with next? Lmao

    8. Kid Supreme

      He used to post her on his snap all the time talking bout some free my nigga Riley of course this bullshit was gonna happen

    9. iLove Media

      DDG holding no grudges is so inspirational!

    10. iNINJAgamer

      I think he should rekindle with Lala, they had a cool little friendship. Maybe he will makeup with Tee and then the one and only *Kennedy Cymone*

      1. iNINJAgamer

        @Go_Smd I think so too. It’s pretty much over with those girls. The past is the past I guess.

      2. Go_Smd

        Tee is not gonna happen, Kennedy is not gonna happen. Lala is a maybe, she said she wanted to link up with him & didn’t have a problem with him but since rubi & lala had beef ddg is not gonna link up with lala because he has respect for rubi. Unless him & rubi are officially done then they could collab again.

    11. iNINJAgamer

      He trolling, I personally think he would be a fool to lose Lala. I personally wanted Lala before I knew who “Lala” was. Lala is in my top 10 if not too 5 prettiest girls on Instagram. 🤷🏾‍♂️ but it is what it is. Best to the both of them.

    12. iNINJAgamer

      We got a lot to talk about.

    13. Wyquanza Jordan

      Rubi rose want to run the relationship Nd ddg not going to let that happen. All he did we a tik tok Nd got back cool with someone after he destroyed her career. Nd he got another member of zooted that he lost bc of her. Bc she like running around being a h*e. I like rubi but she can’t run everything.like back back lil homie

      1. marty chambers

        Right she foul as hell

    14. Mihle

      Nah ddg stupid... smh

    15. Jumongi The Apostate

      Welp that's what happen when you let a person tell you who you should be mad ar

    16. Lipton Tea

      Bruh, ddg confirmed on a mukbang that he contacted her first

    17. Boutabag

      Even if he called her up ion like how in her vid she was tryna play like the victim and he just did her so crazy when she the one who started all this shit in the first place he should’ve never said sorry she ain’t even say sorry ddg too nice bruh

      1. marty chambers

        She a female females are emotional

    18. Tshiamo Gadinabokao

      Yall suprised lmao. U know how SIMPDDG operates

    19. Mimi Keandraa

      Rubi can stfu , respectfully. Shorty gon’ be back on DDG quicker than lightening ✈️

      1. Marian Barker


    20. Jessii Lee

      Maybe he did that for content. I noticed DDG views been lower. The beef was so poppin so he made a YTvideo with her to get everyone talking and views.

      1. Tahily s

        @felipe godinez bruhhh all you gotta do is listen to the video he said it himself HE HIT HER UP lmfao

      2. felipe godinez

        Tahily s riley wanted to talk to him tf quit acting like ddg told her

      3. Tahily s

        thats what i think he always has a agenda behind his moves hes smart i think hes tryin get ppl on his only fans lol

      4. felipe godinez

        riley wanted to talk to him lmaoo not ddg

    21. Tayja J

      Ddg will have no life dating Rubi , she’s destroying him slowly.

    22. Gaming with deon 23

      Y u put rubi rose in the Title

    23. Tayja J

      I hope he’s not chilling with Riley just to make rubi jealous, if not I’m happy he’s forgiving it’s dope .. she already being petty and weird. He needs to actually go back to being him 💯

      1. marty chambers

        He not you can tell they were truly friends rubi rose is done

      2. felipe godinez

        Lil_ Sim lmao fr shes down bad shits sad 🤦🏽‍♂️

      3. Tayja J

        @Lil_ Sim shes weird bro no kizzy

      4. Lil_ Sim

        She was twerking for a fat nigga then got mad at ddg for making a Tik Tok 🤦🏽‍♂️

    24. Desorbing

      She better not fumble the bag AGAIN

    25. CantTouchMySwaggaa

      I wasn’t rocking with the Riley and ddg video seem to me that she was playing victim after all that she caused...

    26. A W

      That lalaxtjay page takes delusional 4.0 to the next level 🤣 and so are all the people that agree with it lmfao they are not together...he’s just fcking the bird 😂 I low key feel like lala runs the page because who ever runs the page has a very low IQ 😂

    27. GAGirl B

      Denzel meme at the end was so accurate!😂😂😂😂

    28. WreckQ

      Forgot about her

    29. Genieballs Yah

      I’m not dare subbing to her again

    30. Naira Gatsby

      DDG just doing this to make Rubi mad

      1. Lil_ Sim

        @Naira Gatsby ye

      2. Haitian Jack

        @Naira Gatsby did you see the club promoter ig story he exposed her she was twerking for him like they was on the way to his house and he took her to lunch ect. They was cuddling on couple pictures with him she down bad her money ain't coming in like that way she got back on only fans remember her and ddg was supposed to go on vacation this week but that club promoter hit her up in her dm that's why her and ddg broke up because the club appreciate was out blew but the club promoter exposed her on his ig story she so dumb don't even notice it keep telling people nobody don't want Rubi if they did she would've been left ddg they just smash and leave then she will run back to ddg 🤣🤣🤣

      3. Naira Gatsby

        @Haitian Jack oh damn this is confirmed?

      4. Haitian Jack

        Yes because she slept with a club promoter the another day SMH

    31. Shermaine Pearce

      Mmhm .. I cant say I'm surprised.. cant wait to see DDG and Riley start dating ... I know that's gonna be 2-3years down the line but its coming... fans brace yourselves.

      1. Shermaine Pearce

        @Tahily s lol

      2. Tahily s

        before all the drama i use to think they were gonna date. i was like give them like 6 months and he always talked about he wants a baby i was like she gonna end up prego lmfao

      3. Theycallmsqueenfornun Brown

        She got a bf tho

    32. Femi Adesomo

      DDG & Riley sitting in a tree, k i ss i n g , YUP that's what we would love to see cuz Real, "Love Don't Cost a Thing" & DDG deserves to be Happy as well as stress free. 🤣💯

    33. Julian Ingram

      These girls being playing on ddg weakness he a lame yo it’s sad he play the sad card to get attention from these girls

      1. felipe godinez

        my nigga you think ddg really cares about her🤣🤣🤣

    34. Sixwer23

      Imagine he get cool with Kennedy 🤯🤯🤯

      1. SOUL

        I'm pretty sure they cool they just been through to much to be friends

      2. Craig Thomas

        I don't think that they're not cool its just that he and Kennedy have moved on and they don't talk anymore

    35. uchenna falconer

      Riley a true goat lol she recovered the fumble 😭🚫🧢💀

      1. Thandiwe Muyuni


    36. Angel Alvarado -_-

      I’m assuming Kiara has about 80k-130k subscribers

    37. Whiteguuy

      I don't even remember what Riley did to be honest.

      1. KingLo TRG

        Put all his buisness out there and basically tried to steal all his fans and wanted them to cancel him because she got greedy for clout

    38. Akima Benn

      ddg take an L. she nvr said sry and admitted she lied

      1. Poca Latte

        Exactly my issue. Was tryna be open to her but she fumbled again

    39. Hally Lee

      If rubi don’t shut her stupid ass up like girl shut up

      1. Poca Latte

        Ok! 🙄

    40. Cheycandyy

      I was shocked 😂 Riley and ddg 😂 but I want Lala & ddg to link 😩😩

      1. fuck every one whores

        @Tyrone Jenkins no he better off with out her

      2. Savion_2k


      3. Tyrone Jenkins

        I lowkey want him and Kennedy to be friends

      4. troll1367

        @iNINJAgamer now that’s a stretch

      5. iNINJAgamer

        Right. Perhaps Tee & then Kennedy. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    41. PopFun

      I have a problem with her playing victim on her mukbang she just posted. knowing she the one that put that negativity out there. Tried to make DDG out to be a predator. Like she didn’t seem sorry AT ALL.

      1. marty chambers

        @Boutabag Yeah shit weird but let ddg be the bigger person

      2. PopFun

        @Boutabag I’m watching like wtf is this?

      3. Boutabag

        Man he should’ve never apologized she the one came at him crazy and now she tryna cry and act like he just started bullying her for no reason tuff

    42. Obrempong

      I want him to rekindle with fredo and mostly Tiana

      1. Obrempong

        @Denzil Henry why

      2. Denzil Henry


    43. fuck every one whores

      Rubi don't want a boyfriend she wants sumn to play with whiles bored her and ddg will never make it they way she act and him being a beta male.

    44. brianna

      Kennedy coming next week 😂😂

      1. Ashley York

        @marty chambers Kennedy doesn't have a man

      2. marty chambers

        @Ashley York she need to worry about her new man two timing her like he currently doing

      3. Ashley York

        she would never

      4. Go_Smd

        Why are y’all acting like ddg & Kennedy have some type of beef towards each other? Ddg made it clearly they don’t have any grudges/problems with each other. They just not friends and don’t talk to each other anymore, they just both moved on in life. Don’t mean they’re “enemies” idk why people try to portray them as that.

      5. brooks love

        That ain't neva happening, sis is living her best life toxic free.

    45. Thomas Limbu

      Rubi talking about “I need a dude” bitch u want the whole music industry. Gtfoh

    46. Tia Jones

      As friends tho cause Riley too real for ddg 🤣

    47. Muvie Lavee

      I hope ddg never gets back with rubi. She disrespects the fk outta him making him look goofy on the net. She def needs help cos she Confused Af .

      1. ABDUL —

        @Muvie Lavee facts but his fans be saying otherwise

      2. Muvie Lavee

        @Sym Taylor same! She seems to love embarrassing him on the net. That shit ain't cool. Your girl is meant to hold you down, not bring you down. Got so many people clowing him everytime

      3. Sym Taylor

        I like her but she out of control. She doing too much now. It's not cute at all.

    48. Tia Jones

      I love ddg & Riley together!!

    49. Yami Atem

      Yeah cause he up next she see that she dropped the bag as he said I forgot that girl existed tbh xD

    50. matthew richardson

      who music is at the start

    51. Twon2 Saucey

      Ddg said before in a vid they was cool

    52. Moreno_P

      Single for the summer? Spoken like a real 304

      1. Boutabag

        Stephiscold slang😂😂💯

    53. BlakieChan

      that's the aftershock when a celebrity uses their fans like goons to attack someone and then days later make all of them look or feel stupid after all the things they said and do for him... SHM... you have been used and the dude doesn't care if you care... I'm no hater I just tell it how it is and it's sad

      1. Ann Chege

        Well stated

    54. Ashton

      Rubi and DDG too old to keep tweeting out they single. That's some middle school mess. They're just tryna hurt each other but go back. What's the point..

      1. Craig Thomas

        Its just getting old at this point. Nobody takes them serious

    55. Mona

      Ummm we don’t care about Lala and litjay obviously he doesn’t love her and they ain’t gonna last. Who would want a bf that doesn’t claim me talking bout “I need a girl” she’s a whole fool making that lil boy clown her like that 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. A W

        @Mona tjay still butthurt over rubi which is the funny part, he’ll never get over that she didn’t want to mess with him no more after what he did to her...lala does everything in her power to try an be Rubi...I don’t feel bad that she lost rubi who was a true loyal good friend to her..her only genuine friend...she is so dum I swear...for teenage temporary dlck at that! That’s her loss! Rubi is a rare type of friend and she’ll never get that back! I just get worried with how forgiving and kindhearted rubi is that she’ll take her back as a friend if she begs and apologizes which I see that happening in the long run..I hope not because rubi heart so pure and I don’t want that snake around her ever again. but Lala a bird so she will continue messing with him until the next ninja comes along...until then tjay will call her up when he need some and then don’t talk to her for weeks until he need it again...sad case lol so she better get quite comfortable looking more dum than she already looks 😂

      2. Mona

        @A W lmao 😂 she should have never choose him over a real friend like Rubi, now she has to stay with him or else the public will laugh at her knowing the relationship failed.

      3. Camila Reyes

        He gone leave her jus like he met her

      4. Eghe’s World


    56. Ashton

      I think DDG & Riley had a real friendship even though they didn't know each other for that long. They seemed as if they grew close fast just like him and Seven did before Rubi came into the picture. He even seemed close to Lala before all of the drama. I think he made genuine friendships with all of them. I remember him making a tweet about his friendship with Seven and either Riley or Lala I don't remember which one, but I think they probably truly missed each others conversations and friendship in general.

      1. Go_Smd

        @Ashton my bad I read it wrong 😂.

      2. Ashton

        @Go_Smd I said he didn't know Riley for a long time... I said that he seemed as if he was close to Lala before the drama with her and Rubi. I said nothing about how long him and Lala have known each other, so what are YOU talking about?

      3. Go_Smd

        Lala been friends with ddg for like over 2-3 years what are you talking about?

    57. Dirtbag Squad

      Imagine these females tryna destroy ddg career but he still forgives them and make amends. That’s mature and a clean hearted.

      1. Joey_ Breezy

        @felipe godinez ight bet wtf is that gonna change for him or the fans not a damn thing he runs through girls like a camero

      2. Craig Thomas

        DDG seems like someone who hates people being upset with him. That's why its so easy for him to forgive someone no matter how wrong that person treated him. I wouldn't doubt that he kind of blamed himself for their falling out.

      3. felipe godinez

        Joey_ Breezy bruh just look at the video on ig everyone was surprised this brings attention lmao wym 🤦🏽‍♂️

      4. Joey_ Breezy

        @felipe godinez what marketing he need that involves her?????

      5. felipe godinez

        Joey_ Breezy or maybe cause he a marketing genius? tf 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    58. Dirtbag Squad

      That’s why I know ddg pure he don’t have up people. Soon see him linking with so.

      1. Boutabag

        Dawg nah😂😂

    59. A. Anthony

      Keep Riley at 50K.

      1. A. Anthony

        She def has ulterior motives.

      2. Lilac Tuliee

        Lol I wouldn't be surprised if she's just trying to get her money up for the summer . So she just decided to suck it up and go back to him.

    60. JD

      Riley has a man wtf are yalll talking about

      1. Tahily s

        fr their relationship seems solid life leave them alone

    61. Triniti J

      Riley has a whole boyfriend Rubi should not be jealous. And Rubi cheated on ddg anyway

      1. Triniti J

        @Ggggvvb gc Tghhn. B for real

      2. Ggggvvb gc Tghhn. B

        They both cheat on eachother they need to call it quits 😂😂

    62. JAY

      I been waiting for them to get back cool again

      1. Nia Danee’


    63. Tach Perkins

      DDG & Riley.. IKYFL

    64. SLIME TIME

      Notice how everytime they break she the first to run to the media seeking attention I'm honestly starting to think rubi the problem and ddg just needs to stay away

      1. tia nicole

        BOTH of them are the problem... They aren't meant for eachother and we all see it but they don't🤦🏾‍♀️ they're both childish and lack the ability to communicate so they break up every week, him and kennedy were the same way, so don't put all the blame on rubi

      2. Muvie Lavee

        She sick... She don't wanna be in a relationship but she wants the boyfriend energy that ddg gives her.

    65. Jarod Wilson

      I knew DDg and rubi was gonna break up after I heard his free style be at box, it was really disrespectful to Rubi in every way possible, I hope she can be strong and leave this toxic relationship with fake ass ddg, she's Much happier with out him, Rubi had herself a good time last night, she was heavy flirting with other girls, 😂😂, Rubi can pull some woman now, don't get it fucked up😂😂 but she was having fun with out the toxic pizza man.

    66. Shanta Williams


    67. 2strng_vision

      In the video with Riley ddg said he's single

      1. Ray Kim

        Around the 6-6:10 mark

      2. Marian Barker

        Time stamp

    68. VibinwithKayy

      Ddg a dummy

    69. Maine Sniper

      Yo what if he rekindle with kenndy

      1. Jasmine Jones

        That would be lit

      2. Ray Kim

        @blessing nzerem Highkey, easily over a million views. Probably way more.

      3. blessing nzerem

        That’ll lowkey break da internet

      4. Go_Smd

        Not gonna happen they both moved on.

    70. Slaw Pop

      He said he need a new girl lol he need new friends for letting him drop that trash album fr

      1. That05kidd

        @Razatiger Ault I ain’t even know😭😭

      2. Razatiger Ault

        @That05kidd hes talkin about Tjay not DDG

      3. That05kidd

        I get it’s yo opinion but you can’t cap and say his album doesn’t at least have 2 good songs. And you must not like Youngboy cuz that song was 🔥🔥🔥

      4. DJSWAGGER

        That shit was so ass them niggas in his comments riding him

      5. felipe godinez


    71. _itsaksosmooth _

      I miss the old intro 😭

    72. RulesToTheGame

      DDG AND riley youtube is up now...

    73. Craig Thomas

      Does this mean we should start the "Get Riley back to 250k" campaign?

      1. Craig Thomas

        @marty chambers 😄😄

      2. marty chambers

        @Boutabag watch your damn mouth

      3. Rianna Stewart

        @Moreno_P right😂😂

      4. Craig Thomas

        @PopFun i agree. She should have done that a year ago, but she had too much pride

      5. Craig Thomas

        @Brianna Wright yep I agree. She sounds like she's still a little salty about DDG telling his supporters to "get Riley to 50k" even though she provoked him to do it.

    74. blessing nzerem

      “Single for the summer” basically admitting that she woulda rather be single then still be wit him…tuh

      1. blessing nzerem

        @Ray Kim all he said was he single not all that just in time shi but it is what it is

      2. Ray Kim

        @blessing nzerem Around the 6-6:10 mark

      3. blessing nzerem

        @Ray Kim what time stamp I watched it💀

      4. Ray Kim

        She's saying she currently is just in time for the summer. He also said he was in his vlog.

    75. Spirit Fapper

      I was singing your intro when I saw Riley and ddg

    76. Kil Danzaaa

      Wtf? Okay so tj celebrate his party w his lady and now he “want a gf”??? Tffff

      1. A W

        @melissa cardona that smd person is delusional..he thinks Lala and tjay are in a serious relationship when they are just fck buddies...tjay call when he need some and she pull up and then don’t talk to her for days until he need her again. Smd under every video Kiera shanay post...dude really needs a life, a hobby, a job and a girlfriend...straight up weirdo

      2. melissa cardona

        @Go_Smd you think im cappin? 😭 follow me on ig and ill deadass send you the videos of me their.

      3. Go_Smd

        @melissa cardona lmfao 🧢 🤣🤣🤣

      4. melissa cardona

        I was at the party and he was paying her no mind at all. I felt bad for her because she would walk by him and he would give her no type of attention.

      5. Go_Smd

        Don’t take him serious he just be trolling

    77. KINZACK White

      DDG a big dummy

    78. DMAD1

      ANOTHER ☝🏾!!!!!! Thanks Sis!!!!!!

    79. Shirley Simmons

      im sure riley is happy, ddg only tried to help her. ddg all about bussiness, getting to the bag, good for them. holdiing grudges and hating on each other aint getting nobody a check. rubi dont want him talking to nobody, even if its business, ahe have men around her all the time, ddg say if they stoppng the bag they can go.

    80. Ajauny moore

      Already know that this was coming lol I never thought that in a million years I would live to see Ddg and Riley rekindle 😂😂💀

      1. Ajauny moore

        @Boutabag nah she seems like she learned a lot from that situation and grew, you can see the level of maturity in the videos lol besides she would be crazy to do another messed up shii 😂😂

      2. Boutabag

        He damn near fucked up hope she don’t try that shit again

      3. Ajauny moore

        @iLove Media ikr 🤣🤣

      4. iLove Media

        I saw this coming a mileeee away. 🤣🤣🤣

    81. 1JayTheFinessa

      Just because you forgive, doesn’t mean you have to link and chill with em, I wouldn’t trust anybody that crossed me ever again.

      1. Boutabag

        @Moreno_P duh and talk crazy on this nigga name could’ve fucked his WHOLE shit up now he tryna get coo again??

      2. Boutabag

        On god bruh like damn ddg how many times you gotta get crossed bruh

      3. Mrs Tee

        Right. Not a decision I'd make either. I'll forgive you, from over here. Stay away from me.

      4. Moreno_P

        Word especially the way she went about it. Had her bro, mother, and bf drag DDG online for a couple months

      5. Poca Latte


    82. Ray Kim

      So these two M F’s once again say their single, what’s new 😂😆

      1. Jarod Wilson

        @Go_Smd dude, lil tjay is a rock star right now, he's only 19 years old, every time he leaves the house its pu**y staring him in his face, and every time he has sex with them he's a cheater, why he a cheater when you can be single and living your best life

      2. Ray Kim

        We all know it ain't over as much as we'd like it to be

      3. Go_Smd

        @Jarod Wilson 🧢

      4. Jarod Wilson

        Rubi was hugged up with a cute little thing last night, I hope she stay single and don't go back to that toxic ass relationship with ddg

    83. Jasper Kai


    84. Farhan


      1. felipe godinez

        Danito Duyzer yea fax💯 but ddg just got mad cause so kept was talking about kennedy and that was ddg girl at the time sollumanti should’ve just respect it 💯

      2. Danito Duyzer

        @felipe godinez they used to fw eachother, especially So reacting to his music 3 years ago....

      3. felipe godinez

        Danito Duyzer exactly ddg fosho don’t like fredo but ik for a fact ddg just trolls on sollumanti cause they beef was never that deep

      4. Danito Duyzer

        DDG and SO would be dope, but Fredo went on a different lvl of disrespect that u cant come back from...

      5. K9K

        They all have beef

    85. Fatboy Dre

      Ass's you ggswwhn

    86. Go_Smd

      Rubi & ddg are “single” according to them but we all know they on the low together until they have a fallout on Twitter again and then get back together

      1. Deanna !

        Your profile picture 😍😍😍.

      2. SLIME TIME

        @Prince D ooh💀

      3. Prince D

        @SLIME TIME i’m telling you Kiara blocked him then he renamed himself Russell Westbrook lmao😂

      4. SLIME TIME

        @Go_Smd I can see he wasn't here dat long or paying attention💀

      5. Prince D

        @Go_Smd theres a next one with that name

    87. Go_Smd

      I honestly don’t care and don’t have a problem with ddg & Riley being cool again. That’s up to them not me 😂. Whatever works out for them I just don’t wanna hear some KGup bs drama again.

      1. marty chambers

        @Go_Smd Yes it is

      2. SOUL

        God damn nigga I'm tired of seeing yo fucking name 😂

      3. Capalot Reese

        @Go_Smd yo chilllll

      4. Go_Smd

        @Coumba Fr like are they new? I’ve been doing this shit for a while. Finally someone realizes it.

      5. Coumba

        @Jordyn head he comments on every topic of the video you better get used to it

    88. dereon quattlebaum


    89. Go_Smd

      Lil tjay trolls 24/7. Don’t take him serious 😂. He’s young and just having fun with it.

      1. A W

        Tjay is not trolling..why do y’all think he trolls now because of what he posted on Lala story? Y’all take one thing and run with it I swear 😭 every dude has done that before and lala not the only female he has done that to 🤣 y’all don’t even know him fr..he doesn’t even troll like at all 😂 you’re delusional..wake tf up!! He’s a 19 year old child enjoying his life just like you said “young and having fun with it” exactly!! He is not tied to any female, he’s just fcking them lmfao only place he is in a relationship at is in Lala’s confused delusional small mind and her weirdo fans like you “don’t take him serious” head ah 😂😭 he’s single and been single dummy!!!

      2. Jarod Wilson

        He said what he said, maybe he's tired and wants to move on

    90. Go_Smd

      Ddg & Riley cool again. That surprised me I never saw this coming, was so unexpected.

      1. marty chambers

        @Young Squanto go watch they mukbang it was lit

      2. Young Squanto

        @Miss K It was likely his guilty conscience that made him reach out to riley. This was very mature of him and much needed for his own mental health because he is smart and he knows what he did wrong. DDG couldnt go another year without saying sorry and I resepect that. You see...Ddg squad/fans probably didn't see it like this because they side with ddg and believe everything he says but, I personally felt that ddg used his clout to make her look bad and cancel her. All because he actually did lowkey want riley (he will never admit this) but, she kept friendzoning him and tryna keep it straight business. Now of course the wealthy young concieted Ddg took that personal and his ego was hurt lol. He is prolly not used to being turned down much especially repeatedly. Its just like a LOT of dudes when they get rejected. We see it ALL THE TIME. Its very common. For Example Boy: Damn you looking good shorty can I talk to you for a minute? Girl: Nah I'm all set thanks. Boy: BITCH FUCK YOU! UGLY ASS BITCH I AINT REALLY WANT YOU NO WAY TRICK!! 😭 Anyways I hope he helps her get her channel popping again and get her clout back she deserves it.. To me she was one of the hardest workers in zooted and showed the highest potential and effort her vids just didnt hit unless ddg was in them unfortunately...I felt so bad for the girl because she had no real fanbase of her own to stick with her or defend her through that tough time.. All her subs were basically ddg squad since he put her on...She tried to fight back and speak up for herself but, the sheer amount of internet trolls and ddg squad was overwhelming. They just ate her up on anything she posted on social media. On top of that shes a girly girl too. she seemed so damn sweet I know she spent many many days crying wishing she never met him. All she wanted was to do business with ddg and nothing more and he couldnt accept that at the time. ANWAYS I'm so glad that he went and showed love to her and I'm also glad that she accepted his apology. im sure she said sorry for her little rants too. They were a great team and business partners. This time ddg needs to relax, take it easy, let shit flow naturally and who knows she might actually fall for him over time and if not... at least they can still be friends and make money together 👍🙃✌🏽

      3. Ggggvvb gc Tghhn. B

        @Miss K I mean isn’t that the whole point of zooted

      4. CINCO

        Now I wish him and Fredo would do the same thing. It’s just so much better when youtubers are cool with each other. But I see why he’s not accepting Fredos because Fredo kinda dissed his dead brother

      5. St Lourie


    91. Jay Gartmond

      People watching this like: -in bed -not in full screen -eating -reading comments -if I’m right, you owe me a sub bro 😼

      1. Konscious

        I wasn’t eating so you lost a sub but I’ll like the comment.🤷🏾‍♂️💯

      2. Kevon Anderson

        I don't eat in bed unless I'm sick, that's lazy

      3. Jasper Kai

        So right 😂

    92. George Nicholson

      Second 😜

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    94. George Nicholson


    95. Becca Salazar