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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Nate Is Engaged
    1:18 - Funny Mike Says He's Single, Again
    2:18 - Lala Clears Up Rumors About Lil Tjay
    3:27 - Nyree Speaks Out About Von Using Her
    6:43 - Rubi Rose Exciting News About DDG

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    1. Nate Got Keys

      Momma we made it!!

      1. Marcus P


      2. Shelia Goldston

        @Prince Kwabs how do you know

      3. Momo Monique

        @Prince Kwabs well when he dated over a year with ppl who didn’t work out 🤷🏽‍♀️.

      4. So Gifted Prolific

        @NBA SOme of it is porn lol. Go look on them sites for yourself he listed.

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        This name 99 engagement lol.



    3. King Sheppard

      I wish ddwho could learn how to say i love my "woman" or something. Nigga stay crying so who the b**** in the relationship? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️


      That nigga act like he ain’t have a feat from a nigga that’s levels above you that’s why that shit went gold 🤦🏽‍♂️ give that man his credit for blessing yo shit

    5. iNINJAgamer

      The weird part is that lala didn’t have to “post” that, but she possibly could have said something like that about his manhood in the bedroom or to him at a point, so he took it a pond himself to post that. Idk. Who cares anyway right?! .... and pause.

    6. All Seeing Eye Tarot

      Damn Nate that quick you was just engaged to makayla

    7. tanida coppage adams

      Sick of Ddg and Rubi Rose and Corey and Carmen. OFF AND ON.SMH JUST SICKNING

    8. sheispabling LVC

      Nate purpose to a 19 years old lol this time not nate will going to break their relationship. The girl will break his heart and he will feel the karma nate murder at of hearts he used and play a lot of girls for show. 2019 he purposed to Michaela and he even choked bc he got emotional then months later he broke Michaela heart his cheating his flirting with girl on the phone that what happened that why the relationship becomes rocky.

    9. Ant Balla

      He better make her sign ah pre nup

    10. alaire ___

      Ddg and Rubi back together

    11. ZayDaGreat 2k

      My nigga Tiana can’t catch a break

    12. Carl

      Mike and Jaliyah need couples counseling😂


      Lala is sooo fire.. she can do so much better...

    14. X ZOWN Entertainment

      DDG needa marry ha at this point😑

    15. lightskin sha

      Mike and jaliyah gone get dey asses right back together ❤

    16. GH Sense

      Nate girl never even said yes, just babe babe babe. She aint even post him or the so called good news on IG. And also thats the 4th ring hes given to 4 girls in 4 years

      1. John Doe

        yo, that's tuff as a mf fr

    17. Zadrian Werimai

      Damn ur hack what happened to all ur subscribers

    18. Christina Soullier

      Who cares if she was the one to post it lol but most likely tjay

    19. Sam Vincent

      Rubi Heard About That NBA Young boy Collab And Now They Back Together

    20. Josiah Montgomery

      Bro that intro song is soooooooo traaaaaash!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Hundo Savii

      Rubi must got some fire cause I dubbed my ex and ain’t never went bakk 😂💯

    22. Kakashi Hatake

      Ouhhh she Big Rubi now😩😍

    23. Dirtbag Squad

      Nyree needs to stfu cause Von actually made her lol.

      1. A. Anthony

        So that means he can treat her like trash 🗑

    24. Dirtbag Squad

      Von cancel dead. Von boring lol, Von lazy too

    25. Dirtbag Squad

      I don’t know who makes up more ddg and rubi or funny mike and Jen lol 😂. Well ddg took the lead no no mike came around the bend pass ddg lol. Let’s go let’s go

    26. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg need to take notes and propose like nate lol. This is Nate 78 engagement.

      1. Gabrielle Braboy

        Exactly in the course of 3-5 years 😭

      2. nate higga


    27. Angel Davis

      😆 lmao itz false alarm 🚨 cuz DDG and nasty pazz around Rubi Rose are not tugether, she tu toxic and sleeping wit every body DDG doesn’t want that or tha negative in hiz life at all so he needz tu not deal wit rubi rose and focus on hiz music and getting back wit Kennedy and haveing a bebeie wit Kennedy💯👈🏼🔐

    28. the lifeofRome

      Nate love tf outta them white girls

    29. Amanda T

      Nate makes me cringe no matter what he doing in a video.

    30. Niquey Bingham

      Wasn't nate engaged already?? Oh well... I hope it works this time.. all the best to them

      1. Gabrielle Braboy

        Yeah a year and a half ago 😭🤦

    31. Tara Patrice

      Funny mike and Jaliyah don’t need to get back together atp just co-parent and get some counseling

    32. David

      Rubi will decide when the relationship is over, just like Kennedy did. DDG is a beta male, he’s going to learn the hard way. Good luck to them tho (for the 10nth time)🤞

      1. Lovely B


    33. Quo'rriana

      I would LOVE for Rubi and DDG to be back together again

    34. Emerald Thomas

      The gaslighting of these kids it's sad.

    35. T Beverything

      How she doesn’t know about the prank when he’s recording in her face 🥴 fake pranks

      1. Shooting Platinum

        you must be 16 to think that his pranks are real, thats like saying the sky is blue..its for entertainment 🤣😭

    36. Vel 1hunnid

      Dat baby look dead on von momma

    37. Ashley York

      that engagement isn't real 😂 i need to see a wedding before i believe it

    38. Virus- MARCUS

      The thing is i actually like rubi and DDG together there a good couple they just have to keep there relationship off the internet

      1. Muvie Lavee

        Yup! With time, they will grow outta their chidish ways & handle the relationship maturely

    39. Unfamous Dexter

      Watched Nate fall in love 3 times, I hope this time he stays with her this time.

    40. Jamaal Hubbard

      Nyree just mad cause it was a prank.......all that cap!!!

    41. Tara Hamilton

      People judging people when they should be stfu and worrying about they own lives

    42. OT TV

      Ddg and rubi together, cauz no nigga in his right mind would get wit rubi right after they toxic shit is still fresh and she was still promoting D4R, you know unless the nigga a bigger simp than ddg and atp that's impossible

    43. Chicho Johnson

      It's normal rubi go get sum break up d%$k have fun she knew all star weekend was coming!She smart,Then come back 2 simp ass DDG cause she know that nugga love him and he can write music little n%$ is a genius

    44. Jekeira Jackson

      This Nate second time being engaged . Hope he actually get married this time around

    45. Carlos Smith

      No mother the situation you find yourself in You should never lower your self esteem or dignity over broken you gotta be to know your worth Ain’t no way in hell im going back to someone who linked with an ex or who tried to expose me like tf??...that’s the biggest red flag

    46. Miyah Kingston

      I’m truly over rubi and ddg like they just need to shut up at this point

      1. Brianna Wright

        Don't watch.


      I Don't even know of how they will last long like 😶😶😶😶

    48. Kerry Phillips

      DDG it time for baby Rrbi you all number one couple nocap

    49. abram mashifane

      Well am I the only one that notices that nate got keys propose to this girls and never marrie them

    50. MackGee ATL

      Like she wasn't ready to marry him

    51. The Anoying Troll

      I see why he lost weight now....Cuhhh was comfortable we him and his babymama were together, then he was insecure when he started talking to other bitches.....Niggas ain't shit

    52. Nkosi lewis

      I hated wen ppl tlk mess bout ddg and rubi rose that is them life let dem do what they got to go move on live yall damnn life your opinion dont count to them in real life 💯

    53. Rukudzo Chitepo

      At this point the whole rubi and ddg thing is boring

      1. Marian Barker

        But you watched it

    54. Cheyenne P

      5:39 I would say the same thing. “Your lifestyle isn’t gonna work with me”

    55. nagawa annet

      Both Ddg and Rubi are madly in love but just insecure

      1. Mrs Tee

        And those two things can't co exist.

    56. Chelle Martin

      After 2020, if you never got to at least learn something new about yourself, the jokes really on you. This is a moment of self growth and not dabbling in and out of toxic situations.

      1. nate higga

        Big fax

    57. Youri Celestin

      Rubi tweeted that she’s not single

      1. Designer the Don

        @Jasmine Jones listen lol, I just seen in the ig stories of both Rubi and meechie that’s all lol, it was noticeable 🤣

      2. Sheila Nessa

        @Jasmine Jones whew😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ain’t no way I’m this invested on people I don’t know now my attention now is on growing my money !!!

      3. Jasmine Jones

        @Designer the Don u hella invested😭

      4. Designer the Don

        @Rondre Sleaze this is facts! , we already knew they are together but the Uber Rubi posted riding in with the space type of glow lights in a few hours ago was the same exact one meechie(ddg) manager was riding in too(he’s in Atlanta as well) and he had said he was waiting on ddg as they go to the studio

      5. Rondre Sleaze

        She is with DDG right now in atlanta

    58. MoniqueNicole30

      Lala and Tjay seem to be the most stable relationship of them all. They don’t have their dirty laundry in the social streets 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. mikey21

        @Spawn Demon hahahahaha daaamn

      2. Spawn Demon

        @Aadil Hakeem 😂😂😂😂 that made me laugh too.. nah Lala is just compliant asf... She would stick with you (quietly), while you're out here publicly cheating with other girls... She's the best girlfriend a Playa/player could ever have.. Stays with you, no matter who else you were with last night... She's Like Dababy's babymama but alot quieter

      3. Aadil Hakeem

        😂😂lmao if you say so

    59. kamarion gaming channel

      Funny mike still young Nd stuff bruh 😭

      1. felipe godinez

        but mike has kids that’s a difference

    60. Mishca Edwards


    61. Prince Kwabs

      Tjay funny lol 😂

      1. Debby Ifijen

        Lala is the one

    62. Trevel Francis

      Ddg n rubi is kinda getting boring now tbh

      1. Brianna Wright

        Good. Let them be.

      2. Marian Barker

        @Trevel Francis don’t watch

      3. Elisabeth Coker

        @Trevel Francis true

      4. Trevel Francis

        Tf?! No bruh. The back and fort with them is what getting boring smh

      5. iAmTJ 07

        So basically what your saying is you want them to keep arguing on the internet and get posted by theshaderoomteens?

    63. Sheila Tabengwa

      Ain't nobody in this comment section got any form of love degree. Let rubi and ddg do them. How they handle they relationship should not be criticized by any of y'all🙄

    64. Becky Boo

      U defo posted the DDG/Rubi receipts last video basically confirming they been back together 💯

      1. Becky Boo

        @Mrs Tee yeah, i think she being lowkey which is good for the both of them

      2. Mrs Tee

        Right plus Rubi haven't been making you tube videos, just like Ddg does when they're together .

    65. Khaliyah Sykes

      Rubi to easy he bring flowers to her then they back together and he did that with Kennedy she was not going for it

      1. Designer the Don

        Rubi loves flowers, and they were already back together before that, remember when the night she flew back to Atlanta she was saying she missed her husband on ig . They were together that day before her flight back to the A actually,

      2. Rondre Sleaze

        He always buys her flowers like almost everyday

      3. Becky Boo

        Let’s not act like we know what else happened behind the scenes up in here. They don’t post everything they say or do to each other online.

    66. Treat.

      I can’t wait to see how Rubi play him this time 🤣🤣🤣

    67. Jai Santana

      They such cornballs😂. Y'all know who I'm talking bout

      1. Jai Santana

        @Itz Me fr lmao

      2. Marian Barker

        @Itz Me pressed for what and your delusional

      3. Itz Me

        @Marian Barker You’re right, pressed for some apparent reason is what I should’ve said.

      4. Marian Barker

        @Itz Me upset bish pls

      5. Itz Me

        @Marian Barker Marian, I know your “upset” but hun, that ain’t make no sense.

    68. Muvie Lavee

      Some of yall be acting yall have P.H.D in relationships lmao. Always judging others cos they public figures but yall got your issues in your own relationships.... Let them all be, them couples still young & learning from life.

      1. ShawnXGamer8


    69. Only1Doobie

      Nate been faking videos for 6 years I hope y’all don’t really believe that

      1. NequaOfficial

        @GH Sense 😅😂😂😂😂😂 NO LIE.

      2. GH Sense

        Lmao dude giving out 4 rings to 4 girls in 4 years

      3. NequaOfficial

        Exactly lol

      4. Prince Kwabs


    70. Trillskii Vu

      Rubi probably got a whole new nigga 💯😂

    71. Go_Smd

      Let ddg & rubi do whatever they got going on at the end of the day it’s they lifes. Y’all should be wishing nothing but happiness for them.

      1. felipe godinez

        Jaylen Wynn tf that gotta do not your life 💀

      2. Mimi Keandra

        @Jaylen Wynn 💯👏🏽

      3. Jaylen Wynn

        @felipe godinez I know it don’t but if it keeps getting tossed in my face via social media ima say sum

      4. felipe godinez

        Jaylen Wynn it don’t effect you tho cry lol

      5. Go_Smd

        @Jaylen Wynn at the end of the day it’s only gonna hurt themselves not anybody else so just let them be.

    72. Go_Smd

      Von and nyree are a whole mess they need to get it together they have a whole kid together and need to have communication for co-parenting.

    73. Go_Smd

      Yessir congrats on tjay for going gold on “calling my phone” he really accomplishing big things 🎉.

    74. Go_Smd

      Lala and tjay are together. It’s for sure tjay he loves to go on her page and post on her story about himself😂. It’s funny.

      1. Ariann Campbell

        @Debby Ifijen your just stupid

      2. Debby Ifijen

        @Ariann Campbell is that what she’s trying to make us think lol she’s smart she did all her self

      3. Ariann Campbell

        @Debby Ifijen just because they unfollwed each other doesn't mean they broke up its sad that yall use social media and follow and likes to justify ppl real lives. Growing her followers if she wanted clout she would post eveytime they together(which she never did). His ex? U sound delusional, creating shit in your head sad🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

      4. Ariann Campbell

        @Debby Ifijen lala don't even talk like that so...

      5. Debby Ifijen

        @Ariann Campbell and what do you know that this time it’s may be her lol bruh

    75. Go_Smd

      Funny Mike and Jaliyah break up every week. Are they famous off of their breakups & makeups?

      1. BagchaserTy 06

        Nah Mike been famous since his 22 Savage and Vine days, then he changed to Crack Head Bobby which he was very known for until he did the whole bad kids thing with his Lil cousins and changed his name to Funnymike which everybody know him as and he has 6M+ subs. So that’s how Mac got famous. She famous because she was his girl since he started the bad kid thing In 2017. So that’s the story.

    76. Rah Loco

      Why u read the comments like that 😂

      1. mikey21

        Lmaooo funniest part of her videos forsure 🤣😂

    77. Go_Smd

      Congrats Nate & Nayeli on their engagement wish nothing but love & support for them. 🎉

    78. Jasmine Jones

      I wish yall can leave ddg and rubi relationship alone😑 they can never be at peace without yall people putting yall 2 cents in everything

      1. Ray Kim

        @Mrs Tee 💯

      2. Mrs Tee

        @Ray Kim thank you! We wouldn't know if they wouldn't tell it.

      3. Mrs Tee

        Keep it off the internet and we wouldn't know any of it. They come venting on social media and expect people not to have an opinion. Stop telling us then. Go to therapy instead of social media duh🙄

      4. felipe godinez

        nate higga you don’t gotta say nun let them lmao

      5. Easy Money

        @nate higga exactly

    79. blessing nzerem

      Whole lotta hate ddg and rubi comments like their wasn’t three other topics... fans

      1. So Gifted Prolific

        @blessing nzerem Stop capping for those crazy folks.

      2. blessing nzerem

        @Life With Elisabeth well everyone mad off a relationship so bad every time their mention when it's not like their worst stuff happening in the world rn💀

      3. Life With Elisabeth

        Well that’s who she mostly talks about %80 of the time so what do you expect... her channel is almost all based off of ddg so wdym

      4. Marian Barker

        Thank you

    80. RANADA_Try_me_Bitch_ Bitch

      Wired asf

    81. Elijah Bryce

      Von von probably cant pay rent

    82. Jaded Jaderson

      I admire Rubi and DDG’s love for each other at this point. It takes a special kind of love to still choose each other over and over again after everything they’ve went through with each other. Love run deep.

      1. OBN trell

        @spirtguide Better then what he had with Kennedy

      2. Designer the Don

        @Lovely B might have a soul tie but even during the rubi rose breakup video she was saying she was so in love and obsessed with ddg and we know ddg in love with her too, he’s said that before multiple times

      3. Lovely B

        Love isn’t the reason they continue to choose each other over & over... its because they have a soul tie.

      4. mikey21

        @spirtguide it's addiction for sure. Not so healthy but hey if they make eachother happy then that's what matters..everybody wanna be happy..

      5. Ashley York

        It's not love

    83. nate higga

      We already knew ddg and Rubi was going to get back together cuz ddg is a simp god🤦

      1. Dices Laflamme

        😂 simp god u nailed it

      2. Haitian Jack

        Same as Drake 😂😂

      3. Designer the Don

        Rubi is too man

    84. Ice Mike

      Nate stay engaged

      1. Gabrielle Braboy

        Exactly this his third time bruh 😭😭

    85. Ray Kim

      These two jack @$$3$, I swear 🤦🏾🤣

      1. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim leave them be man🤣💯 🗡 x 🌹

      2. Ray Kim

        The fact that you said 10 times speaks for itself. And I ain't mad, I'm just stating what these two are 😂😆.

      3. Designer the Don

        You mad lol🤣, you thought they was done over 10 times in the past few months lol

    86. Aaron Mitchell

      It’s not even love it’s not being able to move on

    87. Jaded Jaderson

      DDG and Rubi never leaving each other at this point.

      1. Jesus Loves you

        Soul ties are real

      2. big kj

        But idk

      3. big kj

        @Seriously Jae if they figure it out it could

      4. Seriously Jae

        Those kind of relationships don’t last forever tho they will waste a lot of time

      5. big kj

        @Geraldine Angri facts

    88. Tyrone Rogers

      I know this wasn’t in the video but does Kennedy talk to that rapper from the UK named Fredo?

      1. nate higga

        Is he signed to Drake or something cuz I see Drake be liking a lot of his posts and Corey just post a new picture and he got his arms wrapped around Kennedy

      2. Alex T

        @Sym Taylor oh yeah I just noticed. Corie follows him maybe it's her talking to him she's known to have a thing for London guys

      3. Tyrone Rogers

        @Alex T check him out on ig...@fredo is his page. They’re both on some island together

      4. Alex T

        What rapper?

    89. Life with Dezaire

      it the same thing over and over with youtubers

    90. JHONNCHO

      What if DDG and Rubi break up was just a publicity stunt for his new tape finna drop🤔

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        @nate higga he did say that 😂😂😂

      2. nate higga

        He did say that in a song👀 he said he be doing a lot of stuff for publicity😂😂

      3. Jaded Jaderson

        Everything is not promotion. Nobody would use this for publicity, they looking like clowns.

    91. Alex T

      I'm happy for Nate. People say he moving to fast but how many people his age or in his friend group is even thinking about marriage atleast he trying

      1. REIGNS

        This man proposed to every girl ain't it?

      2. mikey21

        @Kevon Anderson sure dude getting a prenup

      3. Haitian Jack

        I can't believe you

      4. Prince Kwabs

        I think this is for a video cuz he be faking his videos sometimes

      5. Nathanael Joseph

        Trying what exactly? lol


      Is Rubi and DDG relationship even love anymore like I’m confused 😭😭

      1. Designer the Don

        @Mrs Tee got to throw love , attachment and a lot of feelings in there too

      2. Mrs Tee

        Obsession, entanglement, toxicity, foolishness, all the above.

      3. Richezza

        Not love it’s attachment

      4. Jaded Jaderson

        It’s obsession.

      5. nate higga

        Right u ain't only one thinking that same thing

    93. 0nly. Bhadbby

      Y’all saw lala new post on ig 😻she really that bitch

    94. SLIME TIME

      I'm here early I guess

    95. Junior Reid

      4 1/4

    96. nate higga

      Ddg and Rubi going to be the new funnymike and Janiyah how many times they break up and get back together🤦

      1. Haitian Jack

        @Designer the Don I understand I like Rubi but that Trey Songz in the studio made DDG run to Ariel . Rubi was in the studio with her tongue hangout with Trey songz and she was drunk . DDG knew Trey was gonna fuck Rubi that's why he tweeted Thot he was hurt

      2. Designer the Don

        @Haitian Jack she loves ddg, she was just upset that even though they broke up ddg started to flirt/talk with that other girl days later or so and she’s even said that. That’s why she sent that video of her ddg still talking because let’s face it she was never over ddg and still very much so wanted him but was definitely playing hard to get ever since they officially broke up. She don’t want nobody taking ddg from her

      3. Haitian Jack

        @Rondre Sleaze but she thinks she slick y'all ain't catching on she be tweeting that ddg be cheating because she doesn't want nobody to talk to him trying to make him look like he's a serious cheater

      4. Rondre Sleaze

        They only broken 3 times

      5. Haitian Jack

        @nate higga jt and lil uzi

    97. daniel frazier

      tbh if they togther they have to fix all the problems they had and have a happy life ddg and rubi

      1. blessing nzerem

        @Jarod Wilson “HES disrespectful” more than her that’s cap but go off

      2. Jarod Wilson

        Hopefully they break up soon, before he f up her life, because he's disrespectful and fake

    98. Player Kakashi

      Wow rubi ddg just crazy

      1. felipe godinez

        Mrs Tee if you don’t want them together just say that🤣💀

      2. Haitian Jack

        @Mrs Tee and she went behind his back on Christmas to see her ex Carti and drop her mixtape on the same day as Carti so you know they fucked 🤷

      3. Mrs Tee

        He keeps talking about d4r . And this girl constantly disrespects him. The exposing messages, making videos and now the recording of the phone call. C'mon now.

      4. Haitian Jack


      5. Haitian Jack

        @ShawnXGamer8 the Migos ran a train on her after the bad and biju music video she said it on akademiks live stream

    99. nate higga

      Von do be doing some weird pranks😂😂😂

      1. Destinee Ryasia

        @Jerome Taylor the big deal is she didn’t want to be on camera. That’s the big deal. He’s constantly recorded her when she didn’t want him to for multiple videos. She wants to be private and not do this internet shit rn. He should respect that but he hasn’t.Y’all clearly don’t get the point.

      2. Sloane Watkins

        @Jerome Taylor nyree is making sure von is the reason she not happy she making this dude out to be a monster you wanna know why she like that cause he doing videos with other girls she can't handle that she gone make his life hell 😠 in the future

      3. Sloane Watkins

        @Boutabag exactly bruh nyree pretty much saying von was toxic and hated the relationship homie she was fakin the whole time I know von ain't perfect but she treat von like dirt and you notice she treat her male friends like Kings meanwhile von receives the wrath of her and now she acting like she above him

      4. Boutabag

        @Sloane Watkins yea if she known this nigga this long an know he be doing pranks an shit she could’ve used common sense

      5. Sloane Watkins

        @Jerome Taylor it's weird cause she knew he was recording and she acting like crazy

    100. Shayan Willie