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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go”
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    0:00 - Intro
    1:18 - DDG “What If Rubi Moves In” Moment
    3:02 - Ash Confirmation!
    7:41 - Fredo Tripping Again
    9:33 - Celina Powell Said She’s Done
    11:12 - Jimmy Smacks Exposes Celina Powell
    12:53 FlightReacts Speaks Out

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      *Starts lyric chain* “Ballin since I was a jit”

      1. K.S.N GANG

        LIFE with Nunu no he didn’t he said “way before ultimate filimin the skits dumb ass look at the lyrics

      2. K.S.N GANG

        D’Angelo Russell DDG didn’t say Oklahoma look at the lyrics

      3. Hassan 10k

        OnlyOmari I had a goal to get rich

      4. Fert Santiago

        D’Angelo Russell you really hating my Nigga bet you a privileged nigga chilling in a good house hold

      5. Fannie dillon

        Mama I told you we gon' be okay Whippin' that Benz and she live in L.A

    2. celebRAYte305

      He pranked her toooooo hard!! Like str8 disrespectfully

    3. IAM 1

      Ddg out here picking up all sorts of demons. It ain't gonna end well #rememberthis

    4. Davontey Tyrese

      Change intro song already

    5. Dawid And Ariel

      This dude bragging about sleeping with A Witch!

    6. celia martinez

      I agree so much with you he making her look bad but don’t want her making him look bad.

    7. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      For those that don’t know ciante has been DDG homie before all the clout don’t think he’s a leech

    8. MarneedCxmp

      Ain’t no boundaries, dub talked abt his daughter 😭

    9. Jalen Thomas

      Did anybody go listen to the song after she played the clip

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Did you? 👀

    10. Asha Adia

      Ash made herself look bad.

    11. Asha Adia

      DDG is a genius stop playing with my Libra brother.

    12. Angel Alvarado -_-

      That nigga fredo followers literally follow someone who they see who act diff when he face to face with somebody

    13. Addxion

      Why did you put Fredo in the thumbnail 😂

    14. Markell Wooley

      It’s obvious ash got some issues with men

    15. COMP 76 TV

      I'm so over these stupid childish ass reality tv rap KGuprs they need to go find some self love 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

    16. H.C

      This nigga So dad just entered the chat 🧐.

    17. Legendary Pãßõ


    18. Daniela Vega

      DDG toxic he is not gonna find the wife he wants like this

    19. David McCarthy

      I no longer need my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    20. Jayden Ortiz

      Ddg is smart

    21. Double007 G

      Lol SO was all by himself chilling why do people keep messing with him ? Lol all he do is meditate and stare at the damn sun and talk to plants lol

    22. Jaiquan Waller

      Ash wild for that one

    23. IAM MT

      Damn DDG so you’ll kick yo homie out for rubi?🤦🏽‍♂️

    24. CltMade ManBaby

      6:12 it’s her fault we know 💯 % lol she da dummy

    25. Riley Smith046

      I mean she is talking about karma but ddg hinting at that is karma for her trynna smash ddg to get back a So and she said that she would’ve did it to his dad so that’s on her really.

    26. Mark Davis

      Adam already ruined his platform by having them on they said Odell, Trey Songz, and a whole basketball team.

    27. Shanta Spencer

      cHe’s not in the cocaine

    28. Rhonda love Channel

      This the Kiara Shanay I like you kept it real and cute.

    29. Rich Kidd

      No cap in his rap

    30. ZuTeD SZN

      So what did you do to this girl bro🤦🏽‍♂️😭

    31. lhezzii

      DDG n Dub gotta jump fredo the worst way

    32. Crispy Kareem

      Ciante been their since ddg was in college

    33. Bryant Agnew

      Paidway t.o got in a fight report on it plz

    34. Boutabag

      Bro ddg didnt even days her name if so and ash didn’t respond most niggas wouldn’t know or even think that shit true ddg didn’t make her look bad he never said it was her that’s her confirming it

      1. Ashley York

        If you go look at DDG comments everyone knew it was Ash. Common sense ✨

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Correct. 😂😂😂

    35. Cj


    36. Janelle Davis

      Its always the kermit clip for me lmfao

      1. Kiara Shanay


    37. Iam King

      W for DDG ash kinda bad

    38. Team Tragiic

      fredo dont even know ab they brother

    39. Life With Elisabeth

      I feel like at this point literally everybody is over Fredo like nobody is even surprised over the stuff that he does because all he does is like to pick with people and start stuff in always swear that he be exposing something he ain’t exposing nothing 😭😭😭💀🥱

    40. Leemari

      I want ash to expose SO cause shit😂I mess with his spiritual stuff but I wanna know what he’s really up to❗️.

      1. Laray Hutton

        Lowkey big facts

    41. Alesia Burgzorg

      Damn girl you have stabbed yourself in the back in the face everywhere 🤯

    42. 17 Five

      Rubi lips got hang time nd it’s ugly

    43. Desire Shields

      The fact that Ashley thinks that man cares enough about her to respond is beyond me 😂

    44. MONK EY

      Man fuc her that's why I don't trust females.. that's ruff!!


      she’s so fucking dumb omg

    46. KiingSaySoTv

      ash thought messing with ddg was gonna piss solluminati off 😂😂😂

    47. joshua 1k

      Ddg a cm

    48. LiiNatural

      I can’t stand Fredo bruh

    49. khal

      That So and Ash shit was so toxic

    50. Mikal Steppin

      Why does d Angelo talk stuff he has a hole nigga as his profile pic 😂

    51. FastCash Kj

      why she wanna hurt him so bad like damn?😂

    52. Prettybadxo

      “How they treat you means nothing” I mean duh bitch he just wanted to fuck ! He wasn’t thinking about nothing but his plan

    53. Polo


    54. Anthony Valdez

      Nahh he been trying to move in with ddg

    55. daddy Clarke

      So did ddg mention her name in a rap I'm lost??

    56. GildedWarrior331

      Noooooo flightttttttt..smh

    57. Traumatixe

      Ash is weird. Nobody really cared that she had sex with him. She didn’t have to confirm it we already knew. She just wanted us to know she actually did it. She’s weird

    58. Bag Chaser !!

      Bro he not saying go easy on him he saying watch your fucking mouth before I ruin your life just like he told savanna and just like he told Riley so she could have watched her mouth like savanna or do what Riley did and get what Riley got lol anyways it don’t make her look bad that don’t make sense she obviously don’t care about looking bad she said she would have Fucked his Father 💯✅ Read between the line she doing it for views that song came out almost 2 months ago

    59. 454 s_s


    60. Raul Hurtado

      Yoo T.O just f*cked up a hater I bet u she gone talk about it

    61. Daboiii

      So started the beef by reacting to the song

      1. Ashley York

        DDG was the one who made the song..

    62. TRaw TV

      He need ddg for the videos lol that’s why he said 10 bands 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    63. Alex Millions

      Fredo is such a sweet guy, he finna get beat up soon..

    64. shaysworld

      Celina is like a cat with 9 lives she took kat stacks formula and ran with it smh And that fredo dude beef online but I’m sure he doesn’t have that same energy in person 😩😩😩

    65. Devoo YT

      Damn DDG Smashhhhhhh Doessssssss😭😭😭😭😭🏌🏾

    66. KountryboySave

      Fredo so pussy bro came to live he all calm when they not there he talk crazy

    67. Jekeira Jackson

      We really ain’t know who he was talking bout lmao but I’m sure she needs therapy . She seems to have daddy issues, you can pick it up in their old videos together . She was super attached, then depressed, just pray for her

    68. Kywon Nelson

      If a man made a podcast about exposing women the whole world would hate them but it ok for women to do it makes no sense

    69. V!lle Shyt

      Yo I seen skully In another videos comment

    70. V!lle Shyt

      Flight fucking with his child custody rn he calling Megan bae and fw Janet wanet in this bih

    71. Fᴛᴏ_ Kᴡᴏɴɴ

      that nigga soul in a different realm

    72. Shayla

      DDG did the same thing to savannah. Wasn’t exactly how he portrayed on the internet and when she said she was making a channel he hit her up like “don’t make me look bad” why can everyone “make you look bad” if you’re not?

      1. FreeYourselfMorowa

        Lol he cares about his image...ash said she thought he was genuine....and now she hates him 😂 but I get what you're saying how can they make you look bad if you're a "good" person?

    73. sherybabe1958 V

      "DON'T DO IT" DDG

    74. Chubbino TV

      he did say "if we beef I fck yo b!tch"

    75. Aaron YT

      I stan Flight. His wholesome ass always stays out of drama. I’m happy for him. 2020 has been huge for him

    76. Marissa White

      I couldn't sleep with that picture in the room..

    77. Aaron YT

      Fredo was literally on that live with Dub not saying shit and now he saying Pontiac pack. Loooooool. Fredo is far far far from the street shit. That boy lived with his step family and was away from that shit and now he all “hood”. Pst please

    78. Aaron YT

      DDG always be dming or messaging people to not “hoe” him. He messaged Riley. He though Savannah would but she didn’t. Now Ash. DDG sometimes be weird

      1. Aaron YT

        @Johnplaygames have you not watched his reaction to her first yt video?

      2. Boutabag

        J M when

      3. J M

        Johnplaygames savanna thanked DDG what you mean 💀

      4. Jay-Nasty

        Johnplaygames yo u weird

      5. Johnplaygames

        Svannah acts like she is this big ass model but she just a girl that got clout from DDG and have few hundred Instagram followers 😂

    79. Aaron YT

      DDG and Rubi still together man. They just acting to be single

      1. C-money4x

        @droid Astros Like real talk man

    80. DECWOOD

      They way she acting .... that D game was more than so so 😂

    81. Anime Nigga

      When Ddg told her dont hoe him he meant don’t be on the internet lying on his name...

    82. YFN_ MARI

      Bruhhh he didnt say her name, and noooooobody was thinking bout that. She wanted to let ppl know and talking bout he told ppl on his song. Gtfo

      1. Ashley York

        Everybody knew he was talking about Ash

    83. Hello

      Ciante been wanted to move in

    84. Free DDawg

      Boy ong I love her videos😭

    85. Dereck_fn

      5:40didn’t have do that lmao

    86. Yung Kirk

      Ash is a hypocrite she got out of the car in the I like you prank you ddg did not knowing they smashed 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Joshua Morley

      Ash you f$.#*ing dumdum🤦🏽‍♂️

    88. VINE KID

      Bruh fredo wasn’t acting like that with dub on live🤣

    89. Emtendo TV

      It’s funny to me that it’s always the exes that are the problem according to her. Her ex husband, So, DDG. Sounds to me like she’s the problem & you can very well tell that! She’s toxic.

    90. Treveaire Jordan

      So got his btx fuxed 😂

    91. Holli Kanee

      Fredo is really weird though ... he reminds me of a tough geek 😂😩 Sorry lmao

    92. Ryan walker

      I understand your criticism of Fredo and you don’t like fredo and you really love dub and ddg and that’s cool but I don’t understand how you criticize Fredo about what he said but you didn’t criticize dub for disrespecting a black Woman and a child And Idc for the reason why he used it or what he was trying to do cause it didn’t work you never let a man get you out of your square where you have to stoop that low and disrespect black women and a child and that goes for the both of them I just didn’t like dub move it was Weak and a waste of time

    93. Tiara

      Ddg stay taking Ls now how tf you ask her not to make you look bad but you brought the shit out

    94. True-Lilies Music

      DDG trolling

    95. YoBoy SPADE

      You don't know what he did? 🤣 He used to HIGH-KEY sell her out. I'm not sure if those videos of when they stopped messing with each other are still up but he was acting as if he didn't want her anymore because he was saying she was too TOXIC.

    96. Dess

      Honestly I watched Ash video & it was like she said a whole bunch of nothing 😭

    97. YoBoy SPADE

      Right...@CONFIRMED IT....🤣 It was still subliminal and then she came out and said ALL of and that father comment was a CHEAP shot...smdh 💥 ---🔫

    98. YoBoy SPADE

      I thought he was already there in the mansion. He's saying that he'll pay for the clout....@$10,000

    99. Michael Lebron

      Fredo is a pussy with bipolar

    100. 100kviews views

      Every single person in that video is a BOT and broke spiritually.