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    0:00 - Intro
    0:16 - DDG + Adam + Celina Powell
    8:23 - Lala + Gunna
    9:36 - NBA Youngboy + Fredo Bang
    12:18 - NBA Youngboy + Dej Rosegold

    күнү жарыяланды 3 ай мурун


    1. Angelina Avalos

      She was also in Ruby Rose big mouth video she was twerking on the car la la

    2. SauceUp Rio

      I wish people mind they business bro don’t worry about the raq fuck is wrong with yall💯💯

    3. Papi Chulo

      I think its lil house cat

    4. John Doe

      You reaching like hell with the Celina Powell stuff smh

    5. noah_ 3x

      They beef ain’t no rap beef people have actually died behind the curtains

    6. sluttaduck

      At first I was like wtf why she talkin so calm but shittt sometimes u don’t wanna hear allat loud shit all the time keep doin u baby girl

    7. I like ur mom


    8. Theresa Atema

      Celina Powell a crazy one y'all no Capp. It won't be long before somebody start playing her game💯💯💯💯👌🏾👌🏾

    9. Bliss

      Nobody give af bout fredo he ass

      1. I like ur mom

        Stfu go play 2k

    10. Quincy W

      Not gone cap Adam don’t really care about what ddg think fr my nigga ddg need to stop being so sensitive not everyone gone like you and everyone is gone have something to say

    11. Edward O


    12. RjPubg

      Adam a fucking clout chaser

    13. brandon lewis

      I been telling DuB and DDG that Adam creep 22 always disrespects DDG for the longest but hey i guess 🤷‍♂️

    14. Evie

      ADAM use another black brother to bring down a black man when will the black man stop being a fucking Puppet 😤 😒 for the white man just because he can give you money 💰 black people wake the fuck up


      Lmao i don’t know why DDG would be mad at no jumper for just simplying reposting exactly what his simp ass posted 💀💀💀

    16. Nigga Cow

      She talks sooooo slow fuuuuuuck

    17. V!lle Shyt

      I’m definitely disliking all of deangello russle dude comments he a hater

    18. Team Elite

      When fredo bang said me and my son finna make a song he was tryna diss young boy because nba young boy made a song with his son

    19. Laquisha young

      Toosii and Rubi would be cute


      You ain’t a rapper till u fucked rubi rose

    21. Tracy Boss

      I dont even know who Fredo is.. NBA youngboy is #1 & crazy thoe..lol...he is a time-bomb forreal

    22. Dm Cross

      Why she diss FBG Duck smh this female outta pocket

    23. Anime gaming

      Fbg duck rip please get the name right

    24. J A V

      Bro DDG been taking L’s since Rubi 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. John Doe

        He took a w with his music video with blueface

      2. Queen Betty

        She came with bad vibes😭

      3. Rhi Rhi

        Im saying 🤦🏽‍♀️

    25. Marvelle Rodgers

      Ddg always in drama

    26. Nate TheGr8

      These kids 15 and below they don’t know Kat stacks nor super head lol

    27. k Watkins

      Ddg done say any publicity is good for his music so everyone taking the 69 route to trolling to success

    28. Goke —

      This is what Akademiks was talking about... Adam always play the I don’t know card

    29. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      How is this girl walking around stealing rappers information and not arrested if she was black it would be a national offence

      1. joash samuel

        You know

    30. 1 sub before 2021

      Adam Is A Fall Off, His Podcast Shii Goin Down Hill ✌🏽

    31. deezy123456

      Personally I would never allow that culture culture Adam 33 to speak on anything or one belonging to the culture

    32. AdrienBroner'sDad

      Rip to fbg duck..she a clown for that shit

    33. Ahzeem Brown

      I love you 💞💓💘

    34. boss mike2

      Young boy drops first and he be dropping more

    35. Jayy Kapalot

      They beef been physical it’s real beef

      1. Jayy Kapalot

        Kiara Shanay yep bodies been dropping like flies

      2. Kiara Shanay


    36. Jayy Kapalot

      Yb usually drops first

    37. 1mekhi_


    38. Abdul Gbadegesin

      Why would u put a halo on Yb head what wrong with u

    39. Blen Dejene

      Rip FBG Duck

    40. YvngBreezy 6

      Kiara for future reference in case you ain’t know Yb and Fredos beef goes wayyyy back and is very deep. Yb and Fredos best friend gee money had beef and yb basically got him killed and there’s bodies on both sides of the beef so it ain’t getting squashed ever

    41. Carrie Bradshaw

      Youngboy and Fredo have real street beef..

    42. O K

      She not going to stop until some body finds her ip and start shooting shit up She better be careful who she miss with

    43. Sashana Monroe

      “It’s kat stax bitch”

    44. Ghoul Shy

      That ugly ass anime girl the one that tweeted it you can tell

    45. Juba Awolola

      You can’t beef with someone richer than you that’s just facts

      1. Olando Davies

        MJ23GOAT 😐

    46. Ceejay

      Lol Adam said that he’d need to do something bad to get that rap career up there, what better way then to sleep with Celina “black widow” Powell...just saying

      1. kei bai

        Thats not bad. Thats stupid.

    47. KoolKing Femi

      Adam and DDG should have boxing match cuz it's definitely on sight now! 😭🥊🥊

    48. Sheila Tabengwa

      Ddg still my fav, no matter the shit he involved in🤷‍♀️

    49. Sheila Tabengwa

      All im waiting for is the remix music video, this drama here aint nun serious. Oh and kiara rubi was at ddg's music video shoot👀💕

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        @Dennis Edwards their ig stories and blueface. It was at the same place, at a pool that looked very similar even the scenery

      2. Dennis Edwards

        How u know that?

    50. Raqqiyah Palmer

      Oh I do know who he gonna end up with duhhh, all of them, to keep him busy so he don't have to keep thinking about Jania the one he really loves 😑

    51. Raqqiyah Palmer

      NBA Young Boy said that shit to Fredo bang cause of the history. Check it out before u speak on it, The shit is real. This is who I'm really here for but I love DDG secondary so I'm going to talk my shit PERIOD 😜

    52. Jarrard Powell

      Fbg duck and von had life long beef because if the Chicago street beef just fyi

    53. LiveShowtime

      📍If y’all need the call of duty Warzone bunker codes I have them on my page 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    54. King K

      How the fuck u know LaLa mama lol

    55. ThatRandomB

      Lol she got fbg duck confused with Ddg she drunk asf😂

    56. Calvintr4n

      Fuck nba youngboy

    57. V

      Now I'm on Adam22 side. At first I was ddg squad. But bro sick so Adam is innocent.

      1. Carlos Spence

        Adam is sick af df r u talking about

      2. V

        @CLXPPED nah yall just put these people on too high of a pedestal

      3. CLXPPED

        Fakes fans

    58. Lil Duffy

      Kiara be so chill and calm ❤️

    59. Calvintr4n

      You’re annoying

    60. Florence Morale

      Is this the same Celina that DDG made a video defending, back when he and Chandler were "beefing"?

    61. hunncho2x

      Idm who drop first yb pulls in more numbers simple and they had beef since gee money died ain’t no lil beef



    63. Jamal Turner

      lol Celina Powell is ugly

    64. Kyanboy2

      Youngboy the realest nigga ever, fuck fredo bang yb the goat

    65. Del

      DDG need to going to social media when he has relationship problems smh.

    66. Charles Got game

      Fredo bang garbage

    67. Eman Promo

      Youngboy so funny man

    68. Syn Bot

      Yo said that extra extra large casket 😂

    69. Michael J. Melo

      “FPG Duck”. Smfh disrespectful.

      1. Michael J. Melo

        Nadia Belizaire He goes by FBG Duck... if she’s gonna talk about someone who passed she should at least get his name right.

      2. Nadia Belizaire

        What's FPG means?

    70. Michael Rice

      It’s crazy how one of my favorite KGupr , now rapper is falling a bit apart. He wanted to be with Intoxicating woman , he let the money and fame get to his head. Us subscribers know he’s sensitive but the world ain’t know till now.😕

    71. Baveen

      Lil yachty unreleased music: m.kgup.info/must/fsIs2JKvj4QLBlo8yuQLeQ.html

    72. Tray Billion

      You do know it bigger than music for yb and fredo they been had beef since gee died I don’t know but it’s nba against tbg since 2017 bodies been dropping

    73. juma Nlechoppa

      NBA youngboy

    74. Lil Ray Ray

      Man fredo and jania never fucked with each other he only talked to her on facetime and yb dont care cause she was at his music video Kacey talk and people dont even listen to that nigga fredo so what he tryna get at

    75. Ashley York

      DDG dm'd Celina Powell in a video before, he must've blocked her afterwards 🙃

      1. Ashley York

        @Carlos Smith The video where he was sending dm to IG girls

      2. Carlos Smith

        What video is that

    76. Ashley York

      Lil'Tjay and DDG know each other so what's the difference? 😂

      1. Ashley York

        @droid Astros Oh, I thought they broke up

      2. Smh

        Ashley York and they both smashed the same girl 😃 👍🏽

    77. RastaImposter

      Ddg got a grudge on Adam because he called him a KGupr instead a rapper 😂that’s the real reason

      1. I want to tell you:

        RastaImposter fax

      2. RastaImposter

        I want to tell you: frfr💯dude a real nigga. I respect him so much he’s motivation he just got to change his surroundings. LA/Hollywood can either make you or break you.

      3. I want to tell you:

        RastaImposter same I wanna see bro win!

      4. I want to tell you:

        RastaImposter 💯 they don’t wanna hear the truth

      5. RastaImposter

        I want to tell you: no cap G but he doing it to himself. He knew what he signed up for he’ll rather chase a hoe than a house wife. Hopefully my guy finds him some that genuinely loves him💯

    78. YourPlug4Life

      kiara Ik you dont know nothing about Fredo vs YB , But they been beefin since they was like 16 and YB killed 3 of Fredo Homies

      1. Angel Highlight

        If yb killed someone his ass will be facing multiple digits behind bars

      2. DAT WAY

        Yb ain’t killed nun stop acting like a fanboy

    79. Mrhithard

      It’s nba youngboy vs king von

      1. Bitch_ U_Gay

        King von would win that easily

    80. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      5:19 my reaction thru the whole video 😂

    81. Kboogie ひ

      Ddg rlly said “simps are winning” then runs to Twitter with his problems again💀💀crazy

      1. Bored

        He need to boss up and stop playing these lil boy games🤦🏽‍♂️


        Bro got no self-respect at all 🤡🤡

      3. Go_Smd

        I want to tell you: facts

      4. I want to tell you:

        He contradicts himself a TON

    82. Dirtbag Squad

      If u wanna see Ddg cry or punch the air talk about rubi or fake body Kennedy. He will lose it lol

    83. BBG Dubs

      A white boy said nigga oh hell nah

    84. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg is tweeter warrior and KGup warrior straight punk.

      1. KEKE Banks


      2. Greg

        Say it to his face instead of talking crazy on the internet

    85. T king1

      1:29 just queue the white kid “who are you” meme😂😂

    86. Blisfal

      I swear Adam be pissin me off

      1. Joshua

        Worst podcast.

    87. OK

      Adam always been a hater but another reason they shouldn’t have said polo g is he is on and off with crystal with a whole baby

      1. Shyne


    88. Goat 90

      Kiara makes the outro sooo loud with her quiet ass

    89. CANNON Jit

      How tf this girl ain't in jail

      1. Charles White

        How is she not dead is the question

      2. Tayrene K

        Likkkeeee how!😕

    90. newnew390

      kiara in case u ain’t know ddg is cool with dj akademicks and ak got beef with nojumper ak already confronted jumper about fake news and u know what he did he played dumb thats his thing .

      1. Yea Yeaaa

        Uyaze Antonio they got a video on complex go look

      2. Olando Davies

        Uyaze Antonio yes he does

      3. Uyaze Antonio

        Does AK even know ddg ?

    91. Lalalalala

      Lol ladies can't get enough of nba youngboy

      1. OK

        They all clowns🤣

    92. Dirtbag Squad

      From Ddg start talking to rubi his shit going down hill and he’s getting hella disrespected by people ever since that lol. You ask for it u got the attention Ddg lol

    93. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg be taking mad weird Ls.

      1. All. About. Äutumñ

        and u taking a mad weird L being this infatuated with him lol

    94. I want to tell you:

      DDG starting to act like a female not even on sum hating shit

    95. Jay Yessuh

      Bro why is ddg so damn sensitive 💀😹

      1. Jay Yessuh

        Jazz A whatever it is it got his ass looking like a straight female

      2. Jazz A

        I think it’s a fake drama he created for views

      3. Michael Rice

        Remember how ddg acted with Kennedy with the pranks and shit , the nigga has not changed. He’s been successful with money sure . But him as a person hasn’t changed

      4. OD Mendez

        @Jay Yessuh in this video where is he being sensitive

      5. Jay Yessuh

        De Void he sensitive like I said now get out your feeling my boy 😂😂😂

    96. Ahmad Ross

      The beef between them boyz already in the streets both sides have boyz gettin knocked off

    97. Discreett_

      Release the dam song

    98. Dorian _hunt2007

      @kiarashanay next up Noti gang

    99. Carmenita Ebony


    100. Dirtbag Squad

      Adam kickboxer soooo Ddg will get knock out for the 5th times.

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        Blue Face he will knock uNd ddg out