Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Jania & Devin Broke Up
    3:36 - DDG Confronts Lil Boom & Things Get Heated
    9:40 - DDG & Rubi Rose Boo'd Up

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Kiara Shanay

      D4R 🗡 3/19 #DontForget 🌍

      1. NOCAPZED

        And at the end of ddg live she popped up in the background

      2. varosgg

        And the lil yachty diss was for fun no hate ddg said that

      3. varosgg

        Why would he collab with him lol boom not even big

      4. varosgg

        Boom cant even get 40k views why is he talking

      5. Wyquanza Jordan

        I feel like jania and youngboy haven’t been the same since they broke up I feel like they still got feeling for each other

    2. hellcat lover

      tf is a “lil boom” 💀💀

    3. Will10k

      who tf is lil boom?🤨

    4. JasonSmallz

      I made a vid exposing Lil Boom... he’s not very happy with me lmao

    5. jr

      Ddg said "ion know you bxtch"😭😭😭

    6. BIGKickz 23

      That nigga cap 🧢

    7. CertifiedAaliyah

      okay but who tf is lil boom lmaoo

    8. Adore Dominique

      Who is lil boom anyway?

    9. easy peasy

      favorite amusement park. is the Atlanta fair

    10. Eday

      Who tf is lil boom and ion even fw Ddg😭

    11. Crxzyz

      Lil boom just a hating ass nigga

    12. Purpwith DXN

      So out of nowhere lol boom was talking abt ddg or what happen. Bc it seem he clout racsing too the top rn

    13. OLIKEY

      Who is Lil boom 😭😭😭🤣🤣

    14. Ghost

      lol boom got a uzi feature😭😭 never heard that shit.

    15. HardBody Youngan

      Boom A Legend y’all sick asf🔥

    16. Adorable Beauty

      Why is the DJ guy always keeping up drama ?... 🙄

    17. lateviamincey

      Who tf is lil boom?

    18. Pretty Richelle

      I ain’t never heard of a lil boom in my life

    19. Jaboys Atkins

      lil boom talm bout if ddg was good enough he will get a song with uzi like that song ain even get a lot of views

    20. Ciera Johnson

      When they break up I never believe it lol. I honestly ❤️ seeing them together though. They seem so much happier.

    21. Ashley York

      DDG was missing Tiana a week ago ..BYE! 😂😂 Rubi and DDG will end very bad, trust me.

      1. Ashley York

        @Baba Zuleh Ummm okay....

      2. Baba Zuleh

        I don’t trust you. Sorry

    22. Diff_er_ent Creater

      You have to go to cedar point then

    23. sickwitit_re

      Wtf is a lil boom 😂😂😂😂💯🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    24. Excellent Monu

      Lmaaaaaoooo niggas said ddg is a beta male

    25. Dime

      S I M P

    26. Andrew Walton

      How he steady say he don't know DDG but yet he knew the song was name moon walking in calabasas? Hating ass nigga🖕🏽🖕🏽

    27. tj Harris

      lil boom hasn’t been relevant since that diss track

    28. Craig Thomas

      Lil' Boom just might have committed career suicide. We know how DDG fans ride for him

    29. Craig Thomas

      You could tell Lil' Boom couldn't wait to mention DOG's name. Akedemik didn't even finish his statement before this dude blurted out DDG's name. I've never heard if this dude so its interesting he's saying all this 4 days before DDG's album release. Sounds like hate to me

    30. M O N T A E

      lil boom was lit for 2016 that was his only chance

    31. Bootedupja

      Tf is lil boom

    32. Tyler Dakid

      Who is lil boom

    33. YTK Nick

      I ain’t never hear bout lil boom a day in ma life who df is dat nfs I wanan know 😭‼️

    34. gorgeous alissa

      Kiara shanay: let's talk about big rubi Me :don't put big in it unless it got latto in it

    35. Simeon

      Honestly I just think Libras can’t be alone. Even if they ain’t really feeling their partner they can settle or stay with them until they find something better . But for sure Libras stay talking to someone always ! trust me my ex was a Libra ♎️

    36. JAY

      Tf is a “lil boom”

    37. King Wize

      Ohio got the best amusement parks

    38. GIG

      DDG has one of the most loyal fan base

    39. Kat Koger

      Ddg gone box that nigga out 😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Nadia Belizaire

      Who tf is lil boom🤔? This a serious question.

    41. YourRage Laugh NOW

      Did kiara just say she think boom & DDG finna make a song? Who the fuck is boom can anyone name of this nobody 😭 yachty I understand cuz he’s a mainstream rapper

    42. Tadz family

      Lil boom who’s dat

    43. Micah Ivey

      Who is lil boom again 😂

    44. The Gordon Family

      First off why is your name Lil boom 😂

    45. myOTHERname2009

      See how DDG take pics with females vs Corey ... Corey really be bringing this on himself then wanna play victim

    46. Slatt Family

      Uzi feature? Lmao

    47. antonio williamson

      That man was press for that uzi ft ddg with lil yathy youngboy and blue face sooooooo

    48. Annysjuan Williams

      Lil boom is a fucking fan of a lot of niggas but no one knows him besides Lil Uzi that’s his only flex😂

    49. SOUL

      He is soooooo cap 😂 moonwalking has been on the radio clubs and every party I've been at the past 3 months hes definitely heard that song before

    50. Tshepo Moletsi

      Who is Lil boom

    51. Ness

      Lil boom a bitch

    52. bamvio

      Bruh the “lil yachty diss” wasn’t a real diss, he was trolling. He been said that 😂

    53. Dave P

      Boom lying. They had beef since 2017.

    54. young cam

      It was Obvious that relationship wit Jania wasn’t gonna last Devin is a boxer which means he can’t have sex for months at a time 😂😂

      1. deezy123456

        That’s a myth

    55. Tyler Burleson

      Bro who is lil boom ???😭😭😭😂

    56. Gaming with Tae

      Who tf is lil boom 🤣

    57. SeanTheTruth

      How does he know it’s TikTok stuff if he never heard it🤦🏾‍♂️#Makeitmakesense

    58. MackGee ATL

      Six flags over Georgia big is a bitch

    59. Diandre Green

      Kiara Shanay you reaching

    60. tiger99kid

      that lil boom dude know who ddg is cause the first name came out of his mouth was ddg buying streams smh

    61. Jalen Thomas

      Who tf don’t know DDG song tf nigga 😂

    62. Triniti J

      I really wanted ddg and Rubi to work out. But they need therapy.

    63. Mahogany Clark

      Who is lil boom?🤣

    64. Mahogany Clark

      Lmaoo when Kiara said healing from what?🤣💀 we both thinking the same thing, youw as together a month chile.

    65. Grantcham49

      Lil Boom a 🐐

    66. Jay

      Lil boom wtf nigga who are u

    67. Tre Haywood

      Man talkin bout uzi when DDG got a whole song wit yb

    68. Kemi116

      Happy for Rubi & DDG tho ❤️

    69. Christian Sorto

      That make up sex must be out of this world

    70. All Things Nele


    71. Tayja J

      its sad and so disappointing to see him back with rubi.. rubi has him wrappped right around her finger its embarrassing . i'm proud of him with this music shit but this aint it , then rubis caption " im gonna spend your money before you break my heart " or someshit like that ..SMFH . He’s smarter than that

      1. Tayja J

        @felipe godinez well it’s toxic , terrible

      2. felipe godinez

        they both wrapped around each other don’t do that 🤣🤣

    72. Quefromva

      In my opinion ion think ddg buy streams like think about it back in 2017 when he dropped that diss track he had a million views in the first week. People doubted him and he still shut all of em up now he signed and got over 100 million streams on Spotify. He just perfected his craft and ran wit it nothing more nothing less🤷🏽‍♂️

    73. King A-kal

      Never heard of dis nigga Boom b4

    74. Dewayne Tv

      Any nigga with clout just clapping jania

    75. Tyrone Rogers

      How did Boom expect Ddg to respond? He throwin shit out in the atmosphere he don’t even know to be true 🤔 That’s hatin at it’s finest 🤷🏽‍♂️

    76. Ashley Caron

      Lil who?🤔

    77. VincyYardie

      Wait who is lil boom

    78. mizzy c6

      DDG feature with YB and 42 dugg tf Lil boom a bum

    79. mizzy c6

      Lil Boom a bum why’s he coming at DDG 🤦🏽‍♂️

    80. Trevel Francis

      The diss song about lil yatchy wasn’t nothing personal because Ddg said he only want some clout from it, he said it in a vlog .

    81. WarrenNYC


    82. Angel Davis

      DDG aaaaaaaaaaah , lmao 😂 so wen yo and Kennedy haveing them Bebez yo two look so beautiful tugether and I’m glade tu know y’all been spending time tugether a lot itz Gud cuz Kennedy iz yo wife 4life and Bebe mom 💯👈🏼 everybody know DDG love Kennedy Thatz her man fr 💯👈🏼 he locked in her heart 🔐 and no matter what they gonna be tugether Rubi Rose know she been playing DDG foe a fool only reazon why she tryna eaze her way back in hiz life like being fr stop tha shit cuz he really in tha end moveing on and don’t want yo he already know Rubi Rose a pazz around sloppy nasty azz and toxic and a lier and cheat , he doesn’t want her and if she doesn’t know by now she will cuz along he been and gonna be wit Kennedy 😜💯👈🏼

    83. Life in the DMV with your boi 3K The goat

      Lol My nigga boom needs to relax 😭😭

    84. youngkhaleefa wolf

      Boom was just mad at the moment he kno dammn well he heard that song 🤣

    85. Hally Lee

      Them two gon be on love and hip hop because they weird bruh 🤣

    86. leurys polanco jr.

      Lil boom rlly hating on DDG

    87. J Lewis

      Who tf is lil boom..

    88. Kwik D

      Six Flags a fav over Bushgarden, Seaworld and Universal Studios Florida ? Wow !

    89. Calantha Thompson

      Its always something little. Little TJ, little boom, lil babe, lil maxi pads 🙄

    90. Ice Cube

      who tf is this lil boom negga

    91. Alpha Dub

      Ddg one of those you can’t talk shit to dub him and von spend all day roasting each other that lil boom nigga a hater ddg fan base organic

    92. YungAlamo

      Who even listens to lil boom😂

    93. Jose Vazquez

      Maybe you can get a lil uzi ft damm but I don’t really care if ddg ain’t got a ft with uzi he got one with yb and that’s all I need🤷🏽‍♂️

    94. Ray Kim

      Honest question. Has anybody ever heard of this nigga Lil Boom ever before yeaterday?

    95. dizdimples

      so jania done broke up with the 1st evolution of man hmmm well on to the next r/ship for her this girl will never learn.

    96. ZaiyGzzz

      Never heard of Lil boom a day in my life and ddg making more money than majority of these rappers with one youtube video fuck he need a feature from uzi for

    97. vinvent suryono

      man li boom goofy ass need to go man

    98. Only Slappers

      Lil boom feelings hurt that nigga need a hug😂

    99. DDJ Reacts

      if i have chances dawg i treat NeNe like a queen no kap.

    100. BAIIRWOLF

      But y’all gotta admit ddg weird as hell with this thug persona smh bruh that ain’t you unless all them years doing them vlogs you was faking 🤷🏽‍♂️