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    1. Kiara Shanay

      I know we can get 3k LIKES on this video 😭 Hit the thumbs up button 👍🏾

      1. NateGoCrazy

        The e word is “entertainment “

      2. Bag Chaser !!

        What was The E word

      3. 6IX7EVEN

        How many subscribers do you have?

      4. Isaac Etuk

        D'Angelo is back

      5. Mykeal Rose

        This crazy asf

    2. Chhan Ky

      Publicity stunt

    3. XxPhenomenal GamerXx YT


    4. Summer

      It’s crazy though cause i feel like people do a lot like for example take a flick hugged all up, just to have clout to put their name out. And only they would really know the truth

    5. Jr Koka

      2 Girls, using their body for money and fame. Now they upset when we treat them like whores? LMAOOOOO This is comedy yo!

    6. lesa. ww

      Uhm...whats the e word???

    7. noheartobreak

      Wait so what you’re saying is all these pretty ass girls have the lowest standards when they could be dating billionaires?????

      1. noheartobreak

        Couldn’t these ppl learn to take their ls in silence?

    8. Just Bri

      Honestly I don't understand why y'all are going at Lala... Wtf, Rubi is the Jealous one. She mad cause Tjay ain't pay for her flight 💀 and y'all saying Lala for the streets... But forgetting Rubi let Travis clapped her cheeks when she was under 18 and she was with Carti, I can name more....

    9. Vanessa Rodriguez

      That girl from high school probably just wanted to be friends with lala 🤣

    10. GIG

      What’s the E word

    11. lavar anthony

      They really got a 19yr got them looking like a dumbass

    12. Geno James

      Kiara Shanay i didn't know u was famous? 😂

    13. flavian walker

      Who scrolling the comments searching for the « e » word ? 😂

      1. Favour Pay


    14. kyle london


    15. Gabriella Douglas

      Ppl be saying rubi for the streets but lala out here low-key for the countries 🤷🏾

      1. FadedDimes

        rubi been wit ddg, nle, takeoff, tjay and a few others. so wym?

    16. Its Uzle

      I swear Rubi is the most overrated female I’ve heard of lmao

    17. Em Vlogs

      she pulled a riley 😭


      I fw lala heavy but she a snake

    19. Monique Kissi

      Lala is a bitch for that how can you do that to your own best friend, she a type of girl that will choose man over her own girls

    20. shay johnson

      Can somebody tell me what the E-word is?

    21. Jess Bakre

      Lala prolly smashed DDG

    22. Sam Monteiro

      Whats the E word lol

    23. DDG Sub

      it's all just entertainment

    24. JOJO

      So now Lala is friends with Sevens friend, lol. Lala knows how to be around people for the free promo. Clout chaser.

    25. JOJO

      It’s LA y’all tripping in the comments, we all share.

    26. PrinceChinda

      What happened to Lala's boyfriend she don't tell no one about

    27. auggiefn

      all for entertainment

    28. Nobapp 101

      Fucc allat somebody tell me wahh E word she talkin abt😭😭

    29. Alazah T

      Not saying it’s okay that lala was doing that but it’s just kinda weird

    30. T.G.S

      E is for Ex

    31. charlisse baptiste

      People makin it seem like lil tjay the only guy in the world like yall really cant find nobody else smh its sad🥱😭

    32. Giovanni Zepeda

      y tf is everyone talking bout tjay rubi nd lala wtf lmao

    33. Latoyah Love

      This looks like she (LaLa) wants more “Exposure” most likely 👀.

    34. Ianisavibe

      What’s the e word ?

    35. The flight Quarter

      Rubi for the highway 🛣 ong 😫

    36. Jeff Keubeng

      What is the E word?

    37. Ayy

      They need to go beef over a nigga that’s actually cute.

    38. Madisyn TV

      Lil tjay dropped rubi and he’s not even close with ddg. Rubi & Lala were best friends & Lala was being sneaky and she’s wrong for that

    39. Elite Fitness

      What’s the name of that song in the intro

    40. Aneesa Rose

      What’s the E ??😂

    41. Lex J

      What’s the “E” word ?

    42. Safa K

      Can't trust a bitch with a Gemini moon sign

    43. taliyyah B

      Ok but rubi don’t needa b rappin ab shit she don’t do.

    44. Beep is The name

      Kiara did you check rubi story today she exposed a message

    45. lawin lawin

      Lil tjay funny asf

    46. JOEL T

      The girl that tweeted all that has no life. Lol you talking about high school. You mad? I understand it’s wrong what she does but who are you to speak. Probably jealous of her every move.

    47. pretty girl jazzie

      . lala weird 😭🤷🏾 she snaked tf out for the way she moved towards Rubi ‘ like girl wasn’t that your best friend. you a weirdo .. & you wack ✅ still beautiful tho ..

    48. Dripping TEA TV

      But wait isn’t Taylor, Seven’s bff?! Oh heck nawl Seven prolly shaking her head. Taylor knows a lot of industry men too, LaLa is using her. Watch it’s some mess soon🤦🏾‍♀️

    49. Bacock Obama

      They’re really stressing over a guy that was born in 2001

    50. Josh

      I don’t think this is real, I think they planned this to give us a show

    51. DaGoat23

      LMAO Lala really fell for lil tjay evil plan

    52. G3 Allen

      What’s the E word

    53. Jade Partap

      in other words, i’m not surprised lol.

    54. Jade Partap

      i’ve been noticing for months now. I used to watch Lala’s first youtube videos & even when she first moved to LA. she seemed very innocent, loyal, caring & kind. but ever since that video with her & DDG came up about her signing to Zooted, she changed after that🤔 I was noticing how she started acting snobby & brand new, which she didn’t before. that totally turned me off from her. stay authentic & true to yourself. it’s like life in LA corrupted her.

    55. Black mountain productions

      Females do what females do man they all the same especially these ig models

    56. ricoo 1

      Lala a straight clout chaser. She only goes for rappers😂 or famous people. Sad

    57. Riddim 2k

      Rubi trippin cause she said she don’t like T jay like dat she like ddg💯.

    58. Tyrell McIntyre

      If Lala is an opportunist then Rubi definitely one too

    59. Looona

      i remember wen i watched one of lala's videos and she said something about how a girl tried to fight her bcuz she thought she wanted her man and now that i think about it, she probably did want her man lol ig her old classmate is telling the truth

    60. ArmaniShanell

      anyone wonder what’s lala real name??

    61. Leroy Solitary

      bro wtf did she call ian Connor 😭

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Whoops 🤭

    62. Josie Mukeli

      I swear your voice is funny

    63. Diamond Findlay

      Listen the reason why lala set up a date with rubi and ddgs is because she wanted them together so that she could hooked up with lil tjay like if its true

    64. Hally Lee

      Tbh I really thought Lala wanted ddg I mean she could of been had him but he ain’t want her like that but he wanted rubi but rubi did him wrong and rubi wanted tjay but did her wrong so ya I feel like this entertainment because lala had described she go with people who’s know tjay not that known to me well idk him so ya I feel like lala and rubi both sum sneaky girls rubi bring it out and lala hides it but this gotta b for entertainment cuz just add up everything from where rubi said she using ddg for promo till now lala probably using tjay for promo 😂she probably told rubi and rubi b probably like oh bet let’s get sum views I’m basically saying watch out y’all these KGuprs fake ass hell

    65. Siri Siri

      What’s the e word?

    66. Jordan Byrne



      But ddg wanted rubi first he basically kind of took her he broke bro code first

    68. GuttaStarrEnt

      They Eskimo sisters they aint really trippin

    69. Marquis !

      What’s the secret?

    70. stephanie meyer

      Lala and Tjay for the streets

    71. All Ears

      If y’all Thought Lala wasn’t from them streets y’all some damn fools😂😂

    72. Sharnz UK TV

      The last clip of lil tjay was shady😂 but that’s what got you my like🤣

    73. Thonn Mcmillan

      That's female's nothing new 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. Atem Atem

      this shit so fake

    75. Abena Asiedu

      I love lala a lot buh uh uhhh sis 😞

    76. TikToks Outlet

      bruh do you fr not know how to pronounce Ian

    77. Laureale Cummings

      since she didn’t want to say the e word i’ll say it, she’s talking about female being “escorts”

    78. Quest Keys

      Lil t jay and ddg ain’t friends they just met Lls.

    79. Nestor Mautes

      11:00-11:02 (key word Entanglement)

    80. Nestor Mautes

      lala and Tjay have an entanglement damn. shesh that's crazy . 🤔🤭

    81. ToE bEe

      tjay hard asf

    82. C-money4x

      U know what I'm sayin dats tuffffffffff

    83. K Silva

      Can anyone tell me what the E word kiara is talking bout?????

    84. Nappygxd_

      I knew something was off just by looking at her

    85. Joshua Louis

      Lala forgot to say “and I owe ddg”

    86. Will Risk

      who’s just now finding out lala is the “carti i wanna go to pluto” never knew that shit 😂

    87. where all da hoes at ?

      I feel like rubi did something to Lala because why puke Lala just wake up and do this ?

    88. Ashton Galloway

      So basically rubi kinda exposed that she cheated on ddg

    89. Deonte Singleton

      E word escort

    90. uafoe

      Bro tjay and Rubi never went out lmao

    91. micklafrom yt


    92. clipz vu

      Nigga drop a vid rn

    93. Becy Lopez

      Where can I find the video of Lala and liltjay pls

    94. KAnn De

      I don’t get why these beautiful girls always embarrass themselves for these ugly ass rappers. Smh

    95. King Kel

      Lala said “I like you I don’t give a fuck about my best friend” 🥴😂

    96. Monee' H

      Does anybody know the “e” word she referring to 👀

      1. Chuchi

        People said escort

    97. Jamela wilkins

      i can’t believe la la did that to that girl 😭😭

    98. The Drip Kid

      She tried to play off her liking Kennedy post as not being weird and then this happens tell me y’all didn’t believe this buffoonery

    99. Jefferson Koulibaly

      Its a prank idiots

    100. Ty Brown

      Let’s get LaLa to 50k. 😂😂😂😂😂