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    1. Michael Langton

      Ain’t flight having a kid and kissing his baby momma a couple weeks ago wtf flight just got baby mommas and girlfriends

    2. boss mike2

      I support dgg but the way she talking sounds🧢

    3. NoCapNas

      I dislike fredo..... but it has to be cap

    4. FETTII

      She watches dontai... QUEEN

    5. Big Papa Trimble

      That girl aint date fredo LMAOO

    6. Leonard Mccright


    7. terry clouted


    8. Petty Wap

      Big girl with the baby full of shyt her account said she was 20 until she got called out about then she changed it to 24 she all cap

    9. Petty Wap

      Ddg the new walking L

    10. Petty Wap

      Ddg need to learn you can’t hold the blunt smh you hit and pass.. Rubi the biggest blunt in the industry 2nd only to Celina.

    11. JhitGoated

      Wait so is him and Janet not like a thing at least I’m confused

    12. Lil Kaya

      tell that frederico high school ex just to ask her friend to search her old account name in her friends's account and they can see the pictures


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    14. Alexdjt

      She capping

    15. CLXMP

      She is chattin

    16. Miss K

      I think 🤔 their is some truth in that he must of paid her off no Cap 🧢

    17. Otismckenzie36

      I believe her!!!!

    18. Keon Jackson

      FREDO paid her to shut up😂

    19. STR8_LIKE_DAT

      Cap 🧢 that song ain’t bck up 🤷🏽‍♂️😭🤣😭🤣 you CAPPING 🧢🤫

    20. Life w/ Tati

      In today’s video we gotta lot to talk. About, after the introoo...”& I can’t try to fight, this feeeelingg..no sleep, keep dreaming..” 🎵

    21. just marc

      ddg took that bitch rt bk down

    22. trevor taylor

      they 4 years apart unless that nigga failing every grade she lying

    23. Divine Sedonu

      Lala in the mood swings video rubi finna kill her😂😂

    24. Just here to Check you!

      Idk but her baby sooo adorable omg 😍

    25. Jmoney707

      I think she capping on Fredo name

    26. JujuOnYourBlock

      He ain’t date her 😭 ion fw how fredo is now , but he used to do story times abt his females years ago , he wasn’t in no 2 weeks relationship 😭

    27. KAREN

      Goofy ass nigga to old for that shit

    28. GamingWithDriippyBoy

      11:35 y’all put y’all mask on😷

    29. Alison Lozano

      That girl sound slow like peaches

    30. kiagray

      Not they dating for a week or two 🤣🤣😂😂 GIRL!!!

    31. Anise Westbrook


      1. Kiara Shanay


    32. Cassie Sandra

      Whats drugs is Fredo on? So cringy. Bless his soul too also he's a little too handsy

    33. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Could we please get some support on our channel ? 😔 Believe us , we won't disappoint you guys ! 🙂🤘🏽🙏🏼 A little support will take someone a long way 🧡

    34. jabien DOCKERY

      😬prettyboyfredo...aka gayboyfredo

    35. Ashantay Lindo

      Fredo seems gay as hell though😂😂

    36. thomas getter

      Megan got a boyfriend right after flight and baby mama made a couple videos. I have no reason to believe they broke up

    37. By the Seaside

      Lol that was hush money

    38. KLOUT ENT

      Don’t bring no drama to my nigga flight man

    39. Thonn Mcmillan

      Her name is “ahnacapalot" that says it all 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. 4k Studios

      Fredo ex just want sum clout🤢girl look like peaches 😂😂😂

    41. Flacolivelife YT

      I love Kiara Shanay 💙

    42. yung ze da scholar

      At first I thought it was fake but now I think he paid her to not do the interview

    43. UTD GAMING

      She 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢ig

    44. Jaysonhershit Yup

      Lol fredos video down again

    45. Miami In Madrid

      She look 40 to me 😂

    46. O Boy

      DDG got his shit deleted again 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    47. Alhusine 21


    48. Lequan Wright

      Jasmine would have known that Fredo was fruit

    49. Zaeqwon Riddley

      It got took right back down 😂😂😂😂

    50. L.M.E Daking

      That's was definitely Rubi with King Von. You can see her hair shadow in a shape as a bob cut hairstyle & that's facts. Go look at the video when Von pointed the camera towards the ground. Common sense

      1. Sym Taylor

        Y'all got to stop lying. Rubi done took out that bob the day after her b'day since it's a wig. She been rocking her natural. Plus Asian and Rubi still follow each other and are still cool. If Rubi was with Von, Asian would've went on a rant.

    51. Anashe Matuku

      Why she trying her best to cancel fredo, ppl do anything for clout

    52. Greg

      Fredo paid her off to keep his secret.

    53. hey thanks

      She lying

    54. Mind Blowing Lyrics

      Not a fan of Fredo, but you gotta admit... Dude is hilarious😂

    55. Neal Sharkey IV


    56. Jelly4rm904

      You don’t have to know someone to wish them a happy birthday lol and Fredo is annoying af. He stay fucking screaming. Ugh!

    57. YoBoy SPADE

      I was saying Fredo was GAY before that girl came forth with the news....😂 I wasn't just saying that just to insult him.

    58. jr

      If kiara shanay the best drama channel onna tub like this

    59. Tyreese

      LOL, he a fruit

    60. Spiffy McGee

      That girl is a good ass liar you saw how she hypnotized that baby

    61. OT TV

      I think king von meant he dont know her personally

    62. Zatrina Ramsey

      He needs to get tf out of new york

    63. Laquisha young

      Rubi is so fucking pretty yo 😍

    64. Respect Alex

      the video got taken down again😂🌈


      The fact that ddg says he smart but cant spell "since" right instead of "sense".


        @Mottley thats different, its my phone doing that auto text shit lmao.

      2. Mottley

        You meant "face" or "fact" ? Exactly!

      3. OD Mendez

        @CAR&GAMECHANNEL could have mispelled it and it auto-correct to that plus in the replies he fixed it


        @OD Mendez thats a negative. The s and the e is close together why he reached way over to the i? Lmao

      5. OD Mendez

        oh wow he miss spelled on accident not like every person in the world has done that

    66. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Jesus Christ loves you and he's coming soon ❤ You deserve to be happy and free ❤ God sent his son to die on the cross so you could be ❤ Talk to him ❤

      1. jasmine mitchell

        @Finessin It. Sure thing ❤

      2. Finessin It.

        Pray for me

    67. twin twin

      von hit

    68. Major

      DDG is always posting and liking some rapper shit that he don’t even know.. it’s a way of making some connections..u might want a feature so u can just hit them up

    69. Nelvin Franco

      That was all cap

    70. Maliktoofficial

      Ddg need to take the whole song 🥱🤣

    71. twin twin

      she not lyin

    72. BucketFam Sah

      Whew wat a video Kiara 😂

    73. D Man

      Fredo gave her a bag she moving out and shit her body language different 💰🤣🤣 money talks 🤫🤫

    74. hunncho2x

      All that for the diss to be back down

    75. Location

      I smelll cap

    76. Guapo RJ

      Damnn hate to say it buh she sound cap ash its still DDG SQUAD NO CAPA !!

    77. Brandon Thompson

      it got tooken down again

    78. BucketFam Sah

      That woman is cap iiamnewyork made a vid 🤣

    79. Jasmine Carter

      Alfredo paying her to keep her mouth shut 🤐 so I’m guessing it’s true cuz if it wasn’t why you promoting her stuff? Some ain’t right 🤔🥴

      1. Mottley


    80. Samuel Wright

      Fredo gay lol


      HUSH MONEY 💰💰💰

    82. Christina Prettyface

      I feel like that girl is lying bc her bio said 20 then when a tea page asked her how old she was she left for hours then changed her bio to 24 and Fredo is 27 so how were they in school at the same time

      1. Christina Prettyface

        Quazy Got Bangers okay if they four years apart they wasn’t in school at the same time .

      2. Quazy Got Bangers

        Fredo turned 27 in aug.What kind of question is that lol age range in high school is 14-18 years old.

    83. Patricia Woods

      He prolly know of her but he don’t know rubi personally

      1. OGMudbone

        They both live in ATL, they’re rappers and go to the same places. He commented on her ig too. They definitely know each other.

    84. Vercetti rare

      New introoo

    85. Theofficialmik_mik VI


    86. Sleepy Perxc-

      I don’t see wtf she was tryna do

    87. Ninasky Antonioli

      I just checked and his trash of a video not back on youtube.

    88. Roy Vaughn

      Kiara your starting to get lazy. Your missing a clear fact. The girl is 20 and fredo is 27. They never went to school together.

      1. its a TACO


    89. Smh

      That girl was full of 🧢. Even though fredo acts sus, this girl got caught up in her lies saying “I don’t want to speak about it anymore” & not only that but why she speaking up now after all these years? She didn’t even provide no proof ain’t nobody gonna believe your word. Clout is one hella a drug 💯

      1. VINE KID

        Yo What’s Behind U right

      2. Yo What’s Behind U

        Idk kinda sus she was talking all that and talkin bout an interview then she just cool w him the next day? He prob paid her to be quiet bout it

    90. Lone Wolf

      Flight is taking all dubs this year no cap

    91. Mja5y Don

      fredo paid her to shut up loooool

    92. AI Slime

      I think we all know flight was high on that vid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    93. Sym Taylor

      DDG deleted again... Fredo a clown! 😂😂😂

    94. Kashblu

      fredo is a crack head

    95. young patrick21

      Cap 😂🔵🔵

    96. Clayton Bigsby

      No more opp pack 😈 unoriginal immature wishy washy ass dude

    97. V!lle Shyt


    98. Clayton Bigsby

      Looks like fredo paid her hush money. Yeah we all know wtf goin on smh

      1. du2thurl

        @Avery Hillwell she don’t have proof she dated fredo🤷🏾‍♂️ see clout chasing

      2. du2thurl

        @Jasalia Ale'maahh i don’t even like fredo or ddg but she clearly lying

      3. Jasalia Ale'maahh

        Avery Hill you so dumb😂😂😂this girl clearly lying she don’t have receipts but u believe her cause u a ddg fan. Smh

      4. Avery Hill

        du2thurl iiamnewyork never showed proof of her being 20 though. Plus she said they only dated for a week or two. Fredo and jasmine didn’t date all of highschool

      5. ksav 51

        She’s capping u dumb if you believe her

    99. V!lle Shyt


    100. Dezz Bandzz

      Honestly I feel like Flight can get any bitch he want he just be trolling