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    1. Kiara Shanay

      RIP Pop Smoke 🥺 💨

      1. Daunte Emery


      2. abc younboy


      3. EzohSZN

        Ong. Rip pop smoke.

      4. Mike


      5. House of Matrix

        Rest In Peace

    2. LiiNatural

      Honeeeyyyyy it’s a whole lotta whole lotttaaaaaa 😩

    3. NoLove Tjay

      Fredo look gay in that picture😭😭😭😭

    4. Joshua100 platt

      Lil tjay

    5. rater alexander

      DDG does not love rubi. He knows what he’s doing y’all 😂

    6. Mikayla Hall

      He played it like a g doe homiez .😂😂

    7. rock0ut jay

      Ddg real tho, he always sacrificing himself to go see rubi rose at any time plus he wasn't even gone be fake and went ahead to go to her birthday party , paid for her meal including everybody that was there bro... that's how nice ddg really is to ppl

    8. Ashley York

      LaLa and TJay low-key look good together

    9. Gilligan 123

      Ddg keeps striking fredo video cause he knows it fire 🔥 like mood swings wit Lala. Rubi and ddg are miserable 😩 ddg,your done your done your done. Niggas is past Arguments ft Kennedy and she somewhere laughing at ddg the fool. Like sollumaniti say, ddg music is for people who wear open toe sandals. Fredo not even a rapper and he made ddg and silly to look bad out here as rappers.

    10. Unityyy

      She was talkin bout lil tjay 😂😂

    11. yungdalex White

      Lil tjay

    12. Call_me_ Comino

      Stop smacking 😂

    13. M Thomas

      Wait Dub hella funny fo that😂😂😂😂😂

    14. YoBoy SPADE

      I'd like to think that they are not together. If they are not, they are doing a good job of ACTING. I know that they are CAPABLE of doing a good acting job such as this....

    15. Kayla D

      The internet don’t need to know everything... I’m agreeing with lala when she say that

    16. Kayla D

      Ddg giving drama way too much energy... & most “rappers” keep they shit lowkey! He basically making it obvious that fredo actually bother him

    17. Rocky

      y’all single bad and rich is the title of her song with cardi 💀💀

    18. D

      DDG be simpin heavy for toxicity 🤦🏾‍♂️

    19. KiingSaySoTv

      mood swings reaction video on my reaction channel ( @ kiingsaysoreacts )

    20. Queion Nolan

      Fun had me crying😂

    21. Jenna Smith

      But whybdidntheybdelete it? What was illegal about it? Plenty of people made dumb songs and never got it taken down...

    22. Sherrie Austin

      This is ONE or the of the Crazy Relationship that I ever saw. Person I think the song, BABY WHY DID YOU LEAVE., Is more about KENNEDY., I listened to it CAREFULLY. It's verse in there that says, HIS LIFE HASN'T BEEN THE SAME SINCE BEEN GOING., Therefore it sounds more like, SOMEBODY MORE in His PASS., KENNEDY CYMONE. !!! Then in His FURTHER !!, RUBI ROSE !!, anyways when he was with Kennedy cymone he treated her with the highest respect.Everybody in the world knew that THEY WERE TOGETHER. There was no guessing game. It was no beating around the bush, No turning corner. Their Movement was straightforward. Right there in your face 😳.Anytime a MAN or WOMAN can't show you to the world. Then that means, THAT THEY DON'T VALUE YOU MUCH, and they are NOT SURE if they want to be with you . My point is. Then why would you want to be with somebody that's NOT SURE with the direction that they want to go in. It's the waste of your time. It is best that you find somebody that does. /REAL TALK. PERIOD🤗 .

      1. Marian Barker

        He or she doesn’t have to prove shit to none of y’all nosey ass fake supporters

    23. Money Mario

      This nigga Ddg slow sometimes

    24. Mr.Ringbells

      Been fucking wit ddg what is a fredo 🥴

    25. Shayla

      It’s the Trump ad for me.

    26. Zain Mousa

      6:38 remember that one DDG video when she he was tryna show how sweet she was and she was complementing him hella 🤨

    27. A L

      DDG needs to leave the Daughter of Ham alone! Go find him a Daughter of Jacob! Jacob = Haploytype E1B1A ex: Kennedy is a Daughter of Jacob. Do yawls research!

    28. prettygirldee

      im guessing a new video is coming out about ddg and rubi because seven posted a q&a video with him he said that he found out he is single today and he said if he got rubi prego that he will take care of it im not suprised because he has baby fever

    29. A L

      Freddo one of DDG’s biggest FANS! Yeah I said it!

      1. A L

        @FLORIDABOY in CHATTANOOGA Fair enough.


        Theirs both fans

      3. A L

        @FLORIDABOY in CHATTANOOGA Says who?


        Wrong answer

    30. Student Ava Williams

      Why is your voice so so satisfying 😂😂😭

    31. K.S.N GANG

      I honestly think she talking bout DDG cause they always coming back together after they break up tho but idk that’s who I think

    32. Emmanuel Peele

      DDG won jus for bein DDG🤝

    33. NLG_BlazexX

      Ddg would not call that many times

    34. Hrhrh D,xkkxkxkx

      ddg, i’m sorry bro. I’m being honest, no girl that is in a relationship is gonna be doing what she did to wiz in that music video they just dropped. Like that’s equivalent to you dry humping sum random female. Her ass was all up on wiz fam.

    35. KJayy3

      Y’all lay off rubi man and leave ddg alone bout this girl , I’m sure shit ain’t what it seems they both prolly just play into shit and troll cuz they know this how we’ll react , at this point y’all let ddg live his life man , if he wanna keep fw rubi that’s his choice cuz we really don’t know what’s goin on frfr . All this just speculations

    36. Pleetypus

      2:33 funniest shit of the week

    37. Syn Bot

      Rubi and DDG are a corny match made in heaven.

    38. chantell z

      So sad that rubi doesn't know that ddg genuinely likes her , for a guy to always be with you after all the rumours and the way you treat him ,I hope she doesn't realize when it is too late

    39. Bored

      Since when was Twitter verification checks white? I think they fake checks cause I thought Twitter verification checks were blue just like IG

    40. Leo got Hopes

      I haven’t went to sleep yet and when she said you should have taken a nap today I was like yea Ik like I was talking to her then was like wtf how you know

    41. Anise Westbrook


    42. Caylan

      Bro all I see is ddg and rubi rose then you showing pretty boy fredo

    43. Mann E Boi

      That's so lame! DDG knew that was a banger! Smh

    44. Carlos Smith

      Bro to be real...DDG’s family need to step in and speak some sense into him cause with this attitude he gon regret making some dumb decisions...I just watched sevens video with him and the nigga sounds dumb with the answers he be giving...cutting seven off like damn let her talk Seven realizes he kinda loosing himself and he answers by saying it seems like that on the net but in real life he’s not...like bro if someone close to you in real life and is realizing that about you then you gotta self evaluate cause DDG really taking a turn for the worst...I’m starting to think Ken was not really the problem but DDG was cause he hates to be corrected...I really wanna see how he’s gonna be early 2021 or three months from now...I can vouch he gonna be living with regret over some dumb shit he’s doing now...bet on it

    45. Antarinn Brown

      What if the intro of mood swings is the conversation Rubi had with Lala when she was fucking with Tjay 😳🤭


      I was cringining when i saw the beginning of the mood swings video, whatever is happening they needa get it together .

    47. Zariah Rose TV

      It’s very evident who wears the PANTS in the relationship 😅

    48. Keeping up with Pegus

      The pegus working

    49. Demon Zeeko

      Fredo’s song wouldn’t get on my playlist

    50. kyeem edwards

      Ddg is going out bad 🤦🏽‍♂️

    51. Lwazi Mtirara

      Rubi for the streets

    52. Matt

      That song bout carti, dud

    53. Royalty Recreationz by Alicia

      Lol wheb she said you shoulda took a nap i got a two commercial non skip lol

    54. Lorraine Hanks

      They keeping y’all guessing, so you keep trolling💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

    55. Nene

      You’re exactly right! Rubi is definitely probably mad about the filming with seven! I just think that if she couldn’t handle all of him she shouldn’t have accepted any of him and just left DDg alone!


      Rubi toxic asf

    57. Elite Fitness

      Ddg jus need to be single🤦🏾‍♂️

    58. Life with Aaryn

      Ddg and rubi are obviously not together.Ddg needs to stay single tbh cause he keep going back to rubi and the same thing gon keep happening


      I bet you wont see me in the comment section Kiara.

    60. Brelyn Foster

      Ddg prolly jus got a new now. He jus promoting early

    61. Simply Pauline

      Tbh ddg relationship with Rubi is a one way relationship it’s only one person trying to put effort into this relationship and at the same time he looks dumb but he probably know what he doing yk

    62. 2trillphill

      Ddg is being played with and seven tryna put him on but he not listening

      1. Isaiah Armand

        Agreed it feels like he has regressed as a Man Unfortunately like A couple years ago He was acting real mature for his age and Not wasting his energy on these random thots but now it seems like he just Falls for anything these girls do

      2. trequan chi

        @Blvck Lvnd facts

    63. Marissa White

      Kennedy never put him through this much emotionally..and she was very classy.

      1. Queen Aset

        She got her clout and bounced y’all just hype her up

      2. Nytellem


      3. KingZionSoFresh

        She would but they did past how much times they broke up

      4. Major

        Marissa White DDG already said that relationship was toxic af.. they just ddnt put it online. Now it’s nobody knows gtfoh man lol. It wasn’t all cute like y’all thought it was just admit it

      5. YoBoy SPADE

        No one knows EXACTLY what Kennedy did but he OFTEN said(even in front of Kennedy) that she used to 'trip' over bs and she hardly ever denied those accusations...

    64. Alhassane Diallo

      I hope she neva change her intro song🖤💯🤞🏾

    65. Marissa White

      Dub laugh 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    66. John Fredy MK

      I’m tired of all this drama can they fight already

    67. Chris H

      You might as well captioned Rubi instead of the silence

    68. OoolalaNaj

      Mood swings video was trash. Smh rip pop

    69. David

      And all this time we thought KEN Ken was the problem... smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Youbu100% Walker

        Yea, it's him he's childish and full of himself.

    70. King Scarlett News

      So now everybody has a Lamborghini

    71. CrazyDouble_

      This whole social media r thing is just for Rubi imagine me ...everybody says it of social media she’s a sweetheart 🤷🏾‍♀️It’s like she can’t be singing about fuck these niggas then be simping on the net so I guess she has to keep up this image🤷🏾‍♀️

    72. John Fredy MK

      So ddg can’t be around other females damn 😂😂

    73. Ariana Vores

      lil tjay is who the song really ab😘

    74. House of Matrix

      Kierra Shanay is here love intro . DDG don’t love himself. Why can’t bro be single

    75. Brown eyes _ 123

      Have a heart for someone is that to much too ask for now days???

    76. Brown eyes _ 123

      All this back & fourth.if you wanna be their for someone then do it if not then let that person be...SMH,..

    77. Queen Bey

      Based on rubi explaining these lyrics sounds like she likes a toxic relationship shit turns her on she likes to play games clearly and ddg needs to go find him some to do if he calling anyone 120 times that's ridiculous

    78. The Messenger

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    79. Shermaine Pearce

      What happen to the old school love when nobody post shit

    80. ReiWYD

      they brake up everyday. over it.

    81. Mr334&Beyond

      This damn video got all THE ADs lol getcha paper lol

    82. 18KTRAY Gang

      Def don’t think is was DDG maybe lil tjay

    83. Clutch God tv

      Fredo gay ahh

    84. Petty Wap

      To Rubi hubby means main nicca but she still got plenty side niccas 😂😂😂



    86. Petty Wap

      Rubi playing tf out of Ddg 😂😂

    87. Petty Wap

      Ddg a stalker type nicca 😂😂😂 he did the same shyt to Kennedy

    88. Petty Wap

      Ddg going out sad

    89. Tom

      no way thats real smh

    90. Sym Taylor

      DDG already said what y'all see on the net is not how she acts in real life. Even Rubi and tjay said the samething.

      1. Sym Taylor

        @daryl kyle I do! Now these people are different.

      2. daryl kyle

        Be your self at all times.

    91. Petty Wap

      Ddg the female of the relationship

    92. Petty Wap

      Ddg acts like a female.. someone give him a pad

    93. Whiteguuy

      I try to like Rubi but she be making it hard, she's always involved in some bullshit.

    94. daryl kyle

      Ok so she must of gotten an annulment quickly divorced, cause just last week he was her husband.

    95. Kemi116

      I really like Rubi and DDG together! I hope they workout and he treats her good 💗

    96. Sidney Lewis

      I don't mean no disrespect.But I be glad when the day comes when we find out what's really going on between Rubi Rose and Ddg.

    97. Gabriel Spence

      The video ain’t that banging her acting bad af

    98. Kenzoo Dot

      wait so rubi can make a vid with male rappers but ddg can’t make a vid with seven... somebody that he should be interacting with on a regular basis

      1. Angie Ussery


    99. Yalon Mishaél

      I haven't been on this channel in a while. Ive been tryna catch up on the LaLa and Rubi tea

    100. lor Pete1

      Once again DDG gotta stop making his self look stupid 🤦🏾‍♂️ he the homie tho