Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:22 - Lil Tjay Ex Myia Goes Off
    6:27 - The Ace Family Forgot To Edit This Out
    8:22 - DDG Is In ATL
    9:35 - Queen Gets Dragged

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    1. Zari Husky

      Damn I was interested until you started talking about the Ace Family.. That’s late tea babe

    2. Zari Husky

      Lol honestly I don’t know what to believe.. if there was receipts, why she ain’t leak them?

    3. Daisy

      Def don’t have more money than lala

    4. Melstackbundles

      These bitches in this generation are pure sad! Like how tf these little girls stay fighting for dudes that don't want them! Or don't wanna claim them! KNOW YOUR WORTH ACT LIKE THE QUEENS YA SUPPOSED TO BE! out here looking bad

    5. Kyla Marie

      It was queen lips for me 😂

    6. alaya

      I believe the Ace family is correct, every person has flaws that apart of any relationships. They still love 💕 one ☝️ another and that’s all that matters. Please don’t try to tear them down or 🗣 speak negatively about them. They worked hard to get their fan/ subscribes base where it is. The same way you have, not only that if they deleted then why would you point that out? Evidently it was a mistake I’m sure you make them too. I mean 😪 no disrespect towards you. I’m just saying and another thing is I’m a new subscriber the Ace family name And 👸 Queen name on your thumbnail is why I choice too watch your video. I was hoping it would be something positive, yet I chose to still subscribe to your KGup channel.

    7. God is An Awesome God He Reigns on Heaven and Earth

      Why would she want to look like Cardi when Queen is way more gourgeous

    8. XxYfN JJ2k

      If she woulda said that to him everything woulda been ok

    9. XxYfN JJ2k

      Austin didn’t call her out her name or nothing he just said keep recording stop doing all this extra stuff

    10. Brittany N

      All those people who commented on her age look old asf.

    11. TeeTee Jacques

      Lala a messy ahh female she love them drama things

    12. Yin and Yang Paw Life

      Let's have everyone that commented negatively get evaluated? First it's was Queen needs to dress sexier now it's ewwh that's a little too much. Damned if you do or don't. That's why it's a great practice to NGAF.

    13. Shaunna King

      Queen shouldn’t be getting all of this hate about her body but she needs to realize that with the fame comes the hate. I just hope that she learns to truly love herself and not care what people think. Because if she truly loved herself she wouldn’t give two f***’s about what people say or think.

    14. Anisa Hamid

      They some damn hater mane!!! Queen💚

    15. Alexis Rene

      Bro who hits somebody up like that? Y’all be having too much care in your heart and time on your hands for people y’all don’t even know 😂


      People really can’t mind y’all business leave queen and other celebs alone


      We already know Austin talks to her like that but we ALL KNOW SHE IS THERE FOR THE 💰 BUT SHE REALLY IS D.U.M.B

    18. Flacolivelife YT

      The Ace family shyt was funny asf to me i aint gone lie 🤣


      y’all I love Kiara Shanay 😍😍🥺❤️

    20. Tammy R

      She has a lot more people that love her than don’t. But the people talking bout her, is the same ones watching every move she makes. FACTS.

    21. 21kadjei 21kadjei

      Is Kennedy gonna be at the party??

    22. Golden Piece

      But where was her (the ex) energy when rubi was messing with lil tay 🧐

    23. Rayneisha Cordice

      All the females mad cah they nigga can't buy them a burkin for their bday 😂😂😂😂 know ur place and stay in ur lane

    24. Infamous Yella

      It’s not all hating but those who have watched queen over the years don’t understand why is she changing her appearance sooooo much

    25. Platinum Barbie

      She played it to seem like he was there. She had someone say his name and fake reply

    26. Ace Dinero

    27. Brooks Elyse’s Lost Filez

      that’s crazy. why people hatin on queen so so much ....

    28. Deonte Carnes

      U need to do flight. Shit

    29. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Kiara : Ki-ara Sha-nay is here . Ki-ara Sha-nay is here . Me : Yess .. Spill the tea 🍵

    30. Breanna Green

      She looked fire idk what they talking about🥰😍

    31. Breanna Green

      Y’all so jealous of Queen it’s so funny😅😂😂

    32. Triniti Jelks

      They bashing queen because they mad she literally can sing has the cutest bf every and family and body 🤣🤣 they really mad

    33. Triniti Jelks

      They just need leave Tj and Lala alone

    34. Sandra Ya know

      What? I never knew nique was DDG cousin

    35. I be Green_yt

      Where is flight?

    36. Flash 33

      DDG and summerlla would be perfect they goofy the relationship will be funny as hell IG videos

      1. Ms Joseph

        That would never work because She likes girls lol but if she didn’t they would look good together

    37. Dezerae De La Cruz

      Never knew nique and ddg were cousins! 😳

    38. Short Stuff

      Smh not to be negative but they said nothing about Carmen tho.. can’t blv ppl really out here hating this girl.

    39. BJ Turner

      That definitely is normal (ace family)

    40. Talisa V

      I don’t get the hate for Queen. She looks good tf

    41. Kali Edmonson

      Why y’all in Queen business don’t do that and she doesn’t look older than 25 plus most of those girls on there are little ass girls they mommy’s need to take there phone😂💁🏽‍♀️ plus Queen body is pretty and remember Queen body before she had hernia that’s why she got her stomach done and she took her fat in her stomach to her hips cause she had hip dips so leave her tf alone plus y’all act like she got plastic in her ass or ass shots. And she gain weight that’s why she look bigger in her bottom Queen look good 💯💁🏽‍♀️

    42. KiingSaySoTv

      queen naija was lookin like a whole snack ppl just be hating for no reason smh

    43. DON DADA

      Lala so fucking stupid if you think he gonna do yo best friend rubi wrong you know he gonna do you the same way

    44. Teresa Aguirre

      I love queen she’s beautiful but I do think she did too much to her hips and butt part I wish people would just understand they pretty just the way they are !!

    45. LEA 001

      But these 20 something year olds do look a lot older it’s not hate it’s just honesty but some comments should be kept to your self

    46. GAGirl B

      Couples snap on each other sometimes, no big deal. Nobody’s relationship is peaches & cream all the time.😂

    47. GAGirl B

      Girls got to stop assuming that because a guy spending mad money on you y’all are together.🤦🏽‍♀️

    48. Quoyah Carballo

      I remember that Ddg & Summerella video that shit was hilarious

    49. The Messenger

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    50. ZAkilah Perch

      Not the live having 19 people💀💀

    51. YoBoy SPADE

      Queen does not look older than no 25. These kids is crazy AF these days...

    52. Jonika

      He definitely said HENDRIX not Tjay 🙄

    53. YoBoy SPADE

      Talking to her like WHAT? 😳 You call that 'snapped'??😂

    54. YoBoy SPADE

      I hate when people make stupid comments like that...@"Myia looks 'happier' with T-Jay." wtF does that even mean? Did he look sad with Rubi and LaLa?? 🤦🏿‍♂️

    55. Samantha Lugo

      It makes me so upset how people can hate on another person. Like if there’s not already too much hate going on already. Queen literally is so chill and laid back .. and she looked amazing. It’s HER BODY! She can do as she pleases .. why can’t we uplift people? It was her birthday she shouldn’t have to feel sad because of comments smh.

    56. Haiti Baby

      Clare always throwing slugs when Chris getting dragged by the internet now look at his oversized care-bear

    57. Tayja J

      That’s so sad .. people can be so rude . Let queen be bruh that’s fucked up fr

    58. Emma Sungeni Sangala

      Damn I always knew Catherine goes through so much! 😭💔

    59. Tayja J

      That girl is embarrassing herself if a nigga said he never dated me ? Fuck you and the girl 🤣 she talking pulling up and everything, coming at Lala for ? .. girl nah 🤦🏽‍♀️🤚🏽.

    60. Shamma Matar

      wait is nique really ddg's cousine ?

      1. Nadia Belizaire


    61. Anise Westbrook

      KI IN THE HOUSE !! 🙌🏽🥰♥️♥️♥️

    62. grayboy tv

      What happened in the ace family clip?

    63. JasmineMarie

      They be hating on queen like leave her tf alone

    64. Sherene Adams

      It is ashame that people do not allow other people to live their lives without judgement and criticism who are you to judge her for how she wants her body to look. We have much bigger issues in our community to deal with then how old or young Queen is people are so concerned about unimportant issues really sad

    65. Tiana Mina

      I don’t see what was wrong with the ace family thing

    66. Aaron YT

      Queen ain’t that fine man. Idk to me she a 5/10 max

    67. Popcorn Crew

      They r jealous of Queens life and I feel like this ppl got payed to talk like that no cap I feel sorry for Queen she enjoyed her birthday sad otherwise happy birthday Queen 👸❤️🔥

    68. Bre 4L

      I don't kn if any body kn but Chris and queen was the same age cuz they said they said they age in a video but they was both 23 last year idk. so they are both 25.

    69. Ky_ky Xx

      Where can we find her live

    70. Renenb13

      They some haters Queen is very pretty woman plus she's nice but ppl always have somethin negative to say damn jus wish her happy b'day or not but don't be nasty

    71. Old Sol

      Cath mate don't let NO MAN talk too you like that!!! I wish he would find himself talking too me like that

    72. Az Jeo

      I think queen is so talented and beautiful but it’s so disappointing the comments she made about dark skinned black girls.

    73. sugagal1987

      Queen does look alot older

    74. Winter Bleu

      Say what? I didn’t know Nique & ddg are twins

      1. Tiana Mina

        Lol where did you get twins from

      2. Jay Slapit

        No cousin

    75. Hannibal730

      Nothing wrong with Queen. Why they tripping?

    76. Iamhavinghope

      honestly because he take you places and do stuff for you, us woman gotta stopped assuming its a relationship. like she salty, we all been there. But if he never said yall together than yall not together.

    77. Craig Thomas

      I think its funny how fans are coming at Austin for getting a little frustrated. Nobody knows if they had an argument before they shot the video, or if they had a tough day dealing with their kids or whatever. Anybody who's in a relationship, especially if you're married, have had days where you're not getting along with the other person or you've said things out of frustration. People need to stop acting brand new

    78. Diondre Hendricks

      Ddg and nique are cousins?

      1. Nadia Belizaire

        Yeh they are, DDG talk about it in smash or pass vid last year

    79. 20gangbigkali

      Shit not even that serious lol

    80. Sugar Smacks

      I came here for Queen but I must say Miya is gorgeous 😍

    81. Jalaa Booker

      wow!! I definitely don’t like the way he was talking to her that was super disrespectful especially in front of the kids I never liked him anyways he gives me a whole lot of gay vibesss I’m super disgusted

    82. YOUNG.T.O

      Everyone love queen any other time why hate on her birthday she still doing better in life

    83. Vergil Hutson

      Females just be hating on Queen bc she's beautiful with a beautiful soul. I know why there miserable and probably broke. I can't stand the shade room they need to be taken down. Anyway who cares about there boring channel y. How ever we as queen fans could give 2 f---s PERIOD. I could go on an on letmestop. females just jealous an hating

    84. Jay Delmo

      I wouldn’t let no strangers make me feel a certain way.

    85. Leo Gashawtena

      Wait.... Nique is DDGs cousin😮🤯

      1. DON DADA


    86. Iseeepop

      Look at karma lol ..u can’t try to wife a nigga tht u shared with your friend 😂

    87. xTreCapalot

      nique and ddg are cOuSiNs????????

    88. Adr Ran

      Should’ve waited for flights video

    89. Godlike Jewels

      Why dey hating on queen 👎🏽

    90. Lishann Vlogs

      I love kiara shanay man👏🏽🥰 -*DDG’s voice*. (Read my name btw)

    91. shannon h

      She was on mute when her man was shading her ex husband online and she wanted to be petty and keep her son away from his dad so no sympathy from me 🤷‍♀️

      1. Tisha A.

        Girl STFU nobody asked for your input 😒

    92. Ashlee Tyler

      Queen paid all that money on her body just so ppl can talk about her lol she looked better before the surgery and the makeup

      1. Keilia _

        Let's not act like yall weren't talking shit about her before the surgery now smh

      2. Smh

        let the girl be, girls got insecurites it ain’t that big of a deal what she wants to do with her body at the end of the day she ain’t trying to impress nobody beside herself.

    93. Yoshi92

      I wonder if Queen had that bday party in Ny she was posted like two days prior talking about invite only 😭😭😭😭. I didn’t see no vids

      1. first name last name

        @Yoshi92 ok young man “shit was trash” as you reply from your bum as s apartment while queen was twerking on young M.A and 2 chainz and how people tweet it was the most lit party 😂

      2. Yoshi92

        @first name last name okay lil girl im not wrong the shit was trash that’s it but god bless you . Im not replying to you no more after this .

      3. first name last name

        @Yoshi92 disagree about what? 😂 you said it flopped and no one showed up when hella celebrities and people were there. And now A lot of people are praising the party this morning. Just say you were wrong and move on

      4. Tiana Mina

        @Yoshi92 young ma did post on her story, and so did everybody else that was there

      5. Sarion G

        @Yoshi92’s okay. All that matters is that Queen had fun. Isn’t that the most important?

    94. Rommie Brown

      Dang and it's mostly Women tearing down queen sheeeshh

    95. I'll let you know if Shes For The Streets

      I feel bad for queen she really is a nice person put she definitely shouldn't have gotten work done

      1. Danielle W.

        It just doesn't look good on her. Less is always more.

      2. Ann Chege

        Why shouldn't she ? It's her body her choice n it makes her happy n secure so be it

      3. Smh

        Why shouldn’t she? It’s her body let her do what she wants. She seems happy with her body now, she had insecurites about her body back then. And plus she doesn’t need to impress anybody but herself.

    96. shannon h

      Catherine is never leaving him way worse has happened maybe when their kids get older and it’s just the two of them but I don’t see it happening any time soon

      1. marty chambers

        he did look a hot ass mess tho didn't have to talk to her like that he out of bounds

      2. Life with Aaryn

        Facts she should have just stayed with Michael b Jordan

    97. Bill Anon

      Tjay seems to be "claiming" Lala. Not the case with this "ex" OR Rubi. They might have something real here.

      1. Bill Anon

        @Sym Taylor The guy obviously wanted Lala. Rubi has/had/has/had DDG. Why should she care about that? Its one thing if they had a relationship and were just taking a break. In this case, Rubi smashed and moved on. Why is she looking back? ...and why doesn't she attack Tjay for smashing her friend Lala? Rubi apparently smashed a lot of dudes and the industry is not that big.

      2. Sym Taylor

        @Bill Anon Yeah cause you don't f' someone your friend f'. I guess you don't know anything about LOYALTY. You should go look up that word. 😒

      3. Bill Anon

        @Sym Taylor Then why did Rubi flip out on Lala? I never understood that, especially if she admits they never dated.

      4. Sym Taylor

        Rubi and Tjay was never dating. She said that already plus, he showed Rubi plenty of love during/after the incident.

      5. Davonie Mcf

        I thought I was the only one who noticed 😩

    98. Valorie C.

      They said Kendrick. The dogs name lmfao

    99. sanele phungula

      Bruh females hate each other so bad they go outta their way to put each other down. Smh

    100. ThatsDemo

      It’s mostly females hating on queen they just mad they can’t live her lifestyle

      1. Ace Dinero

      2. TexasJefe

      3. {neah}

        @Yerro Yerro her body only a little bit fake her body basically real ether way she don’t deserve that shit doe.

      4. Marie

        @Yerro Yerro Most of the ones that got something to say would be the first one in line to get some damn plastic surgery

      5. Yerro Yerro

        @Marie 😂 on her fake body not lifestyle