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    1. Tredi Vibes

      To those of y'all that are saying Rubi is for the streets and saying you can't turn a thot to a housewife y'all are retarded AF🤦🏽‍♂️guess what Nicki Minaj is married and she's about to have a kid 🚶🏾‍♂️drop the mic🎤....

    2. lesa. ww

      I also don't get the fact that DDG can't film with his friends that are taken or not even interested in DDG like that but she can hang out with her exes

    3. lesa. ww

      Rubi gotta go not chill😂😂🙄

    4. Crystal's Chaos

      Rubi isinsecure cause she is doing shady shit behind DDG

    5. Jess

      Everybody has to understand the DDG hustle. He quits youtube and says its stopping his growth, but then starts posting around his birthday, because he's making a big purchase for a car. He always says youtube is fast money. Yall better understand the mastermind that is DDG and know that him and Rubi are very much alike as far as trying to manipulate there followers, and put a certain image out there. That man's hustles and persuasion is A1.

    6. Alexis Vibe

      Ddg need to stop calling ppl his bro almighty jay under her shit no Matt’s wat the comment is

    7. Detta from the west

      The problem about zooted is that the videos shot where ddg is not around or his mansion or where they are all both together they be boooring no cap

    8. Dragon ball ent

      Don't you lot realise what's going on. Because Ddg took a break from KGup so he's releasing lots of fake news about himself for clout. Ddg created zooted so he can expand and divide his clout to different people and still remain relevant to the social media whilst distancing himself from KGup . He did this because he wants people to take him serious as a rapper not a KGupr.

    9. Random Empire

      DDG can't multitask. He isn't ready to own a whole record label. If he can't juggle.

    10. Dragon ball ent

      It's all fake

    11. Jess Bakre

      don’t judge off what she’s saying as her friend said they all cap and do things for views also she could be exaggerating because she’s closer to Lala than Rubi I feel they’re all ganging against Rubi. 1st they came w the insecure talk that she’s which I know for a fact Rubi isn’t insecure... Also, she’s badder than seven and lala combined soooo also Seven is only going off what Lala is feeding her with

    12. Jess Bakre

      y’all don’t be deceived... you don’t know the real deets of everything even though Seven doesn’t wanna seem biased she is... Half of what she knows is what Lala has fed to her/told her not the actual truth. There’s 3 sides to every story. Seven’s side is basically a cropped and Edited Lala version

    13. Jess Bakre

      There could be different Iceboxes in the city😊

    14. Sinickas Davis

      Rubi is beautiful

    15. Sinickas Davis

      Love Seven watched the whole video

    16. Lone Wolf

      It’s the fact that everyone believed he was getting with Rubi y’all would believe some bs like that rubi literally said no smh 🤣🤣🤣

    17. lil jenjen6

      moral of the story kennedy was the best for him and still is, just not sure if DDG is the best for Kennedy in his state of mind right now

    18. Sarah Archbault

      Yeah I watched it all.... Sven speaks factsss

    19. Life w/ Tati

      He should never let the personal take away from his business bag. That’s clown shit. 🤦🏾‍♀️


      at first i really did think you was seven but now its like idk but thr yt profile sayin some different ngl u really do sound like seven.

    21. Tavii bee

      nobody here wishing ddg the best...only predicting his downfall...I'd quit KGup too ...tired a ya'll

    22. just Robin

      I mean.... If he can't handle his business as a boss and be in a relationship, then he shouldn't be signing people.

    23. Tayja J

      Ddg didn’t quit KGup just to be a rapper cause he already was a rapper ITS RUBI .. sadly he done fell too hard and lost himself in a way .. he doing things to make her feel secure cause she’s so insecure.. she ain’t doing it for him though , i hope he snaps out this shit . We all care and support him and i hope he gets better regardless ❤️

    24. Otismckenzie36

      I’m sorry But DDG needs to dump Rubi!

    25. Turfez

      She not using him it's more like the opposite drake followed ruby and drake is ddg favourite artist so I think ddg just going with her so he can blow up too

    26. Lucia Young

      I just hate how ddg think his fans don’t know anything. We been said rubi for the streets. She gonna embarrass him fr

    27. Anitra

      LaLa was not lying about covering up for Rubi. Rubi will use DDG and hook up with other industry men and claim they are collaborating.

    28. Anitra

      DDG is a Bonafied Idiot if he lets Rubi interfere with his Zooted Business and making money. He need to stop getting his percentage off of those ladies as well.

    29. Lucia Young

      I know Asian embarrassed😭

    30. Henry Young

      Ddg just need to get away from that drama he didn’t have this drama with Kennedy

    31. Bello Ladan

      "We've got a lot to talk about"

    32. shining lion

      King von need to worry bout his legs first

    33. Ti'Ti Brown

      i’m so confused 😭😭😭😭

    34. LuLu

      It’s crazy that a Young boss like DDG settles for someone like Rubi, he deserves better, he says he know what he’s doing but it doesn’t look that way at all

    35. Goldeymenz04 Yt

      We got allot to talk about 😂❤️

    36. Amari Beezy

      Damn Rubi keep embarrassing this nigga ddg😭😭 she the man in the relationship atp

    37. TaeYoona

      My toddler loves ur into😂😂😂 she tries to sing it whenever im watching ur vids

    38. Isaac Etuk

      See here is the thing I am ddg squad but this mane gonna have to learn I ain't even gonna cap because we told him that rubi ain't it but he says "I dont need help I know what to do I have millions of dollars" then shows off his mansion. While rubi in atl hitting all these other rappers without him knowing and will say she not doing nothing yall just suspicious. Remember when rubi left when she dropped her song she is getting views from ddg.

    39. Bri

      We all blaming rubi cause she won’t let him film but at the same time ddg is a grown ass man, stop being soft and put rubi in her place. It’s business..

    40. Kizzy Hollman

      I luv her intro Kiara shanay is here luv it girl

    41. Konscious

      I don’t care if it’s business or not I’m not letting my girl grind on another nigga that’s all the way dead.😂💯 #thatstuff tho.😬

    42. Vivian

      Seven so mf 💯

    43. Leo got Hopes

      DDG shouldn’t be with rube bc he can’t keep up with the rapper and rube life style it’s had to do both that why he coming back to KGup to get his money back up

    44. Leo got Hopes

      Rube was on wiz

    45. Leo got Hopes

      I said rube and Lala was not going to last before I don’t know why I comment it on you video but I just feel like rube is a big problem

    46. prince Amh

      okay hold up rubi be all on guys in her videos ddg be by himself look at the video wit paidaway to

    47. Heat Lyrics

      this nigga von definitely took her to the O 🗣😂

    48. It’sjustKobe TV

      Who else think ddg need to go to Miami to see Tiana because let’s be honest ddg is never going to find a better girl to treat him right like Kennedy or Tiana 🤷🏽‍♂️

    49. coccygemini89

      It’s bull shit rubi needs to stop it’s not that serious she be doing the most with other niggas she need to knock it off out she is sad shit be business for KGup videos

    50. Young Moptop

      If DDG really gon be a bitch like that let them people out their contracts fr that's fucked up how you gon let a thot fuck up your business and your relationship with friends???

    51. Jordan Byrne

      Damn everybody not a business man

    52. lor Pete1

      DDG going out sad 💯

    53. Naira Gatsby

      DDG kissed Lala before and Riley has come out and said he was hitting on her so I'm not surprised Rubi doesn't want him hanging around Zooted females when there seems to be a trend

    54. Airyanna Grayned

      I think it was nun of her damn business. like she said it wasn't so seven should of never made that video

    55. Quis Shmoov

      Rubi Rose not even a youtuber lol I know she tight cus she aint sign up for this .

    56. Lauren Green

      When shit hit the fan lemme just say I always believed Riley

    57. Sinz1x

      He gotta say she from 63rd

    58. sugagal1987

      At this point Mama Ddg and Dub need to sit Ddg down and talk to him. They the only ones that can stop all of this before its to late and he loses zooted and the little buzz he has going on right now because of the moon walking in Calabasas remix and loses his music career. People are finally starting to take him serious as a music artist and he's messing that all up with Rubi not youtube. Is he going to marry her be with her forever does he see her having his kids ?is she worth it ? Sometimes you have to put love on pause or choose between love and your career. If its real it will always be there. If rubi had to make a choice i believe she would chose her career and the bag.Ddg had radio stations that never have played his music before playing his song saying its 🔥. Sway , hot 97, power 105.1 and etc. Did he do 1 interview with any of these stations ? Did he do any interviews with anyone? Did him and blueface do any interviews or make any appearances together for this song? Did he do anything with Run sumo for the song they Got? Did he do anything besides make some ig post? If he did it wasn't enough. He took a break from youtube to focus on his music career but he got caught up in a bunch of mess that has done nothing for his music career except have him out here looking like a simp. All this mess is helping Rubi's career more then its helping his. Rubi is out here looking like a pimp she arguing over tjay, got king von outside of icebox, got ddg in love, in the studio with a bunch of guys, hanging out with different guys everyday and on onlyfans. Who is advising him ? Who are his real friends? His manager should of been talking to him? Wtf going on?

      1. Ashley York

        His mom agrees with whatever he does.

    59. Yt_bigmwat 12


    60. 1kTempo


    61. Crazy_Fn

      I'm not gon say rubi for the streets cause thats fucked up but like lala said she need to get her head out her ass frfr. She got a nigga ever other week. But if ddg do a video with bre, seven,and Crystal she posting on Twitter 😂 girl really need to pick a man and let ddg go!

    62. ybg broody

      Your channel views grew a lot 🎉👏🏽

    63. Arianna Amerson

      Gotta stop trying to make these hoes housewives I’m js🤷🏾‍♀️ They are only for the 🛣🛣🛣🛣

    64. Anise Westbrook


      1. Kiara Shanay


    65. Demont Bates

      Isn't ybn almighty jay cool with ddg

    66. YaBoi-_-F3RN -

      DDG a simp no cap

    67. The Messenger

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    68. Thomas Garcia

      Nah seven was dum respectful

    69. __ IAMASHER

      when ddg was still doing youtube and he wanted to film but they was slacking

    70. Shanta Spencer

      Yeah let’s keep it 100 Zooted is the shit Rubi Rose Lacasa problems with his company she doing too much she get mad at other people because they talking to that when ready for you so if you can’t get mad she could give me because she was talking to DDG you feel me but he’s not that type of shit Ruby Rose when she died he doing karate shit mess with peoples man I am thinking she could run back to DG all I Gotta say Ruby Rose is nasty

    71. Ceejay

      Zooted definitely has the potential to be something HUGE, he better wake up out of that pussy daze..

    72. Kamaree Coleman

      So So crazy

    73. King Shali

      Respect to DDG for gettin his money, but the nigga a major SIMP.

    74. John Thomas

      That doing a song together lie is tired

    75. Julie Duong

      that "rubi??" at 10:45 took me out hahahaha

    76. K love

      My thing is since von had all of these people outside of ice box and they had video him but why no one has video or pictures of rubi at ice box with von because they was not there together because in her story she was riding in the car with her friend girl and it looks like she is buying ddg a gift for his birthday so when you guys see what rubi was really doing you guys to look stupid because rubi really like ddg

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        Yeah, just how there's no pics, vids of rubi and ddg. But they be at the same place around the same time. Ok

    77. ReiWYD

      Just wanna double check and make sure my info is straight. Seven is with Taliban and she has a baby, Bree is a lesbian, or bisexual, Crystal has a baby too, and Dan is a whole dude. But u let him film with LaLa who is currently taking ur ex... 🤯🤨

    78. Montana ATL

      When DDG get pussy whipped he start acting dumb

    79. Syn Bot

      T.o doesn't know what the word respect means. He need to go finish highschool with his lazy ignorant ass.

    80. Ashley York

      "everytime they were on the outs" .. DDG & Rubi must argue very often

      1. Ashley York

        @llII Seven is basically saying Rubi are on & off a lot

      2. De'mondre Murphy

        @llII Seven said that in her video recently. She said she knew Rubi didn't like her so she could only film vids with DDG "everytime him and Rubi were on the outs". Seven and DDG have done a plenty of collabs since he met Rubi. Which means him and Rubi must break up a lot. 😄

      3. llII

        What you mean by that

    81. Ashley York

      Jay is simply congratulating Kennedy

    82. Sinds93

      Issa whole lotta whole lotta going on... im here for it tho🥴

    83. kenya73

      Lala probably told seven that about Ruby because seven and Ruby was not around each other

    84. Greg

      Once you let a girl affect your business relationships; she gotta go. Rubi doing songs with every rapper but she feels some type of way when he films with the girls in Zooted. Real CEO’s don’t let a thot or a female affect their business. Dimitri and Eric need to sit this boy down and tell him not to let simp DDG get in the way of CEO DDG business relationships and money

    85. kenya73

      This so wrong Rubi was on with her friend driving to ice box look like she's buying something for ddg for his birthday no man was around and all the people in ice box was taking a picture so where was von smh Ruby gets blamed for everything no one have proof that she even now von y'all so quick to spread rumors

    86. Abubakar Donzo

      Yo believe me ddg has more money than von he signed to a fuck label


      Well rappers always bute up on each other in ice box soooo...

    88. chelsea davis

      Ddg Will Never Be Successfully If He Can Let A Female Mess With His Work That Bad... He Will Continue To Be Looked At As A Joke Because Zooted Is His Business Just Like His Music ... He Wanna Be A Rapper But Don’t Know How To Multi Task . What Rapper You Know Get In A Relationship And Just Put Music On Hold??? That’s Like Being The President And Then Get Married And Just Be Like Fuck The Country I’m In Love The Issues Will Be There When I’m Done

    89. shannon h

      He better return to youtube respectfully. I want to see Rubi, seven and crystal in a video together but now that seven and lala are friends idk if that will happen

    90. K love

      In rubi story she was with her friend a girl buying ddg something for his birthday

      1. K love

        @Blvck Lvnd you just run with rumors why everyone has a phone or camera but no one has a picture it's just he say she say

    91. K love

      Every body else has a picture of them and von except rubi so it sounds like cap to me

    92. Kids Club - Let’s Play


    93. Kqshh

      I feel bad for ddg rubi been messing everything up for a while and she always seen with another nigga while ddg stay to his self

    94. Olayemi Titie

      Rubi could be the reason why he deleted his videos with Savannah, and why he unfollowed her on all platforms..

      1. Boutabag

        Olayemi Titie could be?lmao🤣 she definitely the reason

    95. YeetMcSkeetMcBob

      DDG might as well let Rubi go, DDG don’t want no smoke with King Von at all😂

    96. Dierre’s World

      You could tell Rubi didn’t feel comfortable with them cuz of how he acted when Bree did the I like you pranks. Ddg was being kinda rude

    97. Asiah smith

      The whole zoomed team would love ....ken no cap, sorry not sorry :)

    98. Jacob james

      At this point Rubi Rose for the earth , the aliens , everything 😂😂

    99. Tay B

      Fredo and Von are two completely different people. Ddg knows who and not to fw. 💀

    100. Single Tish

      She's all over Wiz Khalifa but DDG can't have a video with zooted.... Woooooooow. What a supportive girlfriend

      1. jr

        Man ddg crazy he need to grow his business f that girl rubi