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    0:00 - Intro
    0:16 - Carmen & Corey
    3:12 - Savannah Speaks Out
    4:03 - DDG & Rubi Rose OMG

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Here 🍿 take some and pass it..


        If rubi does the remix toxic .. ddg got to do rubi h'es felling .. 😂

      2. STEEZY•jt ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

        Thank u

      3. Aquil Stephens


      4. Coundoris Moore

        @Elijah Ussery its called i made a song about Rubi rose. But its their song together

      5. Elijah Ussery

        Coundoris Moore what vlog

    2. nai G

      love & hip hop KGup edition 😂😂😂

    3. TheRoom OfJae

      I'm shocked that some folks would think it's DC herbo trying to talk to Carmen. I would say Rob from Rob and ally. Ally and Carmen favor each other and he might have a type.

    4. puran 1

      Savannah got clout from ddg obviously that's the reason

    5. Power Miller

      Ddg quittin youtube for her 🤣😂

    6. Runitup Mo

      😂 u will be a good detective

      1. Kiara Shanay

        It’s my side hustle 😆

    7. It’s DOPE!

      Kiara Shanay is signed to zooted 😂

    8. LiveShowtime

      I got all the call of duty bunker codes on my channel if y’all need them 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    9. Jekeira Jackson

      This nigga need to hang around Beyoncé. He stay addressing shit which makes it come off as “showing off” which makes him seem super corny 🥴

    10. Tida Saidy

      Wonder what Kennedy doing rn 🥴

    11. Nathan Slagter

      That nigga said they friends still

    12. big pee

      Yeah you kinda see why Kennedy don't fw him no more

    13. Jessia

      Is it just me or is DDG slowlyyyyy fallin off

    14. Nazayr Sorpio_God

      Ddg did say they is still friends, so it’s not that weird for them to be hanging out bruh. Could be back together or just hanging with each other as friends

    15. Quoyah Carballo

      This channel be reaching.

      1. Kiara Shanay


    16. Dream Chills


      1. Kiara Shanay

        ****takes a big scoop out each popcorn bag! 😝💯

    17. ArmaniShanell

      fr 13000 not me. ion care if i am rich.

      1. ArmaniShanell

        i would join your thing for the badge but i don’t have a card so...😹😹

      2. ArmaniShanell

        right. you be be making me so happy when you comment and like my stuff. i wanna have a youtube channel someday i already started.

      3. Kiara Shanay

        If you want to be rich it should always be so you can help others !!!!!

    18. D Mariie

      It was promotion for rubi song they never broke up 🤦‍♀️

      1. Kiara Shanay


    19. Ajauny moore

      Grab yah popcorn folks🍿🍿🍿🍿

      1. Kiara Shanay


    20. Ajauny moore

      It's the thumbnail for me!!.. Love and hip hop yt edition 😂😂💀

      1. Ajauny moore

        @Kiara Shanay Rob wilding 😂🤣

      2. Kiara Shanay

        😂😂😂 #RobDidIt 😂

    21. levan tillett

      God is real people don't take god for granted. Judgement day is coming soon we need to come closer to god.

    22. l R

      The way she kept saying bae 1 million times in one video threw me off like it sounded forced. He just need to focus on himself atp.

    23. fuck every one whores

      Kennedy turned him into a simp and then tossed him to the side she got him acting like this i wished he never met her should have listened to his gut stayed single in 2017

    24. Brandon Scott

      I don't think they were never together this is just a career push

      1. Kiara Shanay


    25. Yellow Synth

      DDG is too rich to be acting like a simp bruh. Look at Seven husband he literally got her while he was in jail with zero work. DDG is out here pulling Women’s carpets and caring she probably thinking what a sucker

    26. A C

      I love svannah. Her videos are so entertaining and genuine

    27. Frosty J

      If you’ve watched all of DDG vlogs then you know that there was a studio session and DDG was a feature in Rubi’s song.

    28. Alberto Mejia

      Bro DDG know what he doing posting shit like that trust me my son good‼️😂😂8:15

    29. a.t_

      Rubi is defo a succubus I don’t need to meet her to know that

    30. Zach Simms

      Is it just me or does she sound like seven???🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Who me!? 😳😳😳

    31. NaturalBe-YOU-tiful

      Why Rubi keep throwing up blood signs? Thats what DDG likes tho??

      1. Kiara Shanay

        LA culture. It’s contagious. 🤓

    32. Xdribblegodx

      She’s in zooted of course they gonna talk about business

      1. Xdribblegodx

        Kiara Shanay yea

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Who Rubi?! 😳😳😳

    33. Official 3ai M


    34. Annie Marjorie


    35. Random Empire

      The break up with Kennedy hurt him so much. He doesn't know how to be in a relationship anymore.

      1. Kiara Shanay


      2. Alfred Siyabonga

        Or maybe he don't wanna catch feelings nomore 😂that breakup really broke him

    36. 2kaay

      Yo the deep breAth before ddg and rubi got me rolling😂😭💔

      1. 2kaay

        @Kiara Shanay they is making it hard for us to follow

      2. Kiara Shanay

        I’m exhausted running after them. 😂😂😂

    37. Jeremy Ferguson

      I hate the new them it’s un mastered n annoying

    38. Single Tish

      They are acting to promote the music videos. I didn't believe the breakup thing DDG and Rubi.

    39. Kizzy Hollman

      Ruby songs r sucks to me

    40. Ebot Anita

      It just funny because after everything no one knows what is going on behind the camera or what going on in their minds . The only thing we can do is just keep speculating , imaging stuff while they get richer and richer everyday may God help us all.

    41. Kizzy Hollman

      Ccgang God bless

    42. Crxzyz

      He was on icebox that’s all he has to say

    43. sexydiva1198

      Carmen just did that Ghetto prank. Im good off the both of them

    44. Carla V

      I think they were never really together actually,they’re vibing together more like a strong bond like a friendship,they troll a lot too and it works very well.That makes a perfect cocktail for each others’ business Talking about Rubi’s song,it’s fire,no matter what people think about her,she has a unique voice,her music video is so dope,she’s gorgeous on the top of all,charisma at its highest!

    45. kashthagreat91

      At this point DDG is the toxic one. They’re both childish as hell. Kennedy been chillin since the break up.

    46. Raqqiyah Palmer

      Omfg I love your husband's intro and out to PERIOD point blank I like his music.

    47. 2trillphill

      Ddg come off lame be he like her more than she like him.

    48. Fred P Abz

      Ive been saying this.. You finally hit the nail on the head, when they met, she said "my business partner" Rubi knows what she likes, she just aint fall for homie in this time. It was orchestrated! Business relationship. They just do this shit to play with yall and blog ppl like Adam22.

      1. Fred P Abz

        @Kiara Shanay As you damn right should! lol All tree of yall can capitalize!

      2. Kiara Shanay

        I’m playing to the BANKKKK ! 🤓💯

    49. Marissa Yvette


      1. Kiara Shanay


    50. Perfect TroLLing

      I can’t get over how in the intro her boyfriend really going off. He better then TO, Smooth Gio, Deshae Frost, Prettyboyfredo.....😂😂😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        CORRECT! 🤓

    51. Baldah Adamzhb

      they are using you all for views they are fake as hell

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I’m getting used on the way to the BANKKKK ! 😂

    52. King Lord Greendro

      DDG and Rubi Rose be trolling about their break up

    53. Syo

      @Kiara Shanay they know what they doing

    54. Daedae pranks gang


    55. Anonymous She

      The only reason y’all keep calling Savannah a clout chaser is because y’all literally have nothing else to say about her. Y’all never see these type of down to earth females and y’all tryna look for bad shit to say but can’t find nun. Like damn why can’t y’all just stop being toxic about shit. She literally thanked him for the exposure, are y’all forgetting this girls dad was really big she don’t need no man to support her and she don’t need money. She doing this cuz WEEE wanted to see more of her yo. Get that through y’all think sculls. Y’all know dean well that baby ain’t no clout chaser Lmaoo df

    56. Anonymous She

      Y’all needs realize ddg playing us. He tryna keep us talking tryna keep drama stirring up. He know Savannah’s is nun but bands he not got pass that up wether he like her or not. She needs be in zoomed or sum man spice things up bro. Only ppl I fw in zooked or I be watching is seven Nd the new chic seem cool. If Savannah’s was in zoomed I’d always watch anything wit her name on it

    57. Anonymous She

      I love Savannah’s so much she’s so unbothered Nd NOT toxic

      1. Anonymous She

        Ace • u should prolly learn the facts first. She didn’t “run off” and she didn’t “take” his clout. Ppl liked her so we followed her n wanted more content from her by herself. Y’all wanna go around calling her amclout chaser y’all will hate on anything and anybody. And she don’t even live near ddg she in college in germany Nd if u think she was finna drop everything to stay over their then u must be young af cuz that’s not how it works. Like how tf did she take his clout she didn’t even wanna do yt till ppl started fuckin wit her. If we ain’t like her she wouldn’t have gotten clout. Get mad somewhere else

      2. J Money

        Ace • u don’t even make sense lol

      3. Bliss

        She took DDG clout and ran off 😂

    58. Sym Taylor

      Damn if DDG/Rubi relationship bothers y'all so much why keep up? Y'all are fans much as y'all hate on them. Checking their every step!

    59. kae kenja


    60. Theresa McLeroy

      Don't mix business with pleasure. My opinion only. Come on think about it, how many followers does DDG have? Rubi Rose link up DDG, her clout level just level up

    61. Kay

      the guy at 5:51 go to his story today. he works with rubi and he was at a restaurant today with a cotton candy drink and that same drink was on ddg story. Im sure rubi was there too she hasnt posted anything though and the restaurant is called saddle ranch in west hollywood, and west hollywood is where rubi been staying (in hotel)

    62. Jahmel’s Gaming

      I hope you get 1.10 million subscribers your the funniest and best news reporter ever 💯 💯💯💯

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Thanks 🥺

    63. Vergil Hutson

      Rob can sing😀

    64. JANNA DON

      I thought he said he dont date females he work with ...then he said the ppl turned it into what they wanted them to be and it's not like that ..as a mother with 2 sons ..I can spot a NO good female for ya son 20,000 miles away. And no cap when he took rubi to meet his mom on that video I can bet a million dollars she thought for a sec it was Kennedy that look on her face told it all. Idc who say what I said what I said and it is what it is...FACTS!

    65. Kim Rhodes

      Yea that's what I said about Savannah, she was here 4 day's and now she's a vlogger...all of them capping...Ddg and Rubi is pulling y'all's leg's

    66. Zamir Bozo

      It’s not a good video until you hear the baby🤣

    67. Ice Mike

      They prolly just “together” for publicity

    68. Jumongi The Apostate

      Ddg dealing with insecurities. If you have to prove to strangers that you got money is insecure

      1. K Breezy

        That nigga is a troll bro😭

      2. Lulu Nzama

        Say it louder plssss

    69. Mesiiah E

      Either DDG and Rubi in a toxic ass relationship or this is their way of marketing themselves, and I don’t know which is worse. This is the same guy who says his fans and social media ruins his relationships yet does this.



      2. Go_Smd

        Mesiiah E FACTS YOU DIDNT LIE!!!! 💯

    70. just Robin

      I'm cool on the whole situation. If we stop checking for him , things might change.

    71. The Hill Family

      DDG and Rubi never broke up

    72. Albn OG


    73. docter J J

      I’m mean it was pretty obvious that they were trolling I don’t know how you fall for that shit

    74. 758 King


    75. Emmanuel Chenny

      They got songs together, the songs just ain’t out tho. But snippets already leaked

    76. Jaybad Entertainment

      ddg should get back with kenndey no cap

    77. Jaybad Entertainment

      rubirose is fucking other nigga

    78. Jaybad Entertainment

      ddg is simping asf

    79. Aquil Stephens

      The troll king and queen strikes again shout out to rob kiara and the premiere gang

    80. Dopeboi Alex


    81. Amandaa Jeoboam

      Wen that intro song will drop

    82. Amandaa Jeoboam

      Cool video

    83. Travonta Armstrong

      They never gone let y’all know cus y’all so damn nosey 😒

    84. Iftikhaar 19


    85. Wavvy Marcus

      Would u rather DDG with Svannah or him with rubi?🥱

      1. Go_Smd

        Wavvy Marcus none. But savanah is better then rubi (in my opinion ) because of her personality but I just don’t see either rubi nor savanah having a family with ddg. Savanah lives in Germany and is busy with her own stuff and she will find someone that will suit her and rubi will be just fw with every rapper in the industry. Ddg don’t fit neither of these girls.

      2. Cynthia P


      3. Wavvy Marcus

        Marian Barker I mean if a relationship was 1+ year that mean it lasted rub and him doesn’t seem to well like it would last y because just like every other female that ain’t last they are arguing non stop and breaking up way too much just for them to just had started dating🤷🏽

      4. Marian Barker

        Wavvy Marcus none of his relationships lasted now what ?

      5. Wavvy Marcus

        Marian Barker why I care cause I was one of the first 1 thousand people to sub to ddg so he like my virtual brother😂 through thick and thin I know every female he ever messed with the ones like rubi didn’t last💀

    86. smoothlife08

      It like you guys don’t understand her song is “ In his feelings,” it’s a stunt to promote. It goes with her song. Also it gives him exposure. Plus, his song toxic...

    87. Walkie 09

      DDG trrping if it was him I would of chose German girl

      1. jae26hood

        he wanted a girl with her own clout to help him get more music exposure.

    88. Knowledge Is power

      DO U HAVE TO PAY TO OPEN YOUTUB ACCOUNT???? You boy used her

    89. Lil Tweaky White

      DDG is not on Instagram so he’s trolling??? What! He’s not on Instagram? Are u serious

    90. Sidney Lewis

      I think DDG and RUBI Rose relationship is based on a daily theme.They both is trying to reach a certain peak in their careers.I don't believe either one is really ready for a serious relationship or trying to settle down right now.They probably just enjoy each other's company.

      1. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @droid Astros that's what's up, so i guess it will be Rubi's lost if she let's DDG go.

      2. Rob Tuffy

        @Rahshaan Muhammad lol 😆 😂 🤣

      3. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Rob Tuffy that ain't what she said in a recent video DDG posted, lol.

      4. Rob Tuffy

        @Rahshaan Muhammad DDG got a lil p p she wants a tough dude lol

      5. Rahshaan Muhammad

        she might be into hood dudes, but she know the deal when she with them and that she has a problem with, Rubi really wants to be with a hood nice guy, if that makes sense.

    91. 22.mdy__

      Honestly it feel like they just a business thing cause every time something happen they got a song or video coming out

    92. Anise Westbrook


    93. Michael Rice

      Rubi is a mutated toxin that DDG DID NOT NEED . I love ddg but this girl AINT IT. 💯

      1. Go_Smd

        droid Astros nah he ain’t an angel either. He childish when it comes to relationships, always running to social media.

      2. Go_Smd

        Sosa Art preach 💯

    94. idelson guimino

      Ddg wanna drop an album

    95. SugaBear Parks


    96. Daaimah Aleem

      Corey about as real as a $4bill when it comes to God. He the one playing with God.

    97. Itsmyx

      I honestly don’t think savannah should start getting into drama cause people are gonna start calling her a clout chaser

      1. Chad Klein

        Kiara Shanay wym bra?not savannah stop it✋🏽

      2. Anonymous She

        Kiara Shanay mm. Who u talking bout.

      3. Kiara Shanay

        They do anything for clout!!!!

    98. Norap Cap

      If they rlly acted like they was in a relationship instead of trolling all the time it would be so much better

    99. ManLike Fredd

      This nigga really just using us to get streams that’s all he care about. Loosing interest lowkey

    100. Hart Fantom

      DDG the only youtuber I know who create careers and catch hate for trivial shit lol. Crazy