Kiara Shanay

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      🚨 m.kgup.info_channel/UCOT6n_JNK6gxK2aQ3TrtBdw?noapp=1

      1. Joseph Sanchez

        Kiara Shanay 😂

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Joseph Sanchez yooooo

      3. Joseph Sanchez

        Wassup woeee

    2. Rae Rose

      The Karen’s 🤣🤣 I laughed too kiara

    3. Angelina Avalos


    4. Ceejay

      Cid is a joke at this point 😤 Issa no for me.

    5. Love W

      TheExtraPlug is stealing "We got a lot to talk about " in the intro but 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    6. Jasmine Mccone


    7. kevin jansen

      Can you please talk fast you talk slow asf

      1. kevin jansen

        @Kiara Shanay if you say so😴😴😴 i think you talk slow to get the 10 min😅😅😅

      2. Kiara Shanay

        My speaking is perfect-oh! 😁

    8. Jay Jones BLM

      Every body human if I was in mall minding my business and someone put a camera I’m pushing they ass to🤷🏾‍♂️💯

    9. Michael Crawford

      Kind Cid and Bre just in a toxic relationship. Her pussy nuclear

    10. DrummerBoi _Barii

      She really ran up on yb that’s her fault like really

    11. Dirtbag Squad

      I don’t know if ddg situation with rubi and tjay or this one smh.

    12. Dirtbag Squad

      How another guy answer the phone in her hotel room then.

    13. Dirtbag Squad

      If your girlfriend is moving strange and doing strange things it’s means she’s cheating. Hey mane your partner is the shoulder u lean on.

    14. Juss Fayth

      Love getting high and tuning into the videos

    15. K-L

      NBA can sue that girl right back for taking a video of him without permission

      1. Jordan S

        K-L have you seen all of these Karens who tried to sue someone recording them and it failed miserably?

      2. K-L

        Jordan S you can, it’s just used when someone is upset by it

      3. Jordan S

        You can't...

    16. Webster Newman

      He aint hit her he just moved her out da way

    17. Christopher Torres

      You right she didn’t have a broken neck. She said fractured spine which is ten times worst

    18. RastaImposter

      5:59 was cringe asf🤦‍♂️😒

    19. Damia Sights


    20. Chase Williams

      We finna act like she don’t have 9.7M

    21. Anise Westbrook


    22. Celebrity IG-Lives

      Anybody who sees this comment you are going to achieve all your goals and be successful in life.🙏💯🙏💯

    23. Poppa Smurf

      Social distancing is a real thing...... cant be walking up on ppl you dont know like that. He got kids and family like everybody else

    24. YGG Ghost


    25. Saffia Gigo

      Kiara shanay is the one you dobt wanna watch everyday but just have to 😂

    26. Uyaze Antonio

      Well done youngboy, put dem ignorant fans in check 👏

    27. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang

    28. That Dude

      He said in the first video he called Bres riim and a dude answered???? Now its a

    29. Balla Swanson

      Cid didn't explain the part about him saying when he called a dude answered the phone...😂😂. Guess he was lying and trying to sway public opinion in his favor. Smh. Lol

    30. G G

      On Akademiks it has audio and the full thing she asked for a picture he says no she asks ask again he say nah then she start recording anyways she lucky it wasn’t dababy her ass would of been sleep

    31. worldstardancing

      The people that support you you gonna do a fan like that fuck yb

    32. chelsea davis

      king cid always believe everything someone else say instead of the people who really there for him. like instead of going to them and asking he always jumps to social media he can live without it then get mad when people in his business he the one that put his own shit out there hes a child and needs to grow up and handle shit like a grown man

      1. Aaliyah Gisele


    33. ReggieReg

      Not gone cap her cry face look fake af

    34. Treasure Monae

      Kiara shannaaayy is HERE😛.

    35. Nesta Joseph

      KIARA Shanay is here KIARA Shanay is heree 😍 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    36. goblin

      Wait ivo is straight?

    37. Yung JD

      She cheated he just tryna not look like a simp

      1. Big baller Jah

        Lets all remove the "king" from his name

      2. Big baller Jah

        Cid is a certified simp

    38. IAMGHOST

      I'm not picking sides, but I wish my girl would be in the bed with another nigga and try and tell me "It wasn't like that" MAN ain't nobody trying hear that, idc if yall was reading bed time stories, My girl should never be in the bed with another nigga period

    39. Carla V

      Cid is sick & abusive,he’s mad slow above all....his IQ must be under 100😶

    40. It’sjustKobe TV

      Cid said when he got to the hotel and called up to the room a dude pick up he never explained that

      1. It’sjustKobe TV

        Jion Mac how u know that?

      2. Jion Mac

        He was lying!!!

    41. H.A.G Life

      Let’s get straight into the video, *says the same exact thing 4x*

    42. cal Fergusson

      He said that he called the room and a man picked up the room phone. She had to be in the shower when he called her. I don't know someone tell me.

      1. Carla V

        He’s contradicting himself,lost in his own lies!

    43. samara gabrielle

      the “i cheated on my gf” video was actually him & bre doing a prank on her little brother. i was watching it then outta nowhere he deleted it🤦🏽‍♂️.

      1. samara gabrielle

        Angelina Avalos as soon as it was the good part it cut it 😐🤦🏽‍♂️

      2. Angelina Avalos

        Dang was it good or cringey??

      3. Aaliyah Gisele

        SAME 🙄

    44. JacobIsComp_ FN

      Yea he was wrong but he did it cause he doesn’t want nobody to know who that girl was

    45. Raqqiyah Palmer

      East side who??? Now y in tf was she ever with this UGLY ass, Angry ass dude in the first place?????😑

    46. Your averageSeth

      Did u hear about the bombing in leb something kiara u should look at it

    47. iNeedKush

      She was definitely getting piped by someone else

    48. Sym Taylor

      Kindcid is a boy that have the brain of a 4 year old. He have a tantrum everytime things don't go his way. He has abusive vibe tendency, then he have the heart to blame dymond for the way he acts in a relationship. Clown! He embarrassed him and his girl, both need to go away! 😴

      1. LC

        He doesnt think ,he cant handle situations properly .smh🤦🏽‍♂️

    49. ram69able

      Can we all agree Cid is CONTROLLING he have to control the narrative has nothing to do with trust issues woe

      1. Carla V

        ram69able agreed💯

      2. ram69able

        @Carla V facts bc he have 3 women saying he's either physically or verbally abusive n all 3 can't be lying

      3. Tgns Sphere

        Facts woe

      4. Carla V

        He’s sick and abusive!

    50. Janoy JDASquad


    51. Timothe Litumba

      Can you stop talking to the last person you talking too

    52. Wyquanza Jordan

      Yo kiara shanay u got to move yo @ from right there I can’t even read some of the stuff u put on like u be getting me so mad when u do that lol

      1. Wyquanza Jordan

        Kiara Shanay thx for the like woe

      2. Kiara Shanay

        My bad Woe

    53. Supacif YT

      He put his hands on her because he told her not to record him and she still did so it's not his fault tbh

      1. Uyaze Antonio

        Carla V tf

      2. Carla V

        Christopher Torres we shouldn’t even respond at this point :)

      3. Carla V

        Uyaze Antonio still not working since my name was mentioned SIR.You’re too polite,that’s a real pleasure😘😂

      4. Christopher Torres

        anne floerchinger don’t got to be Einstein to not be dumb and uneducated

      5. Uyaze Antonio

        Carla V stfu “ buddy “ I’m Reffering in general , not DIRECTLY YOU , prime example the incident in the video

    54. Ben Fam

      Intro 🔥

    55. KGN Clan


    56. agbtinashe _

      he deleted it i was watching while it was premiering and he deleted it right in the middle of me watching lmaooo

      1. Aaliyah Gisele


      2. Chinaza Izuakor


    57. Bloxy Girlzzz

      I love the intro tho 💕

    58. Mark Gooloe

      Letssssss goooooo kiaraaaa so much love for ya growthhhhh good luck 🤟🏾💯💯❤️

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Thanks 🤟🏾

    59. jermain gallemore

      First baby

    60. jermain gallemore


    61. F.B.I

      First comment