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21 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Queen Naija & Clarence VS Leslie
    8:51 - Deshae Frost Accuses Jordyn Of Cheating
    10:55 - Carmen & Corey VS Mollie

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Shady Playz


    2. Moriah Brooks

      You missed your chance to insert 1:40 Ross from friends screaming "WE WERE ON A BREAK"😂😂😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Whoops 😂

    3. Bratty Fit

      It was his intent to do videos with Leslie but there relationship was ending and they both knew it was bad that was the point of the break.

    4. Kim drama

      He try leslieines first

    5. Xavier Clay

      Congrats to ddg he didnt make it to dis video ....

    6. Jekeira Jackson

      “I do” doesn’t mean be a dummy, don’t have self love or self worth baby. That don’t give you the right to be someone’s fool. Corey been taking advantage of her for the longest smfh

    7. Jekeira Jackson

      That’s karma on Deshae part cause he did BOTH his gfs dirty honestly

    8. Odessa Davis

      Clarence have made video u need watch

    9. Mpho Motsoane

      Carmen stresses me tf out!!!

    10. It’s Quanda

      Y’all make me not wanna get married because that I do be having y’all fucked up seriously

    11. Jo’Anna G.

      You messssy 😭😭😭 I love ittttttt . I peeped that too sissss

    12. Lexx Anah

      How do y’all know if that video Carmen posted wasn’t something that was pre recorded ...

    13. Kp HVY

      Yo Carmen is 2018 queen if she didn’t have a brain 🤷🏾‍♂️

    14. Sharai McIntosh

      I definitely feel like Clarence grew to love her. But, shit fucked up still. Hurt people hurt people

    15. YoBoy SPADE

      DeShae has done ALOT for Jordyn. I wish a bih would get on the internet and act as if they don't APPRECIATE wtF i did for them...😳

    16. YoBoy SPADE

      You are absolutely right about the vibes between Queen and Clarence. He didn't want her st first. He just wanted to SMASH! He thought he was 'too cute' for her. Looking at his self in the camera and sh*t but slowly/gradually he began connecting with her because he knew she was getting that 'paper'. I remember that!

    17. YoBoy SPADE

      This "Make Up To Break Up" this is just a part of what SOCIETY does, that's not life!

    18. Brunella Karara

      Carmen is so dumb fr, how can she be with that man after all he did? No sense

    19. Donnell Jenkins

      Leslie bad as fuck thou

    20. Anthony silva power squad

      Queen sugar momma lmfao business 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. BJ Turner

      Chris wrote the book😭😭😭😭

    22. BJ Turner

      Kiara watch Clarence video can’t believe Leslie until you hear both sides of the story

    23. Joee G

      Deshae best stop playing his jit just my type 🌚

    24. Unityyy

      I don't think she cheated on Chris and this is just my opinion but if she did sooooooo fucking what.... That man publicly embarrassed her and didn't gaf so 🤷🏼

    25. niqniq76

      I guess saying “I Do” means “I will...putting up with all your shit no matter what.” Who is telling this girl Carmen that it is ok to deal with a cheating, dishonest spouse just because you said “I Do”? I wanna know who I responsible? Smh if you knew better youd do better. Pray for her sanity yall causebits clear she done lost her mind.

    26. Nifty OK

      Her goofie ass trynna play innocent🤣🤣

    27. thebadkid.Vlogger.

      It’s So crazy Clarence and Cory Gemini 😂😂😂

    28. Say Liilk

      moddagod wrote it

    29. TY_HypeMoney 1

      Yo for the first time ddg not in the video

    30. Taelor Mattison

      Sorry to say it 😂

    31. Taelor Mattison

      Leslie look better

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        You're absolutely right! Looks SHOULDN'T matter but one of the MAIN reasons EVERYONE hooks up with ANYONE in this society is mainly because of their LOOKS first/how they look to people! Idc how that sounds, it's the TRUTH! Until someone/something changes that, that's how it will always be....

      2. Ebot Anita

        That were some of you will always get it wrong that looks doesn't matter.

    32. Rhoda Parks

      she said she didn't cheat! "how could i cheat with a photographer"-jordyn

    33. Kingthegreatest

      Ummmm anyways queen Naija debut album drops 10.30 🧡

    34. Lunaticft_

      Clarence is an opportunist and queen is low key an home wrecker cus if she never messaged Clarence Clarence could have been successful with Leslie and tbh if Leslie would have been sneaked out she would have been exposed all this to the internet

    35. Lunaticft_

      Queen low key a home wrecker

    36. cher

      You need to watch clarence video

    37. YkdatsAj !

      Y everybody doing allat😂😭😭

    38. It’s Lex

      All I gotta say is clearance is good at acting .

    39. Thatrealiljayy

      She was even talking about this shit in ha songs cuz y’all don’t be listening

    40. summer english

      I miss Chris and queen , she changed so much not her self

    41. TaiiGuapTV

      She dum as hell

    42. Ashlee. Semone

      Carmen sound dumb fuck that marriage get the fuck out of it

    43. Kaydin Clarke-Power

      The Goat Kiara Shanay

    44. Simply Bonita

      Please watch Clarence’s video.

    45. Lisa Paige

      Honey I do don’t mean shit just like a ring don’t mean shit gurl you sound stupid it’s respect over love tf your weird and dumb kids don’t think it’s ok to get cheated on over and over that’s not coo at all

    46. MeTee

      But did y’all watch his video too tho?? 👀

    47. Goofball

      So queen hit up Clarence while she was with Chris? I guess bro was right when he said she had to be talking to Clarence cuz she moved on to fast

      1. Renenb13

        Yeah she was talkin to Clare chris already cheated tons of times she was keeping her options open

      2. Big Drip

        He cheated on her a bunch of times and broke her heart. She been wanted out of that relationship

      3. L3gendary Z

        He been cheat on her and once a woman said she’s Done she’s done!

      4. Unityyy

        They were separated but if she did who cares Chris was already cheating on her and getting caught and not caring, their relationship was over 💁🏼

      5. Arianna

        They were separated

    48. Jay Gld

      Y’all gotta watch Clarence video first before his showed more proof

      1. Jay Gld


    49. Gary Mack Jr

      Clarence made that money move, He got with queen so he could get clout and money. 🤷🏿‍♂️

      1. Renenb13

        Even if he did doesn't mean he doesn't genuinely love her now

    50. Frederick Butler

      You should have waited to come out with this video talking about queen and Clarence. Clarence went in on his Ex.

    51. Jai kole

      I know what "I do" means...It doesn't mean stay in a relationship when you been cheated on buku times. Respectfully.

    52. Arianna Amerson

      Carmen posted that long paragraph🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ If you not leaving him just say that😹

    53. Jai kole

      danm she ddg with the ads haha, good vid

    54. unknownbillionaire

      Wow a video without DDG

    55. Shampree Staffney

      Clarence put out a video clarifying everything with receipts of their DMs

    56. Dirtbag Squad

      I just drop Clarence video I give him more respect after this, he drop the mic on his ex and her dad lol.

      1. Trevel Francis

        Yup lol

    57. Anise Westbrook


    58. Mieyki K

      Clarence just did a video abt Leslie. Its really good. Do a video on that. He debunked some things Leslie said with receipt.

    59. Tamone Logan

      Come on that nigga is a pimp

    60. LetsTalk AboutIt

      Clarence was already blowing up tho.....

      1. Neissa Germain


    61. Craig Thomas

      Jordyn seems like she's so unbothered by her and Deshae's break up. Once a female get to a point where they dont care anymore the relationship is done! They're both young, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Might be best to move on.

    62. Isaiah Stevens

      No cap I miss Chris and queen😂

      1. Bratty Fit

        U prob miss the image portrayed in the videos. But behind closed doors Queen was going through hell

      2. Yeliah Thompson

        Hey may I ask why????

    63. K love

      Its sounds like he didn't want want queen but she got pregnant and he stayed because Leslie was barren i think clearance told queen of Leslie issue and that's why queen tried to get pregnant right away

    64. BrooklynGurl

      Who killed pac and biggie? Who shot meg ? Who wrote the book? 🤯🥴

      1. Jai kole


    65. Jasmine Corrin

      Carmen getting her karma from the niq and king situation

    66. Dorian _hunt2007

      All bangers in 2020 noti gang

    67. Maya L

      Carmen baby ya man don’t even know what “I do” mean girl please . And yea she make him feel hell when he makes mistakes, cool but she STILL end up taking him back so he’s not learning anything , she’s showing him that he can do anything to her and still have her.

    68. Deneesha Morgan

      Clarence video is damn good! He did damn good explaining himself. I only watched 10 mins.

      1. Deneesha Morgan

        @K love We are to invested into their lives. I really don’t care. Just let them be happy

      2. K love

        @Deneesha Morgan my thing is clare claims that he was a hustler smh and got with queen and she was what he needed not Leslie right ? Why because he gets with queen he doesn't have to hustle for anything every thing was given to him he even is talking about queen albums smh if queen didn't have this then what because as I see it when he was with Leslie he was hustling and making his clothes etc but queen came and took his man card and now he happy spending and buying everything with no responsibility of his on he just started his youtu.be recation Channel smh queen has handicap clare made him less of an man because he doesn't do what he needs for the future because everything doesn't last forever

      3. Dirtbag Squad

        @K love just like any other woman would do lol.

      4. Jay Gld

        @Deneesha Morgan exactly

      5. Deneesha Morgan

        @K love I just watched the whole video. My view about him changed. I respect him now. My problem with him was the lack of affection, but he cleared that up. He also cleared those rumors up that you speak of. His video was deep. Him and Queen are both blessed.

    69. Leah Seals

      Whoever wrote the book started a lot of shit 😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        4real tho 😭

    70. Velvet Lox

      They both lied about cheating. And came out when the coast was clear to finally say they’re together.

      1. Velvet Lox

        @Renenb13 The reason I said this is ... where was this energy for Queen all this time? We never saw anything close to what he said in any of his videos. I think he’s just 🧢🧢🧢. Hopefully I’m wrong.

      2. Velvet Lox

        @Vyzn I did and it seem like he was capping throughout the video. Where was this energy for Queen all this time? It took a fake book to bring out his “ Real Feelings” 🧢🧢 I don’t believe him but I really hope I’m wrong.

      3. Renenb13

        @Velvet Lox true

      4. Velvet Lox

        @Renenb13 we’ll see eventually if it is real love on his part. NY can be opportunist on the low. 👀

      5. Renenb13

        They were both in a grey area with their mate & gave each other a chance/fell in love

    71. Bob Mcgee

      that nigga corey cheated idc and carmen is stupid for staying with him idc if she says she makes him feel it what does she do not give him pussy not cook does she yell and hit him that’s not gonna teach him anything whatever you won’t do the next woman will

    72. Jasmine Corrin

      Hope Leslie get that bread💸, get they heads☠️ and leave 😝✌🏽Clare bear wants his checks off rumors let Leslie get hers too

    73. Bob Mcgee

      deshae and jordyn are the main reason that friends shouldn’t date

    74. Bob Mcgee

      but what clout did clarence need when he was already ig famous queen new about him meaning he has some type of clout

      1. Bob Mcgee

        @Joey_ Breezy so is hilarious but streaming isn’t a talent and being spiritual isn’t a talent i’m just saying 80% of these youtubers aren’t talented and that’s ok

      2. Joey_ Breezy

        @Bob Mcgee so is actually funny streams and hes in the 2k community thats his content now hes on his spiritual vibe

      3. Ms. Utopia

        You must be young dude. If you don't understand that

      4. Cynthia P

        @Briannaa1016 exactly

      5. Briannaa1016

        @K love We could see it was just business clare wanted to get both of them in his clothes.He defended Chris mutiple times in the video.They both were going through a hard time and they bonded.

    75. Dirtbag Squad

      Corey is a big cheater his karma coming and Carmen gonna take half of his investments watch lol.




        @Kiara Shanay lol fr but you already are

      2. Kiara Shanay

        I’m trying to get some.

    77. Dirtbag Squad

      What u got a whole clout and sponsorship wtf these females always say they never get nothing from a famous person. Can’t be giving these females clout they ungrateful just like how Kennedy was with ddg. Like ddg never help her that’s tuff. Simp loses again

    78. K love

      Just feel bad for queen because he admitted that he was looking at queen as business and queen saw clearance for much more and its sounds like clearance told queen that Leslie couldn't have kids and queen trap him with a pregnancy

    79. Dirtbag Squad

      Queen been cheating on Chris that’s why Chris blocked him on her ig.

      1. Tooskijay Feg

        No cap

    80. Dirtbag Squad

      Carmen and Kennedy been for the streets the truth coming out slowly but surely.

    81. Happy To be living

      Just cuz you check him at home doesn’t change what he continuously keeps doing sooooo she has no argument.

    82. MackGee ATL

      Mrs. Steal your man

    83. Dirtbag Squad

      Queen left her baby to go cuddle up with Clarence in a basement but she’s a fit mother lol.

    84. Dirtbag Squad

      Awwww Clarence and her ex finally gets closure lol

    85. Dirtbag Squad

      Clarence pulled a all time high female break up space situation on his ex lol

      1. Joshua Hecharr00


    86. Dirtbag Squad

      Queen body fake and Kennedy body fake. No one gonna believe fake body people

    87. Dirtbag Squad

      Someone said ddg ex essence confronted him on wh6 she cheated on him

    88. Sima Gaming

      Yall her album is literally coming out 10/30...

      1. Black is not a color

        I care💁🏽‍♀️

      2. C-money4x

        Like I care

      3. Mpho Motsoane

        Who? Queen?

      4. ꧁꧂SᏗPPHIRᏋ DIᏗMᏬ ND꧁꧂

        This is great promo 🤣🤣

    89. Shawntae Lanase

      This is just business Clarence is an opportunists queen just dumb sorry not sorry he love that money

      1. Shawntae Lanase

        @Queen Smith Exactly

      2. Shawntae Lanase

        @Leah Seals After having the baby probably

      3. Queen Smith

        The ppl been saying that about him since the very beginning (her family included). He definitely is a opportunist and queen was the perfect victim.

      4. Shunta Hawthorne

        She not dumb she know this nigga ain't shit she just lusting it's her crush so she down for whatever.

      5. K love

        @Leah Seals not love but love for the money and his first born queen had this planned when clearance told queen that his girlfriend can't have a baby so queen trick him and got pregnant

    90. Geico

      🤨Clarence moved on, bitch need to do the same end of story 🤦🏾‍♂️

    91. Malia Broussard

      Early 💕

    92. Gaming with Luh Ysl Jaii

      So is that Ayden momma ?

      1. Maya L

        Nope that not her.

    93. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Kiara shanay is here , kiara shanay is here ! 🗣️⚠️

    94. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Boyy kiara you really been on this tea lately , thanks girl ✊🏽

    95. VHS Kara

      EARLY GANG 🤟🏾🖤

    96. Only1Doobie

      His ex wrote the book an changed a few things up to cover her tracks

    97. As jones

      I always thought he was using her he Definitely wasn't feeling her Queen back then

      1. Tooskijay Feg

        No cap

    98. T beezy

      No they were not public it was a secret .🧐

    99. FunnyComa

      I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life......

      1. Yung St4r

        Yeah but I'm not liking your comment 🙂

      2. AMS


    100. hungryethiopianchild

      Clout Bear we all know that's immaculate CAP🎩