Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Jania & Devin Are Engaged
    7:40 - IG Model Puts Chris Sails On Blast
    10:48 - Nique Spotted At Fredo Bang's House

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    1. Brittany Young

      I had to learn count every boy or ex name on you and let me know if you still with I'll wait🤔 ?? I bet nope

    2. Carolyn Norris

      Just one

    3. diane long

      Jania gonna get hurt again She always gets her man tatted smh So get married and stfu I bet it won't work Lol She still got feelings for YB so when she listens to YB music wtf devin doing oh being a SIMP LOL This too shall pass She feels she can't be alone that's not good

    4. She love Prxda

      ion even know why that was necessary to post it lmaoo

    5. lawreignsupreme

      I have 2 Queens names on me and both names belong to my duaghters

    6. prettygyrlny

      Leave my lil cuz alone like fr she young beautiful and if you could trade places w her you would so move around, if you don't like Jania or what she does why watch her?? Y'all so weird and my boo got a big ring 💍 where yours at?? 😂😂😂 Miserable and wishing you only could ....

    7. DDJ Reacts

      Social Medias is complete weird asf right now and that why i on't be getting on it too much as i used to 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, oh yea since you ain't know, Kiara Shanay, that tat on the right or left side of her face is for "Youngboy" both of them have matching tattoo together, look it up if you think i'm cappin

    8. Lizzy Swift305

      Y’all judge Jania like y’all better than her. She suffered a lot so who are y’all to tell her how to move. If she want to tattoo 100 names on herself so fucking what. Knowing you sitting behind the screen with a life twice as fucked up.

    9. Keyona B.

      Yes Chris is in everyone’s DM’s🤦🏾‍♀️😂 but if that was an “insider” between her and her friends, then she would have posted it on her close friends or in a group chat. But Chris didn’t have to curse her out, he could have said something different.

    10. imStillDavis

      Nique in a bonnet, at FREDO alr know what time it was😏🥴

    11. Shartae Fulton

      Everyone gone have some to say at this point

    12. YoBoy SPADE

      Nique and Fredo got a thang going on...

    13. YoBoy SPADE

      These KGuprs are ruing their OWN lives. They worried about the WRONG things. They responding to people who could care LESS about them...

    14. Big Wolf Records

      Instagram girl lame af

    15. Loxx byRah

      What happened to kentrell name on her face ? Is it covered or is it removed permanently???

    16. Treezy

      Chris and Corey both needa take a break from social media

      1. whosPres

        really y’all don’t know there life cuz really we never know everything they do could be for social media

    17. Kimberly Simmons

      On God the only person name tatted on me is my mom’s name and my name 😇.

    18. Purple Love

      O an married

    19. KiingSaySoTv

      chris right that gurb just wanted some clout smh

    20. SWP_JAY8195

      Only reason she marryin boul cuz nba locked up

    21. racquel jay

      Key word in this video was “At the end of the day”

    22. ZO29

      Aye so who is this Jania what does she do

    23. Armoni Benjamin

      It’s not really y’all opinion what she do with her body are life And they was together for a while befor going public they got caught by fans

    24. Sugagal

      Chris Sails has been black balled and blacklisted by youtube, the music industry, tv, and probably alot of other places .

      1. revolver agz

        Right, he can’t do anything even if he has good intentions without getting thrown under the bus... tho it is his fault but damn

    25. Tee Tee

      Getting a tattoo of your mate is a curse to the relationship. I was happy when my sons soon to be ex put his name on her, now I’m just waiting for the break up. 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Tee Tee

        @BriaGabe Vlogs I am wishing positivity into his life. They argue all the time....very toxic. Speak on what you know to be true.

      2. BriaGabe Vlogs

        How are you wishing negativity into your own sons life.? Smh.

    26. BOTTOMS UP

      Nique is dem gyal

    27. Akeem Park

      I have no tattoo

    28. Joey_ Breezy

      Jania is one of those ppl who needs someone there so she isnt alone

      1. DisDatSplahhh H

        So does youngboy the nigga got 7 kids from 4 different women and he ain’t even 22 yet😭

    29. CrownQueen Chan

      Nannn, no more cuz it’s covered up but my baby daddies got mine plastered, still 😂😂😝

    30. GH Sense

      Females smh, she will be the same female who will come out a couple of months later to say how he did her dirty. You females never learn thinking you can keep and change these types of men.

    31. Neerod Ryan

      This isn’t something to be exposed for, y’all want attention so bad to the extend of posting like what, sis it’s just a dm he didn’t say nothing bad or do anything. Exposing this days is lame asf

    32. Craig Thomas

      There was no reason to post private dm's unless you're trying to embarrass someone. Then when she gets backlash she want to say its just a joke. She made herself look immature and foolish

      1. Big Wolf Records

        Exactly she lame af

    33. Marquis !

      Chris tryna mess with bow wows old work🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    34. Flexunivers3

      Kiara back again with the best tea🔥🔥🔥🚀

    35. III

      She wanted fame off his name

    36. Juicy Ting

      I have 3 names 😑😩🙏

    37. III

      She ain’t have to post that

    38. Kizzy Torres

      Jania is so. Beautiful

      1. GH Sense

        Need your eyesight tested

    39. JBIRD35

      Kiara just wanted to take time out and appreciate all the videos you put out , keep up the good work

    40. youroneonlyfam23 akasimple

      She didn't have to post there dms what was the point of that tho but ig

      1. Big Wolf Records

        She lame af

    41. Runitup Mo

      Prayers up for Chris that man goin thru hell rn may Allah guide him

      1. Runitup Mo

        @DT KEITH Allah means god u idiot

      2. DT KEITH


    42. Almost FamousTV

      Is that bow wow ex ?

      1. kyle LAWSON


    43. Pretty Gotti

      Besides her being engaged, Jania lowkey was speaking real shit in that live tho.

    44. Kimani Thomas

      11:21 whats that fredo song?

      1. Kimani Thomas

        @Tyler Wade thanks

      2. Tyler Wade

        It drops Friday click up

    45. Anthony Charles

      I’m a big fan

    46. Chicho Johnson


    47. Deelive601

      gotta watch out for chris tho. fam might commit. i hope not tho

    48. Vonte

      I ain’t gone lie she ain’t even have to post that she want clout 🤷🏽‍♂️

    49. Made in NoLa

      The name shit & ain’t & if you do choose to do that’s some been together for 6 years shit

    50. Only1Doobie

      She talking bout “yo shit not together you can’t give me advice” it’s relationship advice not business

      1. Only1Doobie

        @sun shine people gone tell you where they went wrong in they life situations, you either gone learn from what they told you they experienced or make the same mistakes

      2. sun shine

        If people are not in a successful relationship/marriage then they shouldnt be given out relationship advice

    51. Jeremy Ferguson

      Corey wrong cause if a nigga do it he lame af

    52. Anise Westbrook


    53. Kara

      If Devin doesn't tatted her name then she delusional they should had got the tattoo together like her and Kentrell did in 2017 but that's my so get mad about my opinion 😂😂✌🏾

      1. Kara

        @Black Jesus when did I said I wanted to be his babymama I Never said it so stop putting words in my mouth and stop @ me it's very simple

      2. Kara

        @Black Jesus Never said I wanted to be a babymama dumbass and I'm not a groupie so STFU and stop responding to me🤡🤡 and stop putting words in my mouth😒😒

      3. Kara

        @Black Jesus Not if I deleted the comment Beacuse your comment was a waste of time and energy and it wasn't dumb but ight 🤡😂✌🏾

      4. Kara

        @Black Jesus what's was the reason for you to respond to my comment if you didn't like what I said then why you comment under my comment for 🤔😂🤡

      5. Kara

        @Black Jesusyou don't have to know him personally to call him by his real name dumbass and are you mad or something 😂🤔 and I don't want to be his babymama so STFU and all his Female Frans call him by his name first name 🤡

    54. brittny jones

      My only thing is for her to go and do that not too long after they broke up for whatever reason was an ignorant decision. But she is grown and she will make mistakes ... hopefully she learns and it won’t be after she’s got a males name dictionary permanently tattooed all over her

    55. Go_Smd

      I’m surprised nique and Fredo cool again? After he acted like he ain’t know her. And she ignoring him on live. 🤔 crazy. Well whatever makes them happy 😂.

      1. House of Isooto

        I think they been effin with folks to keep em out guessing tbh😂 It never gave me war vibes and all that blushing he did on the Breakfast Club? Yeaaaaa I didn't believe that had an issue...

      2. Shay Shay

        I mean he did claim her on his breakfast interview. He seem like he too damn jealous, so whenever she with King he act out

      3. Sick Individuaal

        At this point she likes being disrespected

    56. Go_Smd

      Chris sails keep getting exposed left to right he can’t catch a break 😭.

      1. Shay Shay

        That girl was corny asf for that though

      2. Cyrunix

        "Dont think about it too much"

    57. Buxlds

      She tells them to vote for fredo but not her own cousin ddg

      1. Buxlds

        @J Scott no they been did like 2 years ago ddg had said they were cousins

      2. Keyontay Blaze

        Fredo bang been rapping for years before gee money died

      3. Shay Shay

        Y’all do too much she have posted DDG music and use to always post King music. If She want to tell people to vote Fredo she can.

      4. Sick Individuaal

        @GH Sense no they really are cousins lmao. Ddg said it a couple years ago in a smash or pass video.

      5. GH Sense

        That ain't her cousin, it was a lie, they just casually hooked up and made an excuse so you fans won't talk

    58. Draco.Capalot

      Nle had da choppa

    59. Draco.Capalot

      Jania jus disappointin atp

    60. samiya yusuf

      😅🙄 oh my God Chris

    61. Dirtbag Squad

      Chris going out bad smh.

    62. Shirley Simmons

      Janis should not ratio his name on her so soon into the relationship. One thing she is doing right is to date, date until you meet the right one while you young. Stop explaining yourself so much, u should not let people get to you so easily. Soon as you get the tattoo they break up for some reason, I hope it works out, she deserves to be in a relationship like everybody else.

    63. Dirtbag Squad

      Four different names of streets lol.

    64. Dirtbag Squad

      Grown and can’t keep a man lol.

    65. Dirtbag Squad

      Making mistakes back to back to back to back come on mane u don’t see the light lol.

    66. Dirtbag Squad

      Jania is a real 304. She needs to find herself

    67. Chyna Bby


    68. Itz_Flicczy

      Caught in 4k get her👹

    69. Big Poppa Palps

      Ian even gone hold u, Fredo took a Big W wit nique if he smashed

      1. wanted Dom7

        He been crashed her shi

      2. GH Sense

        @Shay Shay would you date a dude with kids? Don't lie hypocrite



      4. Shay Shay

        @GH Sense you sound hurt. Just because she got a kid don’t mean shit

      5. GH Sense

        How is that a W? She got baggage and a kid. Are you wifing up females with kids?Because females don't like men with kids

    70. Reinaa C

      Nique always getting caught

      1. Maria Hardemon

        @GH Sense right

      2. GH Sense

        @Shay Shay she should be a mother than chase rappers who we all know are not loyal. Always going for wrong dudes only to come on social media to say they did em wrong. Just don't understand the mentality of these females

      3. Shay Shay

        @GH Sense you must be a Nique hater just because she have a damn kid don’t mean her life stops. Plus he was with his dad.

      4. Reinaa C

        @GH Sense right she have a lot of help though cause she always have free time in my eyes 😂

      5. GH Sense

        Don't she have a child to be looking after?