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    1. coco crazy

      This girl is an embarrassment for eritrian community for real for real!

    2. Nathan Mickens

      I blame lala if she never set them up on that blind date this would of never happened 😂😂

    3. NOOBOY

      They have a kid

    4. lovely rosé

      Agaaaiinn wtf

    5. Keion Gibson

      Watch them get back together again

    6. Chandra Simone

      Not a food delivery man LMAOO

    7. Charles White

      I don’t understand how this man said Kennedy was toxic but he’s cool with the shit he goes through with Rubi

    8. Patrick Da don

      This guys a weirdo man I stoped watching him time ago

    9. Vel 1hunnid


    10. Shawn Murray

      I used to work as concierge, only way he could have gotten pass concierge is if she had ordered food at the same time ddg showed up and the concierge would have to call her and tell her her food has been delivered and she would have to say "let him up"

    11. Quin Jackon

      I hate how females take the female side 💯 my nigga DDG ain’t even like that

    12. Jaaden Martin

      That "Evening Gentlemen" scared tf outta me bruh😂😂😂😂

    13. optimisticescape1523

      See🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ niggas been telling DDG to move on for the longest and he constantly go out sadder and sadder every single time. He looking bad from a male perspective because he simping and he looking bad from the female perspective because Rubi gonna constantly punk him and make him look like a weirdo at the same time. He too grown and too rich for this shit🤦🏽‍♂️

    14. Tetrahedron IX

      Back together in 2 weeks!

    15. COD Mobile everyday

      Bruh ddg doing the same as dreya

    16. ShopBrielle Bella

      Kennedy is a smart girl. She wasn’t doing this shit with DDG she exited and never returned and she’s happy

    17. TrappyRJ

      DDG haven’t been the same since him and Kennedy 🥱

    18. Aquarius Garfield

      i dont think this one is real

    19. Eli Tv

      The bad thing they doing is going to the internet talking about their problems and they not talking about it together

    20. Eli Tv

      They both going out horrendous 🤦🏾‍♂️

    21. I smoke ma gas Like fat B*tches grasp for Air

      Bruh DDG honestly at this Point it’s just sad bruh Niqqa Grown as self made simp frfr lmao 😂

    22. OLIKEY

      Tf is wrong wit ddg 🤔🤔

    23. Von Ferguson

      if ddg did that shi in the beginning he jhi weird

    24. ebrooks 4life

      I’m callin it they gon be back in a MONTH‼️💯

    25. Thadeus Frazier

      Rubi made DDG’s career an L. He cuffs right after Lil Tjay smashes them all the bs afterwards. He looks so out bad and his music comes off corny asf

    26. TsuTsu

      If she know she didn’t order food then she shouldn’t even opened the door

    27. TsuTsu

      Ppl need to keep their relationship off social media smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    28. Matt

      Man they too young and rich to be on some weird shit.

    29. Josh_ With_a_j

      2:40 I almost shxt myself 😭😭😭😭

    30. tommy blaze

      Since this nigga left Kennedy he corny af

    31. JWTOONZ _

      Meanwhile Kennedy just sitting back observing😂

    32. Biz Tkid


    33. Grameo Larry

      That is exactly what Flight said Dreya did with his phone.

    34. unknownbillionaire

      I think the rubi and DDG beef is alwayfake they just do it to keep they name ringing in the media

    35. Real Kisean

      Bro celebrities is always cappin and talking about hacking

    36. Tshiamo Gadinabokao


    37. Adore Dominique

      It sounds like she lying 😂

    38. Tshiamo Gadinabokao

      SIMP DDG

    39. Dj Cobbs

      Then they get back together and his fans be like “ Awh they are so happy, stop hating 😆 “

    40. III

      They annoying

    41. Vitrics

      Damn they really break up every week

    42. Tu Big

      5:36 con ci (see) erge ( urge like urgent )

    43. Stone Deuce

      Imagine being DDG and getting arrested for domestic violence lol! That shii would be mad embarrassing.

    44. Darrius Young

      At dis point I’m tired of dem they pointless😂

    45. Black Cali Guy

      Not gone lie DDG a weirdo for that. Just move on bro

    46. Ahmand G.

      It’s fake. The whole relationship now is literally a business to promote each other for views

    47. easy peasy

      it's that WAP HE can't stay away from it

    48. Denise D. Stone

      Both Ddg and Rubi needs healing before getting into another relationship. I also think she sabotage any potential future relationship for him cause female are looking and watching this whole situation played out on the internet with him. Ddg has a good heart just can’t find the right one to give it too.

    49. Keyon Goated

      U can’t assume ddg took her phone if her bringing up the he came as a delivery man

    50. O Six

      DDG is definitely the issue in this. Immature asf. Even with Kennedy, he used to do things like beef with her on twitter while on a plane sitting by each other. He’s insecure and it shows bc I seen DDG before the real fame & money. This is crazy.

    51. It’s all love Sorry

      Am I the only one who gets fatal attraction vibes from Ddg 🤷🏽‍♀️

    52. Makiya

      They be back together on the media in 9 days. Actually....they’re not broken up...really f*ckin annoying though 💀👌🏾

    53. sagemode Mason

      I believe both are playing hard to get smh neither 1 wants to give in but rather be each other's company

    54. Shaneil Springer

      Tbh ddg trying to find Kennedy in every relationship he goes into he just need to learn how to love his self

    55. Christopher Pettway

      Spot on on description of what they can become together I was low key thinking the same way

    56. TheRealShelton

      She called her Big Rubi I’m dead.... lol 😂

    57. Salomon Muzungu

      And you are here thinking Rubi telling d truth!😂🤣 do you remember how she called d police on Lil tjay! She is immature and the sad part is that DDG is too weak to leave her!😊

    58. Sebastian Da Simp God Mucklebones

      Ddg used to be a cool dude. I can only watch his old vlogs from before 2019

    59. STILL DOPE

      Lil' boy vibes... RUBIE needs a man, nobody notices every chick that deals with this dudes says: he does lame sh**💯

    60. Valerie Banks

      A toxic relationship does not turn into a healthy relationship Kianna. When it becomes toxic , it’s poison .

    61. Shay Butter

      media stop reporting on them, its that simple

    62. Martha Mkhatshwa

      She was probably calling him to ask for her stuff she has in his house. And that was an opportunity for him to ignore the calls change the name to rubi rose and screenshot it, he so phony

      1. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don But you have to admit that I'm right tho

      2. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim it was up for a while but he took it down last night for sure

      3. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don He kept that post up on his story for a while. It was still there last night when I checked. But you have to admit, their situation is a mess and if they keep this up, it's gonna get to a point where one of them will get physically hurt or end up in jail for some shit and it ain't worth it. And if she is serious about moving, then its definitely over.

      4. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim is this over and completely done? No lol. She called 17 times that night after all of those tweets. Plus i saw ddg delete that post saying I’m single too on his ig story. The fact that those posts were still in her phone of the both of them for ddg to post says something too even still after their “breakup”

      5. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don What you gotta say about these two now my guy?


      Rubi got to be lying cause if y’all been dating the door man knows him .. he wouldn’t have to dress up as a delivery . They both messing w there bags

    64. LingLing Wooh

      I’m soooo tired of this couple 🙄....

    65. Donyell Harris

      There relationship is annoying.... they should just do them and keep they relationship life private

    66. Hillary B

      Ddg is a complete narcissist, facts 💯

    67. Petrified !

      LMAOOOO the clip when he was in that movie as a fast food worker 🤣🤣🤣

    68. Sheila Tabengwa

      This not the end. Who tryna argue?😁

    69. King Camp

      Kiara you a fool for this one 2:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Aye-_-JT

      i don’t believe he took her phone the door man would be able to tell its him it just doesn’t add up

    71. Yami Atem

      2:42 you was on point with that look at DDG xD

    72. Ms. Sophia

      Kennedy would never 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    73. Single Tish

      Sad . They should stay away from each other. The f kn good thing she can get it somewhere

    74. Jayden W

      D4R 🗡🗡

    75. lalalover3344

      These niggas gotta be on the next season of love and hip hop or something😂😂

    76. SLIME TIME

      This cap the people that let him in definitely know who he is they just didn't let him lie and say he was delivery, he was cooling at her house and they was most likely arguing bout sum

      1. SLIME TIME

        @Jimmy Jones she crazy, u can tell she posted that herself to make him look bad

      2. Jimmy Jones

        Right and then he leaves she start tweeting make look like its him. Remember when she tweeted I’m crazy... 3 weeks ago.

    77. Chxnce_wrld

      2:42 yooo where is that clip from

    78. Bryan okwu

      When she added the DDG clip of him tryna take someone order🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Tayja J

      oh so after she cheats and he takes her back ..she wants to leave ? and hes chasing prostitutes ????? bruh I cant , he just needs to let go ..

    80. Tayja J

      Hope he lets go this time smh.. should’ve been left man

    81. Chance

      DDG a weirdo no cap wtf

    82. Tequesta Guy

      Can we stop talking about Rubi and DDG 😂😂

    83. Tea Time with Mama Rain

      Kiara, con-see-air

    84. Kwik D

      DDG and Rubi could never be Jay and B. Beyonce carries herself like a Queen with morals. She was always respected and nobody in the industry could say B for the streets. DDG could be Jay yeah but Rubi definitely ain't no B. DDG need a Ella Mai type. Rubi need a nigga like Boosie, or a street nigga who would put her in her place lol.

    85. Ooo Chileee


    86. Ooo Chileee

      They so annoying lol

    87. Kizzy Torres

      They playing god bless

    88. Splash Squad

      Ddg acting like lil tjay with the stealing the phone & posting

    89. Verlisha

      They play too much.....screaming toxic relationship. Let it go

    90. David Guerra

      Pizzamen -DDG

    91. Major

      So u mean to tell me he pretended to be a delivery guy lol yeah okay.. how did he get in the house then 🤔🤔🤔

    92. David Guerra

      Why this so funny 😭😭😭😭😩

    93. Major

      Rubi has 2 phone she could’ve have logged that nigga out.. she posted that shit

    94. Nyapee Gayflor

      That " Y'all could be the next Beyonce and Jay-Z" thing is really inspiring

    95. Melanie Love

      One thing about rubi she childish asf she gotta post everything on social media 🤦🏽‍♀️ i know ddg be mad ass hell lmfaooooo

    96. Kyng Matt

      this is all lalas fault

      1. Denise D. Stone


    97. ReiWYD

      Wait wtf is this?? 😂 2:43

    98. Leah Seals

      Oh he in LOVE love

    99. Sniper Cle

      Seem like my favorite couple will never stay together and stop being toxic 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

      1. Denise D. Stone


    100. LEX

      I fuck with ddg heavy but the tweets locked in the room is some of the most cornball goofy stuff I ever seen