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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Ti Taylor + Dearra + Dymond
    5:41 - Lil Tjay & Kennedy Cymone
    6:37 - Chris Sails

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Can we get 3K likes on this video? 🚨 👀 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

      1. Anise Westbrook


      2. Joseph Sanchez

        Naw Tjay taking an L

      3. Demetrius Hardy

        I don’t believe it but it’s called cgi

      4. Shaquille Ghans


      5. Sheesh Beesh


    2. Ron Mckevie

      Think not

    3. Crissy100

      New song is FIRE 🔥🧨🎆

    4. Cece Baby

      So we finna ignore the fact this nigga called Chris my baby ? Yea I knew Chris was gay his ass tooo thick 11:40

    5. Daniell Daniel

      Chris sails should not play like that

    6. Jessica Nonya

      at this point i wouldn’t be surprised if Kennedy and Corie come out as lesbians.

    7. Jessica Nonya

      k it’s confirmed lil tjay the pettiest rapper of all time like u never mentioned or wanted to get at kennedy before rubie and ddg became a couple... He just made himself look butt hurt!

    8. Keiphee p

      That’s krazy y us men gotta b referred to as slaves?

    9. The Risingstar

      You know how many artists got bathtub shoots and all that shit like come on now it’s not that deep Chris been canceled

    10. The Bayman Family

      TI should really be happy shit😂

    11. Akima Benn

      If i was kennedy ide do like rihanna and pull some rich arabian dude and forget abt these lil boy rappers and athletes.

    12. Angel Alvarado -_-

      Kennedy wouldn’t let tjay hit but she’ll go on a date with him

    13. YANNNIII B

      Tjay tryna be messy cause ddg talking to rubi rose and y’all know tjay was messing around with rubi before ddg

    14. da hood dolly pardon

      ti is Queen periodt

    15. Kizzy Hollman

      I love Chris but he need to cut that beard off

    16. Destiny Bze

      I dont think she will give him a chance cause kennedy is respectful and not petty. But at the same time tjay owe Ddg no loyalty.

    17. Tyrelle Gaitor

      Why do people dislike...if you dont like the video just leave it alone, period. Who boutta take the time just to dislike a video. That's disrespectful

    18. Latingurlbc

      It's a sad day when your word don't mean ish.

    19. danypooh1617

      Lol first of all this been done by Marilyn Monroe and so many other people BEFORE her girl sit down 🙄

    20. KC Sherman

      She got a mil subs clap it up

    21. Ravens Closet

      Y'all reaching, Ti definitely threw shade at Dymond cause she stole her whole concept. Maybe it wasn't her specifically maybe it was her stylist, but I know for sure Ti wasn't talking about Dearra, cause the photoshoot Dearra did doesn't even look like Ti's photoshoot

    22. Christopher Pettway

      Yep that's James Charles


      Kennedy like dark skin niggaz with abs , not too ugly and not too pretty type of guy. Tj too young looking and look like ddg darker version.

    24. Marlene Wellch

      H2N Kennedy don't play no games with his immature azz

    25. LaMaiyah

      Dearra didnt copy ti taylor shes not the first to take a bath tub pic

      1. YANNNIII B

        LaMaiyah fr fr people be tryna put dearra in some mess for no reason they would say anything and ti acting like she created the tub pictures I don’t think it’s not that deep

      2. LaMaiyah

        @YANNNIII B yea...i just think do nobody owe insp credit to no one because can go the say pose as that person and your quality is gonna come out your own......also if dearra dont follow her that was a reachhh

      3. YANNNIII B

        Exactly like I feel like every female gonna take professional pictures in a tub but the dymond with the news papers is different but either way everybody copy or be inspired by other people pictures ideas like I love t.i and I’m glad de’arra stay in her lane and don’t be saying nothing

    26. CINCO

      10:15 It’s 2020. There are definitely ways you can edit that as a video 🤣🤦‍♂️

    27. fabian douglas

      It's DK4L

    28. CINCO

      How does Kennedy always end up in everything 🤣🤦‍♂️

    29. Anise Westbrook


    30. CJ Gonee Crazyy

      Nope Kennedy want !!!

    31. Simply Pauline

      I think tjay want Kennedy because ddg got rubi

    32. PedrinaXo

      Funny thing with Ti is that somebody did it before her 🙄 ain’t create nothing sis

    33. George Benson

      Lil Tjay the bro and all but he too immature for Kennedy.

    34. Sauce Twin

      He liked a picture wtf get yo lame ass on so did 100 thousand other people

    35. KiingSaySoTv

      Am i the only one that feel like lilTJay tryna get at Kennedy because he can’t have rubi and to back stab ddg ?

    36. 疼痛Kisses

      DDG need to find a better homie.

    37. 2k Jay

      It’s DK4L

    38. Tameka Anderson

      I think Kennedy would if she wanted to be petty, but other than that no!

    39. Finesse Tv

      I feel like t jay feel some type of way about rubi rose and he getting at DDG ex he had to me messing with rubi ik he was and they had to be fucking

    40. Finesse Tv

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooo NEVER!!!

    41. Marisela Alicia

      Hell nah lil tjay couldn’t even buy a bitch a plane ticket back home 😂😂😂

    42. amber murray

      I wish Kennedy would just to be petty don’t even smash just be cool lol that’ll get under rubi skin for sure

      1. Christy Rith

        Kennedy on to bigger and better things than to get herself involved in some drama with her ex

      2. Jessica Nonya

        why that would make her look dumb asf

    43. George Benson

      I love this new Into 🙏🏽🥳

    44. Cheezee Peanut

      i think its cap because in the live he had a cast but on his story its gone??

    45. Catherine Grubbs

      She is not the first to do a photoshoot in a tub. It wasn't hers to take

    46. 4k Studios

      Ti not gon do anything anyways😂

    47. funnymike vlogz

      At this point it's confirmed the tjay has some animosity Torse ddg because why when he tried to shoot his shot at rubi then it came out that ddg/rubi were dating he bring Kennedy which is ddg ex in this. It just dosent add up comment on my most recent video

    48. Alpha Kween Comedy

      I understand how ti feels give credit when you copy

    49. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang

    50. Mr TakeYaHoe

      Chris just doin dumb stuff like this to stay relevant

    51. Leelee

      But TI sitting on homeboy face tho😂😂😂can’t lie that’s fire 🔥🔥

    52. Leelee

      Chris lying ass😂😂😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Mannn 😭😭

    53. Snoop Spencer

      Chris was in that fight that Martin posted on his page. . .after that happened no one had heard from chris. . .maybe it came from the fight *#kanyeshrug

    54. Aaliyah Marie

      Wait a min. If u watch zoie video he said lil tjay got a gf.

    55. Jayyk Morfans

      I hope Kennedy don’t go for him it’s gonna break my heart because i know he not gonna treat her right 😢🤣

    56. Jenna Smith

      You forgot tjay and kennedy!!

    57. patrick bangura

      Some times most of we people will behave stupidity when we have money and fame because we don't want anyone else to be like us If it's a white did that. should will not say all of this nonsense.

    58. Hxnsell

      Tjay way too childish and on a different level of maturity than Kennedy, she definitely not giving him a chance.

    59. D.wavy tv

      Yea I know y flight said TI was crazy and to controlling 😂he was telling the truth 😂

    60. The life of Sterling

      At the beginning of the that love video the guy shook Chris sails hand that was injured and he didn’t say nothing

    61. Thereal kem1

      Uhmm but dearra be unbothered af

    62. Aurellyn Ramos

      She also doing queen naija looks too Queen is bringing back that 50s vibe she not new or original either everybody gets their ideas from everyone else if you think about it if you didn’t see it before then you wouldn’t of thought about it and then add your own spice to it and make it yours it’s like Yeezy‘s Kim Kardashian started the trend if it wasn’t her husband was Kanye West she wouldn’t rock them now everyone got them does that mean everyone has the same outfit tho nahh she bugging she definitely got the bathtub look from celebrities

    63. Rih W

      Yeah but they can atleast give ti credit 🙄

    64. Alexis Vibe

      Hell no kenndy won’t fuck wit that childish ass boy

    65. Tropical Geezie

      Hell nah she's grown *his being petty rn*

    66. J Niles

      LOL kennedy and corie must be in a relationship with all that time they are spending together

      1. Ashley York

        You clearly never had a best friend.

    67. Justine Afrikaner

      Love the intro song

    68. Cessa Dossantos

      At this point people just putting Dearra in their titles for clickbate knowing damn well she's not talking about her she's talking about DYMOND specifically...

    69. Ebot Anita

      All I can say to Kennedy , Ddg and every woman or man especially women out there is that every relationship is what you make of it there is nothing like a perfect man or woman out there but there is what we call prays ,love learning, understanding and perseverance as a woman no matter how beautiful you are if you don't have a good character and respect for your lover or husband they will never keep you, same goes to men , because I don't understand why a guys will like a lady picture and every one is going crazy about Kennedy .

    70. Zee Baby

      Chris so cap 😩😩😂😂

    71. John Pinkney

      The pic in the tub been done before she was born...😂😂

    72. Keila Ramos

      They should play like that cus when really happens no one going to belive him

      1. Yøungin-Reacts

    73. Keila Ramos

      Well DDG move on she Deserve to be happy and move on to

    74. Samuel Simpson

      Lil Tjay ain’t Kennedy type💯

    75. Stixkky

      TJ, my boa buh naaa !

    76. BrooklynGurl

      If u just got released from the hospital where is yo hospital band?

    77. Foreign Film

      Lil tjay can’t get that she big headed rn so cap he can’t get that

    78. Random Empire

      Chris is just sick. He needs spiritual help.

    79. contessa white

      Chris I hope he would do nothing like that knowing he going through a custody battle this is going to look bad is going to look like he's irresponsible again smh

    80. It's Shoshanna

      Ti just do you because DK4L and Dymond Flawless are doing their thang by being positive and honestly if we going to be real about it everyone copies each other on social media with pictures & pranks & no one doesn't even give credit to each other. Can't expect anything from this world.

    81. Jon Leehenry.

      Who cares if he really gets out the hospital or not but if ya so stuck on it why don't ya just make em post his discharge papers

    82. Ayanna T


    83. Leslie Ntori Nkansah

      Kennedy never gon fuck with liltjay that’s a facts lol

    84. Leo got Hopes

      Kiara Shanay I think lil tjay is messing with DDG ex bc DDG dateing rube rose 🥀 and Lil tjay trying get back at him

    85. Maximum Carnage

      Tjay fucking DDG active girl and now he goin after his ex? and this nigga wanna diss SO in his music video who aint mentioned him in over half a year...but not the RAPPER who fuckin his whole life up..

    86. Justice _getinmoney

      These cap ass titles the reason I'll never subscribe 😭👎🏾

    87. Help me get 1k with no vids

      Just stop

    88. The mean friend.

      Omg he just liked a damn picture & now that turns into Tjay wanting her? If folks really sending u that ish than they lame AF.

      1. Tay Mulla

        Thank you finally somebody with common sense

      2. God's Child


    89. ITS KAVUTI

      Leave dearra out of this.....she wasn't talking about dearra she was referring to dymond..... And sis acting like she's the first to take a pic in a bathtub🚮🚮 bullshit

    90. JBIRD35

      I love your new hustle talking about everybody keep it up 💯

    91. Sea Land

      Outside of this petty KGup drama lol Tjay is way bigger then DDG! His music is actually been taking off! If he treats ken ken right, I think she should give him a chance.

      1. Quazy Got Bangers

        Kennedy got way bigger celebs than tjay liking her pics etc.Status don't mean nothing to her.

      2. daryl kyle

        Kennedy don’t want that boy! They can’t even go anywhere because he’s not 21😳😂😂😂. Stop with the madness! Ok


      chris is annoying asl

    93. Anya Harris

      Hell no Kennedy not givin him no time of a half. Of a day

    94. Vlog Ent

      Why lil tjay want ddg girls for make no sense

      1. amber murray

        Lol payback for rubi rose he not slick

    95. leon barry

      That why ti is single

    96. Allison Frederick

      Yes Kennedy cymone. do your thing girl.u beautiful don't give a danm about those u always

    97. BRAZYxGODDESS 203

      Lmao ion believe the whole car accident thing with Chris, look how it look like girls waited behind that van to all run up to him at the same time 🥴😭😭 horrible acting. Yes it’s outside a hospital but you can record or do anything outside of a hospital 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s not hard to go in n say “I need a wheelchair” they’ll just give it you... and No I dont think Kennedy would mess with Tjay, she smart, pretty sure she knows what’s going on with that whole situation.

      1. Jay Gld

        BRAZYxGODDESS 203 then on top of that where’s his hospital band ? And the sound in the background of his video you can look it up on KGup 😂

    98. Prince Kwabs

      The real question is : Is tjay gonna give Kennedy a chance Tjay can get her if he wants to

      1. OkgXL

        @Quazy Got Bangers lmao nigga must be on drugs

      2. Quazy Got Bangers

        Nigga you must be out yo rabbit ass mind lmao

    99. Tierrikk Black


    100. Vel 1hunnid

      Movin RIGHT alongggggggggg😂