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    0:00 - Intro
    0:16 - DDG Clears Up Rumors
    4:25 - FunnyMike + Jaliyah
    6:20 - Chris Sails Strikes Again

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    1. Kiara Shanay

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      1. the pretty princess

        I think that's his mama and teetee dog Gucci 🤔🤔

      2. UnKnOWn uNkNowN

        King James lol no nigga

      3. King James

        Can I get a like

    2. Kelly Dawes

      agt 2019

    3. Chastain Stone

      Everyone goes and look at their ex page. He know he has stop flexing. Talking bout he don't even know what ken looks like. Yeah right lol

    4. Tyrique


    5. Likkle Wikked

      F old friends I know am lit

    6. Christopher Crooks

      From the moment DDG bought that G-wagon after she was denied to get hers they went to shit!!! Go back and watch the videos to see for yourself

    7. the kid_614

      Bro why y’all be in there business for

    8. Thabo Ndlovu


    9. The Vuvu Family

      Everything u post is ddg related 💔🤦 and guess what I ain't even subscribe to your channel 🤦

    10. The Vuvu Family

      This is clickbait this girl got no life she focusing on other ppl ... Go get a life

    11. Jasmine O. Elliott

      2:07 am I'm tripping or do I hear something in the background like sum moaning or sum dog collar chain lol idk lol 😂🤣


        Okay see I thought I wasn’t tripping🤣

    12. Ash’ Ye

      Love the video My vlog is up (im trying) :) please watch kgup.info/get/hIuNo5Sig6mhamo/video

    13. Niaaa Rdz

      He definitely talking about K

    14. Ramone Vaughn

      Had to unsubscribe this channel should be called DDG daily news

    15. KaeG TV

      Definitely not e possibly k but it’s r

    16. Dexto Grey

      I miss ddg and Kennedy 😭💔

    17. T S

      Oooooooooohhhh DDG might miss SAVANAH

    18. Ericka Kainne


    19. Ericka Kainne


    20. BRY4N NATION

      Lol look at her uploads & tell me how many times it says DDG 🤣 ..

    21. T. Real

      Essence Kennedy or rubi

    22. LeLe Love

      Kennedy used ddg because he's gullible and anything he would do, that may have been disrespectful, she take it to the heart, because that's her excuse to leave him alone, ddg was too childish for her and all he do is think about himself, 💯 She needs a real man, plus ddg looks gay, she too much of a women for that boy, plus he's gullible, a female can call him cute and honestly they be lying, but ddg will believe it... im sure Kennedy knew he was gullible and played alone, she's not thinking about ddg..💯💯💯💯

    23. Life as Sydney

      Funnymike and Jaliyah videos were for entertainment

    24. Lois

      Funnymike and Jaliyah been on good terms that whole break up thing was for entertainment

    25. 8k Tv

      Ddg would take Kennedy back n a heart beat hes in love with her we all know that

    26. Da Poltergeist

      Best Girl for DDG is Bree Green....lol

    27. Ari Lennon

      It might be T 👀👀👀

    28. kkpuffs16

      So it’s true they broke up for a reason for clout they literally broke up after the was on TRL and they had him shout her out on National television he flinched you could tell it was an image issue for him to be in a relationship that committed even though the fans want it . Fast forward to now they see when they put the DG in Ruby Rose video the fans wanted that to be a thing and he could help brand for both of them he makes popular simp music and rubi makes female finesse music they been tryna sell that she been cheating and waking all over him for weeks now to promote her product and it didn’t work now that that’s over she’s seen in his Jeep and taking pictures on the same deck as well as ddg

    29. Alieu Alieu

      Ain't gon lie DDG her cuz if you listen to moonwalking in Calabasas vibes you will know

    30. marii -

      funny mike & jaliyah break up thing was fake

    31. Exotic Clapz



      If you see this don’t waste your time checking my account it’s not for you “Yes you”!!

    33. Tonya Moore

      Boo it came out that they faked it and it was for entertainment they part that they edited out when Jaliyah was telling his sister what to say smh check Martin Louis KGup page

    34. Zooted Effect

      Damn am I the only one who miss The Essence days


      E: Essence k: Kennedy R: Rubii Rose

    36. Delron Gray

      What does his kid has to do with anything ? Im glad he took his song

    37. DemiGod Pena

      It’s the “R” cuz song been out, you also forgot tiana 👀

    38. William Coleman

      When the intro song dropping?

      1. Kiara Shanay


    39. Rophyllis Cotton

      “But I still shed tears in this VLONE” definitely Nocap line 😂😂 he just not original all around 🥱

    40. Amj 2Wavy

      Kiara be on ddg ass for lying yo😂

    41. Sheila Tabengwa

      Ima be honest. The chris sails part, i aint hear or understand shiittt but i watched it🤔

    42. Alexis Vibe

      To be honest I don’t miss ddg and Kennedy kus I just felt like the chemistry was off it seemed like he was too into her and she wasn’t into him like how we thought. She probably loved him but didn’t wanna b with him. But I loved the videos he did with her.

    43. Let’s Try Gaming

      Who is e

    44. Shaynon Alexander


    45. NolaMarieSings

      DDG will always love Kennedy period true love never dies

    46. pläyybøy. käm


    47. Eric Smith

      He deff not talking bout essence

    48. Drip

      If this what rob finna drop then for sure I'm rocking with him that intro hard af

    49. Animated Fishcake

      It’s definitely not e 😂😂 and it’s to late to be k

    50. Terence Thomas

      What a minute whos R

    51. Zion

      It was about Kennedy bc he was with Rubi when he released the song

    52. sugagal1987

      I think he did miss Kennedy at some point but pay attention I don't think Kennedy is the same person anymore something is different. But Ddg not the same either

    53. Life with Aaryn

      Like this if you think they should get back together

    54. Life with Aaryn

      He has to be talking about Ken Ken he misses her they were together forever 😘

    55. Pretty Girl Kash

      Essence Kennedy or Rubi 🤔 it’s Kennedy forsure

    56. Kiyahna Nicole

      DDG a simp 😔 so annoying

    57. ImKingJJ

      Could be T


      Can you please always start with ddg thank you

    59. Charity & Accountability

      If you actually watch Funny Mike, he has stated IN his videos "These Videos Are For Entertainment Purposes" so anyone adult or child being fooled by the reality or acting in the content has chosen willful blindness.

    60. thatgirl maj

      stop giving people clout who tf is cosha???????

    61. sheldon ramlogan

      K ofc 💯

    62. sheldon ramlogan

      Kennedy better than rubi rose ong 💯

    63. Life With Elisabeth

      7:18-7:20 It kills me every time when somebody has a caption and she’s reading it in Lakehurst the noise she makes our hilarious bataboomboebop 😭😭😂

    64. Life With Elisabeth

      Am I the only person that’s not even surprised or doesn’t really care anymore when funny mike and Jaliyah break up?

    65. Life With Elisabeth

      3:03 K

    66. Life With Elisabeth

      When the person asks did he miss any of his exes he said a whole bunch of stuff and it was a yes or no question but I feel like if Kennedy called him up or came to his house and was like Let’s get back together he would do it Like he said in his Song moonwalking in Calabasas So hypothetically speaking and technically he do miss her

      1. Life With Elisabeth

        droid Astros I said what I said and again did I ask your opinion

      2. Life With Elisabeth

        droid Astros And if you listen to the lyrics It could be anyone of his exes

      3. Life With Elisabeth

        droid Astros Did I ask though? Oh I didn’t think so in literally if you watch the video And then every single video she says comment down below what you think and that’s literally what I did

      4. Go_Smd

        Life With Elisabeth facts

      5. Life With Elisabeth

        Dumb_ass I agree With you 100% that’s exactly what I was thinking because if he didn’t he would’ve just said yes or no and moved onto the next question. But I think he didn’t move on because in Moonwalking in Calabasas The song that she was talking about I feel like he was talking about Kennedy and this will be his fourth song he’s talking about Kennedy in

    67. P.

      get straight to the point

    68. aj hudson

      He talking about Kennedy I wouldn’t be surprised if Kennedy find her way to the mansion

      1. Go_Smd

        aj hudson she don’t give af about living in a mansion. She ain’t materialistic and plus ddg said he gonna sell his mansion.

      2. K love

        Not this time time heals

    69. leiyah arie

      Funnymike and jaliyah been on good terms it was for entertainment

    70. Did kids

      Essence Kennedy Rubi

    71. K love

      He was talking about rubi because one video before that same song came out rubi said she miss him and then ddg said he miss her to

    72. Christopher Torres

      Lmao mannn these little ads kids need to leave that girl alone.

    73. Butta Creamcake

      If Kennedy wanted DDG he would come running! She dont want him, I believe it was his attitude and ego she still the same and he has changed clearly! she dont want him!

      1. 0

        LeLe Love Nigga what? You don’t know DDG to be speaking on him as much as you did in this comment, your a fan and stay that way.

      2. Sincere Grant

        @Butta Creamcake ok punk just know somebody gonna take care of you and it ain't God but I'm just 13 boii and your like 20 I'm nothing but respect 💯💯💯bro dang

      3. Butta Creamcake

        @Sincere Grant Fucccccckkkkkk uuuuuuuuu punk

      4. Sincere Grant

        What ever Mann you sound like you know everything so NOOOOOOOOOO

      5. HeyItsJJ -_-

        LeLe Love how tf you know what happened behind close doors, it’s close doors for a reason, that instantly makes your whole comment invalid lol

    74. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang

    75. YoBoy SPADE

      Y'all know he talking bout Kennedy....

    76. YoBoy SPADE

      It's not that she doesn't want/care to share every detail of her life, it's just that the people will be all in her BUSINESS and she ain't with that. Her fans and his. She wants to SHOW what she has going on just like every other female in this country. Just give her some time. She knows what she's doing...

    77. Asia Jackson

      Chris sails needs counseling ASAP and some of his music is 🚮

    78. YoBoy SPADE

      She in a relationship NOW!

    79. 1 sub before 2021

      Kennedy Old How Did She Even Get To A Point To Have DDG Talking About Her... That Was Yung DDG Back Then. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    80. 816_Jordan Wells


    81. Anise Westbrook


    82. Random Empire

      DDG will run back to Kennedy and drop Rubi if Kennedy was to tell him that she wants him back. It's not easy to let someone go especially when you were forced to move on.

      1. Ashley Oliver

        K love: you go around KGup, speaking I’ll of Kennedy. You can believe what you want. DDG couldn’t give a straight answer whether or not he misses his ex. This is the same DDG who made you believe he was into Savanna. This is the same DDG who told you he uses people for views. Kennedy doesn’t want him so how can she be snoozing. She made it clear months ago that she was done this time. DDG is the one who chased her, Kennedy will never chase him, he knows it that’s why he moved on.

      2. Lea Jon

        K love I agree!!

      3. K love

        You guys sounds press ddg has moved on he is not concerned about what Kennedy is doing and if she has him on that her choice ddg has moved on let that man lives his life and i doubt that ddg will go back to Kennedy because she did that sh.. before and he stopped talking to Tiana and ddg regrets doing that because Kennedy was just playing mind games but now its to late he verbally said to the internet that his feelings are gone so if Kennedy tries to come back she will look stupid chasing someone that doesn't want her anymore she needs to choose one of guys friends to date and hope that be a simp but I doubt it ddg had Kennedy on a pedal stool and these other guys just want friends with benefits from Kennedy smh you snooze you lose

      4. K love

        @Ashley Oliver you guys are the only ones who is stuck on Kennedy smh move on nobody is concerned ddg himself says he is over her so let it go and pray that Kennedy can find another simp smh

      5. Ashley Oliver

        Exactly, his ego is still hurt. He said that all the girls want him but the girl that he wanted walked away even with his money and cars and jewelry and rapper lifestyle. He will always try to make her regret it, he will do the absolute most in public to show that he is over it.

    83. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      Any girl DDG get with wish they got the same treatment Kennedy got nigga made a whole song for her and it got 47 mill views

    84. Feky Charles

      If DDG didn't exists u wouldn't exists 🤦🏾‍♂️

    85. Lea Jon

      At this point I think y’all want Kennedy more then he do, some of you guy’s cannot get over her, I hate to see how y’all would act in real life after a breakup 🤦🏽‍♀️

    86. Lea Jon

      Everyone is always saying how Ddg misses Kennedy, I don’t see that at all. I see a very young man trying to figure out life and living his dreams in the process, yes she was once apart of his life but I feel that they both moved on which is ok... I know he’s tired of people keep pairing them together I know I would be because it’s been wayyyy to long and people are still saying her name 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. K love

        Ok I agree every one wants ddg to stay in the same spot when this is moving forward and doing different things and making different memories smh people need to stop trying to make ddg stay in the past he is moving forward not backwards smh

    87. Josh Williams

      Kennedy more Aplha than DDG. DDG really a pitiful beta male.

    88. Jaylon Murphy

      What happened to not talking about ddg nomo I’m confused 😂😂

      1. Rayshawn Ward

        That’s where she gets her views smh without his name being mentioned she’s literally nothing

    89. Mesiiah E

      Moonwalking in Calabasas is older than Toxic. Moonwalking in Calabasas: “She left me ‘lone but I miss that bitch, If she text right now, I’d hit that bitch” Toxic: “Love you, I just used to love you, Now I wouldn’t touch you or see what you been up to” Toxic was him letting go of whatever love he had for Kennedy. Of course he still loves her for who she was to him, but he don’t miss her.

    90. 2kaay

      Ddg was not first in a long time

    91. Dayon The Dog

      Can you talk about the positive things going on in DDG life? Damn..

      1. Carlos Smith

        OnG like for once damn

      2. ram69able

        U mean good things like how he dissing u guys to become a rapper unless u pay to hear him talk n to see him 😂🤣

    92. 1,064,444 views

      So you not gone talk about Rubi & Wiz Khalifa?

    93. Only1Doobie

      Ddg low key turnt Kennedy up

    94. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      🤦🏽‍♀️ he ain’t thinking about Kennedy..

    95. jervon

      Jaliyah said bae in that clip

    96. Ur God

      Who’s Kennedy

    97. diana .4pf

      Y’all saying he miss her is dead ass annoying Juss cause him and rubi ain’t work and he makes a general tweet about loosing feelings don’t mean it’s automatically about Kennedy y’all are annoying like damm let him breathe every day Kennedy this Kennedy that 🙄 like damm she has her own social media for a reason so get off DDG shit talking about Kennedy when you go do it on her account

    98. LifeWithBuggy

      am i the only person that dont know "cosha tg"

    99. Bel Amour

      He wouldn't call Kennedy a bitch...so I think he talking about Rubi

    100. Aliyah Augustine

      Ddg you moved on were?🤣🤣🤣😂Smt if you don’t miss her why keep on bringing up topic about your ex?😒😒😒

      1. Aliyah Augustine

        K love he know his fans always speak about her🙄🙄🙄Soh wat he’s going tuh say something else again next month or so

      2. K love

        His fans keep bringing it so he spoke about so they will leave her out of it