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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - DJ Akademiks Speaks About DDG, Flight and SoLLUMINATI
    7:15 - Fredo & Homies Inspired By DDG
    8:12 - Davine Jay Calls Out Carmen And Corey

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      *scratches chin* Can we get this video to 2K likes? 👍🏾

      1. John Salary

        Dag kiara you feel some type of way bout Ddg. Let it go his a grown man. He dont need you or yall like yall need him. I like you kiara but understand being an African American Male. An trying to make a solid future for yourself an fam. Before yall say dumb stuff bout people that are just like you.But if Ddg says one thing bk. His a bad guy. Cm on in theses times or own females need to stand up An understand.

      2. Sur Rotten

        You need to start blocking people from you're channel

      3. D4DDY- The Nuance of Grooming

        Apology please 😂

      4. Nico C.

        Aye Aye Aye! Stop talking to DDG like he your child 👶 lol 😂. #GrownFolkBusiness

      5. keke Kong


    2. Mikey Dakidd

      This sound like a bunch of bullshit bruh DDG has the right to leave if he wants

    3. Mikey Dakidd

      Ask for an apology for what??? I’m lost af

    4. Mikey Dakidd

      He has people that just listen to his music too why u trying him like that

    5. Jasmine Mccone


    6. Jenny Nantch

      Miss girl why is almost all your content about DDG? I’m not a fan of his, I don’t hate him either. It’s just tiring. Switch it up. Your whole platform is about the dude😂

    7. Random Empire

      DDG is just sour about XXL while other people get 20k on a dope song he gets millions he should just be more appreciative cos he a great rapper. He just shouldn't loose it cos it's taking time to reach Drake level. Everything happens at it's own time when it is meant to happen.

    8. George Benson

      Soho in NYC Downtown Manhattan

    9. Yanga Mtwecu


    10. Mr TakeYaHoe

      Bari and darriano are yes men💯

    11. Bethannie Shields

      Am not going to paid for no onlyfans... if ddg give me the money

    12. Bethannie Shields

      Am not going to paid for no onlyfans... if ddg give me the money

    13. Rj Ross

      Soho is in new york

    14. Tyrone Rogers

      If he’s going to quit, I respect his decision. The only thing I find that is kinda fucked up is he needs to stop rubbing it in his fans faces that he’s quitting! If he’s gonna quit, then quit, but don’t continue to taunt your supporters!

    15. Ty Too Fye

      Jesus is King, repent if you haven’t.

    16. Kool Aid


    17. Ramon Hope

      DDG just needs to embrace his audience, a lot of these rappers don't even have a audience they have to grind they ass off, he allready has a audience that has been rocking with him for years & watched him evolve every since started doing his rap thing, every time he drops he gets atleast a 1m views in days & then they go stream his music, so he needs to be gratefull for his day 1 fan base & keep them happy before he loose them & then what he gone do.

    18. yung ze da scholar

      I wouldn’t listen to So album but I knw his fans would send him to the top


      i see u just coming straight to the comments👋😎😏

    20. Brandon Montoya

      So you get all these subs and views off ddg but won't sub to his only fans?

    21. Aaron Hisle

      first time i’ve ever agreed with ak

    22. Jeremiah Luckie

      Man aint nobody copying shit from davine everyone wanna go places like la n vegas like come on now

    23. BJ Turner

      We gotta run ddg numbers up bc he said the quicker he gets big the quicker he’ll come back

    24. sugagal1987

      What ddg is seeming to fail to realize is that youtube is also his rap support system. His rap fans are his youtube fans. It isn't untill he starts doing fts with other rappers who have fans outside of youtube he will gain fans outside of youtube. That's because that rappers fans will come to see and hear them and see and hear ddg also. Ddg has been doing songs all by himself thats y he's not growing the way he wants to grow. Leaving his youtube support system behind is not the answer to his problems. Queen thought the same thing and there is a white popular youtuber I can't think of her name but she did the same thing left youtube to focus more on music and they soon quickly realized that is not the answer. Both queen and the popular white youtuber views have went down considerably because of there hiatus and now that they are back they have to work hard to get those views back. On top of that within the last few years a white couple started a youtube channel called the royalty family, mom and dad and a boy, that posts everyday has gained almost 10million subs. I watch a few videos this couple filled the void that queen and Chris left and later on queen and clarence left and mixed in some prince family when queen began to slow down on youtube to focus on music.

    25. YoBoy SPADE

      He might not watch their vids but i think he somehow hears about the other KGuprs and what they are doing and then he obliviously does the SAME thing...

    26. RealPrimeMusic

      Ddg and Ak never had beef wtf are u talking bout?

      1. RealPrimeMusic

        Sym Taylor omds that was not beef... do u even know what beef is stfu.... a disagreement is not beef... just a few months ago Ak and ddg was playing 2k relax urself and stfu

      2. Sym Taylor

        Yes they did. Y'all always talking out y'all mouth. They had beef when DDG was dissing yacth and AK never posted it. DDG got made at Ak and Ak dissed him.

    27. YoBoy SPADE

      Davine Jay is blowing up...👍

    28. YoBoy SPADE

      Fredo is so gay...

    29. imdatchiq

      SoHo is in Manhattan. Just like you have different districts in Cali or LA

    30. YoBoy SPADE

      It's like nowadays, you can speak all of the REALEST sh*t in the world but the majority will HATE to agree or acknowledge it...smdh

    31. Rhoda Parks

      davine shouldnt say they stealing his content!! Cuz he also does sum pranks sum other ppl did too!! Anybody can go wherever they want to go!! He dont own the place!! If he said he feels ppl are stealing his content he should have left it there!!! Put the fact that he going on Ig and doing all that ra ra is just stupid (my opinion) Yall dont get me wrong I fw with the both of em!! but davine wrong for that!! Cuz even anyone can decide to vlog their baecation so at this point davine tripping!! Other couple doing the same things

    32. JX2Mtv

      Soho is in NY. Do you know what the fuck you be talking about 😂

    33. JX2Mtv

      Solluminati, youngboy in music? The fuck are you talking about

    34. Ashley York

      DDG started off as a KGup rapper, being on KGup got him to where he is now.. hopefully one day he realizes that.

    35. Ashley York

      you have to be spiritually woke to understand Solluminati

    36. Who’s Frankie

      Ya better post it on Only KGup Slow 👏 clap 👏 for 👏 the 👏 TRUTH 👏

    37. ForeignFromChicago

      Young Boy is just a puppet like The rest . His fan base is just manipulated and brainwashed like pretty boy fredo fan base they can’t do know wrong. Young boy can beat on females and still get the same level. Just a bunch of puppets

    38. ForeignFromChicago

      Young Boy is just a puppet like The rest . I respect mfs who beat on females

    39. ForeignFromChicago

      He’s talking about SO being woke . It’s literally the matrix the truth vs what they want you to see .

    40. Gfc Ggg

      Your bf is talented🎶🎶

    41. L Nixon

      Da Philly boi needs to calm down he doing too much. Too many sensitive young men behind cameras these days. Stay in your own lane!

    42. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      Fan base or not, DDG is just gifted/talented in music. Gift in writing and ear for Music. He is doing what he should be doing and not just doing it like Some of these others.

    43. Mark Cms

      Look like someone had to humble themselves after he got in trouble because I recall when ddg tried to get him to mention him but didn't because he said he don't watch KGuprs funny how things change when you get knocked off your high horse don't never think your to big to get knocked down to reality

    44. King Camp

      Moonwalking in SOHO 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    45. Linny Jones


    46. Cyrunix

      Been telling yall "KGup rapper" should have never been a diss. These niggas been on another level for a long time. Now they all need to work together and one up these so called mainstream rappers. *KSI DDG and Flight* been up!

    47. Craig Thomas

      Fredo has got to be one of the most corniest youtubers I've ever seen. You couldn't pay me to watch or subscribe to his cornball channel

    48. Craig Thomas

      SOHO, NY is short for South of Houston (pronounced House-stun) Streets

      1. Craig Thomas

        @Kiara Shanay 👍

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Thanks 😁

    49. Abubakr Barry

      Shoho what ta was 😂 🌙 moonwalking in shoho 😂

    50. jh1 25

      A part of the code is tapping into esoteric practices, which are all Luciferian principles.

    51. DripTeam Ent

      What happened to ddg mixtape that he made in Florida

    52. Poca Latte

      PEOPLE ARE REALLY HAVING ABANDONMENT ISSUES. I know a couple parents that didn’t support their kids going off to college because they wanted them to stay close. SELFISH! That’s how many of y’all sound. He wants different experiences in life, if you’re a supporter than SUPPORT him. It’s not about what U want.

    53. Aaliyah Williams

      Fredo is just a fan of Ddg at this point 😂😂

      1. ezflykha

        Aaliyah Williams lmao 😂 😂

    54. Aaliyah Williams

      Real Ddg fans go support him no matter what 😘

    55. Aaliyah Williams

      Real Ddg fans gone support Ddg no matter what let him have his break from KGup let him get up in the rap game 🔥🔥

    56. Raul R

      Most of fans don't come from KGup for his music. Hes doing him he doesn't need to upload.

    57. Tricia Jarrett

      So said it best,"The nigga to sell his soul is the one that loves money",something along those lines...

    58. TikTok Thots

      Y’all niggas mad weird talkn bout apology

    59. The6ixGoD

      Who Tf deserve an apology for ddg wanting a break 😂😂 yall feel so entitled

    60. cagycee

      Done missed more stuff with Fredo.

    61. sherron cyrille

      A P

    62. Nick E Fitness

      I can always count on Kiara Shanay to give me my daily dose of tea

      1. Kiara Shanay


    63. Karaina Stubbs

      Free vlogs wb & apology please

    64. Makayla Baptiste

      Skully gang n D'Angelo Russell stay riding DDG meat y'all ain't tired🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Makayla Baptiste

        @I want to tell you: this like the third time u comment that under my shit like who gaf bout ur opinion🤷🏾‍♀️

      2. I want to tell you:

        If anything you do too......

    65. Buckets 2

      Dj akademiks is absolutely correct but thats not want ddg wants tho. Its a difference between ddg 2 mill song and for example a normal artist 500k,for example their getting booked for big shows, radio play, song played in club, parties, Ddg just on youtube. Ddg problem is he wants the fame, i dont think he loves music.

      1. RealPrimeMusic

        Cap... the nigga clearly loves music. Or else he wouldn’t be putting that much time and effort into it.

    66. YANABOO

      DDG is just a Libra he just needs to find his balance KGup and music

      1. Mikal Steppin

        I want to tell you: then why that shit a thing💀 how you know it don’t mean shit what you everysign and do everything everysign do

      2. I want to tell you:

        ZODIAC SIGNS don’t mean shit!!!🤦🏾‍♂️

      3. Jay-Z Twin

        He needs you y'all be a great couple.

    67. Hakeem Everett

      broooo fredo and his squad are straight goodballs bro smh.

    68. Herubel Minaya

      SOHO is in lower Manhattan, NYC

    69. MrsEvil313


    70. Dorian _hunt2007

      Evertmy video is a banger and that intro song go hard noti gang

    71. Fred P

      Ddg posting on KGup benifits you with views. Stop throwing shade at him. Mans jus tryna make a dream come true wit his music

      1. Fred P

        Titus Maluleka yea she was throwin shade at him. Without us, his music numbers wouldn’t be up.

      2. Titus Maluleka

        lol....did you actually listen?

    72. MrsEvil313

      DDG left KGup for the CRICKETS ... CONCERTS WHERE 🤔

      1. ezflykha

        MrsEvil313 lmao exactly

    73. MrsEvil313


    74. V!lle Shyt

      I think dangelo doing it on pourpose now 😂. 16 comments

      1. V!lle Shyt

        Skully tryna show love now😂

    75. Humble Yourself

      Rip black panther 🙏💔

    76. V!lle Shyt


    77. RPM Officials

    78. Tamara Hopson

      Damn do this nigga own Vegas?! 🤣 he goofy everyone on KGup doing the same shit.

    79. Rommie Brown

      Ddg squad is his stans, his barbs, his day ones that watched him grow n elevate. N that's from KGup, yes he doesn't want that stigma attached to his name but your Fans are literally from KGup. I know personally that I want to see him grow but also maintain what made him a great individual. He looks out for fam, love ones and puts them on but you're KGup brethren are also part of that so keep acknowledging them n treating them as you do family. Just cause they go the extra mile sometimes don't mean that they don't care n wish that success upon you that they saw from the beginning

      1. Poca Latte

        Rommie Brown Hes not blogging much at all. If u pay attention he said the type of stuff he’s focusing on now will cause yellow marks so he’ll put some of it on O.F. He’s not forcing anyone to do anything though.

      2. Rommie Brown

        @Poca Latte Putting his vlogs strictly on onlyfans

      3. Poca Latte

        Rommie Brown He said he wants to focus on his music. He’ll get back to KGup later. He can’t give both the attention that they deserve, we watched him try n it was too much for him.

      4. Poca Latte

        Rommie Brown What did u mean about “why treat your squad like that”? Like what?

      5. Rommie Brown

        @Poca Latte I'm just saying that stigma will soon fade as he continues to elevate as did the soundcloud rapper stigma that was put on playboi carti n uzi, now their in a whole nother level. It seems like he wants to run away from it cause of ego but i say own it cause he clearly loves it lol

    80. Sidney Lewis

      Tell It Kiara Shanae.DDG Squad been loyal to DDG and he kicked us to the curb.we definately deserves an apology.

    81. Traveine Burton

      im singing to the intro track as well now. i havent bumped the full track yet, but your getting me there. :D

    82. Lalalalala

      Divine jay sounds stupid af n childish

    83. Traveine Burton

      Your best intro and outro, not talking the music. #i gotchu :)

    84. Ceejay

      lol someone tell cj so cool to get his son 😂😂😂 davine messy

    85. success nova

      Apology please

    86. Kay Flare

      Soho New York got all the drip 🔥

    87. Drippin’ Nyimi

      Idk man I’m type tired of DDG 🤦🏾‍♀️

    88. Ad Reactions

      I found out about the Davine Jay from Carmen and Corey

    89. Gabrielle Vorous

      “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back” *Mase Voice*

    90. Major

      DDG need to embrace the youtube rapper tag and get his coin. KSI is killing the charts in UK. he is gong number 1 on everything and now he has big collabs and stuff. im sure he is the one charging people now.


        RealPrimeMusic 😂

      2. Major

        RealPrimeMusic not the point, has nothing to do with what I said at all.. stupid.

      3. RealPrimeMusic

        KSI is trash

      4. tyler owusu-mensah

        Ksi a multi millionaire

      5. tyler owusu-mensah

        Forrreeealllll bro

    91. Jocelyn Taylor


    92. AntFromBX

      If DDG doesn’t blow up the right way (youtube rapper) or independent he finna sell his soul . You never know what’s done behind closed doors

      1. -Vll-

        Foreign simple💯

      2. ForeignFromChicago

        V!lle Shyt he’s spiritually broken and desperate. He’s already signed he just gotta sell out

      3. V!lle Shyt

        Cf he desperate

      4. theeMessenger

        if he's unhappy now just imagine when he does

      5. Makayla Baptiste

        Smh that sum to say😫

    93. Jaybrezzo

      D’Angelo already sayin dumb shit In the comments💀

    94. Stan Stan

      He probably doesn't mind being a "KGup rapper" its probably just an issue with his label tbh


        Nah he just trolling

      2. Uyaze Antonio

        Not at all

    95. Dirtbag Squad

      Carmen giving corey a taste of his own medicine lol. Carmen been had side niggas, Corey thinks he’s the only one cheating

    96. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg been hot and ddg squad is powerful it’s crazy how ddg wants to switch it up, be u ddg and be great

    97. Sym Taylor

      DDG been putting in the work to further his rap career. He going to make it once he keep grinding. Posting every now and again on YT is good too. Devine is a whole a'hole for going behind Corey back. Yes we all know Corey a cheater but if I call you a friend "don't" do that ish.

    98. Lorraine Hanks

      How you quit, when you post today with edits and ads!!! That’s my mentor!!!! DDG Squad 4 life🖤 FTC ✈️ Team stand up!!!!

      1. Lorraine Hanks

        Ain’t no way DDG was not gone let us see all those buckets he made, he was feeling his self 🖤

      2. iAmDCraze

        He'll more than likely return with a reaction to Fredo and once again say that's his last video.

      3. yb kid

        @King 😂 ur one of those


        @King clown

      5. Sheila Tabengwa

        Ddg squad for life

    99. Jaiden Oko

      Apology please

    100. Ulysses Hall

      Welcome BACK nigga