Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - DDG & Rubi?
    10:23 - Deshae Frost

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    1. Kiara Shanay

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      1. Dasia Graves

        "DDG_Drop_That_Q&A" 💯

      2. RANGER2livE

        Rubi just want ddg for the clout rubi fuck nle choppa yella Breezy lil tj and more and lala know that she not a good friend rubi gonna fuck on any nigga that’s up more then ddg and after them niggas don’t want her she gonna run to ddg to sustain her clout lala know how many niggas rubi been fucking on and for lala to allow it to happen shit sad fr

      3. Dorian _hunt2007

        Ddg and rubi a cute couple Noti gang

      4. Blissful Journey

        Kiara Shanay Got mine💁🏾‍♀️ Yall better get y’all badge it’s worth it💯

    2. Yasmilee Rodriguez

      Kiara Shanay has me crying when she started showing DDG old videos 🥺😭.


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    4. ZuRiMe

      kgup.info/get/kot8q2KYioyCn3s/video Sub

    5. Andrea Dreaya

      Man leave ddg alone you are just trying to get views talk about something else than ddg

    6. Keonna Roane

      One thing about DDG is he know how to make so money, I think their relationship is for views and music promotion 😭😭😭🤷🏾‍♀️

    7. Hamdi Ali

      Y’all needa let the man rest like damn🥴🤷🏽‍♀️

    8. viral tiktoks

      Atp deshae do everything that ddg do Ddg had that whole thing where he wanted teetee to break up with her bf and deshae did the same thing with Brooklyn. Deshae now started doing that lil fist thing ddg be doing in his videos And that's why I think he just tryna troll like ddg and rubi

    9. simone johnson

      I thought tik tok got deleted could that may be a reason they videos are gone.

    10. Stella Wallace

      You should delete your KGup channel is not working

    11. Sir Smith

      I love Kiara Shanay but i (ME) want too know did her grade school teachers just let her pass school because she's nice orrrr 😆😂😂 Okay im done.. All Love

    12. wheww chileYouStooopid

      Drop that q&a ddg

    13. Single Tish

      Rubi is petty. That's a fun.. She doesn't know DDG well. He ain't no cheater. if he was into girls he would have been with 100 after Kennedy.....

    14. jfauntl1

      She shouldn't be torn....Most of his fans are single, cant get a man/woman, and will never have a man/woman. DDG Please continue to do YOU. BOO!!!!!

    15. jfauntl1

      Team DDG Life!!!!!!!!!

    16. Jonathan Mackey

      Repent Repent Repent please before its too late the kingdom of God is at hand the Judgement of God is at hand seek the Salvation of the Lord while there is still time Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation please Repent and forsake your sins i say this with love and kindness stay safe and God bless🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

    17. MagnificentDave TV

      DDG gon have a baby and she gon have lil TJAY taking care of it. #dramarubi

      1. Kiara Shanay


    18. DJ Holden

      The only reason I fw rubi is bc of DDG... he like her so I’m cool wit her lol, he inspires me no cap

    19. SEAN VS LIFE

      Bro don't stop KGup because of a bitch don't

    20. Emmanuel Chenny

      He took the video down & reposted it as an Instagram Reel. It’s that new Instagram feature that’s similar to Tik Tok. Which was smart move

    21. Power Miller

      Her singing smh 🤦🏽‍♂️💀🤦🏽‍♂️

    22. Rayneisha Cordice

      I always give ppl the benefit of the doubt, but my gut tells me something ain't right wid her idk what it is.

    23. Victoria Buchanan

      If y’all listen he been saying he wants to quit KGup and be a artist full time

      1. Kiara Shanay


    24. LIFE OF 3D

      My initials is DDG so I would get that tattooed.

    25. Melanin Queen

      That song is definitely inspired by ddg like she said lol she posted a snippet of it on IG in June and said she just wrote it and they were in their situationship or whatever they had going on. The cover art is a old screenshot from Carti.

    26. Bratty Fit

      Jordyn and deshae should’ve just stayed best friends

    27. Anise Westbrook


    28. Jermaine Frazier

      Rubi was in his bathroom when she did the interview

    29. Jermaine Frazier

      That dude ddg gotta do him we got one job..... watch him

    30. Jermaine Frazier

      Drop the Q&A

    31. John Doe

      Doesn’t sound like she is cool with ddg

    32. K-L

      Hi kiara, how y’all doin?

    33. Brittany

      Deshae girlfriend is annoying to me don’t like her personality or looking at her no offense. Rubi Rose is BAD!!

    34. Javon Morgan

      Why is everyone throwing temper tantrum’s like some little babies if he wants to keep it private let him do his thing. You people really acting childish

    35. Beyanka Isaacs

      Kiara be getting all the tea❤️

    36. jwiz1998

      Ddg probably gonna marry rubi no cap

      1. I want to tell you:

        Ashley York no😭 that’s gonna be bad😬

      2. Ashley York

        IDK about marriage but I think he's going to have a baby with her

    37. ManLike Fredd

      That’s crazy I thought DDG was tuff man but he just a simp like everyone else 😂

    38. Daevon

      Rubi is so jealous quickly like she needs to relax

    39. presley plaza

      Pussy makes u do dumb shit ......ddg....rubi

    40. Darryl Frost

      Bruh I be rewatching his old videos and the energy is so different 😭 lol he need to take over August ✨✨


      That imanii girl fine as hell ...... she natural and look better than rubi

    42. David Sherban

      But just think.... it really shouldn’t be hard to choose between his fans or a girl that most likely won’t stay wit him forever. U can either choose fans that have him millions upon million upon millions of dollars or a girl 🤷🏽‍♂️ like it shouldn’t be that hard

    43. Tierra Jones

      Now yall wanna see a Q & A when 95% of the question under that tweet was horrible knowing he won’t answer those saying she for the streets and shit . There was barely any nice question

    44. Lesean93

      I miss the old DDG... Whale Penis! His videos are so boring now!

    45. Fxst xL

      Please change ur intro like that shit just gets me so mad trash ass remix

    46. JustJonahTV

      Let this nigga have a relationship without vlogging the whole thing damn, the fans that’s mad about that need to chill out and realize the fans is partly reason why his last relationship ain’t work

    47. Baby Yoda

      This relationship is a publicity stunt😫

      1. Baby Yoda

        @Quintessential none of my business though. Im here for the entertainment

      2. Quintessential

        Baby Yoda To what extent? Because they really make it seem like they are fucking😂 I think it's bs too but they really are hanging out and shit so some of it is probably real. I personally think it's for the tape but who knows.

    48. Mincey Edwards

      She put that blood in my boy spaghetti 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    49. YGG Ghost

      Kiara squad 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Kiara Shanay

        🔥 🔥 🔥

    50. Lsncam

      10:45 it took me a minute to realize but dashae ain’t that damn tall🤣😂

    51. Immortal

      People dont realize. Everybody reaches their peak at some point. People grow and move on. You cant expect people to do the same thing forever. Its selfish to think that way

    52. Life With Elisabeth

      I don’t know why I thought Immediately when I saw Rubi And Jordan when I first clicked on the video for a half second I thought they were the same person LMAO it looks like they could be sisters to me in my opinion not twins like you can tell they’re different people once you get a look at them but they look like sisters

    53. Devron Rodgers

      I fw the intro

    54. Brown eyes _ 123

      MS' RUBY🌹..like myself said if you don't want..Mr.Ddg..someone will take him off your hands for sure ..he's a good guy from what I can tell...plus he's a ladies man..

    55. Brown eyes _ 123

      I wouldn't put no tat of anyone on my body that's famous for ?..don't care who you are...My family yes..

    56. Random Empire

      Irrelevant but I'll still say it- Tiana was a potential wifey.....but..... no comment! #Don't talk about her fam being racist because at the end of the day, she's her own person. Thank you. 😊

      1. Ashley York

        Tiana liked and reposted those racist post her dad made though.

    57. Kori Sean- Andrew My babies i love you

      No one will ever be able to figure ddg out people need to stop trying

    58. Kori Sean- Andrew My babies i love you

      Rubi is not no way a comparison to kennedy me as a woman and she'll never get the head or heart space in ddg life

    59. lycanroc

      Sometimes I got to take a break or u will get burnout that what he did for the last two months now he getting lazy

    60. Tayja J

      If the song is about Ddg he needs to be careful , would hate to see him hurt 🥺 he's good guy and deserves more but when you like someone a lot you become vulnerable an ignore red flags so im not judging its something he would have to learn and grow from ❤️

    61. Treasure Monae

      Yeah I’ve been subscribed to him since those “Central Mi” days & I been noticed the drastic transition! He already said once he’s “with somebody” he gives them his “undivided attention” so everyone should have been prepared .

    62. bloop

      let’s say rubi did get upset with ddg bc some fan got his name tatted, this would be the second time she got upset for a fan showing love to ddg, it’s abt to be DDG Squad vs Rubi Rose

    63. bloop

      kiara shanay swears she’s funny

      1. Kiara Shanay


    64. Ty Wilson

      Lol she literally using him and he’s literally insecure about there relationship cause he know her true attention and ignoring it because he looking for love and that’s why there relationship isn’t going to work honestly and ddg defiantly tarnishing his rap imagine know rappers not going to really wanna hear shit he gotta say of take him serous in the business or fans are with music when he’s out here being a simp to the girl damn near everyone fucked in the industry ddg has so much potential but he belittle his own self at times and let people creat his life and fuck his own self

    65. Boards Lmao

      I miss the old intro 😢

    66. Linny Jones

      Kiara stated so well girl your really funny he just going thru some thangs you think he still love Kennedy ? That time in his life was so intense maybe she reached out to him and now he conflicted bout trying again with her ???? I’m just saying it’s only been like 8 or 9 months he said he miss her in moonwalk calabasses

      1. Ashley York

        Well I heard from a reliable source, that DDG and Kennedy dont communicate at all. That Toxic song was it for Kennedy.

    67. Hillarie Bowman

      People always gonna hate on something you do with ur life even if it with a person ur in a relationship with that they don't like

    68. jr

      Where can I find the full interview on rubi rose

    69. Tiago Barbosa

      It could just be a toxic relationship

    70. FunnyMike Tea

      Go check out my recent

    71. simplyy.ashleyy

      People assume everything about Ddg & Rubi but he barely post anything with her in it so people assume negative things about them and that drives him further away from including her in vids because of his toxic fans

    72. Ebenezer Amoateng

      bro Rubi does not live in LA... they not wit each other everyday

    73. KHO FLY fly

      drop the Q&A

    74. LC _ Aqua

      Choose your day ones or choose the female who said you lil bro and all that but she wanna be with you now how he don’t see you were her second choice

    75. Dae Henry

      At this point Ddg just trying keep busy and mind off Rubie. But if Kennedy hit him up today or tomorrow saying she. Want to get back together he will drop whoever and whenever. Because these chicks are like hobbies there something to do facts.

    76. Keycy Anuro

      Rubi a freak in bed I know why DDG lost in the source🔥🔥🔥🔥😁💯

      1. Kadeisha Watson


      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Especially that long tongue

    77. qtZionn

      To the person reading this : you will glow up and be successful ❤️ Please sub i’m doing this for my mom

    78. J Fiegan

      U know what I think? Kennedy got to messaging DDG “Ooooh wyd, imy”. DDG probably was like let me change her name etc so Rubi don’t know it’s her...

    79. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Jesus loves you and he's coming soon ❤ Repent and search for him with your whole heart ❤ He will bless you ❤ Bet ❤ Here because of Jesus Christ for you ❤

    80. April LaRue

      Kiara I am April that was my tweet and I am a girl. Thanks for mentioning me.

    81. Sheila Tabengwa

      When he quits youtube, im done with youtube.

      1. Tricia Williams

        @jfauntl1 no need to worry he's not going to quit he got his mortgage

      2. jfauntl1

        me too

    82. Bigdickrex resurrection

      Who’s dat nigga singing in da intro

      1. Bigdickrex resurrection

        Lmao whoever dat is fuckin ass😂😂

      2. Bigdickrex resurrection

        Kiara Shanay oh it’s it sound better when it’s on mute 🔥

      3. Kiara Shanay


    83. Sheila Tabengwa

      Y'all, is this interview on youtube?

    84. QuanQuanTv

      Where do i find that rubi interview?

    85. Mario R

      People got youngboy name and faces tatted on them

    86. Jekeira Jackson

      I’m at work tryna be nosey & sis not giving out the tea fast enough 🥴😂 Q&A DDG 🙄

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I’m sorry! 😂😂😂

    87. J C

      why yall so pressed about who he date? if he happy live him be. y'all don't know rubi personally or their relationship so yall can't judge shit

    88. wtf

      Stop watching ddg ads💨

    89. hagos tewolde

      Stop trolling -DDG and Rubi East African queen 🇪🇷🏁

      1. I want to tell you:

        hagos tewolde but the way she carry’s her self his bad

      2. hagos tewolde

        Matthew K she’s college educated she with clout tho - nah I feel it

      3. I want to tell you:

        Nah bruh I’m from Eritrea and she makin us look bad🤦🏾‍♂️

      4. Migvel

        She ain’t representing shit! Dem females don’t act like that.


      They never kissed, they never claim relationships date, they never did anything. How they a couple 💑?

      1. Junior x6

        CAR&GAMECHANNEL the fact that you think they never kissed blows my mind like ddg hasn’t had bad ass females before , what makes you think he wouldn’t kiss or touch rubi ? Because you don’t see it on camera ? Lmao fuck out of here , ddg shows what he wants to show on camera. That’s what you young ass fans fail to realize


        @Junior x6 lmao when did she cooked for him? What blog is that? I watched all his blog dude and they never let it be known they going out. Just now, ddg uploaded a video titled it "i think she my girlfriend " . Do you know that means? He aint sure yet.

      3. Junior x6

        CAR&GAMECHANNEL bruh lmao , you haven’t seen any of his vlogs? She deadass cooked for him , she made it known . He even made it known . Everybody know ddg kissing & fucking on rubi when the camera off . Common sense listen to his music


        @Junior x6 and what makes you think they going out if they doesn't show it on camera?

      5. Junior x6

        You going by what you see on camera Tho lmao ? Just cause you don’t see it on camera doesn’t mean it’s not happening

    91. Nick

      He keep tryna drop her n she won’t leave....like wtf he cheated so u can leave now she still tryna debate staying

    92. King Scarlett News

      Ruby Rose is toxic

    93. Shameka Thompson

      Ddg and rubi unfollowed each other also

      1. Kiara Shanay

        That’s not recent!

    94. L3 Buxlds

      What’s the interview called ?

    95. John Carreto

      So no more Kennedy vids ??

      1. Ashley York

        There's nothing to talk about 😂 Kennedy isn't on social media

      2. daryl kyle

        Nope. She’s not bothering anyone. Leave her alone.

    96. just marc

      he don’t care bout no ddg squad just bout the bag ....he just uploads to get money n not for his fans his life thou 🤷🏽‍♂️

    97. J Fiegan


    98. JuiceBox T.V.

      As much as I respect Rubi Rose, DDG better not choose the Rubi over the DDG Squad!

    99. Wavy Josh

      DDG said his next relationship isn’t gonna be public.

      1. Via'sGlowing !

        subscribe to me.... lol

      2. Natasha '

        FreeYourselfMorowa yea but he fr trying to be private cause with kennedy EVERYTHING they was a video🤷‍♀️

      3. FreeYourselfMorowa

        Cap 😂 he in the entertainment business KGup at that...his relationship going to be publicprivate 😂...meaning he'll post what he wants to post

      4. Via'sGlowing !


    100. k Watkins

      Rubi ain't having his baby.....sweetie got a whole career ahead of her while she still hot. She a rapper herself