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    0:00 - Intro
    0:22 - DDG VS PrettyboyFredo
    2:55 - Chris Sails Is A Full Time Father Now
    5:12 - NBA Youngboy Bailed Out All His Friends
    5:55 - Rubi Rose Flew To NY
    8:13 - DDG Got His $50K Out The Bank

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    1. Rennel Williams

      While everyone talking ddg, rubi or fredo no one is commending chris on taking care of his son I respect that man

      1. Mai Zany

        And she actually does waste time on Chris if you want more go to his damn channel because he’s disgusting child or not

      2. Mai Zany

        Because he’s really not important. We don’t want to hear about Chris unless he’s in jail or something interesting

      3. P. O.M.N!!

        Aaah stfu kid,go babysit him then🤦🏽‍♂️

      4. Angel_- 18

        Ashley Nicole Matta Calm down Karen

      5. The Gem City Family

        @Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad} so we should stop praising single mothers 🤔

    2. Pettyroutines

      Literally to the 1% who’s reading this,God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day.❤️ (my dream is to become a famous KGupr) thanks

    3. Patrick Da don

      D Angelo ain’t even here to comment hate cuz even he know DDG gonna beat his ass up

    4. Joveazy Reacts

      Frado abt to catch work

    5. Anise Westbrook


    6. Shavn

      Ain’t fredo in NY

    7. Shavn

      That intro song hittin

    8. Ree Mariee

      Normally I would root for DDG knowing he can box, but he’s been smoking ALOT lately for the past year or so and that’s definitely gonna interfere. I’m sorry but I’m with Fredo on this one 😕

    9. Ree Mariee

      Italy or whatever Chris’s baby mother’s name is never wanted the baby in the first place so I’m not surprised. I hate people like that, why bring an innocent life into the world and not even wanna take care of it? 🙄

    10. P. O.M.N!!

      It was the intro for me😭😂🤦🏽‍♂️🥊, she's getting better at this🔥🔥

    11. DakotaVictoria

      Idk what happened to Fredo, he needs some help

    12. Amber

      Rubi almost had me with the only fans but she never went live lmao. Glad I didn’t buy it sis needs to chill on the straight lying for promo. At least let it be a white lie chile

    13. WB

      Chris sails new baby mama going to regret not being in her child’s life 🤔

    14. EzohSZN

      Theres no way rubi rose would smash fredo. Cap.

    15. Ajauny moore

      This big whole 26 yr old man bout to be knock tf out by a 22 yr old let that sink in 😂🤣💀

    16. prxdictabie

      Cash app AFICANKID god bless you

    17. KingLo

      At first he ain’t wanna do nothing for KGup clout now he want to lmao I’m weak

    18. BHaven91

      Fredo all 🧢 no scrap

    19. Islandjewel Crystal

      People seriously need to have there OWN mind. Half of y’all don’t like rubi just because it’s popular to hate her get off her NUTS leave that girl alone. #teamddgandrubi

    20. Yvng Boi Ant

      I hope DDG win but he needa use them couple weeks to get in better shape cuz he been smoking and boxing be draining hella energy

    21. YoBoy SPADE

      First Off, no one knows the status of any of their relationships. For all we know, LaLa could've been messing with T-Jay all along or maybe they have a 'sharing' agreement. Maybe they are playing along with everyone and Maybe this all so that LaLa can quit Zooted. No one knows exactly!

    22. Lorraine Hanks

      31st is the fight! Listen to DDG live

    23. Brown eyes _ 123

      Mr. Ddg... it's not even worth it..SMH..😷🥴

    24. TheBestUni!


    25. Branspecialist

      Fresno scared!

    26. Lesean93

      That boxing match is going to happen anyway...

    27. Abubakr Barry

      Can’t wait for fredo’s funeral res and peace fly high 😭🕊

    28. Juju Pyc

      Why you surprised that she was wit DDG then with DDG she been doing dah 😂Kiara to rubi 🤣😭

    29. Jahmarley Raymond

      That nigga is all cap

    30. Money Spirit

      One random person that likes this will be rich in 2 years

    31. jelly K

      They probably gonna have a 3some

    32. Sir Ethan Reviews

      fredo bipolar lol

    33. joel agbonifo

      I pratici credo get seriously hurt

    34. Slizzy Goated

      We bout to be smoking on a fredo pack

    35. David

      1. Fight ain't happening. 2. There's more to Chris story, notice how he didn't give a straight answer when asked about the new baby mama...

    36. kelly s

      He said he’s being a father and he doesn’t know 100% if he is his. He said regardless he will be his dad.

    37. Rintheblackninja

      Yo that rugrats bar in the outro is my favorite I replay it every time 🔥🔥🔥

    38. Darrick Vino

      Low Key


      Fredo got that chest tattoo to make it look like he got pecks

    40. Lala Eatin’ A Got Damn Burger

      DDG better still train in private with his smokin ass 😭 We will never hear the end of this if he get in the ring mad cocky and gas tf out. We cannot have a King Cid part two 💀 DDG for the win 💯🚫🧢

    41. Ελισάβετ Sơ Elizabeth

      Excuse me? U just popped out a newborn and you not even bonding with it or taking care of it..? Whaaaat? That’s weird , I’m sorry

    42. Paige Daniels

      God is good 👍 🙏

    43. Jajuan Hernandez

      DDG need wifey all ready rubi and DDG would Dominic couple no cap 🧢🔥🔥

      1. AntFromBX

        Are u dumb?

    44. Angel_- 18

      DDG wins by TKO, mark my words.

    45. Rasheen Vaughn

      fredo bitch ass doing all of this for clout bruh

    46. Harmonia Mk

      Chris is a good dad❤️

    47. Jekeira Jackson

      I like DDG but he’s rushing . He should take advantage of them 3 months . I hope my guy don’t get beat up 😩

      1. Jekeira Jackson

        Flyku & Princess It matters if someone gets knocked out . They gonna get clowned all over KGup so I stick with my statement 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

      2. Flyku & Princess Gloria

        Lmao 😂 doesn't matter honestly , whoever wins is giving the money to charity . So regardless it's a win win situation .

      3. Jekeira Jackson

        Ashley York exactly they annoying 😭

      4. Jekeira Jackson

        Lesean93 you know how long ago that was 😂

      5. KingLo

        Ashley York lmao nigga I didn’t know weed made u forget how to fight

    48. Prettybadxo

      She is not with no damn lil tjay

    49. YoBoy SPADE

      I Can't WAIT...@DDG vs Fredo 😂

    50. Amadou gaming .8

      At 1:32 he said he doing this for his career so he saying he want ddg supporters to join ssh

    51. Flash 33

      Is lala okay thou.. not seeing no post from her 😭

      1. STACIE

        She posted a video

      2. Eddie Marx

        That bish fake😭. She tryna come up with an excuse for her treachery.

    52. earl rainey

      Niggas know they can’t fight 😂😂😂

    53. OhhItsKaleb

      DDG fans so fanned out🤷🏽‍♂️

    54. RandomVidz

      Tbh I think fredo a lil spooked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him put on gloves. And DDG really did run to the bank😭😭

    55. Roberty Jones

      Oh nah it’s personal for ddg he gonna probably kill that nigga in the ring

    56. Instagram Hoodrixhdiaz_

      Eb on fredo top since 2017

    57. LoveAgent 1

      Fredo give me gay vibez

    58. Supreme Tez VLOGS

      Chris tryna use that baby for good guy clout...lol last week he said it might bot be his this week he tryna get a pat on the baçk... Cj so cool is who I see actually changing because of his twins

    59. Mesiiah E

      I got $500 on DDG, who tryna match me on Fredo?

    60. 0 Subs

      They need to train that’s why

    61. I Cxmbo Up

      ATP Rubi is capable of anything.

    62. Huncho Grinding

      7:11 if she with lil tjay that’s the last straw and ddg need to stop fucking with her

    63. Angie Ussery

      If fredo wins it’s cuz it’s a robbery

    64. spirtguide

      Chris only wants that baby to live with him so he can make money off of him on his KGup channel and to clean up his image. He knows people easily fall for the "single father" image as if it automatically makes you a great person. Use your brain people- this guy is a narcissist. Everything he does is ultimately to bring money and attention to himself.

      1. Nunie Doesit

        Jalen Thomas I wasn’t talking about cj or queen and that shit was very unfortunate

      2. STACIE

        Agreed Nd the fact that he ain’t have babychris he took on hold other responsibilities

      3. Rosalie Pettigrew

        Or maybe he just wants to take care of his son🤦🏽‍♀️why reach so far to make someone look bad

      4. Jalen Thomas

        Nunie Doesit J Cook’s situation was unfortunate but I doubt that Queen would lie to her son and pretend that all of these year Chris is not his father especially how much she seems to dislike him🤷🏾‍♂️

      5. Nunie Doesit

        Thank youuuuuuuuu and for sum reason idk why but I feel like he doesn’t wanna take the test because he wants to pull what happened to j cook and have everyone feeling sorry for him and getting people to watch his channel I might be reaching with that but with all the stunts he has done in the past I wouldn’t look pass it sorry not sorry but his actions has made me say that 🤐

    65. Bc Dubb

      She there to pull up on lala🤣😂she ain't trying to fight tho cause what female go get her make up and nails did to fight???she probably gonna pull up to talk tho🗣and whats with this boxing match shit just pull up throw hands without gloves👊👊 and thats it....I guess its the chicago in me these youtubers are weird bruh

    66. Keela Paris

      Lol DDG finna beat this nigga as-😭 can’t wait for dis shit 🥁

    67. Sarah Archbault

      I’m done 😂😂. I think she really went to pull on LaLa.. .. I’m still waiting for that only fans story doe

    68. Life with Crystal

      Chris is actually an good dad.

      1. Jack Hoffman

        Me too

      2. Mesiiah E

        People don’t wanna hear it though 💯 anytime a man fucks up in the media’s eyes people will never give him another chance

    69. Yung St4r

      Ddg winning 101%


      Rubi is dead downtown i live in ny I dead kn where she at she by my school and lil tjay and lala by the Brooklyn bridge they by the lower east side

      1. Kay

        Nah lol im from nyc as well. Rubi is not in downtown, she’s in midtown near the Empire State Building, in her video you can see that tall brown building to the left is where Norman Thomas high school used to be the building is known as 3 Park Avenue., lil tjay and lala are downtown, not in LES they would be right under the Williamsburg bridge if that were the case. Like right underneath lol in both lala and tjays video you can’t even see the Williamsburg bridge you can see the Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge from a distance. You only get a view like that from World Trade Center area of downtown, their view matches the view from the Millennium Hilton hotel downtown

    71. Kay

      Yup you right, not the same hotel view. I’m from nyc, lala and lil tjays view showed the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge meaning they downtown. near World Trade Center. Rubis view you can see the building Norman Thomas high school used to be (big brown building to the left) meaning she’s in midtown near the Empire State Building

      1. Kay

        Naira Gatsby the millennium hotel is a very popular hotel downtown, even has ties to 9/11. No other hotel downtown has that view I knew right away what the hotel was. Didn’t have to investigate I LIVE IN NYC

      2. Kay

        Naira Gatsby lmao girl nobody is analyzing..i live in Manhattan I know nyc up and down sis. Only took a glance to know where they are at relax

      3. Naira Gatsby

        Pretty sad you and Kiara are analysing pictures to this point, Kiara doing that obsessive stalker thing again i thought she was changing

    72. Shay Gray

      I don’t know why everybody’s excited there’s not gonna be a fight Fredo is not gonna pick a date

      1. Shay Gray

        King B The Realest 😎 cool

      2. King B The Realest

        I’ll check back in with u on oct 31st🙃

    73. PharrelThirty

      Fredo low key was prolly training that’s why he been talking so crazy

      1. Lesean93

        Training? All I see him do is go on live and talk shit about other youtubers

      2. Shanqulla Terry

        Dumbass that what u post to do when you got a fight comin up

      3. Icy-chanceTv

        Nah I don’t think so cause he said he don’t want to box so how would he know Ddg was going to say he wants to box yk. Unless that nigga smart N shit 😂😂😂

    74. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      I hope when fredo pull up to box he sees CJ so COOL DUB paidway TO and Von posted up outside so he can get jumped

      1. Henry Ejiofor

        Dont forget Mr.Keltec himself too. He def don't play around. Bro been in the pen and lived in the DMV.

    75. Bethannie Shields

      I don't follow rubi on any social media and youtube When ddg unfollow her I do the same

      1. Bethannie Shields

        @Kelvin Wilson soooo mi no like her so why should I follow her.. I still follow tiana musarra and Kennedy Cymone cause love ken and I like tiana

      2. Kelvin Wilson

        Bethannie Shields you sound dumb, because rubi is ddgs girlfriend

    76. Itsreallymari Taylor

      Ddg gonna best tf out fredo.Like if you ddgSquad .

    77. Abdoulaye Diallo

      Don’t that dude in the nba youngboy part look like James

      1. Jayfa

        Abdoulaye Diallo Lmaoo no cap😭😭

    78. MackTheFifth

      I got 70% in DDG winning and 30% Fredo

      1. lilli Huh

        @Lesean93 I did. I seen him in gloves and ddg in them. Fredo stronger and bigger. Yall just going with ddg cause he say he boxed. If they do get down. Remember what I said

      2. Lesean93

        @lilli Huh what makes you say that? Can you proof that to us? Have you footage of him fighting?

      3. David

        @lilli Huh fredo soft af

      4. That05kidd

        @lilli Huh have u seen fredo's boxing videos he cant fight for nun

      5. lilli Huh

        Fredo will beat the s*** out of ddg.

    79. Kuttemkidd

      Kiara who u think gon win

    80. Popeyefoo

      I lowkey don’t want ddg to take 2 weeks off training because you can’t underestimate someone and I’m not a fredo fan I hate that dude but like I said you can’t be too confident yfm

      1. Lesean93

        DDG used to box for 5 years when he was young! He just needs to focus and train and he will be good! But one month is not enough!

      2. Clayton Bigsby

        Y’all get confidence an cocky mixed up.

      3. Fred P

        Blvck Lvnd search up Fredo boxing

      4. Tooskijay Feg

        I agree sometime he gets to cokey

      5. kicking It With Kia

        @Blvck Lvnd it to would def be embarrassing if DDG lost, fredo would never let him hear the end of it

    81. Daevon

      They need to train they can’t just fight in a week relax

      1. MackTheFifth

        Jose Vazquez What I mean is they aren’t fighting for a big event where people can watch them in a stadium or anything. They’re fighting strictly because they have beef.

      2. KingLo

        Train for what ? It’s beef

      3. kentrell roosevelt

        Bruh prettyboycrackhead talking too much smack there ain't no waiting he need to get folded right away

      4. JayceeSoFie

        Jose Vazquez you train for boxing too tf you mean

      5. Jose Vazquez

        MackTheFifth right it’s a boxing match not a ufc fight

    82. Short Stuff

      Fredo gonna get hurt hurt👀


      Rubi in NY shooting a music video wit rich the kid

      1. jae26hood

        @Angie Ussery she already shot the Wiz video in L.A so it's somebody else in NYC.

      2. Angie Ussery

        OFFBRAND _TFUE oh and btw it’s not rich the kid it’s wiz khalifa


        Angie Ussery Feature

      4. Angie Ussery

        Is it a feature or is she a model of the song

    84. Yougin 954

      Fredo finna win

    85. hungryethiopianchild

      Bro fredo just not the same no more😪

    86. Sanu-Capalot

      Dude said i wanna do this for my KGup career just shows how he did not have no beef or any typa hatered just saw a opportunity to get some views and boost his relevance.

    87. Dirtbag Squad

      If fredo talked about my dead brother imma kill him simple, he wouldn’t see it coming.

    88. blessing nzerem

      Wait she didn’t even go live on her onlyfans to expose lala

      1. Johnpierre Castro

        @Ashley Nicole MattaSheesh.. She did that lol. But it's a bad look at the end of the day tho

      2. Life with Crystal

        She probably said that to promote it 😒😒

    89. Clutch God tv

      Who y’all got in that fight??

      1. Angie Ussery

        Easy ddg

    90. Dcdontstop-_- -

      After DDG beat tf outa Fredo,fredo still gonna be talking shit

    91. shannon h

      other youtubers with good vibes, that don’t leave their supporters to pursue rapping careers while being an ungrateful a** in the process: genie from the block, akela online, savay and drock when they make videos together, dontai and kaory, arnell armon, briana monique, teaira walker, karlee steel and jbish, nazanin kavari and Mel, Carli bybel, tony gaskins, troyce tv, golden kye, itsveevaldez, gold juice, the milez family, von, alondra dessy and Benny soliven, seven and crystal

      1. Kelvin Wilson

        shannon h you sound like a fool, you can’t tell this man not to go for his dreams,

    92. D Man

      So who want to put money on a fight 🙃

    93. Sanu-Capalot

      Kiara is so beautiful 😍

    94. Zion Dolly

      i fw da vids heavy]

    95. Jay Light

      Kiara key detectors are like the fbi and csi cus they know everything😭

    96. Aaliyah Williams

      My money on Ddg💪🏽💪🏽💯‼️

    97. Kirko O

      DDG gonna beat Fredo .... straight facts 👀 who agrees

      1. Tooskijay Feg


    98. Cyber Bully

      One in the chamber who dropping first

    99. Ghost gang

      Rubi is in new york filming a music video

      1. Life with Crystal

        K love ain’t nobody lieing I stated what I think. Don’t even go there. Respectfully 🖕🏾🖕🏾.

      2. K love

        @Life with Crystal why would she when her ddg going on vacation smh and liltjay is with lala stop lieing on rubi

      3. Clayton Bigsby

        Life with Crystal how you know? You texting her right now?

      4. Ghost gang

        @Jeremiah Artis it's with some random dude I doubt she even sees lala or tjay

      5. Jeremiah Artis

        @Life with Crystal yea I think they making a song together but that’s low key weird

    100. Lalalalala

      Why fredo wants to train lol I dont think either of them really wants to fight, they don't have hands another gio vs cid fight lololololol 3 months won't make a difference

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        I think 4 years is greater than NO YEARS...😂

      2. MackTheFifth

        Lalalalala that’s not an excuse that’s exactly what happened. Even the person who did it to him even said it so you clearly didn’t watch the videos. And that explains why when DDG called them out to 1on1, that guy that snuck him didn’t. And also that’s THE REASON I SAID “we never seen DDG in a real fight” but it seems to me that you don’t listen. You only hear what YOU wanna hear.

      3. Lalalalala

        @MackTheFifth excuses, who has he beat? Don't said deshae lol

      4. MackTheFifth

        Lalalalala you do realize all the times that happened he either got snucked or was drunk. He even said he didn’t get fair 1s

      5. Angie Ussery

        Lalalalala not knocked out but knocked down