Kiara Shanay

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    1. Kiara Shanay

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      1. Kickz 6ix

        You see all these people on ddgs side coming at fredo! Lol when fredo boys backing fredo up they say they yes men 😭😭😭!

      2. Kickz 6ix

        Mega McQueen say fredo doing coke now everyone saying he doing coke 😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️ Y’all hella weird 😂😂 Literally LA niggas all ganging up against him

      3. Kickz 6ix

        Cj did mention him!! Twitter is different he reposted fredos tweet Nd was saying shit! Go look it up lol or he prolly deleted it! But he did during his beef with quais omar!

      4. D4DDY- The Nuance of Grooming

        Kiara... Why this nigga Fredo call Rubi Rose "Riri Rose" in the smash or pass video when DDG signed a whole artist named Riri... And Riri is an UNUSUAL ass nickname. AND YOU KNOW Fredo knew about Kennedy.... and he smash her. Fredo REALLY don't know DDG and Rubi is a thing?

      5. rodamis prime

        That’s my shit !!! “ We don’t believe you , you need more ppl” ..... yeesss Kiara

    2. Jasmine Mccone


    3. JMG Gang

      Fredo only act hard around them nigga boy needs to sit tf down

    4. Chj C n

      Kiara you just don’t get it🤦🏾‍♂️

    5. Jay_ Dasilva11

      I think fredo caught what ever dymond flawless had 2 months ago

      1. Kiara Shanay


    6. simone johnson

      Fredo was trying to set him up

    7. quanesha majette


    8. KJPressure Drippin

      DDG ain’t post nun of dat shit till Rubi liked dat tweet and posted a video of her singing yo lil tjay she deserved to get embarrassed plus they still cool dats his homegirl

    9. Joyce 98

      Funny how ddgs “mature” now.. that stuff with so literally just happened.He just picks and chooses his battles.

    10. jaden tennant

      2k fredo left the chat

    11. Tristan Morales

      Fredo is to Clout what Golem is to the ring.

    12. Jayson McDowell

      Now let’s keep it 💯 no dickriding, based off fredo energy ddg would beat that nigga ass😭😭😭, fredo was talkin tooooo much

    13. Kyanboy2

      Fredo on some pussy shit tbh

    14. Jar'Mani Smith

      Stop hatin on Fredo

    15. Daboiii

      Fredo ddg’s number one fan ddg keep silent and his opps go bye bye

    16. T R A A V Y

      Look at darrian face 😂😂 cold weirdo

    17. Omelele Lumko

      Fredo needs to grow a pair 🤢

    18. Ty Too Fye

      Jesus is King, repent if you haven’t.

    19. Juicebox4

      Fredo a fuckin weirdo

    20. VLEXXIN

      Not tryna defend fredo or nun but everybody in the comments bringing up how fredo acting in relevance to his child, stop it cause his daughter taken care of and let’s not act like ddg didn’t used to start beefs for no reason

      1. VLEXXIN

        Y’all really choking on ddg glizzy like he the most mature nigga on KGup lmfaooo dat nigga be on dummy too

    21. Darwin Stafford

      Fredo went too Hollywood honest he’s not even fun to watch any more I miss 2K Fredo

    22. Riddim 2k

      I just don’t understand why fredo comming for cj like he don’t beef wit nobody💯

    23. Agb Duhhh

      Fredo just sound mad jealous

    24. Jamal Phillips

      If you got beef with someone you should pull up not the other way around and then in the tweet hes like pull up to NYC bro and then ddg was like what you got going and then fredo was like on some chill shit. From that he trying to make people think ddg was scared but I dont see it.

    25. Paul Teye

      Like ever since agent exposed him we want to act up like sit down 🪑🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    26. Baller Forever

      y’all on fredo dixk heavy 👎🏾

    27. MK 57

      Ion think he know what demon time mean 😂😂 he on demon time but he dont wanna fight 💀

    28. Timor hydrogen Williams

      Fredo linguine try to act like 50 Cent of the internet trying to bully people and Knowing damn well he cannot fight and he suspect

    29. ScopedOutTV

      Lol even if it was really beef who would catch a flight from Cali to NY just to fight.??? Bakaaa

    30. YoBoy SPADE

      It's been loooong enough since DDG and Rubi Rose had been talking so....HE KNEW!

    31. JasmineMarie

      I don’t get it like as a grown woman idg2fs about who sneak dissing me talkin bout me or any of that if they ain’t putting money in my pocket fredo childish asf and I expected for ddg fam to say something kus that’s how I am with my family you fuck with one you fuck with all period all this shit is unnecessary fredo gone get what he askin for he better leave ppl alone

    32. Brad Tyson

      Ppl need to start spamming fredo as a clout chaser

    33. Black Bananas

      He say he barely be on the internet but yet this fool be one live for hours just dissin folks

    34. Mesiiah E

      Not a big fan of DDG rn. Regardless though, he’d dust Alfredo. Fred’s already showed everyone he was soft when he was talking hot at the basketball game and then got nervous when DDG made it hot.

    35. ImPhilips

      He’s a grown man with beards still acting like a kid

    36. gilbert emery

      You a crack head get some help

    37. gilbert emery

      Fred's how old r u

    38. gilbert emery

      Grow up child

    39. Juice Gang

      cj for the kids

    40. Oma and Rosie

      He really grinds my gears I use to like him now he just makes me sick 😷 to my stomach with all his negative content I’m tired 💤 of hearing him be loud and childish my god grow up already your better then that talking bout old poop 💩 out here acting like a whole Karen 👀

    41. Kwensee Brown

      Fredo tryna be something he not fr🤧

    42. KiingSaySoTv

      KGup video or insta live you still gaining more viewers

    43. gee wood

      Fredo can't fight

    44. Lil Izzy

      not to mention he also beefing wit flight and maqueen

    45. Steve C

      I believe the real reason Fredo is starting beef with ddg and CJ so cool is because he's now realizing that it ain't as much content in NYC to film as he thought it was gonna be. And his only way to stay relevant and create content is to stir up beef with other big KGuprs. If CJ So Cool or DDG answers him back on a video, that will only give Fredo a legitimate reason to make a video and profit off of the drama. I hope neither of them feed into his drama because it's definitely not worth it!

    46. Shawntae Lanase

      Fredo the one who need a check wanna start beef with cj so cool too what is wrong with dude

    47. Miss K

      DDG got career ain’t got time for Fredo bs

    48. K love

      Fredo is clout chasing because ddg been the hot topic on you tube so Fredo jumping in to get some shine

    49. Lwambiyi Didier

      These days Fredo is acting like a b*tch on her period !

    50. TJ JACKSON

      Fredo need to get his ass beat up

    51. IkMisNiet

      You can't press nobody through dm's 😂🤦‍♂️

    52. ReiWYD

      I think fredo is dumb. How can he say I sent “ddg” a dm telling him to pull up. And the screen shot he showed was the SOFTEST DM HELLO? Pull up to New York we on some chill sht? If I’m ddg I’m not gonna respond either because you sound like a idiot especially if u ask me to pull up on some chill shit now your telling me to waste my time going to New York to be friends? No sir u are weird someone pack him up 👋🏾

    53. Devron Rodgers

      This how many people sing the intro song

    54. Aquil Stephens

      fredo is a clown how you going to say you don't fight but tell him to pull up that is fighting words fredo is a lame you cant get mad at ddg for posting on his channel shout out to rob and kiara

    55. New Szn

      Both Fredo and DDG spiritually broke...1 just on crack. That's tough

    56. Detravius Williams

      He lowkey acting like diamond flawlass


      Of Course He Has His Varsity Cheerleaders sitting behind him on live💀🤣💯

    58. Yunger

      This nigga is all Cap his mindset is almost the same as his child

    59. joel loforte

      Fredo on his period, he emotions now

    60. joel loforte

      @d'angelo russel is angry 😂😂😂🙌

    61. joel loforte

      Fredo can roast ddg and all ,but if you mess with logan Paul's crew you are getting fucked no cap

    62. Playboi Chee

      Fredo gonna be tight when DDG put jasmine & Ava ina music video 😂

    63. misgana mengesha

      fredo goofy he said he don’t be on yt but he know what cj so cool went through w the prank smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

    64. Gardens Cenatus


    65. Paidway Jaylon

      They admire fredo Nd he makes kids shave there head🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    66. SugaBear Parks

      ✌🏾 ☮️

    67. jr

      Fredo going out sad 💀 cj got him on hush ddg not giving him time of the day he on live for 1hr talking crazy for niggas who doing bigger shii then him

    68. Daddy BunZ

      I never seen two dicked out niggas in my life den dem niggas in da back of fredo

    69. It’s DOPE!

      Kiara .. shanay is here, kiara .. shanay is here .. who else be singing her intro no cap

    70. Tony 45

      DDG 🔥💯 !!!!!!

    71. I'm high bihhh

      I’m thinking he is gonna expose ddg with some career ending info 😒 this nigga said he didn’t reply to me from last month

    72. I'm high bihhh

      My thing is why act tough when DDG talked shit in your face and threw your ball across the court and made you get it

    73. Dr. Donrì

      Fredo = jealous... N Transparent.. Its revealing.. N sad..

    74. Nesta Joseph

    75. Nesta Joseph

      If Kiara Shanay was a commentator, I'd be laughing the whole game😂😂💪❤

    76. KountryboySave

      Fredo don’t want to box he just tryna talk crazy he really don’t want to punch

    77. DL Takeoff

      Fred’s doing all this to stay relevant in my opinion

    78. Kid Ink_-

      Man y’all know he wasn’t going if anybody notice when it’s a dude he don’t want to hop on live or Twitter or nothing but when a female do something to him he want to bash them quick get on live and Twitter and run his trap about it

    79. Lil Bii

      Man I wish that the intro would be on Spotify, KS please tell Rob to post it Spotify😭✊🏾🗣

    80. Shay Butter

      bro pls change that intro song

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Naw because you love it 🤪

    81. Miko

      Fredo be snorting coke🤦🏾‍♂️ that’s crazy

    82. Yrn.Hndrxx

      This nigga fredo need to tighten up bout my boi ddg fuck he got going on

    83. SSGSS me

      I be damned if I let one of the homies start acting stupid like this 🤦 I wouldve ended they live.😔

    84. chris blount

      its funny how fredo is the only one bringing up OTHER PEOPLES names . Nobody is even pressed over him he just delusional.

    85. chris blount

      fredo too old for this shit . he so damn hollywood now its ridiculous.

    86. Ashley Oliver

      Still reporting on these lame ass people. They keep making drama to keep their names relevant. Bunch of lames who crave internet validation. We just lost a great man who was educated, talented, philanthropist, nice , respected, famous for his work but nobody knew about his illness for 4 years. That was a MAN. He lived great, did his job and died with dignity surrounded by people who truly knew him and loved him for him. Stop giving attention to these attention craving internet, fame chasers.

    87. Yung JD

      His name every where he dropping soon

    88. Jaheed Ferrera

      Dub disrespectful this ain't even his beef not even ddg acting like him

      1. bri

        So that’s his brudda woulda did the same fa mines 🤷🏽‍♀️

    89. Ian Chumba Fitness

      Fredo started all this when he made a video on Kennedy smash or pass 2weeks ago

    90. Iso ‘

      fredo gets more views than cjsocool with less subs I don’t think he’s jealous about that.

    91. Tiara

      I really think fredo on the white stuff you sniff

    92. Iso ‘

      where was his family energy at when ddg got jumped? 😂

    93. Sheaquan

      React to Ddg brother live

    94. Baby Yoda

      That's Tuff😫

    95. officiall jev

      His 2 yes man in the background jus chilling 💀

    96. ForeignFromChicago

      Ddg could’ve did the same thing Chris sails did but he wanna think he too good for mfs. They could’ve been on some grown man positive stuff FaceTime or something

      1. Justin Quick

        This might be the dumbest comment on this video

      2. Lit Activities

        Yea he should’ve did that off the Internet not have his live chat spam DDG to join live

    97. k Watkins

      Fredo having a dymond moment get him help

    98. Tavii bee

      One thing abt DDG he got family❌ 🧢

    99. Matorma Kamara


    100. Jeremiah Ward

      Fredo is nothing more than a goofy making his own self look bad that’s tuff 🤗🤭🤩😭😂