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    1. Kiara Shanay

      What’s your favorite break up song? Comment below 💔

      1. Please Get Me To 2000 Subscribers

        Ummm... what happened to putting the reference times in the description ?!? 🤔

      2. Huncho Grinding

        DDG- Toxic

      3. Kiara Shanay

        “You Hurt Me Bad” 🎶

      4. Mpilwenhle Mpilo

        Phora - Fake Smiles Phora - When it's over Phora - Everybody Knows Phora - I still love you Phora - Blame on me Phora - Feel Phora - Forgive me Phora - Where did we go wrong ( These are perfect for my nigga DDG)

      5. Axisxra

        @D’Angelo Russell simp stands for step in man's position

    2. Brian Feb

      I don't feel sorry for ddg he get the chance to get Germany girl but mess it by going to rubi when every body told him don't😪

    3. Unfunny_ Guy

      *Rubi Rose flies to new York again *Mood Swings starts playing

    4. Jessica Rodriguez

      Ddg definitely the toxic one 😂😂😂


      I thought she wasn’t going to put Ddg in her titles anymore 🤔

    6. Ari Lant


    7. 617 abc

      Ddg should of just listened to us. It’s not like we were plotting we were just warning him about her and telling him that we don’t think it’s gonna last long.

    8. Candace marie

      didnt svannah make a video pranking her guy friends and in the video she said she was going back to texas

    9. Day As Qay

      It’s not like t.o is the only artist who’s money he gets percentage of. He better suck it up, that’s business not personal

    10. 60HzParse

      show us ur subs 😭

    11. TC350Z

      women aint crap

    12. Only1Doobie

      T.o took kindness for weakness bcuz of blood ties, he just gotta keep working cuz them bills never gone stop coming... He must’ve see fredo say he don’t take money from his ssh members

    13. Alexandria

      In many states when you sign a birth certificate you’re the parent forever unless you find somebody else to take it like the REAL FATHER. That’s why men shouldn’t sleep around

    14. Julian Urbina

      J cook did date that girl

    15. Empower Tv

      I hope it’s not cause he signed a girl 🤦🏾‍♂️ Girls be wanting a man but don’t like when a man trying get to his bag over them

    16. JILLAWNI

      I been new that shit wouldn't last, rubi ain't wifey material she is something to hit & run

    17. tai. McDonald

      So is the mom tryna do some shit to help this situation out or is she chasing the bag 🤔 and to me they was never together (ddg rubi) date don’t mean relationship

    18. Splizt da skata

      Autumn got a boyfriend

    19. Jessia

      That whole lul ddg relationship w o girl was a publicity stunt 🥴

    20. YoungOle'Soul

      That’s the way it works in a lot of states. You should get DNA if you’re not exclusively intimate or in a relationship with someone.

    21. Ronique Miller

      First off I feel like ddg is doing this as a publicity stunt #hurt n he always say don’t take everything u see on the internet serious bcz he don’t b fr

    22. sam graham

      Drop that Rob Allen joint it sounds 🔥

      1. Kiara Shanay

        ***Ushers him into the studio for final mixing and mastering! ✊🏾💯

    23. Dkapp

      rubi played that nigga dog like wii stick.

    24. Young Warrior

      I’m starting to thing ddg wants a hood toxic girl but he try’s to Portray this hard hood dude bc he grew up in Detroit but he’s not hood at all

    25. Borninvincibl3 FPV

      Just for a moment realise y'all commenting on another man's relationship. If he want to he can start watching AMS.

    26. William Hill

      DDG made a mistake thinking that the girl should chase him instead of him being the man chasing her. Rubi chased you sexed you and cuddled with you but every woman wants to be woo-d or chased or romanticized . Savanna came to you but you didn’t woo her. I’m not saying that you should get with her but whoever you get with you are going to have put it real romantic work.

    27. Devon Cooper

      Look at ddg and rubi insta they was both togather 20 hrs ago

    28. King Sheppard

      DDG so slow smh he just too damn soft. He act exactly like his age. Young af. Ain't no type of manish. Rubi wanted that ninja bag that's it. She flat out say that shit😂 it ain't funny but DDG think he just hot shit. Swore he had shit under control now look smh she knew what she was doing. Could still be for clout who knows

    29. Angle Hernandez

      ddgs relationships are scripted, he probably only had one out of the many that was"real"...he knows people be up in his business, the more drama the more mula...that's really it, it's not encrypted.

    30. levan tillett

      DDG and Rube Rose will not get back together.

    31. levan tillett

      Savannah was the best option for DDG no cap.

    32. Johnny B

      A birth certificate is nothing more than a contract

    33. JD

      I saw this coming rubi for the streets and people told him that and ge dont fucking listen he needs Kennedy

    34. Tru 602

      She trapped him good she knew wtf she was doing 🤦🏾‍♀️Now I see why they say don’t sign unless you are 100%SURE 🤦🏾‍♀️

    35. Tru 602

      Arizona (born and raised sadly) Law is Bullshyt how is that shyt reasonable evening if it’s proven he’s not the father .

    36. Emely Carmona

      I love DDG but he likes that toxic ishhhh

    37. YoBoy SPADE

      Waiting for a 'downfall'? Comon Kiara. I thought you was better than that. That relationship was a DOWNFALL before it even began but i understand how you gotta play this thang...😂 but still.

      1. Kiara Shanay


    38. Cintia Monteiro

      i mean ddg didn’t show her that much love. once she made a video of them two and he was acting hella sus. but then again rubi wants to act single but not be single if that makes sense. they both just need to stay away from each other.

    39. PJ Edwards

      T.O music ass anyway

    40. Prosper T.P.K

      Kiara Shanay we warned DDG about that girl Rubi... He never listened! He literally wasted his time with her.They were never a good match. We suggested Savannah, once again he did not listen

    41. tickles_tv 60fps

      Yes they finna be back together

    42. Salvadorian_16

      Tbh rubi could. Possibly be playing ddg for More clout. She did say when they met they would be good partners 👀 but tbf both them could use this clout. To drop. “Break yp songs

    43. Eric Samano

      Rubi been getting passed around since day 1 idk why DDG hurt who y’all think she getting with next? Lol

    44. Naomi Hardy

      Kiara girl no disrespect but your husband can sangggg ❤️💖 I absolutely love his voice 💖💓

    45. Natassia Hammond

      👀 DDG is going this to help their careers. They may be still together on the low 😉.

    46. Dboux12

      I don't want ro hear it DDg warned you when you first met rubi, she put that thang on you,now you just another marble in the bag, she got you under full control, youre lost brother✌🏾

    47. Benzel Washington

      Ddg to toxic for savannah

    48. Golden Bri

      She replying to lil t jay ft pop smoke MOOD SWINGS LISTEN TO ITTTT

    49. Asha Adia

      Rubi is a pass arounnnnnnnd 🤣😴

    50. GreenOffHezo

      Bro Ddg Put TO on 😂😂 like how can u throw shade at your own family 😑😴

    51. Danielle Hill

      They back together just sent u a dm showing they just went out for ice cream

    52. Jekeira Jackson

      DDG & Rubi together at this moment honey . Check ig before it gets deleted 😂

    53. ROBIN suburb

      To like dont post and I haven't heard music neither idk what's good with him. Then he wanna say DDG violating but who else got a Louis Vuitton bag with some bands in it when they got signed to zooted?? I think he would've put that in a video

    54. Juvenile Xay

      Stay away from da bih

    55. Tashema Craig

      Ddg always complain about fans being in his relationships but steady posting about it on social media, Ddg contradicts his self a lot 🙄

    56. Amj 2Wavy

      Options Kennedy and Savannah😂

    57. Nathan Slagter

      DDG signed TO. Plus To music is ass as fuck. That nigga really don't be posting and he don't really drop often.

    58. Nathan Slagter

      why is J cook filming this.

    59. im j

      The she bigger then ddg she don’t need him he need somebody to need him

    60. Gunz Hoodvinci

      Lmao they some marketing geniuses ddg and rubi slipped up and posted being at the same ice cream spot

    61. Paul Teye

      Yo bro DDG had that shit coming to him we specifically go this not to go with rubi stay with savannah but he want to be ignorant.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    62. Brayden Stanley

      Yeo check ddg and rubis stories on ig it looks like they got ice cream together?

      1. I want to tell you:

        Yup ddgs a simp

    63. Beixbi Hijexi

      I feel like Savannah’s was the one that got to him and he watches her yt videos and saw that she wasn’t what he thought cuz he thought she was just nervous Nd quiet but that was only around him. Now he see how she really is and he feeling like he made a mistake maybe

    64. Beixbi Hijexi

      He needs be smart about this I feel like Savannah’s going to see him. There’s a good chance

      1. Beixbi Hijexi

        I want to tell you: Yh after he misjudged her because of his past. Now he look stupid if he had just been patient

      2. I want to tell you:

        Beixbi Hijexi doubt they’ll meet up again after everything

      3. Beixbi Hijexi

        I want to tell you: because he don’t seem like the type to let anything get in the way of his money. And plus he and rubi broke up and he knows how much ppl love Savannah’s he can make good money off it and he did

      4. I want to tell you:

        “Good chance”? Explain

    65. Beixbi Hijexi

      Kiara Shanay he’s talking about rubi not Savannah’s when he was talking about how she cool and we made it into something it ain’t. And he probably took those videos off so he wouldn’t have to look at them. Cuz their making him feel some type of way

    66. Beixbi Hijexi

      8:32 he was talking about rubi lmaoo not Savannah.

    67. mark shaw

      Of course they getting back together

    68. Maverick Young


    69. Hippielongstockins World

      Nooo rubiiiii 😪

    70. Yadi Cotto


    71. Alberto Mejia

      Nigga he lucky that he even got signed cuz he family, wack ass flow havin ass so yeah DDG taking a SMALL percentage u not supposed to be signed anyways‼️😂😂

    72. Unityyy

      They didn't even last, meaning they wasn't even supposed to be together.

    73. RulesToTheGame

      DDG havent been the same since sAVANNAH real talk...after her he changed..

      1. antoine higgins

        Facts he hasn't been around a "real" girl in a minute who doesn't stroke his ego so he started tweaking

    74. juma Nlechoppa

      Thanks god they break up

    75. Mizz Mimi

      That J Cook situation is messed up. It don't make sense why they won't allow him to be taken off the birth certificate

    76. TyTooSmooth

      You noticed when they first met it was a screwed up version of her saying “business” thing she did like I think two videos with Ddg n now they not together seems fishy to me 🧐


      Hahhahahaha ddg u didnt listen to us and plus she take ur louis vuiton now u see shes for the streets

    78. Zahir Stewart

      Toxic part 2

    79. Tyke Carter

      Ion know if any of y’all noticed this but all of ddg and rubi videos of them dancing together are still on tiktok on both of their pages so I don’t think the break up is real

    80. Mike Trekioloinnjgfyt

      DDG in his feelings 😹rubi rose voice

    81. Marquise Thomas

      They was never dating, i been saying this it was all for clout

    82. Craig Thomas

      I was one of the ones who thought they weren't right for each other, but when she started appearing in a couple of his videos I began to see a softer side of Rubi Rose and I was actually starting to be happy for then even though in the back of my mind I knew it wouldn't last long. DDG said it himself he' s a simp and Rubi Rose likes bad boys. Thats why Lil Tjay could treat her the way he did and she still friends with him. Ddg was a rebound

    83. RaInbO KIliEr

      Big L

    84. RaInbO KIliEr

      He’s a simp

    85. Royal Entertainment

      girl thats 100% the reason rubi broke up w him she highkey jealous af its awful idk who did this girl wrong to make her so insecure and jealous

    86. fetti fetti


    87. DkoldisxHarris

      Bro that intro song gotta go🤷🏾‍♂️

    88. ScopedOutTV

      Lol she got em bad announcing she single but never announced her relationship

    89. Jolizzy

      Told his ass to leave highway rubi alone🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    90. YouTube Watcher

      Yeah I can’t take ddg serious... that comment was so dramatic it seems like he wasn’t serious

    91. Prod. Jsmooth

      DDG just give up on dating bro dam smh

    92. STACIE

      Ddg ain’t gotta worry bout doin features wit queen nomore he got him rb

    93. 2CuteNisha P

      DDG always helping people but he always gets the shit end of the stick. Only problem about having a good Heart People THINK you stupid‼️💯🗣

      1. Capo capitan

        My 13 year old cousin could of seen DDG wasnt hood or aggressive enough for a bird like rubi rose or would of known she was 'for the streets' material and when he had chicks like lala and Savannah around who both seem less thotty and didn't wife em but CHOSE rubi rose that man is too smart to be stupid

    94. Tray Code

      She for the streets 🎓 keep it pushing

    95. Elz

      Y'all ready for arguments pt 3🤣

    96. Christy

      DUDE sounding WEAK he acting like she the only girl in the WORLD They have more out here SO STOP LOOKING AND ACTING SO DAMN SOFT NOT A GOOD LOOK👀 SMH

    97. BH vux

      DDG and rubi lasted a good 2 weeks lol

    98. BH vux

      I live n tx

    99. aj hudson

      He should either go back to Kennedy or date Adrienne Nicole

    100. KingBasil Levett

      I wish everybody stop acting like we didn’t see dis coming from a mile away, specially after da incident with TJ, shorty is not da girl u bring home to mommy.