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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Nique & King
    6:32 - DDG & Rubi Rose
    9:09 - Flightreacts
    9:58 - Chris Sails

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Join Us Today, What Are You Waiting For? It’s Easy 🚨 m.kgup.info_channel/UCOT6n_JNK6gxK2aQ3TrtBdw?noapp=1

      1. Leerically Speaking

        Kiara Shanay This quarantine is killing relationships. It sheds a lot of light on whether people can stand together in the roughest and toughest of times. People should really take this time to be creative in their relationship and not be so quick to throw in the towel. I need to start vlogging about relationship advice dang it! 🤣🤣

    2. JANNA DON

      Maybe CHRIS SAILS IS the drunk driver that hit CHRIS COMBS ?

    3. Kyng Matt


    4. tickles_tv 60fps

      I thinking my comment don't matter but please change the intro 🙏🏾

    5. Silver Queen

      A solid couple is definitely GOLDJUICE will and liv #GOLDJUICE

    6. Syxura


    7. destined forgreatness

      kiara shanay got only 65,000 subsribers

    8. PrettyGirl YahYah

      I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the WAP video! I was shocked when I saw ruby rose I had no idea who she was until you started talking about her 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    9. Emma Harrmann

      I think DDG playin rubi bc she was playin w him

    10. DESIRE Reacts

      DDG SQUAD Team Stand UP💪 my bad flight.. still watch you tho

    11. Tube O

      Stop making videos with your baby please

    12. Jeremiah Smith

      She jus can’t keep ddg out her mouth

    13. Amanda Rodas

      Rubi is just over protective and insecure! That’s sad 😂😂💀💀

    14. Bethannie Shields

      If he don't Vlogs with another female something is really up with her

    15. Duce_ 215


    16. Hoodie murph


    17. April LaRue

      The song He in his feelings she wrote is about DDG.

    18. Jocelyn Taylor

      I mean its just business if shes insecure well DDG just have to do his videos without females ijs...

    19. Ceejay

      Rubi in the WAP videoo tho! Shawty is running it up & that’s why her and DDG vibe, they both in their bag 💼

    20. Ve Ve

      This might be the worst relationship ddg will experience lmao

    21. Tara Mcknight

      Rubi Rose not clout chasing she got her own. THAT GIRL DONE MADE IT TO THE NEW CARDI AND MEG VIDEO AT THE END THATS HER.

      1. Tara Mcknight

        No I could really give two shits about it just saying yall quick to judge somebody saying they with another person for clout when she clearly doing things on her own.

      2. Jessii Lee

        Tara Mcknight y’all so but hurt over what I said lol 😂

      3. Tara Mcknight

        She was thought of enough to get her in it which mean she relevant.

      4. Jessii Lee

        She was in there for 5 seconds lol

    22. AyeeLloyd Tv

      Am I the only one who feel like even if she wit ddg she still single 😂😂

    23. Elizabeth Blanchard

      Ruby about to cost DDG money. He scared to interact with the females in his videos and he use to in previous videos.

    24. Johnplaygames


    25. RastaImposter

      This nigga do give me simp vibes out of all the females he end up with her🤦‍♂️she using bro

    26. Pig Da Coolest

      Don't tell me Rubi wear the pants in the relationship😫

    27. TheLifeOfKinda


    28. cher

      Dey didn't break up dey are still together

    29. Teabag Squad

      Nique dragged tf out of it

    30. cher

      That's one of the things I like about Nique and king dey dont let social media control there relationship some things should be private we don't hv to kw everything what dey do it how dey do it it's no different been an actor or actress or Beyonce and her husband dey only show yall what dey want u to c just saying

    31. Jupiter Sound


    32. Cassie Sandra

      Lol doing music videos with women is one thing how about these rappers try being faithful and honest for once? But I hope nique and king make it through. And I love rubi. I just love crazy people who do their thing. I hate fake conventional people who never push boundaries. That sht boring

    33. Shaquella Nelson

      You get me thru my work shift sis 🤣💕

    34. SauceUp Rio


    35. Ianiqui Dariri


    36. SDSen

      DDG is such a walkover. Doesn't know whats good for him in his relationships

    37. grayboy tv

      Bro wasn’t he supposed to be going crazy this month

    38. Shermaine Pearce

      The name chris has some wired vibes to it.... I yet to know someone who name chris who has luck ..

    39. For The Lord


    40. For The Lord


    41. For The Lord


    42. For The Lord


    43. Trey Onuoha


      1. a student

        We lit🔥

    44. 4k Studios

      Flight is really a walking W cause every L he takes he makes money off of😂😂😂

    45. Anise Westbrook


    46. Evelynn A

      I don’t think nique and king gonna work it out cuz she crazy like me 😂 toxic asf As a ddg family stan I’m so disappointed in Darryl because of his lack of good content 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t want reactions that’s what flight is there for 💯 BUT I hope his relationship lasts cuz I never been a hater ❤️ Flight’s video hits and ion even watch him like that 💯 Chris sails just be doing too much .. if it’s true then I hope he’s good but 9 times outta 10 he be LYINGGGG so yea idk 😐

      1. Carlos Spence

        idk them but she got a weird head shape

    47. Marquise Thomas

      This girl making a career off the sweat from ddg's back 🤔

    48. xNoLoveCoockiesX


    49. xNoLoveCoockiesX


    50. YoBoy SPADE

      Watch later, Kennedy gon try to ease her way back into YT like nothing ain't happen, with a different dude and/or pregnant...🤣 smdh

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        @droid Astros if mine and others comments is enabling people from 'living', there's millions of m*th*f*k*s DYING from YT these days...

      2. YoBoy SPADE

        @Ashley Oliver who tH u talking too?? I aint 'worried' bout a DAMN THANG! Especially batches like YOU who get on other people's all 'butt-hurt' over MY opinion...😠

      3. Ashley Oliver

        Why are worried about Kennedy. Remember Kennedy doesn’t want him but he still does. Worry about DDG making a baby to prove a point first before you worry about Kennedy.

    51. Joyce 98

      I still think in a little bit it’s just gonna come out that Ruby is signed to Zooted. And all this was ddg being a good manager and giving one of his members clout.

      1. Cassie Sandra

        She's signed to a record label I think

    52. King Scarlett News

      Nique is crazy and king is tired . Like act like a psycho every time she gets mad .

      1. Cassie Sandra

        I think it was fun and games for the KGup viewers and it got them views but now nique got stuck in character even during the relationship 😕. I hope they make it through though

      2. Alecia Outten

        U don’t know how she really acts off the camera or how he ack off camrea

    53. Ojor Divine


    54. Ojor Divine

      Love hearing your baby’s voice 😌🥺

    55. YoBoy SPADE

      He better get his weight up! Ain't naaan chick gon try me like that in a relationship. She tried him like he was the female. Busting out the bathroom and sh*t...@Nique&King

    56. Zh.x.iin_

      I’m so happy for Rubi and DDG! Hope they prove everyone WRONG!!

      1. DESIRE Reacts

        no capppaaaa!💯

      2. Elijah Ussery

        I do too

      3. Azariah

        South African Influencers periodt

    57. Beam

      I hope Chris didn’t do what I think he did hope he is ok even through I’m not a fan of his he’s human y’all just stupid to look out and see if he is actually ok before talking shit internet be weird bruh I swear

    58. Aaron Avant


    59. Norap Cap

      DDG probably not posting the q and a cause he know y’all come with the dumb comments unless he turn them off

      1. Elijah Ussery

        Diamond Bourne nah fuck you

    60. Kay Velli

      DDG and Rubi are both Libras. Libras are very compatible with their own sign unlike many other zodiacs. I have a feeling they're going to last for a long time... my dad is also a Libra and has been with the same Libra women for almost 3 years now.

      1. The Best

        Kay Velli since if it’s soo real, from my comment guess my zodiac since I am so ignorant and I know all the witchcraft and other shit is real

      2. Kay Velli

        @The Best Tbh you the only one on here that sounds ignorant. Astrology is real asf, just like witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, all apart of my Afrikan Culture.

      3. Kay Velli

        @a student Yes I do believe in my Afrikan culture yes, that is where Astrology originated.

      4. Samba Jackkzz

        DDG mentioned the zodiac sign to begin with so take up your rude comments with him. Zodiac signs are cute for the young and that's all there's to it.

      5. The Best

        exactly u can’t judge a person by their zodiac sign or the months they were born rubi and ddg have two different personalities but has the same zodiac let’s be honest zodiac is just for entertainment other than that it’s not real, maybe their something u can relate to but don’t judge people by zodiac sign cause that just make u sound and look stupid.

    61. Full8 Seconds

      All the YT vloggers going thru BS since rona started. Dont trust anything you hear and half of what you see.....

    62. Life w/ Tati

      I definitely gotta stop watching these videos late at night, between the music and the sound effects. I’m gonna wake my babies up. 😭

    63. Funny Bill

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    64. Charles Eskridge

      Nique is DdG blood cousin

    65. myOTHERname2009

      I love the baby’s ad libs 😂😂😂 hope she stays a baby forever

    66. Tyress Patterson

      I ain’t gone kap rob new song sum fye

    67. George Benson

      This KGup update got the whole video interface looking weird

    68. Shelmith Kawira

      Are you not gonna talk about the clout chasers King Cid and Bre??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂they unfollowed each other and King cid deleted the pics again

      1. Gelo

        Cid always had clout idk about bre

      2. Kiara Shanay


    69. Karega

      Rubi Rose has alot of masculine energy. What man wants to deal with a woman that masculine?

    70. Karega

      Whoever that first woman was, Nique? She looks like lil Yachty.

      1. Ebisa Worika

        No cappp 😅😂🤣

    71. Janoy JDASquad


    72. julian whitiker


    73. Kelli Chanel

      Ddg is just being respectful

    74. Blissful Journey

      Rubies Road is Toxic #saveddg 💯💪🏾


        He gotta save himself, he told his supporters to leave her alone so🤷🏾‍♀️


      Rubi and ddg playing yall niggaz. I would too if im getting attention so yall can check out my songs. You do know rappers do fake beef sometimes.

    76. Shady Playz

      F the premiere FTC in dis b 🤣

    77. Shady Playz

      She was finna drop his shit 😂

    78. Heaven Holmes


    79. klnkss

      Do she gotta use DDG&RUBI ROSE in every tittle

      1. Elijah Ussery

        klnkss yes

    80. Mr334&Beyond

      half of yall are kids and dont know anything about relationships, and the other half are doing what yall girls wants yall to do anyways to get a piece of the cat at night. get off the man nuts and let him live life. His life, your entertainment.

      1. Mr334&Beyond

        Karega what did she do on them?

      2. Karega

        Noone remembers her from Akademiks streams?

      3. Mr334&Beyond

        Luis Armstrong we don’t know how their true dynamic is behind doors, she doesn’t seem like her rapper image so far. Homie is young w/ a chick who can also provide him leverage and is prob finest he’s ever been with. He’s literally in a position most can’t fathom but we know he’s smart and he will get his part out of it and if not he’ll make some dope music afterwards. He’s a kid, he’s allowed to live, love who he wants, & learn from it. Obvi the safe girl ain’t work for him already lol

      4. Justin Quick

        Realest comment ever💯

      5. Luis Armstrong

        There’s a difference between crazy girls and girls!! And she crazy

    81. Quintessential

      Rubi’s music hits different on mute



      2. Blissful Journey

        Her music just like her🗑🗑🗑🗑

    82. M C E B I S I. K H E S W A

      The intro song is trash. Change it

    83. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      I'm convinced rubi used an east african charm on DDG to make him a simp

      1. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

        @Ashley Oliver word I've been watching DDG for 6 years hes been different ever since rubi came

      2. Ashley Oliver

        How? Because DDG doesn’t seem really happy. I am sure he is happy he has to spend time with and “love” but he is not happy. Body language doesn’t lie. I have seen DDG with Essence and Kennedy and this new DDG is not happy just going with the flow to avoid loneliness and depression.

      3. King Shali

        @0nly. Bhadbby I'm playin, I know some Eritreans & they not about that shit.

      4. 0nly. Bhadbby

        King Shali o shit , ion think her people like that

      5. Coundoris Moore

        @King Shali miss me wit the pimp shit ok! Cuz u know damn well if u had a woman u gonna do all u can to plz her especially if u love her and she vice versa! DDG is a grown man he can choose to be wit whomever he wants! Its ppl like u that try in manipulate and say negative shit about another niggas relationship that they really know nothing about with the hopes of them departing to satisfy you. Go head on wit that lame game!

    84. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      If king rushed toward nique like that everyone would call him abusive lol

      1. klnkss

        Your point is what

    85. B B

      Rubi rap voice is to manly like Meg's 🤷🏻‍♀️ I said what I said lmao

    86. Abb B

      Tbh, Every couple have issues. Two people might not always agree with each other or be on the same page.

    87. Nolimit

      Sub to me

    88. Nesta Joseph


    89. Sean O'Neal

      I told ya'll that Rubi Rose is the Rihanna to DDG's Drake. She's aggressive , freaky and doesn't give a fuck, which is what he loves about her. DDG don't want a good girl no more he wants a savage chick.

      1. Quintessential

        Sean O’Neal He just wants someone around and Rubi is available. She does give a fuck. That's her biggest problem. It seems like she gets triggered too easily.

    90. Tach Perkins

      The way Nique ran in and got on the bed 😂😂😂

      1. Princehuncho94 M

        Jack in the box 😂😂😂

    91. Aaliyah Williams

      I really thinks it super weird how people keep sayin Ddg the female in the relationship or Ddg letting Rubi control him😂 like stop hating on him and life this nigga live his life how he want

      1. I want to tell you:

        No hate but if u put something on the internet ppl are entitled to their opinion

    92. john jones


    93. S

      How did they login to his acc chris gave them his password or what

      1. Princess Diva

        No Chris typed it himself for attention

    94. hunncho2x

      Flight been said he don’t copyright nobody for his music you dry said that🤦🏾‍♂️😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Oh snap

    95. Robert Tubbs


    96. Princess Diva

      I'm a female and I know that if you give a female soo much control over the relationship early She'll have control through the entire relationship because you gave her the power to walk all over you early basically she knows your weak and she'll use to her advantage..

      1. Cassie Sandra

        It works either way. Men too control women. At the end of the day, all relationships go through it.

      2. Princess Diva

        Exactly and in this situation she clearly has control

      3. Jazz A

        It can happen to both males and female

    97. Chubbino TV

      Nah Cam and Nie the most solid couple on the tube

      1. Life with Morra

        Drerra and ken and juice world

    98. The Life Of Christiana!

      at this point every youtuber need to be split up its for the better cause im tired of this

    99. shannon h

      that's how you gotta do it give men an inch and they'll take a mile keep your men in check ladies

      1. Ashley Oliver

        No, DDG is like that when he is in a relationship. I don’t think Rubi is controlling at all, he is just making sure people dont make up rumors.

      2. shannon h

        @Princess Diva period no comma

      3. Princess Diva

        She definitely has him in check.. When she says jump he says " How high"

    100. S

      I hope they not doing it to promote king’s music lol