Kiara Shanay

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    1. TW04

      They wasn’t back together she had took his phone 😂

    2. Dime

      At least he better than ddg

    3. Kvng Dooley

      she looking crazy asf no lie😂😂😂

    4. tommy blaze

      When started calling him daddy and the laugh shit started getting creepy

    5. tommy blaze

      She's weird

    6. ImperfectBeauty

      Wow she’s scary toxic the way she’s smiling 😩🤣😭🥴

    7. Quin Jackon

      They are not together she took his phone, umm hello 👋🏿

    8. Jenn Fortier

      I dont get it... how does flight always end up with these fkn crazy girls for real.... I think Ti was the only normal one ( well kinda) lol

    9. Kevin Dennis

      They some weirdos...I hate the internet

    10. ismail vsvp

      that looks exactly like the last girl, flight needs to date a black woman

    11. 2 Exclusive

      Is she slow....OMG

    12. ArmaniShanell

      omg she’s weird and flights so chill and nice i can’t💀💀🤦🏽‍♀️

    13. Tamia

      I feel like she took his phone and tweeted/ posted that ... seems weird 🧐, I hope he’s okay but anyways KIARA SHANAY IS HERE KIARE SHANAY IS HERE

    14. nijah ray

      I don’t like her voice. This what niggas like ?

    15. Pamela Bennett

      Oh she fool

    16. ig: brayy_da.1

      thats posted on twitter but the pics are still down on his ig

    17. Drippy Rivera

      Nah she def did something to him

    18. Femi Adesomo

      Brand 🆕 Update: Flight Reacts is RLLY SINGLE NOW & he knows his Worth as a Rich Real Alpha King should.. we Luv 2 see it!! Btw Hey Everybody how U Luv Yourself is how U teach other ppl to Luv U💯. So DON'T Date Krazy Toxic Ppl especially if U can't handle them, Luv Slow cuz onGod Luv Hurts, & only jump into a Relationship when you're Ready but that you're also at the Top of the Game so U can truly attract who U rlly Deserve to treat U like Real Royalty.

    19. IN-_-Vy Goated

      Sorry daddy

    20. Jesse Acosta

      Her voice mad annoying

    21. Ebk Adot

      There literally not together kiara fix ya fuxkin info

    22. Tyrone

      That female is so childish lmao 😂

    23. Bubbles

      she know what she doing

      1. Bubbles

        she wrong asf i hope he doing ok


      Flight Relationships proves that “Evil Girls Have the Prettiest Face” feel bad for homie, he should take a break from dating

    25. zєαяσ ѕlαуєя

      I feel bad for flight

    26. Mel Pegus

      W for everyone who knew she hacked him

    27. Okere ChukwuEmeka

      I can hear cashnasty in my head laughing hard about the fact that flight is so high 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    28. ᴊʙ

      type to stab a nigga vibes

    29. ᴊʙ

      she gone kill him

    30. kashthagreat91

      She like the clout and attention, you can tell. That’s why she keeps looking at the camera smiling and shit. She’s crazy and toxic and she’s going to do anything for that 15 mins of fame. He fasho needs to ditch her ass

    31. Super Saiyan

      She weird asf😂😂😂

    32. DpriceEnt DPE

      Seems a little like they playing

    33. Carl

      That girl weird asl😂

    34. Yung Apolo

      Flight definitely clapped her cheeks

    35. Taelor Mattison

      She’s mad crazy🤮

      1. Key


    36. AhmedZzz

      Flight is a good guy feel Bad for him every girl turns out to be some weird girl .

    37. Don

      Just glad he didn’t get set up

    38. kamarion gaming channel

      Flight fs got happy wen she was kalling him daddy😂😂

    39. Tiara

      I like Janet anyway lol

    40. Yagurllece

      Engaged ? 👀

    41. Thomas Miclisse

      She can’t be the one bruh... I’m not judging... well I am judging.. but why she talking down on my dawg fans.... why is she exposing their business! Why does she laugh like she has a bird brain.... why she act as if she’s slow.... she’s childish and she make it seems like she’s not taking her relationship serious... it could be for clout

    42. 313TaeTae

      Dawg bih crazy

    43. Go_Smd

      Flight just tweeted “Finally got her outta my crib after 5+ hrs being held hostage she wouldn’t leave don’t believe shit that was posted I’m still single, video explaining everything ASAP, keep that same energy for ones talking down!✊🏾”. Bro this girl is weird trying to hold him down and she even took his phone and tweeted that she was his girl when she isn’t. I’m just glad that he broke up with her she’s very controlling & weird. Better days for flight man he always with girls that are either crazy or a thot or end up breaking his heart 😔. It’s okay he gonna find the right one some day and he finna be treated as a king like he should be treated. Dreyah was trying to trap flight.

    44. david ravin

      She gave him that Punani and he went weak at the knees.🤭

    45. King Tala


    46. Chocolate Soldier TV

      Janet 2.0 damnnnnh !!!!! It’s tuff

    47. EveryoneLovesDevo

      No cap I would’ve folded

    48. yNaiPerir Tv

      When she called flight daddy bro was about to break😂😂😂

    49. Dead broke Rishii

      Bro the way she’s smiling is creepy AF😂😂😂

    50. Stephanie Rather

      Damn! Poor flight!

    51. Thugga Pain

      The way she was talking would of had me acting up 😂

    52. Random Empire

      If fans can break up a relationship then the person is not meant to be dating someone famous in the first place. He had a good woman who he really lost, now he just in toxic relationships. It started with his BM.

    53. TEE BANKS


    54. black sheep

      That W.A.P is powerful thing 😂

    55. Spankz

      She got that crazy smirk she go murk flight

    56. kidtherell 22

      She must've put it on him I'm quoting lil baby

    57. TherealN

      wow she got the clout from flight. I dont remember her having so many instagram followers.

    58. TherealN

      just because she is of age this girl is a little girl.

    59. Rock Be

      Shawty ass KRAZY!!!!!!

    60. Nathaniel Tesfay

      That shit was crazy live if u know after flights stream ended u had to go to snaggy mo’s

    61. ISRAEL.

      I was in the twitch chat it was mad funny

    62. Big Joe

      Drea took his phone .

    63. Sugagal

      I don't know how old she is and I don't know how old flight is I don't know if she was talking and acting like that because she was nervous it was being recorded and people were watching but she was looking and acting super young compared to flight. Flight might be to mature and grown for her. It's giving an Aria and Ezra Fitz situation but its more like grownish and childish.

    64. Jahki Murray

      Check out his new tweet 😏

    65. elderjrsmith

      Has Flight been back streaming? Them sound like her words 😂😂flight might be tied up in a closet somewhere

    66. ScoobyFC

      Flight the men

    67. uchenna falconer

      Dreaa a demon lol she knew all she had to do is give him that gawk gawk 3000 and that wap and she’ll have her way lol 🤣😭💀succabus 🚫🧢🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. hol up

        @uchenna falconer you WIIILD for that 💀 I’ll take her off his hands if he want 👀

      2. Ja Mo

        @hol up 😂😂😂

      3. uchenna falconer

        @hol up no cap I was lowkey bricked up when she was calling bro daddy 😭🚫🧢🤦🏽‍♂️

      4. hol up

        Succabus 💀all she gotta do is call me daddy n I’m folding

      5. Jonathan Yoshimura

        He not letting the WAP control him anymore. He a whole king.

    68. Jesus Contreras

      Yall trippen bru

    69. AM UNSEEN

      Flight is trapped.

    70. JinJin

      They definitely not gonna last, flight said “if I let her in now, I won’t have a reason to link up with her later”.. why even be in a relationship lmfao

    71. Syed Rashid

      She fr scares the fuck outta me btw hi kiara ur my favourite KGupr but that other bitch crazy 😂

    72. D E S I

      Fucked around and got another crazy Janet

    73. Jefferson Mensah

      Lol flight don’t even talk like that she def tweeted that

    74. Jefferson Mensah

      Psycho laugh

    75. Slaw Pop

      She act like a gold digger like she be laughing to much like a lil kid frff

    76. AceTG - MasonDaGod

      So this that toxic shit y'all like huh


      megan got these females actin outta control

    78. Thoro Bruva'

      Flight picking some crazy bit🐶hes That damn laugh

    79. Linette JACKSON

      This a joke. Too much talking and touching to be serious. Young people please do better.

    80. M

      He loves toxic

    81. Dcrazy2nice %

      Flight get the head then send her own her way😂😂 “goodbye head”

    82. Jay Dontae

      She has him weak

    83. M Thomas

      Y’all all some kids 😂 Saying anything

    84. M Thomas

      Flight love that shit 😂💯 Who don’t

    85. Mpho Motsoane

      This is giving me acting vibes lol

    86. Black Cali Guy

      Simp Reacts smh

    87. Denway T

      I’ve heard lots of weird laughs but her laugh is horrible, and why tf she moans every time she talks 😑

    88. KAREN

      I’m too down bad I would’ve deleted it 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    89. Ness

      She weird asf

    90. Stan Stan


    91. Craig Thomas

      Its seems like crazy women are drawn to him. He picks the worst women to be entangled with

    92. SWP_JAY8195

      Crazy😂but I like it

    93. Shirley Simmons

      He should not have let her in, but smart to continue streaming so if she do stupid stuff he don't get in trouble.. if they back together, why all the drama. Or maybe they needed a little attention.

    94. Qween of Weird

      She was either drunk or on something.

      1. Dream Sneakers

        She not tryna lose his money

    95. Qween of Weird

      “Come on daddy delete it” lol children 😂🤣😂🤣 I cannot deal!

      1. Deborah Johnson

        Lmao 🤣

    96. Von Papi

      I miss thoes days bruh no cap 🧢 🤣

    97. matthew richardson

      wtf does flight do to these girls like wtf

    98. young star


    99. Darkn Lovely

      He like dat toxic shiiid lol soon be his karma, laugh now cry later..wanna be the man soooo bad... sits and wait til the ball drop 😆😅🤦🏾‍♀️✌🏾

    100. jaden c.

      She obviously took my nigga phone 😂