Kiara Shanay

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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go” kgup.info/get/Xn55mK3YgGiZpGo/video
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Celina & DJ Akademiks Back Together
    5:23 DDG & Blueface Update (Doonie)
    6:36 - DDG & Rubi Preggo Rumors
    8:10 - Deshae & Jordyn Back At It
    9:19 - Blueface Manager Wack100 Looking For DDG

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    1. Bobby Broward

      Wack 100 needs a happy meal.

    2. Savage Troy

      So why he want ddg and it’s ddg song blue face suppose to pay ddg

    3. A'mae Jewel

      Celina is not a damn celebrity. She's the new age Katt Stacks 🤣😂

    4. Dragon ball ent

      DDG aint doing youtube no more so he post fake news to stay relevant and promote his name in the industry. Kinda smart

    5. Darrin Cenneno

      someone tell wack 100 to talk to ddgs bodyguard beast..then say something

    6. BbyFacedPunk S.S.K

      lol kiara that his girl fr

    7. life as germaine

      someone jus needs to o give celina powell a whoopin, like frl I’m so tired of her bs🙄

    8. The Writer Chick

      Kiara girl see I told you it was Odell Jr that got her kicked off bay bee, cause he has more money 😩🤣. Jimmy Smacks is a hood dude and only go release her nudes and threaten her, etc. Smh po DDG can’t catch a break huh

      1. Kiara Shanay

        You was right 😁

    9. Choppa

      She a clout chaser

    10. T. Brookshire Harris

      Ak built like somebody’s Auntie

    11. Kittyycat 31

      Rubi was ig yesterday drinking wine.

    12. Kylie Reacts

      So does this mean DDG cheated on Kennedy

    13. Nathan Slagter

      At this point I be here for D’anglo Russel comments sometimes.

    14. KTB Only

      She a troll yall fall so easily

    15. Jekeira Jackson

      You is NOT gonna “look” pregnant at 1-2 months of course 🤦🏼‍♀️

    16. Rahshaan Muhammad

      Suppose he asking DDG if he (DDG) is looking for the clown and wants to give him some info, so he told him to hit him in his dm, hmmmm. So who could the clown be, possibly prettyboyfredo?

    17. SetTrender

      Dimitri and Wack 100 gotta right now 😭😭

    18. G L O B O Y D O M 78

      Don’t u get bored or talking bout ddg

    19. Joseph Sanchez

      Why blue face look like an imvu character 😂😂

    20. Jay Mimms

      He’s trying to be the next Suge Knight that’s why

    21. Josua Duran

      yk you a clout chaser when you run to the pap thats crazy

    22. Prada XI

      Ddg jus wants a kid he said it way before rubi 😂

    23. Dreadhead Maree

      If she’s pregnant she not finna keep dat baby💀😂😂

    24. Clutch God tv

      Nice vid

    25. Subscribe To Milesmonk5

      They removed Moonwalking in Calabasas off of Soundcloud. It says not available when I try to play it😅

    26. Smurf Papo

      Akademiks stop talking to 6ix9ine cuz Celina let 6ix9ine smash and yet they was friends lol smh she talked about this on her KGup stories


      I ain’t gonna lie that intro go hard

    28. YoBoy SPADE

      Celina = STREEZ

    29. YoBoy SPADE

      Well that's the ONLY reason that paparazzi would be on her jock is because of Akademiks....

    30. Tomisin Precious

      How true is this ddg is just using this people to catch cruise on g

    31. tracy reid

      That’s the studio Ddg be at that she calling bae!

    32. Dennis Lewis

      damn ddg not rubbbbi 😂

    33. Kelceyy

      How he go pay a nigga for a feature for his own song when bruh asked to be on it lmaoo

    34. Crissy100

      New song 'You hurt me bad' is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    35. Aaron YT

      Guess who’s single again???? Emaza. Tell DDG to slide in like heeeeeee

    36. Nick 46

      Imagine calling Ak your baby 😭

    37. Emerald Thomas

      They bout to bully this nigga

    38. techCUISINE

      DDG paid. He got the same feature, music video, social media promo package Ron Suno got. Im guessing Rubi Rose got the same package for her mystery feature Friday.

    39. D1Tank

      DDG owns his masters and stuff to his music so he can drop when he wants

      1. JuJu3x Backup

        4x MAFIA he is signed

      2. D1Tank

        4x MAFIA you can literally search it up

      3. Danesha Brown

        4x MAFIA he’s signed to epic, he just got a good ass deal

      4. Extract 999

        Obviously dummy’s he not signed he makes his own music he not a rapper like nba youngboy where like he signed to Atlanta DDG make some videos and drops music

      5. QUEEN Chakra

        Wow! He got an awesome deal to be able to own his masters 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 that’s lit.

    40. llII

      Kiara can you block dangle Russel

    41. KraniumShiz _

      What is the song at the beginning?

      1. Kiara Shanay


    42. jeffrey1296

      Bro she wouldn't go off birth control for nobody💀💀

      1. jeffrey1296

        That single life be hittin different for everyone 🤣🤣🤣🙌 no way in hell she's giving that up, sometimes the one dude who's nice isn't worth all her secret dudes who she gives it up to at those times

    43. GodlyFacials

      This woman just put me on that song by Rob Allen. Much appreciated💯💯

    44. Boutabag

      Damn u can’t even vape on a plane 🤦🏾

    45. kjnjun edwed

      Wack 100, wack as fuck💯

    46. 2100briex

      I hope DDG be safe because Wack 100 is a ex Gang member and that he’s City too. Smh

      1. KingDior

        Man nobody giva fuck bout Wack 100

    47. Cameron Tate

      Celina didn't date dj akademiks..he just fucked her

    48. Uyaze Antonio

      Cmon brehs, ak with Celina, Is she top 5 baddest in the game rn or nah 👀

    49. Ajani Temple

      DDG said he “hope so” because he’s been wanting a kid for a while since he let the world know about him n Kennedy not having their baby

    50. Phil Rockwell

      Wack is weird asf. Look for epic not ddg he's not independent,he's on a label.

    51. u.josh

      follow me on instagram @unofficialjosh_ and tell me u came from youtube !


      Lmao ddg gotta pay for fans to listen to his music. Like he gotta buy a laptop or camera lmao.

      1. Quazy Got Bangers

        That's big cap...Givenchy,arguments and hold up did big numbers and he wasn't doing giveway at all.


        @Alfred Siyabonga lol favorite rapper doesn't need marketing to sell. Smh ddg paid money for streaming.

      3. Alfred Siyabonga

        He markets himself unlike your fav rappers

    53. Sean O'Neal

      Biggie once said that the " Rap game is worst then the crack game". DDG pay up before it be Suge Knight and Vanilla Ice situation

      1. Anime Nigga

        Nigga blueface asked to hop onna song... fucc allat

    54. Poca Latte

      DDG has a whole management team. No wonder his name is Wack! Could’ve contacted someone on the team, if DDG busy 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Poca Latte

        big drip Most artists are very busy n don’t even answer calls from ppl they don’t know, that’s why they have management. Can’t assume cause a person hasn’t responded, they’re avoiding.


      Ddg cant have kids. Like come on, how you pounded out Kennedy raw and not get her pregnant? Its obvious ddg cant have kids, his nuts sag aint working.

    56. Los1k_

      How how ak football head ahh pull Celina

    57. Shameka Thompson

      Cardi b and offset getting a divorce 👀

      1. Supaman

        bri fr💀 rip

      2. bri

        Supaman rightt I ain’t know it was happening this soon

      3. Supaman

        tyler hunt I’m kinda surprised

    58. New Era Wave

      even if Blue face didn't get paid for the feature he wasn't suppose to speak on it

    59. Sheila Tabengwa

      Why do i feel like Celina is capping😂😂

    60. maurice amos

      Yo husband song hard at the end ong

    61. Only1Doobie

      Somebody BM gone beat her ass one day😂😂😂

    62. Hoodie Mask

      Blueface might of kept it 💯, but west coast manager’s are known for being greedy so when wack 100 seen his checks weren’t getting bigger probably threw a fit.

    63. 2K VETERAN

      Maybe Wack tried calling and texting DDG but ddg aint picking up for some reason so he's letting the internet know that he needs to speak to DDG immediately

      1. Lit Activities

        Naw he added clown he wants something from DDG

    64. Setera Lockley

      Why would he hope that Rubi pregnant ewww they toxic asf

      1. Anime Nigga

        How do u know they not back together off social media n shit ?😂 like damn

    65. Hawk D

      Kiara Shanay is a hottie 🔥🖤🔥🖤 Rob, you a lucky guy my brother. 110%

      1. qtZionn

        Hawk D my nigga ya ugly ass

      2. 88Daize


    66. myOTHERname2009

      I don’t know why No Jumper thought that was a good idea to back Celina and still think male celebs would still eff with them. Celina should just do it on her own but I feel like this is not a goos career path. I feel like her and her friend are going to hurt from exposing these dudes.

      1. Florence Morale

        Back when he used to have her as a guest on the show, his followers were always commenting that she was funny, and that he should make her a regular, and hire her.


      Why should DDG pay for the feature he said blueface hit him up for the remix so technically Blueflace pays him💯💯

      1. SpecialOlympicsChamp

        ronnell goodwin exacly so if wack wanted $ they should of established that from the start

      2. ronnell goodwin

        He did it for free cause he recognized the potential for the song and to get himself hot again. Its not like blueface ain't getting no bread off the song because he is getting his splits off the publishing for the remix.

      3. SpecialOlympicsChamp

        That05kidd So what?

      4. That05kidd

        @SpecialOlympicsChamp DDG's just starting to take rap serious again

      5. SpecialOlympicsChamp

        Rita Safari Yes , still doesn’t explain why the fuck Blueface should pay him. Plus how y’all gonna say Blueface career was on a decline like DDGs rap career is on a higher level? Last time I checked Blueface does way better numbers with his music. The remix got twice the views than the original. He should’ve never did the verse for free, his loss.

    68. iAmDCraze

      That Wack post really puts Blueface in an akward situation. Let's see if DDG or Dub will actually go at Wack 100.


        Why would they go at Wack? It’s not Like they have beef... just a situation that needs to be worked out business wise. Smh

      2. Nadia Belizaire

        @Ogquan Simmons ong

      3. Ogquan Simmons

        Wack 100 need to sit his old ass down for he get his ass beat again trying to act tuff 😂😂

    69. RICO 904

      Why is ak even messing with a goofy like her smh.. industry is crazy😑😑

      1. el nino

        ak been messing with her for years he the reason she blew up

      2. Boutabag

        ShaeFazo not that ny shit😂

      3. 88Daize

        cuz he’s chopped 😂

      4. Jay

        Cause he a goofy himself wtf akademiks a corn

    70. iAmDCraze

      AK tried real hard to cancel Celina and now she's back with him? What is going on lol.

    71. Angelo king


    72. T'S REACTION

      81 rip kobe

    73. Kiara Ross

      Darryl wants a child so bad he’s going to end up getting the wrong one pregnant...

      1. T king1

        KingLo wym they were in a relationship🤦‍♂️ do y’all really think he fuckin every girl u gotta think sometimes. If he was doing that trust me he would’ve been got exposed

      2. KingLo

        T king1 rubi ain’t just anybody ???

      3. T king1

        ZiNeck TV it’s official 🤦‍♂️ ur definitely a little child

      4. ZiNeck TV

        @T king1 he said that himself he meet with girl and he smash he leave in one of his video with tiana

      5. ZiNeck TV

        @T king1 he is

    74. Tiara

      I liked their ratchet ass show

    75. Smh

      All these youtubers can never keep a stable relationship. 🙄

    76. MyEar IsAlwaysHere

      Where do I be at when all these alleged stars be having their drama I swear I miss every thing

    77. CINCO

      Kiara can you PLEASE get this fake D’Angelo Russel bot channel out of your comments. That kid comments 8 times a video just to hate. And I see it every time 😭

      1. Cynthia P

        Wow , so people can’t voice an opinion and when it’s different from yours you want him blocked....... censorship .... wow

      2. Norap Cap

        OMM we need to get D’Angelo Russel outta here

      3. llII

        She need to get rid of him

      4. Boutabag


      5. Patrick Da don

        Kiara loves d angelo she won’t block him

    78. Swagg Macmedia

      Celina hella cringe and thirsty for the clout . 🤢🤮

    79. Tim Kruse

      Ddg middle name gotta be drama because that's all he gets his into lmao 😂😂😂😂

    80. Nubian Nelson

      I amgine putting ddg , rubi prettyboyfredo and dub celina powell and smooth gio king cid McQueen charc amagine putting all these people in a room all together

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        And solluminati

      2. Martina S.

        Fredo finna get jumped lol

      3. Nubian Nelson

        Damn some body finna die

      4. Elijah Ussery

        That room would be full

      5. Go_Smd

        Let’s hope one of them doesn’t get killed👍🏽 😃

    81. Tyron Harris

      Yk you a C-List celebrity when you run TO the paparazzi 😭🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. zayzay boii

        Repent for your sins because Jesus Christ is coming and it’s not late to come closer to God

      2. Boutabag


      3. Jay Slapit

        Probably called it for herself

    82. vFendi x oG

      DDG own his masters🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Ysl Dae

        @JBthePROPHET DDG can drop whenever he want to he dont gotta wait on his label

      2. JBthePROPHET

        Wait what that got to do with anything lol Not tryna be rude I just don’t get your point

    83. Mesiiah E

      Wack 100 ain’t tough 😂😂 he got 6 pieced by one of Nipsey’s people for talking shit about Nip and he only acted tough when the camera was on

    84. Clee D

      The nigga name is “wack” who’s the real clown?😂 plus he mad he didn’t get paid of a blueface verse that blueface did for free because he fw the song🤦🏽‍♂️

    85. Chyna Pendelton

      Damn Celina “How you gon get fired on your day off”

    86. shining lion

      He need to stop leading her on just to do sum shit

    87. Aaliyah Williams

      Ion think Rubi pregnant she was just in the gym, but if she is I’m gone be happy n that baby gone be cute.

      1. Aaliyah Williams

        Jay Slapit I’m already knowin 😊

      2. Jeremiah Artis

        That baby gone have so many personalities lol if you know what i mean

      3. Jay Slapit

        She’s not

    88. Simone Addo

      Wack 100 ain’t say Nuthin for 1 month now the song blowin up and hE callin ddg a clown lol

      1. Rita Safari

        Greedy intimidating business models its not the first time he pulls stunts like these....wack is whack..

      2. jae26hood

        @De Void the manager probably dont care. he probably feel he can pressure him to pay up.

      3. De Void

        jae26hood Lmaoo it’s a remix that blueface wanted to hop on lol, ain’t no money

      4. jae26hood

        he probably want money for the verses now.

      5. Isaiah Hyndman

        That’s the same thing I’m saying the song is blowing up

    89. albertini elcock

      Wack 100 ain't ah person you want looking for you 😐😐

    90. Major

      DDG should stop being a fucking groupie. too desperate to be an industry nigga. i mean u wanna work with Blueface. really nigga smh. he starting to look thirsty like Rubi. maybe they deserve each other. WACK looking for his ass

    91. Drienny D

      Hi girl love your videos

    92. SH-SH-SHA !!!

      Aint nobody afraid of Wack No Hunnid his 15 mins of fame was socking out stitches other then that he weird period

    93. GamingWithDriippyBoy

      Kiara the only one that gives the best tea like so she can see

    94. Zion Dolly

      Kiara the beest TEA CHANNEL ON KGup

      1. Kiara Shanay


    95. Dirtbag Squad

      Dub: I got a Rolex and 40 bands. Me: moonwalk in on your 25k bald head lol

      1. Cheryl Hicks

        @Makayla Baptiste lol

      2. Makayla Baptiste

        Since after u changed ur name u get worst😂

    96. Jay Slapit

      Deshae and ddg both suck at relationships they should stay single for a while

      1. JuJu3x Backup

        J y would ddg date his son😂

      2. J

        They should date each other

      3. No name


      4. Go_Smd


    97. Jay Slapit

      I actually don’t know how u manage to make a video about ddg everyday kudos to u

      1. bri

        I mean something happens wit him almost everyday so i would do the same 🥴

      2. KingDior

        She invested in his life lmao

      3. Uyaze Antonio

        ShaeFazo its called enjoying what you do .

      4. 88Daize

        it’s called being money-hungry 🤷🏾‍♂️

      5. Sheila Tabengwa

        @D’Angelo Russell and money😁

    98. Akilah Ali


    99. Jayden Rider

      🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    100. Rob And Kiara Games