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27 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:22 - Where Is Chris Sails?
    2:30 - J Cook
    5:03 - DDG AKA Simp D

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Simp niggas winning in 2020? What ya’ll think? 🏆 Drop a trophy under this comment if they are winning 👀

      1. Carlos Spence

        @Repented Heart are you dumb? Savannah lives in Germany, he is not going to wait for one girl. you must be a kid

      2. Slice

        Princess Diva that’s not what a simp mean

      3. Elijah Ussery

        Jalon Dickson that’s not true at all

      4. Dasia Graves

        @Stop The Cap lol

      5. Dasia Graves

        In my opinion I think that it's kinda true but I don't think that everyone is a simp and I hope she goes on a blind date with one of them I don't know who to pick?

    2. Nathan Slagter

      A simp is some one who shows ridiculous affection toward another and it"s not reciprocated.

    3. Imma KiDD


    4. Michael

      DDG SAID THAT ??


      DDG a whole clown, i see why kennedy left that lame!💯

    6. GreenOffHezo

      Everyone Has Feelings So Everyone is 10 % Simp😂

    7. JANNA DON

      They winning at getting PLAYED..of course things are nice good and dandy at the start of all relationships but are you ready able and willing to keep that SAME ENERGY after a year or 2 has passed?

    8. Dawson Alexabder


    9. Ontshepisitse Masemola

      mcqueen a player

    10. Ontshepisitse Masemola

      flight all day

    11. Ontshepisitse Masemola


    12. Ontshepisitse Masemola

      ftc on fonem

    13. Official Tr3Dem

      Simp award 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Joshua Wheeler

      You niggas better not be simpin to these hoes, only simp to the queens💯

    15. Jekeira Jackson

      He better not put her ona date with McQueen 🥴

    16. Rachel Birdsong

      Simp MEN Weill always win other men are just fighting it and doing bad

    17. Shamar

      The word simp has lost it's true meaning but it's whatever we all simps lmao

      1. Kiara Shanay


    18. Patricia Woods


    19. FoldablZz


    20. FoldablZz


    21. No name

      Yeah but you want to spend your emotional time with someone you know who isn’t for the streets. Doesn’t matter how nice she is to DDG, the girl has history for being with everyone. That tells it all there. Anyone can say what they want to look good, but your actions speak louder than words. And Rubi’s actions is always putting herself out there as a sex symbol, not a respectable wifey type. Just sayin. He’s gonna end up hurt....but that’s his choice.

    22. The Forgotten Vlogz

      People don’t know the meaning of “simp”, if DDG is cuddling and spending time with his girl ,it’s not simping . But on the other note “simp” niggas don’t win , that’s why there called simps .

    23. TheRoom OfJae

      First off like your new Intro, 2nd, I hope and pray Chris ok 3rd. I think rubi is sweet ASF she just has the rap persona she has to uphold , but when she tried to do damage control it showed she really care about ddg feelings 4th I feel like lala should go on a blind date with flight, 5th, I agree with ddg on niggas need to stop acting hard or like they don't have feelings because if niggas could be honest with females, females would let down their guards and it would be more relationships and marriages vs breakups and divorces

    24. God's Child

      In the words of 21 savage... Had her at the slaughterhouse, how the fuck you cape that?...he wifed A Thot he's A hero dog."...

    25. XoXo Eryn

      Aww look at me 3:30 🤣🤣😅

      1. TEL NATION

        Damn you made it into a video 😂😂😂

    26. KiingSaySoTv

      im feeling the intro song 🔥🔥🔥


      McQueen madly in love with a black Jamaican yardie gal lmao.

    28. Brooklyn Experiences

      Go check out mcqueen video of him and nena their back together


      Ddg needa come out and say yes im dating rubi rose so stop all the speculation. Im still not believing them.

    30. _ Glizzyywrld _

      Not flight or McQueen I want OSN

    31. im j

      How are simps winning😒

    32. Timmy Turner

      You can’t be a simp for someone that’s already your girl however he is starting to act weak and getting pussy whipped which indeed will make her push away so don’t be surprised if you see here with another nigga

    33. DON 21K

      Flight no cap

    34. Mario Mtho

      McQueen !!!!!

    35. V

      That intro song much better. Who ever it is, he's progressing 🤔

      1. V

        @KxngKeto thats dope

      2. KxngKeto

        V it's kiara's husband

    36. Javon Jones

      Mc Queen in love😂🤣

    37. Javon

      Simps are winning, people always stick to what they are strong at. That is just the simple way, but only a few people go against the grain like 69 and etc. The crazy thing is 69 is also a simp because he stick to what he knows best. A.K.A trolling.

    38. Anise Westbrook


    39. Its me Kg

      Lala should go in a blind date with flight

    40. Nyesha Harris

      I think Chris had to “go missing” and went to ATL to see CJ. No drunk driving accidents have been reported on that day. Chris said a few videos ago that he was taking a break from social media for awhile.

      1. Nyesha Harris

        Dark Caesar Chris can’t leave Texas he’s on probation so of course his brother would say he doesn’t know where he is. The family would know somebody by now if this was true. Queen would’ve said something, no real news outlets have talked about this and they talked about him when he got in trouble for pretending to be a cop. It’s not adding up

      2. Lizzy Bella

        His brother got a big old mouth so Chris Sails had 2 escape.

    41. quanesha majette

      Robs music is pretty dope 🔥

    42. Brown eyes _ 123

      Mr.Flight..for Ms' Lala👌

    43. Anthony Asiedu


    44. Mary Gearring

      Wtf is a simp never heard of it I just know about someone caring for you and love you for who you are 🅿️

    45. Huncho K

      mcqueen is taken taken by nena

    46. K love

      Ddg is in a relationship now and that's what they do you call it simping but its basically building a bond so am happy for him

    47. K love

      Flight has to many exes that still wants and always popping up but McQueen seems like the give af sometimes with his words

    48. K love

      I thought la la was with gunna

    49. Keshawn Luckett

      Flight McQueen a weirdo

      1. TEL NATION

        Whys everyone coming for mcqueen

    50. Let’s Try Gaming


    51. Javon Morgan


    52. Bright Light

      Sweet simps we are plenty of this... Who am i to disagree I travelled the world and the seven seas Everybondy's simping for someone Some of them what to simp you Some of them want get simped byyyy youuuuu!

      1. Cynthia P


    53. ReiWYD

      I don’t think y’all know what the word simp means. In this situation I think he should use the word Soft

      1. Princess Diva

        Being soft is part of being a simp lol

    54. CTG

      About everybody is a simp shit I'm not a simp ion know bout him but IAM not a danm simp niggas

    55. Polobagshawty

      Simps get played at the end look at what happen to rob and blac chyna.

      1. J Allen Productions

        Bro, Rubi ain’t ever been this popular till she got with DDG. In her Vlad TV interview she said she loved Carti, but hated the fact she didn’t get any tangible clout from him. Her music video do good numbers, but just being in a DDG video gets her over a million everytime. DDG even put her on Onlyfans and now she making 100k. All I’m saying is, she definitely in a position to get more clout and fame now off his name. Fuck it tho, they both know what they doing.

      2. Princess Diva

        Exactly Rubi is only there until the pandemic is over getting all the attention she can get from being with him.. Then she'll drop him like a bad habit

    56. CTG

      My nigga FTC all flight no fear August is here 🤝🤣🤣

    57. Princess Diva

      I think a lot of y'all don't know the tru meaning of a simp smh I personally could never date a man that'll let me walk all over him at the end of the a man needs to be a man not a sissy that bows down to everything his woman says #period


        That's literally what simp means lmaooo

    58. WaveAfterWave TV

      Who’s song is that in the intro !? It’s too hard

    59. Shaun Carelse

      Hey Kiara would this not be some very interesting developments? You know those tweets that Rubi recently tweeted that made everybody think that maybe DDG is cheating....what if those tweets was about lil Tjay and Rubi was like he tried cheating on me but I left his ass....and that she forgive but won't forget...cause she feels that his reaching out to her or he has reached out to her??? You know how women do....they don't do stuff like that without no reason!

      1. Shaun Carelse

        @Princess Diva I hundred % agree with you about her being toxic....but what if she has been using DDG all this time to get back at or get back with Tjay. You have to agree that it is very suspicious that she forgave Tjay so quickly after how he did her and that In front of the whole world...plus that clip of her in his car for that supposed music video. How you gonna be in his car with y'all's history and you have a whole new man. DDg also didn't know about it otherwise he wouldn't have tweeted the stuff he did right after that pic.

      2. Princess Diva

        @Shaun Carelse lol

      3. Princess Diva

        @Shaun Carelse but that's old why would she be tweeting about the past when she has a whole man unless she wants Tjay back.. All I know is Rubi is messy and toxic

      4. Shaun Carelse

        @Princess Diva so what im trying to say is if she is Cray Cray like that...those tweets makes sense in that she left Tjay when she felt he cheated on her and because he wants to make "music videos" now she mite think he wants her back hence she said....I forgive but don't forget so keep it moving.

      5. Shaun Carelse

        @Princess Diva also in Rubi mind when Tjay texted other chicks after he have just blown out her back...she acted like she was wifey and got all upset...enough so that she called the cops. She a lil Cray Cray...so in her head she and Tjay was exclusive...you know like dating....but Tjay ain't no Simp like ol boy and wasn't having it.

    60. Gloria

      Flight!!!!......... Mccqueen love who he wit

    61. reina Malúa

      DDg is right 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Princess Diva

        Hes Definitely not right.. I personally would never date a weak yes man I need a strong man or other wise I'd walk all over like Rubi doing now that'll get boring fast

    62. reina Malúa

      Lala and MC queen 👍🏽🔥🔥🔥Although MCQueen likes girls with fat Ass I hope he will like LALA

    63. Pjey Vlog

      Bra lock up

    64. Yaboi Carta


    65. CrimsonCapsule Podcast

      Men don’t need a emotional connection and masculine behavior wins

    66. izzy H

      A simp is a man that do favors for women in exchange for sex. And they'll never get it.

    67. Stan Stan

      All I gotta say abt ddg is woooooowwwwwwwww ok

    68. Young Twon

      You know every one A simp before this word was use a lot ppl was always over each other now the word everywhere ppl acting different

    69. Lorraine Hanks

      We could not hear her, thank god we watched it on his channel.

      1. TEL NATION


    70. kso

      Lmao looking at these comments ddg squad is split between the people who want Kennedy, the people who want rubi and the niggas who don’t care and support him regardless 😂

    71. Lwazi Mtirara



      La la and McQueen

    73. Cody Lowry


    74. Darrin Cenneno

      ddg need to put danrue now lala she don’t need flight or mcqueen

    75. Zamir Bozo

      Simp Niggas Are Wining...Simple.

    76. Titus Maluleka

      How does the quote you read fit with DDG saying everyone is a simp? First of all, DDG doesn't even use the word "simp" properly.

    77. Divine

      McQueen behaves like a child or an ignorant old man no in between so noo

      1. Dawson Alexabder


    78. FrostyMusic

      McQueen on a date with Lala: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😌





    81. Dorian _hunt2007

      Yeah simps winnig in 2020 @kiara Noti gang

    82. wee johnny

      if Flight bags LaLa then that is the biggest W of 2020

    83. 7frm plugblock


    84. Leo got Hopes

      That not free tho

    85. Theo Makie



      I hope Chris is okkkk

      1. lil auzy

        Lil suzy he's out

      2. Lizzy Bella

        He's ok they would of had pictures of him in the hospital

      3. God's Child


      4. Keller Da Truth

    87. Abdallah Moh Elshikh

      Lil Tjay wit Lala or Flight

    88. Karaina Stubbs


    89. jr

      Ddg need to do the blind date with flight bc McQueen dont even date fr he just record with hella girls 😭 and flight the goat💪🏽💉

      1. TEL NATION

        Mcqueen got a girl so that wouldn't even happen

    90. Bethannie Shields

      His titles say I THINK SHE MY GIRLFRIEND NOW what is there to think 🤔🤔

    91. Harvey Porter


    92. YeetMcSkeetMcBob

      Layla should go on a date with Flight

    93. wtf

      Intro lit🔥

    94. kjnjun edwed

      Simps will never win. Go watch stephiscold and you'll see why

      1. Tyrell Lovewine

        kjnjun edwed everyone doesn’t watch his shit. You can look at his view count and see that. He only pulls 40k. If you based your opinion off his you would’ve explained it yourself rather then pointing people to his direction. You also said only simps explain, I can see your a very ignorant individual so I can see why you have ignorant views.

      2. kjnjun edwed

        @Tyrell Lovewine and i base my opnion of him cause he right, fuck you mean, everyone that watch his shit agrees.

      3. kjnjun edwed

        @Tyrell Lovewine yeah, you a simp, only simps say shit like that , explaining n shit

      4. Tyrell Lovewine

        That’s your view. If a girl want you she want you. On another note imagine basing your opinion purely off the words of someone else. Girls like leaders big dog, try leading.

    95. Miguel Kaarsbaan

      Flight cuh

    96. lil_gloccboy Ben


    97. Yellow Synth

      didn't Chris beat the day light out that my wife and kids girl

      1. Princess Diva

        Yes I don't understand how woman still have sympathy for him he deserves everything he gets for the way he's Treated multiple women over the years

    98. ND9 Productions

      watch ddg cry when she dumps him for a richer nigga

    99. BallOutJ


    100. Emmiel Charles

      Team flight