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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Davine Jay Exposes Vanessa For Cheating
    2:54 - Deshae & Jordyn Broke Up Again
    4:17 - DDG & Big Rubi Miss Each Other
    8:13 - Jazz Shooting Her Shot @ ...

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      🤍 SUBSCRIBE to my other channel 🤍 kgup.info

    2. Stunna Baby

      Pooh shiesty didn’t show up in Dallas 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

    3. Aaron YT

      DDG and Rubi ain’t done man. They just stay private sometimes and act like they single

    4. Berry Wilson-Hills

      Drseae should go to couples therapy and talk to jordyn about why she is using him for clout.and money and shit.

    5. Lord Essel

      Ddg and rubi rose been arguing on Twitter while sitting in the same room .they want clout so bad like dey do anything for clout as for deshae he does everything ddg do so is normal

    6. The Divine Taurus

      Ddg & Rubi are cute together but they both have to be serious & not entertain petty ish.

    7. Alpha Comedy

      She definitely using dude

    8. Britszz

      We deffo need a Love & KGup Reality show

    9. Carl

      She is fs and it’s easy cause Deshae dk how to be single he a simp that need to be in a relationship to function so he not realizing it

    10. Kbn Kbnlondon


    11. Ooo Chileee

      THEYRE SO FUCKING ANNOYING!!!! Omgggg I can’t fkn deal with them bro DD-DZZZ NUTS. fks sake

    12. Angel Alvarado -_-

      Ik you saw this now but DDG only took a perc for his teeth

    13. Shemar Fisher

      Didn’t jordyn say we’re not gonna see her with him

    14. Fertil Bendjy

      At the end of the day love is a powerful drug.

    15. Tara Patrice

      I can so many toxic couples in 2021🙄 stop normalizing toxic relationships

    16. Samuel Demilade

      Love deshae and love ddg whatever they doing they doing . Jordyn i for sure aint know what to say , but rubi i lve love love her but i aint think she and ddg ready now you feel me

    17. Samuel Demilade


    18. Fabiola Acosta

      How is Jordan using him when she BEEN in the industry since s 6, 7 year old.

    19. kevin jansen

      Desha is ddg from aliexpress

    20. Corvez Arnold

      They just needa admit where they was wrong at ddg won’t think he wrong Nd rubi won’t either they needa admit they not always right and understand where they went wrong at Nd work on it

    21. Tayja J

      it sucks to see ddg going through this because he doesnt want to be alone, he’s just going to have to learn on his own that she ain’t the one hopefully soon cause yeah no ❤️, & deshae ruined the relationship after cheating .. I don't think jordyn feels the same anymore but just doesn't want him with anyone else so she stays

      1. Tayja J

        @Jasmine Jones and you doooo? Enlighten me

      2. Jasmine Jones

        U don't know how ddg is in real life

    22. Exile 2k

      I’m not gonna give my advice to people when it’s none of my business. But... if it was my relationship, I would keep it private and not post and tweet everything (good or bad).

    23. OoolalaNaj

      My advice to DDG is to come to mama 🤗 but he don’t like good girls 😩😂

    24. justin juerakhan

      Deshae and Jordyn gotta make up their damn minds either they wanna get back together or break their asses up, their relationship is going back and forth

    25. Jalen Thomas

      LMFAOOOO “Big Rubi” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    26. Khaliyah Sykes

      At of all the girls ddg dated who was the best to y’all

      1. Old Black King

        Big Rubi of course

    27. tylar jones

      Deshae copy & paste errthang ddg do. Even the lil on n off relationship sh*t

    28. Ceejay

      How much Ddg and deshae breakup with rubi & Jordyn, if they get back together they should just go to counseling, if they really want to make it work. At this point.

    29. AKAnewskii

      those people obviusly aint real deshae fans. she aint using him they been bestfriends they whole life

    30. Old Black King

      DDG tweeted That Puzzy Mine Forever😂😂😂 they prob already back together

      1. Old Black King

        @Sym Taylor yeah these 2 are inseparable. I love em together

      2. Sym Taylor

        @Old Black King I say that tweet! 😂😂😂 These fools funny asf!

      3. Old Black King

        @Sym Taylor yes and Rubi tweeted she ready to leave ATL. They are too funny.

      4. Sym Taylor

        Really? 😂😂😂

    31. Sherrie Austin

      #1 DAVINE AND BRE are going to be JUST FINE., Once he realize that there is , NO COMPARECY with the love that BRE 🥰 have for him when it comes to VANESSA., He has to realize that she loves and respect them both., But in a different way., IT'S HARD to GO AGAINST, AND SEPARATE FEELINGS FROM ANYBODY THAT YOU LOVE 🥰., #2 DESHAE and JORDAN are going to be just fine also., THOSE TWO REALLY DO LOVE EACH OTHER., THEY just haven't figured out how to stay together through ALL the augering the fussing and the cussing., Once they learn to except that's the bad side of a relationship that goes on with every couple., That will last for a lifetime until death do you apart., Therfore running away WILL NOT bury the problem., YOU MIGHT AS WELL STICK IT OUT AND FIGHT THROUGH IT UNTIL YOU RECOVER., ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW YOU DON'T WANT TO LIVE, CAN'T HARDLY BREATHE WITHOUT THE OTHER., And if Santa want to bring, Mrs. Claus free gifts before Christmas., And why shouldn't she take them if they come from his 🥰❤️., PERIOD 👍🤗!! #3 DDG AND RUBI ROSE ., Or not and never has been in a serious relationship., And I'm not saying that they didn't, Or don't like like each other., But I believe that is as far as it went., Or as it goes., Because when you love love somebody. the whole world knows., As in the people that you are surrounded by., (EVERYBODY). And there is no guessing game about it., THE SAME WAY THAT IT WAS WITH HIM AND KENNEDY., PERIOD 👍🤗 !!, AND I don't mean it in a, Bad 😜 way.., But I'm just keeping it 💯👍..

    32. Charlie Xoxo

      I be trying to tell y’all these breakups are stunts😂 how many times y’all gonna keep falling for it? Ddg knows what the hell he’s doing, and he’s teaching rubi as well🤦🏽‍♀️ come on y’all ... 😩

    33. Butta Creamcake

      Rubi just doesn't want no one else to have him she jealous thats all

      1. Ganny Bredy


      2. jae26hood

        Agree with this...She probably still want to entertain other guys but doesn't want another girl to have him.

    34. Ashley York

      Told y'all DDG was using Tiana for attention. He disrupts people's peace for his personal gain.

      1. NoLimitKwe

        ngl unfortunately this is true and I hate it about ddg

    35. Ty Wilson

      I’m so dun with them at this point throw the hole relationship away bra I’m over it 😭😂😂

    36. shunterria miller

      He’s toxic , did the same with Kennedy

    37. Royal Z


    38. tommy blaze

      She definitely using that nigga..and ik y'all going to say she knew him way before he were famous that doesn't mean shit

      1. thug8200

        It does when you come from money

    39. DMT TV

      Love DDG and everything he’s done on social media but he be trippin when it comes to women. Rubi clearly toxic and tried to spoil what he had going on with a new girl yet he still wanna talk to her? She gonna have to send him a video of her cheating at this point 🤦🏾

      1. Marian Barker

        Why you care it's not your relationship

      2. DMT TV

        @Mrs Tee 🤣🤣

      3. Mrs Tee

        And after that video, he'll say she was in her feelings and still talk to her.🙄😂 This whole D4R thing is a joke. That girl disrespects him time after time.. and he accepts if for some ass. That's not love, my guy.

    40. Manuel Floyd

      This is what I think I think they don't want to hook up with anyone so they hook up with each other for the sex because both of them are famous and they can't trust anyone right now that's why they go back and forth with one another

    41. Sheila Tabengwa

      Atp no force formed against ddg n rubi will ever break them up😂😂. Like what will really mark the boiling point? They will end up marrying each other fr fr. Eyyyy im here for it🙃

    42. tin man

      Deshea really ddg jr 😂😂

    43. spirtguide

      They are two Libras and will never work out. Libras can't stand being alone and are indecisive so the cycle will just continue until someone finds someone better or something even worse happens.

      1. Marian Barker

        Zodiac signs has nothing to do with it me and my boyfriend are libras and we’ve been together for five years

    44. Cristian Ondablock


    45. Sincere Grant

      Simpin real harrd🤣🤣🤣💯

    46. Sincere Grant

      Big rubi🤣🤣🤣🤣back in the office lol🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯

    47. Theo alp

      Y'all never noticed that every time ddg and rubi breakup he/she drop a song then these new people be like who this nigga check him on ig see him promoting his new song check him out new view

      1. Theo alp

        So yeah all this shit might be fake

    48. Sincere Grant

      Toxic couples I'm glad I'm 13 finna be 14 the 19th

    49. Sincere Grant

      He on his 69🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣kiara🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯bruhh

    50. Sincere Grant

      Love the video kiara nooooooo cappppp man bangers after bangers💪💯💯🐐

    51. Nathan White

      He take percs for his teeth😭

    52. Tay

      fuck allat listen to on my woes det shit go stupid

    53. Trevel Francis

      Ddg need to move on from rubi,ain’t no working out nothing . Besides everything they went through , he tried to be there for her when she was going through it n she snitched on him because of what!?!? That should open his eyes

    54. Ghost gang

      Deshae and Jordyn are the real clowns, worst thing is deshae always ends up wasting money on some pointless vacation

      1. matijabi.

        THATS WHAT IM SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Genieballs Yah

      Yeah , I’m just going to stop watching yt at this point rubi and ddg made me hate this platform remember when everybody on yt use to colab and be friends now everybody just doing to much and being toxic bye yall 😐💀✋.....

      1. Marian Barker


    56. Alex T

      If we're being Honest Rubi and DDG were actually making progress that whole month before they broke up. There was no public issue. So at the very least they should be able to see that it's possible to get better

      1. Ashley York

        @Alex T that YOU know of.

      2. Haitian Jack

        @Old Black King he said he's gonna get naked WTF

      3. Old Black King

        @Haitian Jack yeah he lost 10k

      4. Haitian Jack

        @Old Black King onlyfans tweet

      5. Old Black King

        @Haitian Jack I seen all his tweets Which 1

    57. Camo XV

      they both got trust issues and abandonment issues bug when they together like 🤞 they be good but once they not together for a day shi go down but they do make a cute couple 🤷‍♂️

      1. Marian Barker

        Hth you know what they have you don't know them fr

    58. Moneyman Jah

      Man If he dont fly out to miami and leave rubi alone🤦🏽‍♂️😭

    59. Paidway Jaylon

      Davine be clout chasing to much

    60. Anise Westbrook

      KI IS HERE!!!! AWESOME TEA!!! ♥️


      & tell dem stop blocking eachother 😂 so they can talk it out on the phone, instead of brining it to the net..

    62. Justin Walker

      Females love the toxic stuff

    63. Only1Doobie

      Deshae a trick just like his big bro ddg

    64. Justin Walker

      Rubi knows that Tiana Musura is way better then her by far!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why she on his dingo !

      1. Genieballs Yah

        I’m sorry but they both trash tiana is racist and rubi toxic asf

      2. Amber Bee

        She’s on his dingo because Tiana is better than her? .... 😂😂

      3. spirtguide

        lol DDG doesn't seem to think so

      4. Ai

        @Lin Lin @tianamussara

      5. Lin Lin

        What's Tiana ig

    65. Twon2 Saucey

      Ddg an rubi will forever be together cause they did this to many times I feel like they doin this to play with us

    66. Sym Taylor

      Rubi/DDG is not the only toxic couple but y'all love judging them. Let them people be at the end of the day it's their life.

      1. 0nly. Bhadbby

        They BEYOND toxic , & don’t act they age

      2. Kia

        Exactly these people getting worked up about they relationship when they shouldn’t give a fuck cause what that go to do with us? If they want to break up and get back together 50 times why should we care.

      3. Alex T

        @Sym Taylor lol yeah they both give off that vibe that when things are going good it's fun to watch

      4. Sym Taylor

        @Alex T And I like them together. They funny to me! 😂😂😂 Guessing why I like RR/DDG together!

      5. Alex T

        Jt and uzi worse

    67. Jarod Wilson

      Just because rubi said she miss her husband, that don't mean she talking about him, I thought she was talking about her assistant because her assistant stay with her, and be with her all the time, rubi looks foolish because she tweeted, all men are not cheaters, don't settle sis, now she's going back to a cheater? And rubi was in New York then she came back to LA for one day and now she's in Atlanta to party for all star weekend, lf she wanted to be with ddg she would have just stayed, so it's not making sense.

      1. Marian Barker

        Are you dumd or stupid you too invested like get a life you always in ha business like you know ha for weirdo

      2. Old Black King

        Nigga she too damn old too be invested she talking bout DDG who else is her husband or bae. U the worst DDg ever.

      3. Jarod Wilson

        @Muvie Lavee you sound like a ddg idiot, when she went to New York, her and ddg was not together, and they hadn't been together for a month, so if some how they made up, she probably want to spend some time with the dude, but she qent to Atlanta to party, and I don't give a fucc about you or ddg, I will continue to try and guide her in the right direction, to make sure she stay focused on her music career, fucc a KGup rapper.

      4. zakyra Monk

        @Muvie Lavee well damn I dint know! But he weird!

      5. Muvie Lavee

        @zakyra Monk okay! She a he tho lol, the wilson guy is a matured man .. Someone exposed him on twitter! I dont understand why a grown up man be so invested in rubi's life.

    68. Danaesia

      Sometimes I wonder if Jordyn and deshae are an actual couple...

    69. Muvie Lavee

      Ddg & rubi always air their private issues out in the media thats why fans be so invested & judgemental. If they kept stuffs private, no one would know what they have going on...i feel like they really do love eachother but dont know how to handle relationship cos they both still acting childish..Once they learn how to respect eachother spaces & find a balance btw their relationship/social life, they gonna have a loving relationship..

      1. nate higga

        Big fax that's the only reason why fans be in a business cuz these two dumbasses bring it to the internet get mad when fans try to give an opinion if these two clowns will stop bringing this stuff to the internet fans wouldn't have no room to talk about it

    70. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

      Ddg needs to focus on his goddam music ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    71. Setera Lockley

      Ddg and Rubi make my head hurt... I’m sorry my problem with DDG sometimes is how he came at Kennedy and said she was toxic ... but Rubi is like last level toxic ... they disrespect each other publicly

      1. Old Black King

        That nigga Jared Wilson bout 50 always acting like rubi aint toxic as hell. He need to stop it.

      2. Genieballs Yah

        @Designer the Don you realize people like the ace family fake their relationship use their kids for money a lot of pple do it for clout

      3. Designer the Don

        @nate higga you not fvcking someone in a “fake relationship” lol. They been messing with each for almost a damn year, nothing fake about it 🤣

      4. nate higga

        @Jarod Wilson what the hell you mean Rubi toxic too her and ddg is toxic but this relationship do seems fake

      5. Jarod Wilson

        Rubi is not toxic, ddg is toxic, rubi should be trying to get in the studio with anyone who can grow her music career, that includes playboy cardi travis Scott, da baby, fuck a fake relationship with a KGup rapper.

    72. Lumnii

      “ZAHVI” it’s pronounced “Zay v “

    73. nate higga

      DDg already said he don't listen to nothing his fan got to say so what's the point and that's why he be getting a lot of hate

      1. Trevel Francis

        Lol they wanna be in everything

      2. felipe godinez

        who tf listens to their fans tf stay out they business lmao

    74. Dayon The Dog

      I would never want a relationship like DDG & Rubi that shit is not healthy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. dizdimples

        @Genieballs Yah 💯🤣😂

      2. Nadia Belizaire


      3. Genieballs Yah

        They not even toxic no more they poisonous 💀

      4. Tyrone Jenkins

        Rubi must have that good good


        Ong 😂😂

    75. Ray Kim

      Who agrees that Ddg is going out worse than ever before?

      1. John Stegall jr

        @nate higga can u send me the video and i would'nt blame them he has changed

      2. Mrs Tee

        Very sad.

      3. Old Black King

        @Ray Kim why does it matter how he goin out he still gon be rich and young. And he say he don't care what his fans think

      4. felipe godinez

        nate higga nah ddg went up if any you niggas act like yk ddg lmao

      5. nate higga

        He been going downhill ever since he left Kennedy and dub teetee he changing I ain't believe it when Dub said it cuz you never know dub being for real like you just playing but that must the second video teetee I said

    76. nate higga

      You ever notice how ddg when he say some weird or messed up stuff he tweet two more times so you can kind of forget what he said and then he stay off Twitter for a whole day😂😂😂 and then you jump back on when you think people forgot

    77. Bre & Kandi

      Ddg & Rubi TOXIC .

    78. NaiCer Mundo

      3 is my breaking point but if yuh cheat fuck that shit🤣🤣💯

    79. nate higga

      Ddg always blame it on the alcohol or some type of drug🤦 the reason why you feel that way😂😂

    80. Birane T.

      This nigga DDG gotta toughen up and stop simpin out here. Like damn y’all childish

      1. Alexandro

        @Designer the Don they both simps , Rubi is probally a bigger simp than ddg , she just be frontin for the internet

      2. Designer the Don

        He not the only one who simps, Rubi do too

    81. nate higga

      I know the song with ddg and Tory Lanez better be on that album are we going to have some real problems

    82. just Robin

      Maybe if we ignore it , it'll go away ( DDG & Rubi relationship). Probably not 🤣

      1. Genieballs Yah

        Fr we need to make rubi disappear by not speaking about her no more cause she really really starting to make me hate her

      2. nate higga

        Let's hope so that's what every time they talk about their relationship on social media we just need to say we don't give a fuck no more

    83. nate higga

      After the 4th or 5th time we break up ain't no going back cuz it's like what's the point we tried to make it work multiple times just move on and try to find somebody else

      1. Marian Barker

        @A KICKS your point that's their relationship not yours mind ya business

      2. A KICKS

        Exactly they’ve broken up more time then ddg and Kennedy did

      3. Marian Barker

        That you

    84. Birane T.

      “I read your toxic luvvvv bible...” ⚠️Toosi should’ve done this

    85. Big Mouse

      Yall act like rubi the only girl he talked to he can be talking about essence or sum yall dont know shit 😂

      1. Itz Me

        They seem to be meant for each other.

      2. Itz Me

        Honestly...they might as well get married. At the end of the day they seem to always wanna crawl back up under each other, fall out, tweet mess, tweet simpy stuff, then repeat. It’s all toxicity atp and they making themselves look like they WANT toxicity and they making it seem like the toxic stuff making them happy/ satisfied so like I said, they needa get married 😭💯.

      3. A W

        @Old Black King I won’t be surprised tbh..hope not but imma still support them both regardless.

      4. Old Black King

        @A W you know damn well they can't stay away from each other especially if they really were already together. They gon be back soon cuz look at how they dissing each other and still missing each other

      5. A W

        @Old Black King I know...but I hope they don’t. It’s sad but they need to stay away from eachother. It’ll only get worse.

    86. Shirley Simmons

      Deshae just posted them on vacation, which husband is ruby talking about, she just retweeted travis scott,. I don't think she want ddg, he just her right now piece in L.A., ddg trying to be in love again. I don't think they ever break up, it all to keep us talking, Marketing Strategy at its best. I think they hook up whenever they feel like it with no strings attached, they both single.

      1. Shirley Simmons

        @Marian Barker it's only a comment, that's what the comment section is for, nothing more.

      2. Marian Barker

        @Shirley Simmons y'all to invested

      3. Shirley Simmons

        @Marian Barker it do mean shi, he one of her exs

      4. Designer the Don

        @John Cena nothing

      5. John Cena

        What she retweet?

    87. Taylor Michelle


    88. Mymy2002

      If you go on Vanessa’s twitter she leaked those messages and other information

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I see it now. She did a whole story time sheesh!

    89. Go_Smd

      Ddg & rubi are obsessed with each other and will never leave each other alone. So they will never be able to move on from each other cause they keep entertaining each other and going back and fourth

      1. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim he told Clarence he was supposed to on Twitter

      2. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don How do you know he was supposed to go and changed his mind?

      3. Designer the Don

        @Jarod Wilson you know ddg was supposed to go to Atlanta too but he decided not to. He was with her the day leading up to her going back to Atlanta. That’s why she said she miss her husband that Friday night

      4. Go_Smd

        @Jarod Wilson I never said they was together😐 all I said is they keep entertaining each other and going back and fourth on social media responding to each other

      5. Jarod Wilson

        Nothing says they're back together, rubi was in New York, then she came back to LA for one day, now she's in Atlanta to party on all star weekend, she could have stayed if she wanted to be with ddg.

    90. Daniel Pardieu

      Toxicity is real asf

    91. Livvy LLC

      kiara its zay-v = Zavi 😂😂😂😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Whoops 😭

    92. thug8200

      I told kiara march was when they going to get back together

    93. Donai Dixon

      they should keep there relationship lowkey

      1. Jarod Wilson

        Rubi should follow the same path as Rihanna, stay single, date al little bit but nothing serious until she make it big

    94. GamerTrey

      Let’s be honest here all the other plug channels posted this already but Kiara just does it so well

      1. Becky Boo

        That’s why I only follow her :)

    95. maurice amos

      Ddg and rubi nvr cheated on each other apparently but she should understand the playboy carti shit was lame and ddg did what he did after they broke up🤷🏾‍♂️ communication all them folks need

      1. Betty diva

        @Jarod Wilson what playboi carti shoot after her what the hell you saying

      2. maurice amos

        @Jarod Wilson cap

      3. Jarod Wilson

        Ddg is much worse then playboy cardi, ddg has cheated many times in 7 months, her and cardi was together for more rhen 3 years, she's a fool if she goes back to ddg

      4. Alexandro

        @A KICKS Shutup cuz you not making sense at all .

    96. Black Blue

      There Both Up & Coming Artist ddg works with Females & Rubi with Males it's not gonna work till there Fully Established & a lil Older.

      1. Jarod Wilson

        Facts, rubi need to stay single for a while

    97. _stuckeyyy_

      I wasnt last😒

    98. lor Pete1

      DDG & rubi starting to become clowns 🤡

      1. Itz Me

        What I mean by “common sense” is that you should already know this stuff.

      2. Itz Me

        @Ray Kim IM SAYING. Like yeah they prolly don’t gaf bout what we gotta say but in this case, what I just said is basically common sense 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ anyone can tell them that and be correct.

      3. GamerTrey

        @Hakeem_ well damn

      4. Ray Kim

        @Itz Me Facts. It don't matter what the rest of us think, but they both need to act their damn ages when dealing with each other.

      5. Ray Kim

        @Old Black King I don't agree with you there. She's had no problems exposing personal shit about him, he hasn't.

    99. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      They can make it past the toxicity. But it will be harddd work. They both have to make a decision that they won’t break up, but just take space. And no tweeting about it. That way they can come back together in peace with no judgement. Keep issues to yourselvessssss. But they are running on childishness. At this point they might as well stay together if they coming back after all the mess. they don’t want to be apart. At all. That’s evident.

      1. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

        @Simone Addo we don’t know them so we don’t know what they are forcing nor am I that invested to sit here like a weirdo and tell people who I don’t know what they are to eachother bc WE don’t know. It could all be fake back and forths. we don’t truly know the bond. You lil weirdos need to get a life. She asked and I answered what it would take. Their was no dream or fantasy in my statement. Pure honesty on what it takes to make something work. Period.

      2. Quinton miller

        No they can't. You are a dangerous dreamer. This will end real bad.

      3. Simone Addo

        They did this already at the end of last year and it started lasted 1 month. They are not compatible. I think they just forcing it

    100. Donnell Jenkins

      Havnt seen the vid yet watching it now but I hope you mention that davine jay said that bri gave him a std and she didn't deny it she just looked embarrassed...she always came across as the person to never f**k around but the truth always comes out