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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - FunnyMike & Jaliyah ENT
    9:07 - DDG & Rubi New Anthem

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    1. Kris Dreams

      But they have kids now so he need to just a bit frfr

    2. Alexis Vibe

      Reality tv is not even realistic

    3. certified mari

      I believe this whole thing fake

    4. David Hall

      That intro fire

    5. Wemo Douglas

      They make videos fa kids and entertainment purposes only but older people watching and thinking it’s really real but it aint they just ruins it for the kids a lot of you tubers have rehearsed bits just don’t see all of em

    6. Kiki Thomas

      This ain’t no prank if she left her ring there wit him

    7. its keona

      Its for entertainmen purpose only yall like to do drama fake

    8. Mesiiah E

      DDG my dawg, been rocking with Cuz since 2016. DDG is mature in every area except the relationship area, and it’s because he don’t take accountability for his actions and the actions of the people he CHOSE to let into his life. He blamed his fans, he blamed social media, he blamed his exes, but he never blames himself. Yes, all those things are to blame, but to grow and to change, you have to look at what you did as well. This is why he’s constantly in the same position in these toxic relationships while dubbing relationships that could’ve been good for him, like Tianna or Savannah. He’s hurt deep down and never took the time to heal, and so relationships that aren’t toxic don’t feel right to him. He’s single but he’s never alone and so he has no space to grow. I hope he figures this out before his love scars are permanent 🙏🏽

    9. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      Funnymike is a nigga from the streets he’s probably working so hard so he never has to go back to that lifestyle again niggas that made it out the hood understand that it’s not where you wanna go back too

    10. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      I can’t even recognise DDG anymore something is happening behind the scenes

    11. Leerically Speaking


    12. Yoshi92

      Jaliyah has to tell his sister what to say because it’s fake 🤣🤣🤣

    13. Karega

      DDG does need to move away from all the rubi drama. Like dude is 20 something with multiple businesses. Be a boss, having your nose open is an L.

    14. Nesta Joseph


    15. K love

      Ddg needs ✋ being intimated by rubi because if rubi gets noticed by the media mane stream guess what so will ddg because being with her will get him noticed too they will know ddg and then listen to his music and then ddg will be mane stream too this is a blessing if ddg doesn't listen to the internet and his fans because if he breaks up with rubi and she didn't cheat on him smh it would be his lost because God knows who to bring into his life and I think that why he brought rubi rose into his life ddg don't mess this up by being insecure or pressure by your fans if rubi is treating you good and being faithful dont let these fans mess up it for you

      1. K love

        @Ashley Oliver lol you to funny ddg and rubi just got in a relationship so they was not together long and ddg has been working hard and moving in his mansion and I know God will give it and he can take it but who are you to say that this is not God plan smh if ddg has prayed for this then God will give it to him but you guys are trying be distraction because of who he chooses to be with and you brought up Kennedy like she was the best thing that happened to him smh not so they were always broken up so they were always in drama and that's why they had a lot of videos because they were friends with benefits for a while and everyone wanted to see if they were together smh but he was happy when he was out of town and the same for Kennedy rubi rose and ddg was not together long so really no trips smh ddg was losing more money when he was with Kennedy every other week a new vacation more money spent smh

      2. Ashley Oliver

        K love. All I am gonna say is that God can make it happen and he can also take it away in the blink of the eyes. Just because it’s your dream doesn’t mean it’s God’s plan for you. Nobody is telling DDG to become a 9-5 guy. He can have a good life without being in the industry. FYI, DDG squad is who says Rubi is for the streets so stop bringing Kennedy up. DDG hasn’t done anything this year other than being on drama pages with his entanglement with Rubi, tragic. Some people bring good fortune, others don’t. You have to spiritually aware for that. No materials, possessions or accolades, money can bring peace of mind.

      3. K love

        @Ashley Oliver you sounds sad because you clearly didn't hear what ddg said he been smoking weed but off camara smh rubi and Kennedy was not virgin when they was a teenager smh so who ever was a virgin before they began talking to ddg show me lol not even ddg was a virgin 😂 so bringing up rubi rose past to make a bad person is sad because no one is innocent including your favorite Kennedy smh and rubi rose did nothing to ddg but these ken killa have they been talking about rubi rose for the streets smh for no reason just because she dated other guys and not a virgin lol you sounds like a jealous ex smh ddg has been on a upward climb smh ddg dream is become more then a youtuber ddg is not a normal 9 to 5 guy ddg wants to be in the music business its one of his dreams just because you don't like it doesn't mean that you can put your wants and wishes on ddg smh you fan wants someone to live though but ddg is human and has his own wishes and yes God can make it happen

      4. Ashley Oliver

        droid Astros. Nobody is talking about Kennedy. She was never trying to be in the music industry You have to pay Kennedy at this point to care about y’all opinions. DDG became who he is today while he was with Kennedy so there is nothing you can say about her because you were not in the relationship. Wtf has Rubi done, nobody was talking about her until DDG. People knew of her but she wasn’t that big to be talked about everyday. Rubi has been sleeping with rappers since she was a teen and she hasn’t accomplished much other than being used by a teenager on his birthday.

      5. Ashley Oliver

        K love. DDG wasn’t smoking heavily before. Who’s jealous of DDG, you must be a kid if you are impressed by all these stupidity DDG is showing off. He looks bloated in the face and he has done anything meaningful other than live in a house he regrets buying and being in an entanglement drama with a girl who sleeps around. Sometimes it’s not God that placed people in your life so don’t bring God into it. Rich successful people commit suicide because all that money and fame is not everything. I pray DDG finds himself and learn about the meaning of life and what it means to be at peace with your mind, it’s a priceless feeling. You are here living through him that you can’t see the misery in his life and on his face and around him.

    16. Jojo On32

      Now ik there drama fake

    17. Janoy JDASquad

      Real life

    18. Random Empire

      DDG lost a woman for an ex now he with Rubi in funny drama. Lol

    19. flymingo the fittest

      Rubi going back to lil tjay now then next week DDG again 😭😭😭

    20. Random Empire

      Def acting. Why would you set up a camera just to lash out.

    21. Custom Videos

      They been said it’s for entertainment

    22. Samiyah Jackson

      Literally everything funny mike do is fake they go over everything before hand

    23. Baby ISO

      The funny mike and Jaliyah situation is fake on insta u can see clips of the old video she deleted and she was telling funny mike sister what to say I’m being sooo dead ass oh never mind u put it in the video

    24. Henok Berhanu

      Felt dumb for watching this

    25. Tanisha Russell

      Wow and I thought that video was real smh. That clip they forgot to edit was so uncalled for. Why are you telling her to say that smh.

    26. Kevonte harris

      Funny mikes whole youtube is like that and it’s entertaining to his audience 😂 all his shit is damn fake but it’s funny 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

    27. Nickeem Gollop

      Low key rob hard asf on the music❤️

    28. Lil JJ

      Lol rubi and ddg sum else fr they need to stop they mess 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. Baby Milk

      One word for all of it toxic

    30. ImKingJJ

      Drake once said "You wanna walk around in the kitchen without runnin' into one of my niggas That's not the way we livin'"

    31. Lulu Nzama

      Lets not forget Liltjay is in LA when Rubi doesnt pick up the fone Lil Ddg wil throw tantrums and tweet watever

    32. 450 Killer Ocala bike life

      😂 they fake funny mike and Jaliyah not right they need money 💰 and view

    33. Kt3 Lj

      How u turn to a thug to a sissy😭

    34. fetti fetti

      If u see that they said do it over its obviously 4 views dumbass there is no point I'm making this video

    35. Josue

      The intro is earrape pls stop

    36. Keturah Allure

      I know how she feel. I went through the same thing minus kids.

    37. EyeBrxck.

      No way that’s actin mane look at the pain on his face

    38. Issawholemateo

      DDG been taking L’s all year 😔

    39. Craig Thomas

      If you're have REAL marital problems who stops to turn on the camera to record it? These KGuprs know that drama gets views. Its fake

    40. spectralken

      FunnyMikes was real

    41. vivbo 112

      Ddg such a simp bro he my favorite you tuber but stp being a so whipped bro

    42. třûěĺýf 🙏

      Runiktv and funnymike comedy kkkkk 😂😂😂😂

    43. YRN Jami Vlogs



      Thank God the Rubi DDG Entanglement is OVER

    45. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang that intro song go hard

    46. reina Malúa


    47. reina Malúa


    48. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg going out sad lol, his simping is high

    49. michael miles

      You keep it real as usual. These KGuprs play too many games. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    50. Anise Westbrook


    51. T sin

      Ddg jealous of rubi cos she accepted in the music industry more than him .

      1. T sin

        @droid Astros exactly

    52. Jamia m

      mac is his name

    53. JAT squad

      Only problem I have with what u said at 11:19 is because Mac or funny mike wasn’t as popular or as famous when the met and was together she probably knew he was like a people person but she can’t rlly control that and I think there good because she can calm him down and he can get her to get out more but he is probably putting to much on her which is making her feel irritated and exhausted cuz the house is like 40 kids 50 rooms and stuff but yea that was the only thing 😉

    54. kenya73

      Ddg love toxicity I know they young but this not the first time ddg breaks up with people and then try to get back with them ddg might be a little jealous because Rubi is becoming more mane stream and he feels stuck and Rubi is trying to make it work but ddg is confused and undesive that's how those Libra are especially the men

    55. William Stokes


    56. Lil Bii

      Your husband got that heat🔥intro is fi🔥

    57. unrealttv

      Literally 88% want see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    58. Mickey Howard

      What’s the song in the intro 💯🔥

    59. Nyameh Sillah

      Bruhh 🤣🤣🤣 Jaliyah and Funnymike was for entertainment it was all planned they deleted the first video and edit it again Jaliyah was telling Funnymike sister how to react

    60. Sean O'Neal

      DDG needs to stay with Rubi because it will help his music career because she got co-signs from megastars in music industry.

      1. Lulu Nzama

        @Dae Williams i dont feel sorry for him

      2. Maria Menefee

        Dae Williams pure facts. 💯

      3. Dae Williams

        DDG bout to sell his soul ruby iz already illuminati sex doll she the bait to him selling out #StayWoke

      4. C-money4x

        No he doesn't she's literally out here making him look like a clown

      5. Emmanuel Appiah

        @Ashley Oliver thats true.

    61. Sean O'Neal

      Drake (DDG's idol) just started following Rubi Rose... He might have to charge it to the game because it's the legend Drake

    62. Kay

      YALL...Rubi tweeted she’s hungry and only had a hot pocket today so I guess the dinner reservations never happened 🥴 yikes lmao. But what y’all think about this? here’s a theory I saw someone say on Twitter: ddg might be in his feelings because he didn’t make XXL freshmen list and almost simultaneously Rubi is blowing up and getting acceptance from the music industry. She not only got a Cardi co-sign and was in her music video but Drake (who played her song Big Mouth on his story a few months ago) just followed her and you know DDG idolizes Drake. You see he recently said he wants to quit KGup for now so you can tell he is frustrated and wants to separate from the KGup rapper image so my theory is he might be jealous of his own girls success and just probably has built up frustration and the timing of it all just been crazy so he probably taking it out on her. They could be a power couple so I hope they figure it out. Also wanna add! Ddg has dated girls and messed with girls (Kennedy, Tiana, etc) that were known but not bigger than him & he essentially gave them clout. It’s probably new to ddg to be with a girl who is pretty much at his level and more well known in the field he wants to be in (music) so I feel he never really had competition in his own relationships before so this is probably new to him too and he seems like he likes to be the alpha male type

      1. Kay

        Emmanuel Appiah Rubi rose been known, I knew her back in 2016 from her dating carti and she was in the bad and bougie music video. Rubi was super relevant before ddg came into the picture, she’s just known more on KGup now lol

      2. Kay

        Emmanuel Appiah yeah but Rubi has more potential that’s the key word here. Big music industry people like Drake and Cardi B co-signed her. Ddg hasn’t gotten that recognition and Rubi only got like 3-4 songs out so that’s impressive

      3. Kay

        Emmanuel Appiah maybe not fully jealous but all these things you mentioned were in the past meanwhile Rubi is getting her shine now. Views don’t matter because Rubi got a drake follow on IG and cardi b to put her on so she’s accepted by the BIG music ppl so her future is bright. DDG got the views mostly because his KGup fanbase

      4. Kay

        Hb23 B but ddg music only popular cuz his fan base, Rubi is getting actual reach like drake not just following anybody and cardi b not just putting anybody in her music videos. Rubi has more acceptance in the music industry

      5. Kay

        droid Astros facts! He thought music would be just as easy as KGup smh but you see every night Rubi posts her in the studio, he should be motivated by her not jealous

    63. Yellow Synth

      They break up every hour lol

    64. Unchained_ lion

      Kiara Shanay is HEEEEEREAAAAHH

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Periodddd 🙃

    65. Tavaughn Davidson

      They're trying to get their clothes up back

    66. jr

      Lmaooo "break up to make up" Yall kno they did this same thing when ddg song dropped they doing this just to promote they songs and dont come for me I'm ddg squad to💯🔥


      She post ddg in his feelings. If thats not promoting and seeking attention then idk what is. Fake ass couple.

    68. Jupiter Sound

      Bruhh everybody in this comment section thinks they're a relationship coach🤦🏾‍♂️😂

      1. 88Daize


      2. duckyzzz

        Better yet they think the KGuprs they're advising are reading & taking notes.

    69. Rahshaan Muhammad

      DDG is a businessman, he didnt get thiis far by not being smart, he gonna do and say what he needs to, to keep the entertainment poppin, all these tweets and what not, don't mean he and Rubi beefin, think bigger picture ppl.

      1. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Trueno doubt.

      2. True

        Dats wat I’ve been thinking... DDG+RUBI ROSE=TROLL KING&QUEEN

    70. guwopcam

      All of it fake did u not see wat jaliyah told paris

    71. Tiago Barbosa

      It’s toxic that’s what it is

    72. CKD TV

      Can anyone reading this comment subscribe to my channel i will subscribe to yours back. Lets grow together. Comment done.

    73. John Salary

      Can I just say something ddg a playboy meaning he knows the game. Despite how much of yall that doesn't know the game always calling him a simp. Hes not letting no female stay in his hm alone. They just started. I actually like kiara so that's all ima say

    74. Ooo Chileee

      They just toxic n it’s annoying me lol byee

      1. Meka & Havy BM

        He need to leave rubi alone the more hes with her he’s losing stuff fans he’s not doing yt no more and she’s for the streets and a clout chaser

    75. LIFE_OF_RIAH Riah

      Funny mike part is real . Jaliyah part is fakeeeee .

    76. Rommie Brown

      'Arguments' was a song based on a relationship built over time. It was natural not this tweet n release a song after. They gotta try harder if they him fake it, Dashie tried it too

    77. Major

      DDG and Rubi just doing this for promo.. this ain’t the first time and y’all keep falling for it

    78. Pretty Ciaaa

      Why is runik hair like that lmao

    79. ExGhouls

      *Timestamps be in description yall*

    80. Kylie Reacts

      Everything funnymike do is so entertainment but it still funny and lit tho that’s how some of the badkids gets tested to become one of the badkids. We should know it’s fake because they are horrible at acting because they can’t keep a straight face and they don’t put their relationship problems on the internet.. Now u know this is fake..


      haha the break up is bs but she probably really was tired of the full house and no privacy thats understandable thats why mike got her a lil partment so she can be quiet lol but now shes also saying she wants mike home with her and their kids and not working so often...i wonder if that is true too? it probably is I dont think shes joking about that for some reason

    82. Rommie Brown

      Business Partners... that is all

      1. Rommie Brown

        My bad with benefits... that is all

    83. Kywon Nelson

      That my video

      1. Kenn

        I got the video too

    84. Renenb13

      Rubi sounds insecure

    85. Renenb13

      Aka kids change stuff so why wouldn't she think the way of living would change & all those ppl won't be at da house

    86. Cassie Sandra

      Ddg needs to stop this back and forth with his girlfriends on Twitter. So immature and tasteless lmao. Always ends in tears then after they say fans are in their business lol. Funny Mike and jaliyah tho, sadly i don't see them making it but I hope they prove me wrong for the sake of their kids

      1. Meka & Havy BM

        Tae Fazoo exactly they broke up any ways

      2. Tae Fazoo

        droid Astros well we gone see how popping he get after he drop this mixtape with all these songs on it cuz I think quitting yt wasn’t the best choice in my opinion

      3. Meka & Havy BM

        droid Astros well I know she for the streets and is know to be toxic and break is hearts so

      4. Meka & Havy BM

        droid Astros and ima get that big ol nose

      5. Meka & Havy BM

        droid Astros I don’t want her to break his heart and if she do it’s her butt

    87. Renenb13

      It's not that jaliah didn't know mike like that before the relationship it's probably she thought he'd make time for his kids once they realize a baby was coming

    88. Rxchkid CEEJAY

      Am I the only one who knew she ain’t like being round all them kids

    89. Let’s Try Gaming


    90. Let’s Try Gaming

      Funny mike and Jaliyah out here not really broken up CLICK BAIT

    91. Sheila Tabengwa

      DDG is giving me chest pain😭. First he quits youtube then takes his personal info on Twitter for ppl to judge and prove them right. I cant with this boiii, sml

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        @313Jaye Right. He thinks he cracked a code or sum. Invalid points jus to hate💀🤦‍♂️

      2. 313Jaye

        Mc Reacts It was an “Off White“ design, so if the nigga had enough money to do that shit then nobody can say shit about it. And you already know he got the strap on him so if it got to that its gon be used

      3. Sheila Tabengwa

        @Michael now u takin it too far. Why cant y'all not stand a young black man succeed. Aint nun wrong with labeling his mansion, its his aint it???💀💀💀

      4. Kay funmi

        Mc Reacts LMAOO

      5. Michael

        Skully gang he still a kid no matter how much he tries to act grown 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 I’m still on his Mansion who tf labels their rooms you just asking to be robbed successfully 😂

    92. Vonnie's Time

      It's all for views and everything is a publicity stunt all these KGuprs are FAKE you can tell there acting because one these KGuprs a say they broken up than the best min they be right back together smh

    93. Ammanuel Haile


    94. Ashley York

      This relationship between DDG and Rubi only benefiting one person and it's not DDG.

      1. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

        Dont watch my video Ace foo ..Cardi bigged her up, Drake was singing her songs. she had Milllionnnnn of views before DDG. They are both popping. She was introduced to his following. That’s it. Lots of us already knew her.

      2. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

        I didn’t know who rubi rose till lil that exposed her then DDG

      3. C-money4x

        @Kelvin Wilson Ur joking right 🤔🤔🤔

      4. PharrelThirty

        They both got clout and they are both benefiting from the relationship end of the discussion

      5. Ashley York

        @J Brown My point exactly! We all know which one is waiting up at home to be cuddled and it's not Rubi


      U and these intro song

    96. saphany grey

      People’s not going to take them serious with them Childish behavior they need to Grow up

    97. ChinaJOfficial

      Ddg and rubi relationship is all over the place lol

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        Just like u on the cocky

    98. saphany grey

      Rubi rose and ddg need to stay off the internet and go on live they Private life he say he wanted😂😂😂

      1. C-money4x

        @Meka & Havy BM No 🧢

      2. Meka & Havy BM

        He need to leave rubi alone the more hes with her he’s losing stuff fans he’s not doing yt no more and she’s for the streets and a clout chaser

    99. Only1Doobie

      Ion blame ddg for not letting her stay at the crib by herself, she seem like one of these females that set niggas up

    100. Cheryl Hicks

      I'm sure Ruby could have stayed with Lala or her other friend. Not sure what's going on.....