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    1. Flako Fam

      i was thinking the same thing like if i blow up and get some BUNZ from like saweetie or somebody is she going treat me like rubi treat DDG

    2. dmarion 2x

      They just need to make a whole FaceTime video call and settle this shit cause all this shit does not need to be on social media her and rubi need to settle this this should not have gone to this big 🤦🏾‍♂️

    3. AYG 23

      Are we gonna ignore the fact dat. Dis channel gets bare views, but yet a subscriber🤣. I’m not tryna be rude btw

    4. Jay Bouier

      KGuprs are hoes and rubi for everybody

    5. Jay Bouier

      Tbh all this b.s crazy KGup people go through the most and be cheating and all so tbh they giving me crazy vibes and all rappers cheat but tbh girls cheat more that boys lala just being a snake 🐍

    6. Hannibal730

      i think this lala/rubi shit is cap.

    7. Nikkimillion spring

      Lala said in her youtube video that she didn't know Rubi was with Carti, right? But in her live she said she was 17 and she didn't care who Carti was with and that Carti said Rubi was Crazy and shorty straight up lied to Rubi when Rubi hit her up in her dms asking Lala if she knew who Rubi was dating

    8. Moh BangBang _

      Lalal is not sneak

    9. Shakie babylove

      i dont believe her, she left out alot, so go watch rubi live

    10. Geezgang

      Lala playing victim but don’t want smoke. They should through some hands

    11. DMVrepersenter

      I'm sorry LALA wasn't clouted enough to fake a friendship with, it doesn't make sense when you think about it...

    12. OTN AJ

      Hold up ddg should cut her loose if she did covered for rubi

    13. Rob Tuffy

      These stooges yall follow just want yall views for money they dont give af about yall unsub they asses

    14. skill best

      Did u watch lalas live

    15. Almightyy Kevo

      what’s the discord?

    16. Flights Burner

      Wiz just loves his roses 😂

    17. Ashley York

      JUST HERE TO SAY I TOLD YOU GUYSSSS! 😂 It was so obvious that LaLa and DDG had something going on

    18. Ayo Duke

      Lala fuckin for 2k 😯

    19. Tatiyana Niyel

      Lala still a snake because it seems like it was more than a video, they were too buddy buddy

    20. Tatiyana Niyel

      They were friends she cap because she said it in some of the first videos.

    21. E _WithDaSwag

      Both of em snakes.. they’re adults..If they had those boundaries, lala knew deep down it wasn’t right BUT u still can’t fake being ok wit the shit then gettin mad when it come out..childish shit

    22. KiingSaySoTv

      LaLa’s whole video had me mind blown 🤯 but hey if they wasn’t real friends she don’t owe her no loyalty but messing with someone after someone u hung with is nasty and crazy but hey that’s them

    23. Ayasha

      I’m pretty sure rubi is mad because Lala messed around with tj, not because she did the music video...🤷🏽‍♀️

    24. Charles White

      I thought at one point they were like sisters?

    25. twin twin

      rubi sound mo truthful

    26. ImRetro

      I think lala is a snake because it wasn’t just the music video, there’s gotta be more too it they must of dated?

    27. Zen

      I believe lala because Rubi has been wishy washy with Ddg she with him then she dancing to lil tj songs & in tj car the next month wishy washy

    28. 999 Juan

      The sweat shirt thing is about tjay

    29. 26kamesha

      How did it get from doing a video with him to being Boo’d up and all over social media like it’s cool. It’s the messiness fa me.

    30. Jasmine Corrin

      Lala is not a snake🙅🏽‍♀️🐍....Rubi twisted situations and was finessing LaLa as a friend but Lala was really in her feelings but something happened bigger cause LaLa ain’t fully spilling the tea☕️.....this shit was calculated from gate from both parties, Rubi is trying to get money and it’s cool but LaLa ain’t playing with Rubi’s demon time

    31. Chiara Gliozzo

      You know what strikes me, Lala said she didn’t smoke that her eyes always look like that but in this video her eyes are more open, and not only in this one in other video’s her eyes are more open and other video’s her eyes look stoned.. so if she lies about that she definitely lying about other stuff. But still she fake what she did to rubi

    32. Nolimit Seanie

      LOL Lala pulled a Riley on rubi

    33. Nathan Slagter

      I’m through with it. DDG break up with rubi. Lala just said she lied for Rubi. Lala low key fake for that and she low key a snake for it. #fuckrubi

    34. Mia Martinez

      she said yes be in the video not yes be with the dude who messed w me

    35. FlyKizzy

      Rubi not mad at the fact that LaLa did the video, she mad at the fact that she went behind ha back and actually fuck with the man

    36. OoolalaNaj

      Lala said she thought they were genuinely friends... so she’s a snake. Period.

    37. Aaron YT

      You see people says when a girl got stricter parents, when they older then a hoe. Aye we see that here

    38. Lights

      theres a discord????

    39. Joshua Leander

      LAla was fake from the starting of the friendship

    40. Nitroincoming

      Lala wrong still. Rubi gave her the space to do what she wanted to see how she was gonna move. TYPICAL TACTIC, AMONGST FRIENDS

    41. nigga i aint gay

      alot of people think LALA and Rubi Rose beef if fake

    42. Bimbola Salami

      Kiara Shanay, how many subscribers you got 😂

    43. Brelyn Foster

      dont cap yall. this sounds too familiar. lala did a prank own rubi and said that ddg got her prego and rubi looked directly at ole girl face and said tht it was fine and that she didn't care. when lala told her that it was a prank thennnnnnnnnnnn rubi said some slick shit at the end. don't be playing wit my girl lala. sis sound like she kinda telling the truth.

    44. YoBoy SPADE

      They are BOTH snakes and fake AF but I see a few people who are trying not to give LaLa her Snake medal🏅🐍.First Of ALL, everyone KNEW from the START that Rubi wasn't sh*t! It's all just coming to the forefront now. You can tell by the way that people converse and interact with each other. You can SEE their differences....

    45. h6955

      Why would lala ask if they not friends ...

    46. Major

      Well she was supposed to do the video but she went on to fuck the dude. U don’t see the problem here.. lala is lying they were definitely friends

    47. Major

      Lala is lying lol.. she said it was all business from the beginning but then says she was hurt she thought it was real.. also Rubi said it’s okay to do the video but u went ahead and fucked the dude lol.. lala is a snake dawg

    48. YoBoy SPADE

      I think that ALOT of people are taking what LaLa means she did for Rubi WRONG way. Overall, LaLa is a SNAKE! There's no other way around it.....🐍⬅️❌

    49. Major

      Fredo knows his career is dead so he just talking shit to people to see who bites so he can be talked about

    50. Rival twitch

      Nah Fredo responded ddg couldn’t see cause he blocked but he don’t know that pretty boy fredo responded doe

    51. Nathalia Edwards

      You need to watch rubi live it’s on iiamnewyork channel

    52. Ceejay

      I still think she’s a snake , if you hear Rubis side.

    53. Money Mario

      Both for the streets 🤣

    54. Fxstiv

      Lala said Rubi was a "sister" to her.

    55. Taz Mico

      They both snake but lala even more, At first she said their management told both of them to pretend to be friends then towards the end of the video she said that Ruby’s label told her to be friends with lala for the image, two different stories. And they became friends cause they was fucking the same nigga and now they ain’t cause they fucking the same nigga lmao

    56. YoBoy SPADE

      LaLa ain't SH*T! 😲

    57. Ninasky Antonioli

      Lala is 2 face and a liar. What she is doing is try to control the narrative. She said all the time Rubi was her best friend. Now that she getting backlash, she trying to save face by saying they were never genuine friends. If you believe her you just as dumb as Lala.

    58. Richkid Edwards

      Rubi exposed it all

    59. BigTankTelevision

      You said rubi wasn’t honest she was honest she encouraged her to be in the music video not a full blown public relationship damn

    60. Pain lol

      Who cares lmao y'all acting like y'all know em I just wanna know if DDG gon run a fade with fredo

    61. Princess Diva

      At this point Rubi single and definitely mingling meanwhile Ddg thinks he's in a whole relationship💅 so sad lol

      1. llII

        Princess Diva you know a kiss lead up to something 😂😂

      2. Princess Diva

        @llII you do know theirs a difference between a kiss and smashing right?

      3. Mrs Tee

        Right ,Rubi called ddg her husband in her video🤣😂😂😂😂

      4. llII

        Ddg smashed lala

    62. Iso-_- Cxmp


    63. Huncho Grinding

      Rubi was okay with her doing the music video, she wasn’t ok with you getting boo’d up and hit by t jay

    64. Sauce Twin

      This has to be fake

    65. Samantha's Allen

      Ruby for the interstate. She to young to have that many dudes linked to her.

    66. Lunaticft_

      I feel like rubi may have grew on to lala and she had stabbed her in the if it was fake she wouldn’t have asked lala saw an opportunity to get with tjay I don’t believe lala

    67. The Messenger

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    68. Taja d0ll

      Well if you felt is was necessary to ask to be in dudes video why wouldn't it be necessary to ask if you can consider more to? Lol i mean you asked for permission says ALOT.

    69. Deelive601

      when ddg said times up. he was talking about fredo

    70. King Vic

      Her and Rubi had to be cooler then she tryina day bc she jus said they had some sh** happen when she was 17. Like come on y’all known each other for a hot minute it seem like.

    71. Shaun Carelse

      Now I know what I about to say is wrong and I'm basically saying it so that some1 can convince me why it so wrong. But yall know how some of these rappers have a main chick and than still mess around and have a whole bunch of side chicks. The main chick knows their man is messing around but as long as he is discreet about it they are basically ok with it. I'm getting the feeling Rubi than flipped the script on DDG and his basically sort of her main chick?!

    72. Uknmarq

      Lala talking about Carti I bet😂😂

    73. Shaun Carelse

      Again don't mind me....just here to like and comment on the video to show appreciation for KS's hard work and dedication on a off day.

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Thank you 🥺

    74. Jayland Johnson

      @kiarashanay you been posting so much I can’t even keep up 😂😂😂😂

      1. Jayland Johnson

        Kiara Shanay duhhhh🔥🔥🔥

      2. Kiara Shanay

        That’s a good thing right? 🥳

    75. Celes Mcnair

      LaLa lying that’s what they all say when they in the wrong

    76. Crystal DeFreitas

      DDG’s best interest would be to leave them both alone at this point. They’re gonna bring nothing but drama and toxicness to his brand. But he probably won’t.

    77. akeem jacobs

      Rubi rose for the streets don't kiss your


      DDG is looking like a whole side piece

    79. Skye Dopa

      How about we just cancel lala and rubi???

    80. Tam Bam

      Lala is full of shit 🤣🤣all these pretty girls rubi hang w and she gonna choose lala to build a fake friendship?lol

    81. atlswerve14

      LaLa a whole Serpent out in these streets! 🐍🐍 She need some fatherly advice cause her morals aren't in line.

    82. just marc

      Why would Rubi be friends w a nobody....she was in her music video big mouth no one knew who she was but it’s good for her image....stopp the cappp🧢🧢🧢

      1. Eddie Marx

        Exactly. Making up that fake friends shit since she was getting backlash. Rubi aint need a nobody Lala for

    83. ttthomas5287

      Honestly a lot of regular female have a bunch of fake doggie friends as well...just a crew you run with but don't share deep personal stuff with 🤷🏾

    84. Shania King

      Rubi was never Lala friend she played her from the beginning..

    85. Sarah Archbault

      I believe Lala, Rubi is a whole hater. Rubi is not a good person, everyone knows that. People are a good judge of character.

    86. Sarah Archbault

      Tolddd you that they weren’t real friends. It didn’t seem genuine to me for Lala. Like Rubi is a whole 304 , she for the streets can’t nobody be real friends with Rubi!

    87. Naira Gatsby

      After watching Rubi's response i deffo think Lala is lying about the situation

      1. GunStreets


    88. Islandjewel Crystal

      Rubi gave LALA permission to do the video NOT DATING her EX!

      1. Princess Diva

        Tjay isnt her ex they never dated she was just giving it up to him and Rubi not LaLa mom you talking about permission lmboooo their weren't even real friends

    89. Mohamed Kanu

      Lil Wayne boo up with rubi rose

    90. Christopher Ngure


    91. Islandjewel Crystal

      Why lala telling this girl she love her in private this is bs lala is a snake

    92. Rocala Williams

      I believed lala

    93. Ieshia Martin

      I believe Lala as well. Idk if y’all remember that prank Lala pulled on Rubi when she said she was pregnant by DDG, when I watched that video I could tell there friendship was hella off. Never seemed genuine, and Rubi just isn’t very trust worthy, she says one thing and do another.

    94. Fabul0us Bri

      What’s wrong with y’all is y’all believe any and everything y’all don’t know what happened between them to call lala or rubi a snake

    95. JalenFrmGso

      If fredo REALLY stands on his word and they do end up fighting he’s gonna get destroyed. Instant million views in the first hours of the video being released

    96. I'm high bihhh

      Ddg fucked rubi, adri Nicole, Kennedy cymone, ash and y’all on here talking about he taking Ls

    97. Renay Phillips

      Lala always want a private life why? Because she's a sneaky 🐍 never want people in her business so people wouldn't know what she get into. Idc what happened to me in my gf.if she say something about me cheating on my dude while we beefing that's petty

    98. Aaron Asare

      Lala not a snake rubi fake from the jump crazy 💀😂

    99. plasma kool

      In all this Ddg gets the biggest fat L... Cos your so called girlfriend is fighting with her bestee who happens to be your "friend" over her ex she cheated on you with😂

      1. HakeemAQ

        Its not really an L tho. He still pulled him a baddie and beat... several times. And he successful. Even if shorty dip on him. He can always bounce back with a new chick who look the same or better. With a better personality. So it aint really a L when you think about it. Women will be women. Thats the game 🤷🏽‍♂️. He just gotta be more player is all

      2. Cam Foxx

        @marty chambers Oh well.

      3. marty chambers

        Ddg gonna snap out it soon and rubi his booty call not girlfriend

    100. Broodie 2k

      LALA & RUBI for the Street