Kiara Shanay

38 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:22 - Clarence Speaks On The Expose Book
    4:41 - Deshae Frost Says Jordyn Moved Out
    6:22 - DDG In His Simp Bag

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Am ar

      Dang we gon act like Kiara say she ain’t know who KEM is ?😵

    2. J. Spadez

      KEM you don't know about KEM go listen to Never Too Busy

    3. Kim drama

      But he was lying so

    4. Toni Quinones

      That pic @ 9:01 looks a lil funny......it looks like a man kissing an ass or something.....lol

    5. R.3 Nola

      i’m 17 born in 03 and u mean to tell me u ain’t heard dat song before omg something ain’t right

    6. SIX

      DDG??? Who that, I thought it was Moo now

    7. Mrs Coffman

      Well who reading the audible... I believe he's special education on some levels so is queen but who am me to judge?

    8. Charlotte James

      KEM is nice you should listen to it any of his music.

    9. Hoodie Mask

      You never heard of kem... what!?

    10. Andrew Giles

      Kem is the best R&B artist of 1900s😊all his songs hit deep

    11. Tel Moore

      Ayo his laugh be taking me outttt

    12. O.T Gang

      😂😂😂 two people kissing

    13. Meri Brewer

      Kiara your black Card is revoked!! How you never heard of Kem..let alone the song😩🤣🤣

    14. Lisa Martin

      Girl you never heard that song ?😩

    15. Milan Brooks

      So yuh post that t.o and veronica drama cause 👀👀💯🗣️

    16. twin twin

      these youtubers 2 dam young 2 b wirried bout a relationship

    17. Cynthia P

      Doesn’t sound like he misses Rubi, he just doesn’t like being alone and he hasn’t learned to let the trash stay out. I will be so happy when he learns not to flaunt his money and find a girl who he meets and she likes him just for him, not because of his mansion, watches or for the car he drives

    18. Dneisha Carter

      That’s shit ain’t true! Lmao

    19. Chris Jackson

      You never heard that song that’s illegal!!!

    20. Jos Chanel

      I love kiara shanay bc she not biased she don’t trash talk nobody just saying what everyone sends her

    21. Jordan Stewart

      Wtf you mean you ain’t never heard that song ?! 🥴😐

    22. Ashley York

      DDG used to listen to Kem with his ex. Especially Love Calls

    23. Melissa & Milatto

      U must be super young if u have never heard Kem !!

      1. Kiara Shanay

        It came out in 2005. Why ya’ll acting like it’s a oldie 😭

    24. King TMH

      Whaaaat? How u ain’t never heard that song by Kem???

    25. MrMvolkin


    26. KaylienX

      No cap Ddg a fool for love like Damn..He weak asf! 😂

    27. EyeIsoComp

      Did yall know that silly to hit his girl

    28. KaylienX

      Ddg need Kennedy back so he can have peace of mind

    29. The Drip Kid

      It’s a difference between a lover boy and a simp That’s what people don’t get

    30. Sarah Archbault

      I can’t wait for him to get a real girlfriend again since Kennedy. Him n Rubi are just so toxic

    31. tektalk

      Kem from the D

    32. Bre 4L

      My kid's :What is a break up? me: when you leave somebody. Kids: or if we keep breaking up? me: DON'T BE LIKE DDG AND RUBI OK kids: ok Then leave my room

    33. OoolalaNaj

      GIRL YOU NEVER HEARD “I CANT STOP LOVING YOU”?! How old are you love?



    35. Gamein Expert

      U reaching DDG was single before that party nd homie even said y he gave her da jacket ( we all know the song was directed to the tub just like wen he tlk to his cars)

    36. Almighty

      You black and never heard “I can’t stop loving you” ... fuckin wow

    37. Dae Da Don

      So is any news plug gonna talk about how T.o a women beater

    38. Big Bossman Tv

      “Just two people kissing, nothing to see here” 😂

    39. Anise Westbrook

      🤦🏽‍♀️ LOVE AND BLESSINGS 🙏🏽GOOD TEA ♥️🥰♥️♥️

    40. Destinymaleigha

      sooo somebdy gonna tell me what the picture has since there is a emoji?

    41. Sinickas Davis

      Kem is an amazing artist

    42. Life with kye

      I wonder if Chris mama and grandma write it

    43. 0nly. Bhadbby

      Rubi overrated ASL , what do y’all see in her ?

      1. Katie Patches

        uhm the thing is WE DONT sHE for THE STREETS ddg must be getting that wap then because ew no

    44. Zariah Rose TV

      Where do we gooo , no one seems to knowee 🔥🔥🔥

    45. YoBoy SPADE

      He sped(speed) the song up but yes, that's K.E.M. That's GROWNFOLKS music right there...

    46. YoBoy SPADE

      He said she went out and blocked him a few weeks ago but females gon take up for females regardless of how it all went down....@"she probably wasn't even cheating..." 🙄🤨

    47. YoBoy SPADE

      They say he cheated before but idk how true that is. That's not in his character but anything is possible....

    48. Critics

      real question kiara shanay will talk about t.o abuse

    49. M

      ddg is acc such a simp it's disgusting

    50. Isaiah Hudson

      So you just gonna skip passed the silly T.O drama 🤦🏾‍♂️🤔???

    51. Almightytazzay

      How does Kiara not know about Kem that song right there was a classic & I really don’t understand how could you call somebody a Simp just because they listen to a love song In my eyes that is so fucking corny that’s everything I love & 90% of Mfs who call somebody a Simp are the ones that get no play at all

    52. thebadkid.Vlogger.

      It maybe truth in that book Clarence is Gemini ...... they give no f**** bout nothing. It’s some TRUTH IN THAT BOOK! Yes his reaction for me 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 He funny NOoo CAP! DDG and Rubi they just making sure they hitting these pages cause they both TOXIC. DDG just need to call Kennedy cause I ain’t nobody fucking with him like she did! 🗣

      1. chaianne jones

        Hes a Sagittarius lmfao im weeakkkkk fr

    53. DTB For lyfe

      They break up every week 😂

    54. Francois Vocage

      Ddg n rubi shit getting boring now.

    55. Jerron Chaney-bey

      U never heard of kem stop it fr

    56. Smith Family Tv

      Lol ion never comment but the real savage is DDG lil brother who finessed Rubi out some gifts and dipped😂😂

    57. Theysay AL

      I'mma keep it friendly like the Rugrats. Why Lala introduced Rubi to DDG. The b$tch is annoying, feel like I'm dating her

      1. Ashley York

        LaLa didn't introduce them

    58. Paul Northover

      Ddg need to move on... all these beautiful woman out here and he wasting his time on repeats? Dang if aint work now shit ain't meant to work.. what he's aiming for 45th time lucky?

    59. Savage King

      You don't know real R&B then🤦🏾‍♀️

    60. Crxzyz

      Ddg be eating thar from the back 🤣🤣🤣

    61. Joyce 98

      lol my mom used to only play kem, Eric benét and Bryan McKnight

    62. Phil Rockwell

      Yo Kem got some heat check him out on I heart radio. They'll play old and new bangers.

    63. Lorraine Hanks

      Kiara? How you don’t know KEM? You need to become one of your key-tectives......

    64. Phil Rockwell

      Yo Im always singing the intro. And saying the Kiara Shanay is here part.😏

    65. Oshun Love

      Watchu mean u don't know that song Kiara

    66. Major

      Bro it’s Instagram they had a thing years ago..

    67. AndersonWave_1K

      Damn Kem got them bangers go listen frfr

    68. Iso ‘

      im surprised you ain talk about t.o

    69. Shonya Kalvin

      I love you Kiara DDG is funny theres a million girls in the world he got a type won’t let go smh didn’t he break up wit her I’m confused .? Wasn’t it domestic violence I love kem beautiful in person

    70. hey thanks

      Shut is old

    71. Bhaaddbri

      Ddg and rubi need just leave each other tf alone at this piont

    72. Dashaun Caffee

      You never heard that song🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    73. Full8 Seconds

      Theres a thin line between a simp and a playa.

    74. Splash Squad

      Well the book is called, “Queen of lies” but then again Queen did just come out with that song

    75. Shirley Simmons

      Yeah, but who is he talking about, which one.

    76. Keon Jackson

      7:54 it’s different cuz if ddg gave emaza his jacket he being a gentlemen but if there’s no way a girl is going to give a dude her jacket cuz he cold

    77. YGG Ghost

      Kiara Gang 💯🖤

    78. Glock Zay

      Y’all can y’all plz go to SCG1K on yt and run them numbers up on my new song

    79. Tiera Reneè

      I cannot believe you haven’t heard of that “Can’t stop loving you” song. 😩😂 That’s a oldie classic & I’m not even old!

    80. Street Vise

      Our families are being killed out here pls retweeet #endsars let UN intervene pls

    81. Demorio Hull

      I'm tired of hearing about DDG I honestly don't give af. But u right I just skip they shit and listen to all the other

    82. Demorio Hull

      I ain't no simp I'm a savage

    83. Swurv Laflare

      How you never heard KEM?

    84. Life with Aaryn

      Anybody that’s reading this y’all need to go to bed we got school tomorrow

    85. Jay EM Holla

      Kem is a legend

    86. MackTheFifth

      Bruh at this point DDG needs to stay single for a little bit longer then just needs to find the right girl. Because from what we’ve seen and heard, obviously him and Rubi aren’t working AT ALL

    87. Laquisha young

      Honestly, I’m rooting for ddg and Rubi, they have too much in common tbh, they really could blossom if it wasn’t for the constant issues they face

      1. keepit1000

        @Angie UsseryDdg never said "this my girlfriend" they where fuck buddies....🙈

      2. Angie Ussery

        keepit1000 umm then why did he cuff her this don’t make sense

      3. Craig Thomas

        When a person in a relationship has severe insecurities like Rubi does those relationships almost never work because there is never enough you can say or do to satisfy or prove to that insecure person that you're not cheating, and the person constantly being accused of cheating will never be happy. I think thats the kind of relationship DDG and Rubi are/were in

      4. keepit1000

        Ddg would never cuff that she for everyone and everybody knows it....

      5. Alpha Wolf

        That might be the issue

    88. Lulu Nzama

      I hope Ddg stop simping for Rubi after wat she said on ig story abt you lose respect if u beg for bare minimum things like love,attention etc she was showing that she doesnt think twice abt disrespecting and exposing him

      1. Lulu Nzama

        @Smh i didnt dispute that i know he likes making himself look like a fool and i guess he got his match in Rubi shes making him look like a fool

      2. Smh

        At the end of the day ddg still gonna love rubi no matter what there ain’t no stopping that. Anytime ddg gets in a relationship he’s fully committed and attached to the person. It’s just how he is, so let him be with rubi if that’s what makes him happy

    89. Desire Shields

      You haven’t heard of I can’t stop loving you ?? Girl where you’ve been

    90. Laquisha young

      He’s always quick to get a relationship like deshae can’t be single. I think that is because most of his content on KGup stems from him being in a relationship 💀

      1. Smh

        Deshae’s videos got boring, I don’t even watch him anymore I use to watch him when him & ddg would use to come at each other and he would say to ddg “you beard don’t even connect” . Now deshae is just boring, the man is so focused on his love life clearly.

    91. Laquisha young

      They were better off bestfriends 😂

    92. MackTheFifth

      Bruh if Clearance Ex didn’t write the book then idk why this is still even an argument. It’s clearly fake if she didn’t write it. So idk why that Alex girl keeps continuing to make 7 videos a day about Clearance

    93. Briana Franklin

      Girl how old are you and you don’t know that song?

    94. richboyboc

      lol doesn't look like two people kissing to me. more like ass kissing

    95. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Kiara shanay : In today's video , we have alot to talk about 💁🏽‍♀️ Me : Oh yes I know . Let's talk 🍵😂

    96. Melanin Queen

      ddg and rubi just need a relationship do over button😭 that kem song is my song lol I love his music🔥

      1. 0nly. Bhadbby

        No they need to leave each other alone

      2. Laquisha young

        I agree

    97. Lola A

      Wow..the Kem album he played was popular in the black community for tha older folks but it’s definitely GREAT #%# music

    98. Darrin Benson

      Kiara are you black lol? Kem's song is classic!


      hi Kiara am late again am sorry. Have a goodnight.

    100. PJ Clemons

      Never heard of Kem Wtf