Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Davine Jay & Bri Heated Argument
    6:14 - Jazz Claps Back @ Tae
    8:05 - Congrats To Flight On His Baby Girl

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      🟢 Hulk SMASH the like button 🟢

      1. 4 Nem

        got u gang ❤️

      2. 4 Nem


    2. Sho Nuff

      Davine a clown 🤡

    3. Sho Nuff

      Jazz is king Von

    4. AyeeLloyd Tv

      I ain’t gon lie Armon an trey an jaz that group alone was different “she for everybody” then you just add queen being goofy makes it more funny

    5. ofb.shaq_1

      Jay & Bri toxic as shiiitttt💀

    6. Shanta Spencer

      He a crybaby

    7. Dess

      I wish bri would leave him & stay gone .. he so disrespectful 🥴

    8. certified tristy _IMVU

      I told yall jaz and tae broke up bcz tae started getting back straight

    9. Shanobia Tappin

      Lmao u can see the fight was fake.

    10. Rhoda Parks

      they argued at the same house! WOW

    11. Random Empire

      Davine looks so different, he doesn't look as good as he use to, he done expired!!! The dreads makes him look dirty-ish.

      1. Myria Myria

        LMFAOOOOOO ong!!!!

    12. Tyrone Rogers

      Davine Jay is probably the most sensitive dude on KGup!

      1. Myria Myria


    13. FredaWax

      Devine is just dumb

    14. CatchThisLive

      Davine is annoying but Bri gotta stop playing victim, every time they arguing she always go live. The internet don’t need to be in every little argument y’all have smh anyways great video Kiara

    15. CatchThisLive

      Not the baby be bumping her head 🤣 bye davineeeee

    16. Slime Sayslat

      Davine duin too much that’s all ima say

    17. Snatchoff Faceshot

      We don’t care about yo baby 😂😂

    18. Flexunivers3

      Kiara back again with the best tea🔥🔥🔥🔥

    19. Mia Smith


    20. Mia Smith


    21. Mia Smith


    22. Mia Smith


    23. Mia Smith


    24. Kirsten White

      Lmaoo they in the same house arguing on live.

      1. Mimi Keandra

        🤣🤣🤣🤣 thought this same thing

    25. Jarod Wilson

      I know y'all was talking about lala and lil tjay, but lala finally hooked up with girl that she's crazy about, lala been liking all her pictures and saying god you're fine, and heart eyes, and girl just ignore her for months, but in the last few weeks she was coming back at lala saying, why don't you come over here and bless me, people was hating on her, because they thought she was a dude, saying, you ain't about to hit that nigga, so go some where, and I would tell them, that's a girl you're talking to, and she is gonna hit that, well they were partying last night together, hugging and stuff, and they took a bathroom pictures together and lala is pointing at her and licking her hand, basically saying what she was going to do, I think lala was trying to make tjay jealous, she has a picture of the girl on her ig story talking about how fine she is.

    26. Kevin Polite

      Happy 4 flight

    27. Daneille Grooms

      Love her videos.

    28. Daneille Grooms

      Love her videos.

    29. dulisaglenn

      Why do she have to be a lil bitch tho

    30. I S S A C

      I thought Flight was going to name his daughter JUNE WHITE

    31. Ashton

      I think Jazz was talking mess whenever they were still friends...

    32. shining lion

      Aye shorty moved fast like I wasnt shit i would be saying ew to fuk it. Probably sum behind close doors that made jazz distance herself from tae honestly

      1. shining lion

        @Laray Hutton if her and jazz been broke they would post happy ani they obv were still talking

      2. Laray Hutton

        Her and jazz been broke up. She wanted jazz but jazz on some other so she moved on. Now jazz being petty

    33. Wanda Austin

      Kiara that song is fye girl

    34. Justin Walker

      He speaking facts

    35. Maude Jewel Smith

      Bri need to leave his ass alone. I don’t even really know them but just based on this and the last situation they had, it seems like he immature af and like to keep drama going. He always accusing her of shit and coming up with his own delusions in his head and then hop on live and let his fetus fans gas him. Manipulative at its finest

      1. Jahh

        she burnt em

    36. OT TV

      Bri should have just went wit ma nigga charc 🤣🤣

    37. Aquil Stephens

      i know divine was frustrated with the girl and her child staying at there house i understand but he could of kept it offline congrats to flight on his child and shout out to rob kiara shanty and the whole premiere gang make sure yall hulk smah that like button

    38. MackGee ATL

      Wait wait wait wait wait go back up and smash the like button!!

    39. Amanda T

      Davine act like Bri didn’t have a platform BEFORE him. Ever since she got with him her content and career had been down hill. He’s extremely immature.

    40. Hoopdreamre1

      Didn’t win the premier so gotta get the top comment 😂😂

      1. Candy Heartz

        So far so good

    41. GildedWarrior331

      🤣 daddy Jay done wit it all .Shorty brought a 1-way ticket flight lol

    42. KID KING

      Kiara shanay is the most entertaining youtuber who agrees?

    43. aARON lgbtq Mouth aka Mouttx

      Smash that like button👍💯

    44. The Drip Kid

      Congrats to flight

    45. xQueenVx 49


    46. Kara

      Earlyyyy ❤️❤️

    47. Cxmp-Fuad


    48. Cake pop Tink


    49. Designer the Don

      Surprised you didn’t talk about ddg mukbang video with his cousin nique from yesterday , sound like he still in love with Rubi and they seem like they probably still talk somewhat even after that video he put out last week. Not surprised at all that that’s the case

      1. felipe godinez

        Old Black King nigga that’s rubi tha shi dead lol they would’ve been gotten together already

      2. Old Black King

        @felipe godinez Most of DDG tweets and Rubi tweets have been about each other.

      3. felipe godinez

        nate higga wym ddg has not been tweeting about no damn rubi that’s her he’s been giving inspirational quotes lately

      4. nate higga

        Ddg is a simp what do you expect and we all seen them subtweeting each other on Twitter trying to get each other's attention the two simp problems together right now😂😂😂

      5. Designer the Don

        @Laay 2Federaal sure🤨, that’s all that was huh lol. You got to read between the lines and tweets the last few days, but whatever. They’ve been subtweeting each other too the last few days especially Rubi

    50. marina sewlal


    51. Jakari Johnson

      FIRST !!!!!!