Kiara Shanay

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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go” kgup.info/get/Xn55mK3YgGiZpGo/video
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Rob Allen "Where Do We Go" Fiyahhhh Song
    0:52 - Jasmine Speaks Out
    8:15 - DDG Trolls SO On The Gram
    12:22 - Savannah Is In LA Alert Alert

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      My intro/outro song 🔥: kgup.info/get/Xn55mK3YgGiZpGo/video

      1. Imdrex6 03

        David Deangelo - The Mystery Method she is from the US her family lives in LA

      2. D4DDY- The Nuance of Grooming

        Sooo... What the hell is Savannah doing in LA for? Her FIRST TIME in LA was with DDG. She's not visiting her family, cause she hit Texas first.

      3. Imdrex6 03

        DDG can’t clown solluminate he trolling him self ddg a 🤡

    2. B4L Lee


    3. Tony 45

      DDG !!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    4. Tony 45


    5. Kyle Peoples

      I just really wish rob would stop making music.... or she’ll just stop plugging him

      1. Kyle Peoples

        Kiara Shanay 😂 sorry I’m always hating on yo husband 🤦🏽‍♂️ I just get tired of hearing that nigga.

      2. Kiara Shanay

        That’ll never happen 🙃

    6. Bag Chaser !!

      Nigga what DDG The Goat 🐐

    7. Rybizzz Reacts

      Gazer gazer

    8. Playboy Drippa

      Gazer Gazer In the building, and u still saying that shii wrong

    9. Gami92


    10. That.boii_krisco


    11. Blue Dexx

      You solluminati fans are weird asf, calling people bots and doing way to much bruh, it’s not that deep at all like chill, all your favorite youtubers and rappers are “Spiritually broken” not just DDG...tf😂

    12. 💸💫CvBando💫💸

      What is a gazer?? It’s gazer


      Follow me on Instagram (Zee bxcks)

    14. FreshVenessa

      He is a narcissist. There is no healthy co parenting with a narcissist

    15. Bref Put

      Ddg sqaud❤️💯

    16. JAYinHD

      When you leave your kids mom, you don’t have a right to pop up super late night just because it’s your kid. He don’t have respect at all!!! That’s the decision you chose. I’m not saying you gotta stay with her to see your kid when you want but you also don’t run or own her mom either. He’s a child no matter how old he gets. His little childish fans don’t know anything they’re just a bunch of losers. Like how do you have a channel with millions of losers 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ thats happy about being lames 😂😂😂

    17. Solomon Crigler

      I fuck with both but Gazer Gazer come on now

    18. Nathan Watkins

      Gazer Gazer for life💯💯

    19. Anthony Ross



      He say GAY-zer GAY-zer

    21. kenya73

      Ddg just put your relationship off the internet and then see how it works because these so call fans wants you to be with who they want and that's not going to make you happy so be with rubie off internet and let these people hate like are they trying to put ddg in a box where they control smh

    22. ToCxmp Sxar

      Gazer gazer

    23. Lulu Nzama

      Ddg is back to liking Rubi videos on ig this guy thou is a joke🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Elijah Scott

      i been unsubscribed, unfollowed fredo on social media because i seen the type of person he was becoming. he let all this shit get to his head. he not the same fredo

    25. Ajani tv

      Ddg squad

    26. DEJUAN FF

      ddg hate u now girl plus u married n up in everybody business shaking my head

    27. The Drip Kid

      It’s gazer not gazzer

    28. Giovanni Clarke

      You know LilBoyFredo has a problem when he can't with foresight see that all this nastiness is going to affect him in the long run when his child sees how disgusting he is.

    29. Giovanni Clarke

      Him being a single man doesn't mean his daughter should come second to a trip to Cabo... I guess because I'm a real father I understand that your children are always the first priority.

    30. Nick At Nite Gaming

      When is it normal for a nigga to day he on time . ?



    32. Gmfb_solo

      Spiritual so fuck ddg

    33. Alvah

      Gazer gazer

    34. Lights


    35. Jasmine Mccone


    36. Phantom Kingdom

      It don’t matter DDG broke spiritually😭😭

    37. Abzinoo SA

      Nah sollumunati fans need to chill talking about bots this that 🤣🤣

    38. NS


    39. Anise Westbrook


    40. miltonGTD

      I’m it both

    41. Everything Erika

      This KGup money done got to these people head it’s tooooo much 🤦🏽‍♀️

    42. Alberto Mejia

      DDG squad tf nigga SO a whole clown really be making me laugh😂😂

    43. Juxt Ibrahim


    44. ForgiveKonvix


    45. TheBoyWhoLived473 Z30

      Gaizer Gaizer !!

    46. just marc

      He be pulling i have a daughter card but be disrespecting tf out off women like whatt!??

    47. YoungSerg

      Gazer gazer

    48. HerrozGolden

      Trolling is the only weapon you got when you know you lost. Simple. PLUUSS, ddg was here in the start of the years making a video talking bout Fredo, solluminati,Chris sail,... its a new year I don’t got beef whit nobody anymore bla-bla-bla. 6 months after is here saying "oh if I got a beef whit you we got got a beef forever" like this nigga really weird, his time as come.

    49. BriaGabe Vlogs

      && when he doesn’t have a way to reach her he better not say anything, cus he the one who sent everybody to her phone.


      gazer gazer

    51. Charles davis

      Fredo just a lame ima always rock wit ddg and so they beef just funny tbh it’s not even that deep

    52. Baba Zuleh

      How can A black male hate on another black male for grinding everyday for 5 years to get to where he is now. Solluminati started the beef with DDG because he was salty he couldn’t get Kennedy Cymone

      1. BigHomie Quan


    53. Maria Menefee

      DDG got with a Hollywood energy sucking jezebel. Stole his energy. Notice how rubi be doing songs w/ mainstream

      1. Maria Menefee

        Clearly her label take her serious. Plus she can promote the agenda.

    54. Chris Brown

      Gazer Gazer

    55. DJ’S Gaming Room

      That intro music ain’t it

    56. Ida Gigo

      DDG squard😘

    57. M

      Fredo a whole clown, and his fans r dumb too

    58. jalyn watkinss

      Gazer gazer

    59. ReiWYD

      Actually soluminatti does say gazer as in like sun gazer

    60. Gin

      Fredo is just childish he knew the schedule they had and he choose not to follow it

    61. Random Empire

      So didn't say nothing wrong.

    62. Random Empire

      I fear for Fredo's karma. He won't be able to handle it so well.

    63. Random Empire

      Fredo got caught up in the money and fame so much he stopped valuing a wonderful woman who doesn't deserve this. Now they have a beautiful daughter and he still doesn't respect her at all. So sad. God can take away what he gave you if you are not careful.

    64. Darren G. David

      Nine, eight overall😂😂😂😂😂 @kiara shanay it’s ninety eight overall😂😂😂

      1. Kiara Shanay


    65. Naruto Uzumaki

      So: You only care about materialistic and envy of my fans DDG: Look at my Lambo tho

    66. Yung JD

      He shouldn’t be mad at that tho Dj ak got him the grills he always wherein in the videos

    67. Grameo Larry

      How are you doing Kiara? How are you feeling? I love your intro!! I have subscribed to your second channel too!! Please stay safe!!

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I’m great! Thanks 😁 I hope you’re well ✊🏾

    68. ShwavyGod Glizzy


    69. MarvStylin

      Kiara ash is not why ddg and so started beefing so had said sum about ddg on his twitch and ddg got mad and starting posting about so on his Instagram story

    70. Garage band Beast

      11:59 tf was that

    71. PelleRelly


    72. Zynair Watson

      Why I said abababababa when she said it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💚💚💚💚

    73. Tony 45

      DDG !!!!!!!!!!!!

    74. LingLing Wooh

      Why would she let her daughter around somebody that’s no giving a fuck about Covid tuh

    75. Bodmon St

      Im done 😂, ddg legit quit youtube and somehow she still find a way to post smth about him everyday

    76. Rated-R Ski

      Ddg squad

    77. Terell Jones

      Ddg Squad🤟🏾🤟🏾

    78. Cyrunix

      Who remember "DJ Akademiks gon report sumthin" Long over due Ak DDG been putting out good music.

    79. MONK EY

      GAZER GAZER:::::GAZER GAZER:::::::

    80. Devour Corona

      gazer gazer

    81. Vonte

      I’m a fan of both an I’m not picking

    82. Rachel Birdsong

      Intro song lit 🔥

    83. kamren dean

      I hope jasmine sue the fuck outta him and throw him on child support..Fredo acting childish ash

    84. King Camp

      Fredo a whole kid I’m tired of seeing this guy.

    85. Zyasia Covington

      ddg squad

    86. Elias Sancho

      DDG fell off soo bad and in debt... he defrauding his fans in a Pornsite.

      1. PoloWrld

        Charles Nchargee I’m not broke, but idk anyone’s else’s situation...

      2. Charles Nchargee

        @your mom gey nigga thats not the point i love my brother's and they black men foh you tryna prove a point but its pointless plus idk ddg personally but on the internet i see what i see he stupid asf and if he's the symbol for black men im good ill stick to being human

      3. your mom gey

        @Charles Nchargee imagine being a black man hating on another black man

      4. Charles Nchargee

        That's all u ddg fans talk about but y'all broke as well who dick ride his success why dont y'all get yall own money fucking simps this generation bunch a fuck boys and pussy

      5. PoloWrld

        I’m sorry not to hate but if he was in debt he wouldn’t have bought a house or a rolls Royce and he wouldn’t be taking this break from KGup...

    87. Cordero Shelton

      The song is trash ... tell rob keep workin but that’s not it

    88. Syn Bot

      Somethings wrong with Alfredo and if anyone fucking defends that piece of shit just piss off.

    89. levan tillett


    90. Iftikhaar 19

      Ddg squad💯

    91. Shonya Kalvin


    92. PJonly

      Y’all know Fredi is Off right?….like “Off” mentallr, emotionally, not too a OD degree…but youknow he one of those like Ron Artest (just not on some Goon shit like Ron Artest or Kenyon Martin. But he off…maybe cause of being a foster kid, behaviour problems etc. Just look at one of the vids where he hit 1mil on YT……WHO TF REACTS LIKE HOW HE DID???….The Way Her Was Crying An Yelling i KNEW HE WAS OFF

    93. Kittyycat 31

      Yeah I don’t think vannah seeing ddg either

    94. john yancey

      The baby was like bye bye 👶🏾

    95. Quis is toxic

      Gazer gazer

    96. True-Lilies Music

      Love your channel you even inspired me to become a KGupr. Keep it up!👍🏾

    97. Isayah Alexander

      Nigga So in his head rent free

    98. Dorian _hunt2007

      Solluminati moonwalking😂 Noti gang

    99. Duce_ 215

      Gazer gazer

    100. __brianturnerbodybuilding Turner

      Fredo needs to grow up This demon time crap is stupid You're a father