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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Joel TV Cheated On Lauren
    3:52 - Queen Hired A PI
    8:10 - Abby Nicole VS Kay
    10:28 - DDG Caught In 4K

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      DDG Squad was in the premiere deep tonight 😂 Comment below if you was in there 💬


        You know damn well LordBadFits is Chris 😂😂😂 come on mane

      2. Armone wesley

        Lord bad fits is chris sails that's what clarence's calls him

      3. Joshua Leander

        Joel past the girls to his friends

      4. LEA 001

        Ending song is fire

      5. {neah}

        @Richelle Weldon I wish it be the other way around .🙋🏾‍♀️

    2. rebecca owen

      My name is walker Donald from America I’m using this medium to testify to the genuine work of hotcyberlord425@gmail.com this team are professional when it comes to hacking although I never believe it could be possible for me to access into someone device without touching it but after contacting their team they made it possible

    3. Megan Ryan

      Diamond Nicole was not there where do u see diamond at??? It’s clear as day that DIAMOND cousins were there not DIAMOND


      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣DDG gets caught everyday

    5. MSS Drippo

      I’m Not Even Gon Hold Yu , Sounds Like Yu Just Tryna Start Ode Drama .

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Drama is already started 😂

    6. Dequetta LaShae

      How would Clarence know with the court? Was he even allowed in there or the room while the video chat was going ?

    7. marcus manigault

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    8. BriaGabe Vlogs

      Zoe is dumb. Sis as soon as you threaten someone’s kids, all bets are off 🤷🏾‍♀️.

    9. LvuTay

      look at payday t.o and dub partying with kay and them lmaoo

    10. LvuTay

      dog in atl rn as we speak he posted last night on his snapchat story him driving and in atl you know what he doin lmao. in rubi new condo LMAO

    11. Cheri Blake

      Talk louder........❤

    12. Hansly Vieux

      Joel just drop the video but the gold digger was with his homie Dpaul

    13. KAnn De

      At this point I’m not sorry for Lauren

    14. Derrick Alix Jr

      Lord BAD FITS is Chris nickname

    15. Princehuncho94 M

      Lords bad fits😂😂😂😂

    16. Baldah Raster

      I came to see Kennedy you just wasted my Time smh

    17. No KAP Tv

      Joel be doing those gold digger pranks but they all be fake. The girls alway be parked right next to him... 😂😂 he do those pranks to bag females

    18. ITS KAVUTI

      Bruh we are tired with the dk4l news

    19. Okie TheGoat

      Im a small youtuber going through a breakup and trying to grow my channel please help me grow! kgup.info/get/pZ-AoXfTfq9qhKk/video

    20. Charles davis

      Ddg in a different league‼️ boi in the nba😭

    21. Symone Sweet

      Lol lord “bad fits” meaning Clarence is talking about Chris wardrobe🤦🏽‍♀️

    22. Keith Carter

      U messy like this is really your career sad

    23. sugagal1987

      Isn't Zoe from the show Gossip Girl. On the show Gossip Girl sends out mass text messages to the whole school exposing all the popular rich kids secrets but no one ever figures out who she is but everyone thought it was Zoe.

    24. YkdatsAj !

      He look like he hit her

    25. Katelyn Yates

      Lord bad fits is Chris that’s what he calls him cause he can’t dress

    26. Marie Carrillo

      Jajajaja he said " Lord bad fit" he's trolling Chris for his outfits

    27. Golden Meatzs

      She's a mother n they married. You expect her to leave him....

    28. Emily Francois

      Lord bad fits is what he calls Chris lol

    29. Nikki Nicole

      It might be Chris behind that page 😭😭😭😭

    30. Heather A

      He calls Chris Lord bad fits

    31. Shawntae Lanase

      Zoe been said Modd is the source they all lying and covering shit up so the truth don’t come out

    32. Splash Nation

      I hope you get far with this KGup‼️ you the only tea page I watch

    33. Nikki Nicole

      Wtf wrong with these youtubers

    34. Empress Mardi TV

      Abby can’t get mad at Kay for simply being at the same function as Diamond when Abby herself was at a function with Diamond. Also I’m sure Abby was kicking it with Charc and them before they even apologized to Kay (I ain’t never seen a public apology) the man dead called her a gorilla on social media and has yet to apologize on social media.

    35. Warren Jones

      Good video speak in to the mic

    36. Nicole Zion

      innnnnnnn todayyyeeeeess videoooooo.....yasssss susss we here

    37. Cassie Sandra

      These KGup couples create drama for clout and views. I dont buy into it anymore. I learnt from Carmen and Corey. If indeed they are having serious issues, they'd deal with that personally before plastering it on social media for sympathy clout and public opinion.

    38. Your relative Jerry

      Lord bad fits is Chris 😂😂😂

    39. Xiou Zain

      Nah if you use a VPN you cannot be tracked

    40. corey gaming

      Jole tv been doing those videos no cap

    41. Aaron YT

      What’s happening with Clarence and Queen? Someone summarise it

    42. Milo Curry

      Right 💯

    43. Iftikhaar 19

      Why tf is her name zoe 1on1 when she’s hiding behind a keyboard lmao😂

    44. Sabréa Jackson

      Abby can’t keep a friend to save her liiiife 🙄

    45. Faith Carruthers

      This point im really starting to think Abby is the problem

    46. James N Precious

      Joel has both them girls in the same hotel room lmfao. Lauren should’ve been done w him YEARS AGO 😭☠️

    47. Honey Bee

      0:59 wait is that Vicky tho?

    48. Faith Carruthers

      When he’s saying lord bad fit he’s talking about Chris lol... he was always talking about him wearing the same pants

    49. llII

      I think ddg tweeted something and rubi mad beause of this video it's not even true its show its music video

    50. brandon lewis

      These KGup dudes got it all mess up why get married or get in a relationship or have kids if your gonna be cheating , just be like Miami the kid and go crazy with any female you want to because you clouted up already and live life king

      1. Sym Taylor

        What he said? Don't got Twitter?

    51. Theysay AL

      Can't cheat in peace 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Kia’s Life

        Ok nigga we heard you last video

    52. Bebu Sander

      Abbie Nicole falls out with everybody. She's the problem.

      1. Xiou Zain

        @Sonderson girl you never lied diamond and Abby both ain’t shit

      2. Sonderson

        I genuinely dislike, but the situation with her and Diamond was all Diamond ... they both don’t know how to keep friends

    53. Joyce 98

      Abby’s age definitely shows in her drama issues. Why u got a best friend and the minute there’s a little issue u go straight to social media and go straight to trying to “expose” ppl. That’s why her channel can’t grow she’s not ready for all that attention

    54. KC REACTS

      Damn he gave her all them kids just to do this . I’m flabbergasted

    55. Marcus Paul

      Dpaul stupid 😂😂

    56. Jekeira Jackson

      Woulda BEEN left him . Sister said he was hitting her & the kids . Can’t be a weak minded female when you have kids 🤦🏼‍♀️

      1. swissArmyGaming

        2 people who actually have sense 🔥

      2. Divine

        Idc how people dog queen this is why I respect her. Then her rise is why I aspire to her

    57. Splash Squad

      My whole thing is why are you trying to sue someone for something they say if it’s not true. Why does it even bother you?? Serious question

    58. Kris

      why are some females so petty 🤣🤣. just cuz she went to a party where somebody she doesn’t like is there. you can’t control who somebody hangs out with best friend or not. y’all be too entitled

    59. Agb Duhhh

      I forgot about Joel and Lauren 🤣

    60. Jakki Townsell

      Yes Lord Bad Fits is Chris Clarence is making a play off Chris not being able to dress well and not having good fashion sense and his bad outfits so he calls him Lord Bad Fits

      1. Dequetta LaShae

        Lord he definitely can’t Talk always putting booty shorts with all his fits 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    61. Emmanuel Chenny

      Why y’all saying he caught as if he committed a crime or something🤔🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣...he just was just cooling at a kickback.

    62. BJ Turner

      Lord bad fits is chris nick name from Clarence I know you’re old so let me break it down fits is short for outfits which is a way to say how you put your clothes together. Chris has terrible outfits or “fits” so they call him lord bad fits

    63. marc larrieux

      Ddg did all that for nothing he could have just ignored them

    64. Matthew Richardson

      Fredo got more clout tho

      1. Loco

        He don’t tbh

    65. Zolksify

      “Who’s been a TRUE fan of “Kiara Shanay” for OVER a year”😇” “𝗶ᴍ ɢɪғT̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ✪ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ" 😄🌹

    66. 160 King

      Dese negga Joel needzzz to go bacc to wakannndaa

    67. Sharron Davis

      Don't sit where your best friend can't sit and if you have a seat, make sure it won't cost you your friendship. If it will, be willing to pay the price. But sis don't gotta leave town, if it hurts, cry it out, cut her off and ride solo. Be careful about who you let in in the future.

    68. Korey London

      Ddg wasn’t even doing nun wrong he is single

      1. Designer the Don

        It was a music video, wasn’t even really a function

    69. Kha1

      Ken cheated and the whole world falling apart one by one🤦🏾

    70. Bland B

      Lmaoo lordbadfits is CHRIS!🤣🤣

    71. Smh

      I do agree with the whenever ddg and rubi are separated they start to fall out/going down hill. And I do feel like it has something to do with trust issues and closure. They both like to be attached to each other which is why it’s hard for them when they get separated.

    72. K love

      It's sad that ddg always says he single but never tells us why and never tells when he goes back

      1. K love

        @malachi p yea he doesn't but doesn't have to tell he's single every time because he knows he won't be for long

      2. malachi p

        He don’t got to tell y’all everything bout his personal life

    73. Darren Bob

      What is the song in the intro?

      1. Eating with na


      2. Kiara Shanay

        kgup.info/get/Xn55mK3YgGiZpGo/video 🎶

    74. edbandzz 4

      wtf is 4k

    75. Otismckenzie36

      My son ddg does make more money than him

    76. Nancy Perez

      me being nosey like 👁👄 👁

    77. JAY

      Black men don’t cheat, stop the cap Kiara 😂 we know better

    78. I King

      9:41 11:44 They obviously filming a music video DDG did nothing wrong. 11:44 you know its a music video if you see T.O dancing like that

    79. {neah}

      I forgot all about the boxing 🥊 match 😂😂😂 until now.

    80. Iman ZaireTV

      JoelTV got a onlyfans cause he doing what DDG doing & giving a course on how to make money on KGup & etc. 🙄

      1. MSS Drippo

        Dats What I’m Sayin , Son Just Tryna Make Entertainment Fa All Da People Who Be On KGup & When Yu Really Think Abt It , Joel ALWAYS Swings Dem Gold Diggers To His Mans So How Do It Make Sense Dat He Being Sus Being Wit Other Women ?

    81. james aaron

      Oh Joel come on man

    82. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      She should be able to go to ATL and things still be coo. Give it up already. It ain’t meant to be. I like Rubi but she throws me off when she says “I’m promiscuous” 🤔 I can’t imagine a nigga would trust me either lol I kept thinking and hoping she meant If one f’s up she on to the next (that ain’t much better) but I’m not too sure at this point..

    83. 3428 HAVANA


      1. Mariah Owings

        🤣 LMAO

    84. jr

      I saw the title "ddg got caught in 4k" I said dayummmm he got in 4k😭😭😭😭

    85. It’s Lex

      That fact that Abby went on social media about it 🥴🥴 she ain’t a good friend at all.

    86. Wolf 7th

      The Joel & Lauren situation is just a prank. Joel even said so on his IG Story.

      1. Wolf 7th

        @Dequetta LaShae It really was a prank though, he posted it on his channel.

      2. Dequetta LaShae

        Every time he cheat he say it’s a prank 🤦🏾‍♀️nothing new

      3. Wolf 7th

        @Kiara Shanay Earlier on his IG Story, he said he's gonna make a video explaining everything, but it was all just a prank.

      4. CTM Plug

        @Kiara Shanay here’s the link : kgup.info/get/po6HopzDiYedeIc/video

      5. CTM Plug

        @Kiara Shanay I think that’s just a coverup to make them look better because Joel cheated on Lauren plenty times before , he even abused Lauren & her sister , Lauren was too scared to say anything about the abuse situation but her sister made a video about it with proof and etc .

    87. Aaliyah Williams

      What do 4K mean ??

    88. Only1Doobie

      Lord farquaad is where it came from

    89. Abdullai b

      What a great channel 🔥

    90. Sheila Tabengwa

      Its still someone named Abby? Woww

      1. Duval BT

        Forgot all about her 💀

    91. kentrell roosevelt


    92. Sheila Tabengwa

      Find me believing anything about ddg and rubi breaking up. Ion believe it. If he made a video and got back with her a few weeks later why in the world would i believe what he said on live💀💀

      1. Designer the Don

        Ddg said Yes I am, every other day while laughing lol, he know how they be 😂😂😂

    93. A Fakts

      Lordbadfits is Chris Sails

    94. anthony lynch

      Me: Stop talking about DDG all the time... Also Me: Let me skip to the DDG part real quick 😭🤣

      1. Kristen & Damien

        go subscribe to my boyfriend & my channel ! we’re trying to get to 100 subs ! share our videos w everyone possible 💕 kgup.info/must/nwhFJVQIMXSkOmEGqRMimQ.html

      2. MoodyHD

        That’s the only good part who wanna know about Joel and Lauren 😂😂

      3. John Doe

        This me on everything 🤣🤣

      4. Kacey’s World

        Me 😂🤣😂

      5. Big Bossman Tv


    95. mrs Figueroa

      Abby Nicole was hugged up and partying like old friends with diamond at DDG house warming party. I thought they was cool?

      1. Carissa Ingram

        When was this? Like on KGup or where

      2. mrs Figueroa

        @Kiara Shanay 😂

      3. Kiara Shanay


    96. tee 79

      Lord bad fits is Chris kiara shanay that’s what clearance calls him

      1. Petite Larceny

        Clearance 😭😭😭

      2. Gabrielle Vorous

        Lol Kiara said isn’t that a character

      3. Vivid Sugar

        yea, he talkin bout the fits he be wearin lol

    97. Mr334&Beyond

      Lol kiara a my trip... she ain’t know Clarence was saying lord bad fits lololol about Chris

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Heck nah.. I googled “Lord Baffet” 😂

    98. llII

      Its was blou music video

    99. Sym Taylor

      It's seems like DDG wants Rubi to always be close to him. When he's apart from her for a couple of days they both start tweeking. To me it's mainly them not trusting one another not having the confidence in themselves to stay out of drama.

      1. Divine

        @Wolf 7th tbh no if ddg has more feminine energy and Rubi has masculine energy in the relationship but yet his masculine outside and she’s feminine inside then they are intact a good match cause they balance eachother like no one really can. They have to stop acting like roaches in sunlight or something when they’re apart tho

      2. Designer the Don

        I think they trying to keep the status of their relationship lowkey honestly , the interviewer first asked are they back together and ddg said “ that’s a great question, i like to stay lowkey, I know people see sh*t on the internet but it’s like. I don’t know how to answer that I don’t know” . It was as if he wasn’t trying to reveal anything. check out ddg shaderoom interview that’s an unlisted post right now. It was done 2 days before she went back to Atlanta last week. After being pressed abunch of times in the interview Ddg said with a long pause“ me and rubi rose are not together BUT...you know how it be. I just don’t have interest in another female and me and her are still cool so you can put 2 and 2 together you know”. He also said ,” I’ll give you this, she did come to the basketball game for me.” So him saying he was single every other day in a laughing manor probably ain’t nothing serious tbh because you know how they be kgup.info/get/hXqeZpamfaGEeIM/video

      3. AQUA Z

        @Sym Taylor but how u gon say dat u never been wit and probably won’t

      4. Wolf 7th

        @Laay 2Federaal You're hyper feminine as well. Yall are just soft.

      5. Aaliyah Williams

        @Wolf 7th nahhh it’s not like that it’s more of rubi having insecurities it’s like she can’t trust Ddg when she away and idk why but some reason....

    100. Shasa

      It literally has happened everytime Rubi went back home to ATL, i think it’s a trust issues thing & then even if they aren’t entertaining other people, they do little petty things online lol just a guess.

      1. Petty Wap

        Nahh she got a Atlanta nigga and a La nigga (Ddg) she juggling both 🤷🏾

      2. Go_Smd

        It is trust issue & she’s insecure (ddg and multiple people have claimed she is) which is understanding cause ddg is a popping, good looking, and can pull a lot of females so I understand where she comes from.