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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - DDG's KGup Break
    11:18 - J Cook Update
    14:07 - DDG's Tattoo
    15:29 - DymondsFlawless Pregnancy Rumors

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    1. Kiara Shanay

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        U need 2 hurry up N make a video about Ddg selling Zooted bcuz he quit KGup bcuz he trying 2 focus on rap so he can't do both!

      2. Malcolm Shipp

        I like that idea 💡

      3. F.B.I

        Lemme be clear

    2. QsFlow

      DDG got a baby coming that’s why he’s getting off KGup

    3. Markell Avila

      naaa bro

    4. Kary Prescod

      All his music sounds the same ,and about Kennedy, ddg is too toxic.

    5. Janelle Davis

      Honestly soon as i saw that baby I thought that j cook wasn't the father ... i feel bad for him I wouldn't wish that on anybody 💯

    6. kae kenja

      Only og’s know that 😭 & youtube delete my comment when I said it

    7. Shantik Miller

      Wait is that a thigh 😂 does ddg even have thighs ☠️💀😂 no no just has legs ? 😂


      That's the DDG we miss!!! Wow... he's so different. He seems sad. 😔

    9. DeBoss

      ddg don’t care about youtube as much he just uploads the bare minimum to get money

    10. All. About. Äutumñ

      Y’all can’t blame ddg for wanting to take a break from KGup. Alot of his supporters are toxic asf and fake.

    11. just Robin

      Definitely seeing the change. I thought it was because he so big now.

    12. Lorenz B

      Ddg needs to do what Nate got keys does and have a professional camera man record his everyday behind the scenes footage of his rapping career

    13. BigTankTelevision

      Ddg might be on to something...say he got a million view video and he charge $10 to unlock it on only fans that’s 10...🤯

    14. Ny'Asia Has Spoken

      @16:53 Because in one of her video she talks about how her parents took her phone away lol

    15. Anise Westbrook


    16. L8 Rapid

      Whale penis

    17. Life w/ Tati

      DDG just needs to figure out how to become mainstream. He needs that one NEW big song that will get ppl listening to him & no offense but calabasas is not it. He’s very talented and his album and EP was nice but until he seriously takes time away from KGup he will always just be known as a KGup rapper. But he won’t because that’s a major source of income.

    18. Joey_ Breezy

      Ddg youtube og he don’t need yt anymore

    19. Lj Goons

      Thing is ddg doesn’t make music that you’d bump in the car

    20. ToxicBrevGaming

      Honestly I just think he need to bring back deshae 😂

    21. iwasTamine


    22. Slice

      Lol all DDG need to do is promote and do more features look at queen plenty of plaques and considered an real artist ddg can do the same he just need to promote his music more and I can tell he feel some type of way about not making xxl but it’s not that serious bc in couple more months nobody will taking about xxl until next year

    23. iwasTamine

      that’s boring tho

    24. Sean O'Neal

      DDG can't be a successful artist and KGupr at the same time, so he's going to have to choose one. He can turn his channel into a docu-series for the making of his debut album.

    25. Jose Franco


    26. sugagal1987

      I don't think ddg is doing anything wrong he's becoming a man. Yall want him to stay the same forever like Gary Coleman and Webster never grow stay childlike and small. Its an issue almost every child star has. Ddg shouldn't take a break from youtube because same as music you better lose yourself into youtube the moment you own it. he can take that break come back and lose thousands of views because that's how fast people move on and time changes. He's leaving room for someone to step in and take his spot like What happened with Kim and nicki and then nicki and cardi. What he should have done was have a different rap name then his youtube name and make them 2 separate entities which would probably be great for when its tax time

    27. TX IC

      D’Angelo russell for the streets 😤

    28. shamar wright

      If it wasn’t for youtube he wouldn’t getting those views on his music .

    29. Abubakr Barry

      I love kiara She positive

    30. Chelle Martin

      He's a KGup rapper. I blame his fans for deluding him into thinking otherwise.

    31. Pluto Uzi

      Unsubscribe from DDG and get him to 50k

    32. joel loforte

      I feel like ddg its not being as humble as he was in 2016 and 2018,he used to party with McQueen, charcoal, flight, but now he changed and lives in the rich people zone

    33. hari king


    34. Britt Bratt

      Most of his supporters are kids how they gonna get a credit card. Plus if they ask they parents they gonna ask what they doing on only fans .

    35. swaggy vibezzz

      I Think He should Do Like Pranks And Challenges with Rubi

    36. Chevaun Cowell

      Ddg is trash

    37. Gio Gang


    38. Vendetta YT

      Everybody saying he taking a long break😒 what about if his music blows up and takes off without KGup because of the break why would he come back...if he comes back people not gonna take him serious like they not right now😑💯💯💯

    39. clint12366

      DDG better play this shit smart, cause he could lose his fan base trying to force his way into something that could just be a hobby, why not continue to exploit the music by focusing on youtube, that's the reason he's big anyway.. why is there the need to be recognized as an "artist," most of them fall off after a year anyway.. and I'm saying this as ddg squad back before he even moved to La... don't lose yaself trying to fit in og

    40. Elias Sancho

      Rubi Rose messed up DDG. He's not the same anymore! 💔 Using heavy drugs, always arguein' and disrespectin' his fans. Pray for DDG.

      1. Elias Sancho


      2. Sym Taylor

        You sound stupid 😂😂😂. How is it Rubi fault he wants to be consider more of a rapper than YT? Y'all will talk out y'all ass...just to talk.

    41. Ant Huncho

      DDG started wanting to be a grown up that’s what it is . . He not even pulling aunties no more lmao

    42. IAMRORO

      He just need to do more features

    43. s a j e

      Y’all also forget kids like me can’t get onlyfans my mom doesn’t know what it is yet but she will find out apparently- ddg forgot there’s like 90% kids on his channel first of all why is ddg acting like this he used to be so happy and funny and more energetic now he’s just all about money and drugs weed and girls

      1. s a j e

        Flame Gang what are you talkin about

      2. Flame Gang

        He's in Cali...it was just a matter of time

    44. Pretty Ciaaa

      DDG quit

    45. F K

      To the person reading this: You're amazing stay blessed stay safe and healthy during quarantine🥺 My Dream is to hit 1k 😔💗

    46. Setera Lockley

      Another thing ddg always get down on himself when his music ain’t doing good... my opinion about his music is it’s good BUT there’s 100 other rappers that sound just like him and rap the same way.. he rap style isn’t unique and that’s the problem... he should continue being devoted to his KGup cause he is def one of the best at it


      He needs to drop consistently... Like a music video a week? Nothing too high quality. Dex did the same thing with the catchy hooks.. he dropped every week. DDG can make songs like Cotton mouth and blow off of it.

    48. nigga i aint gay

      man fuck that shit im not paying 25 a month to watch that dudes vlogs

    49. Setera Lockley

      Ddg is getting older so he doesn’t do those immature videos he does anymore.. he ain’t out hanging and doing all of that to get good footage...HE IS OUT GROWIN HIS AUDIENCE..he needs/has to vlog bts of his music cause that is what he does now....ANOTHER thing I don’t think he is seriously happy in his relationship even tho it seems they’re good.. he should allowed himself to fully heal

    50. Cassie Sandra

      Ddg can't force people to like/love his music omg! I love his vlogs but sometimes he raps like he's got a stutter in his speech. And he does have some nice music but he should stop forcing it. Needs to go with the flow, it's not a life or death situation omg! But if he thinks quiting KGup is going to do it for him, let him do that. I personally think KGup actually created the platform for him to be heard. I don't know if he'd be getting that many streams without his youtube fans

    51. KahhBmO -

      He’s capin

    52. Tyrone Rogers

      If you’re really a true supporter of Ddg then you would want him to blow in the music industry! It has to be hard trying to do both while he’s still on the come up!

    53. steve brown

      That opening song is soooooo 🔥🔥🔥 .. can’t wait till it comes out!! 💪🏽💪🏽

    54. jjxsh

      rob's songs are some heat

    55. M PJ

      I miss 2017 ddg man he was more energetic he interacted with everybody and was with a girl that actually in love with him cough cough no shade tho and he was not into the money as much


      Yup you Hit the nail on the head I been telling DDG that he needs a girl to BLOW UP not Rubi though people ain fuckin with her and it aint gon change

    57. just marc

      Tbh ain’t no rappers could do no shows rn n it looks like its the main source of their income n when he realizes he ain’t getting nm bread his fans gone riley his ass

    58. T sin

      Rubi is well known in music industry than him he's a youtuber

      1. All. About. Äutumñ

        Ofc, that’s bc she started with music and he started with KGup.

    59. Lesean93

      Well DDG's channel was boring anyway... I'm not hating on him! I respect him a lot! But content wise on youtube his videos were just dry and boring...

    60. ibrahim omar


    61. MzBrown

      he is hurt by not making the cover XXL and he really is trying to be taken serious as a rapper and just reevaluating what needs to be done...Queen had to make that choice so...

      1. Cassie Sandra

        Queen's talent and EP spoke for itself though. She didn't have to quit anything. People just related to her music. I think ddg is trying to force it. He's not a bad rapper but to me, he's not as good as he thinks he is and there's nothing wrong with that. We can't be a Picasso of everything we do. He just needs to accept that but his ego won't let him

    62. Ewurabena Antwi

      Yeah He should put behind the scenes of his music videos there and once in a while vlog hid life and that would make it more lively

    63. Major

      DDG is being stupid.. if only he knew he makes more money than a lot of these rappers 🤦🏾‍♂️. Also those true fans on only fans better run your music since the rest of us are fake lol 🤷🏾‍♂️

    64. Major

      Idk why DDG think it’s bad to be called a youtube rapper.. embrace it and do your thing.. stop tryna fit in.. who tf gave these people a pass to define a rapper rapper.. also dude needs to drop more music.. he has no catalogue..

      1. Cassie Sandra

        He has a lot of music though. Its just that a lot of it doesn't hit hit. I think he's over forcing it. He needs to relax. He's music was even better then when rap was still passion for him

    65. Mo Mo

      DDG has to take his own music career more seriously. He’s taking the Vlog approach to songs and it ain’t working. He really needs to slow down and focus on quality work instead of quantity. He needs to improve his lyricism. Study his craft more.

      1. Eddie Marx

        @Damion Hill I fuck with DDG but he is no way better than TJAY or Polo G.

      2. Damion Hill

        Yo! It's J-hall tbh ddg better then tjay he just needa b consistent and patience

      3. Setera Lockley

        Yo! It's J-hall no he sounds the same as a lot of mainstream rappers and that’s the problem I think

      4. Yo! It's J-hall

        He’s already better than a lot of mainstream rappers. He just gotta keep working

    66. jwiz1998

      Kiara Shanay baby always let us know she in the room 😂 she like “ mommy you can’t have all the shine”

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Facts 😂

    67. Mo Mo

      DDG emotional over not making the list. Quitting YT is a dumb move when you see mainstream artists are transitioning to KGup. He’s ahead of the game and can’t see it. He’s being lazy. And not strategizing. Instead of quitting, leverage it better.

      1. Mo Mo

        Eddie Marx exactly-YT is the biggest platform. & this other guy saying he needs a bigger platform? No one watches tv like that. Or listens to the radio. He needs a better marketing strategy for sure. He can def use a co-sign- ok, that would help grow his audience-but he’s still gonna need to make better songs to earn ppls respect and hold their attention. Or he’ll be forgotten just as fast as he was introduced.

      2. Mo Mo

        Ashley York it is the same thing. He arguing with you over semantics. Smh Lol. It means the same shit!

      3. Mo Mo

        Danito Duyzer bottomline is he hasn’t made a record to garner mainstream attention. & he needs to hire a team of marketing/ PR strategists. He’s trying to figure it all out on his own which is why he’s making less than smart decisions. & calling his YT supporters fake supporters. That’s emotional shit.

      4. Ashley York

        @Danito Duyzer He's stepping back from "KGup" but he's still going to be making regular videos, pranks, etc. on OnlyFans ..that's basically the same thing

      5. Danito Duyzer

        @Eddie Marx yeah but those artist are already know on a different platform , ddg is only famous on youtube....

    68. Tap reacts

      if ddg do music type vlogs imma watch em anyway bc i fw him even the “starbucks” vlogs i watch the whole thing bc i like watching him **no homo**

    69. Danny k Chanell

      - nay his energy is off now he need 2 change something

    70. Yasmin Abbas

      Nooooo don’t listen to her

    71. Repented Heart

      He wants people to forget about that rubi rose q& a too.

      1. PharrelThirty

        iAmDCraze nah he already said he was in a relationship with her

      2. iAmDCraze

        lol prolly because the main ques will be "are you in a relationship with Rubi?" ...Rubi will happily say yes but he might try to be slick with his ans.

    72. RandomJit 16

      It doesn’t even matter it’s basically already been on a break

    73. Elijah Murray

      I don’t know why he decided to do this it’s gonna make people hate rubi even more then she is already because people gonna be blaming her. But I actually like rubi and liked her since day one

      1. Ashley York

        Well Rubi tweeted that she hates people that do things for views and attention. I'm pretty sure he can't film the way he wants to, while being in that relationship.

    74. Random Empire

      DDG becoming dumb dumb. That tat is just crap. Like why would he mess up his body.

      1. All. About. Äutumñ

        it’s his body.

      2. Random Empire

        You responded to my comment. Read and scroll. That's all.

      3. Strawberry Sunkist

        are you him? didn't think so fuck up and keep watching

    75. Random Empire

      DDG acting as if he doesn't make money from YT, that's how he started, that's where he got money to be as rich as he is. Now he becoming so greedy he wants us to pay to watch him vlog. Oh no. I am not desperate at this point.

      1. PharrelThirty

        droid Astros nobody said they didn’t support his decision

      2. PharrelThirty

        droid Astros nah I support it but I’m not paying to watch vlogs

      3. Vendetta YT

        😂😂😂 faxx

    76. Random Empire

      Everything has it's timing. He just needs to do both music and YT and wait for his time to shine.

      1. iAmDCraze

        He just needs a push from his record label and 1 or 2 big collabs and he's good to go.

    77. Dezz. 12


    78. SheLuvsJohnny s


      1. iAmDCraze

        Not anymore lol.

    79. flymingo the fittest

      So basically he telling yall yall have to pay to see him smh get your money my guy

    80. Ooo Chileee

      Dymond looks good when she happy☺️

    81. derone williams

      Ddg take a break? mr everyday I’m going to vlog ” “August my month” mr.cap... he got self made on his knees, run that back, he got self made ON HIS KNEES.... more like KGup taking a break from him. Ddg ain’t it no more since rubi. Rubi ugly, he need to chase the bag over trying “not to be lonely “😒😒👁👁⚠️⚠️⚠️🧲❌

    82. Azariah

      Yall mentioning rubi it’s not all about her how do you know what’s going on without the cameras on ppl need to stop assuming that’s the problem is prolly all of you that’s stressing the poor man out.

      1. TayaGotIt

        Dani X I actually liked them together tho I feel like she’s so misunderstood

      2. Azariah

        Dani X exactly

      3. Dani X

        KEKE Banks a lot of stuff could’ve happen between then and now 🤷🏾‍♂️

      4. Dani X

        TayaGotIt right they tried to tell him but 🤷🏾‍♂️

      5. KEKE Banks

        @Dani X they WAS never following eachother. they was yesterdag togeter if you look on ddg snachat story and rubi instagram story.

    83. Blissful Journey

      MY OPINION it’s not just KGup it’s something that he’s battling with and he not focused because of it. I been watching him for years and he needs this break from KGup, music and whatever else is disturbing his peace. His KGup his been really toxic since he dropped the video on Sav . I’m really praying for him cause it’s not just KGup 🙏🏾💜💜💜.

      1. Setera Lockley

        I’ve said this a millions times ... he hasn’t been himself since him and Kennedy split... I think his is still going through it over that ..he hasn’t healed and people who have been watching him a long time can tell

      2. Ashley York

        We all know why he was rude to Savannah.. he claims he's happy but something is wrong.

      3. Jatia Lovett

        Kay wuz thnkn like damn we stress him

    84. uchenna falconer

      Might as well he take KGup serious again cuz he inconsistent because of this rap shit and they still ain’t taking him serious🚫🧢🤦🏽‍♂️ ps I’m not saying he should quit rap he lit asf🔥✊🏽an I’m one of his biggest supporters . im telling you they view him music wise in the same bracket as maybe a flight and flight is known as a 99.9% basketball KGupr🤷🏽‍♂️

    85. Brittany

      Whatever. He has another bill on his hands so of course he wants to upload more he needs the money. Rubi is a beautiful distraction & I think if he quits KGup he’s competing with mainstream artist which I think is the wrong route stay on KGup radio artist be broke.

    86. SDSen

      He needs a break, a break from the material shit. Pace his life and take in things slowly. The rat race will only exhaust him. That contentment will only come if he's internally/spiritually at peace with himself.

      1. MariahScarver

        This!! You can tell his spirit is off right now. And that new tattoo 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ He needs to just breath for a moment

      2. Blissful Journey

        This 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    87. NaturalBe-YOU-tiful

      Thigh tattoos are for sure gay

    88. llII

      I think ddg going to come back to KGup as he said he never quit it but he taking a break

    89. Marcus P

      DDG wanna be like da baby with the tattoo

    90. Jeremiah Artis

      So who gone be the goat a put his only fans vlogs on KGup 😂

    91. Zynair Watson


    92. nijhelle maxwell

      He def should do what Saweetie do. She has a channel too and has a videographer and they follow her around and she talk about her music but she also has fun and be silly. He should def do that if he wanna shift from being a youtuber to being a Rapper

    93. Ndey Jagne

      what's smacking against the wall

    94. Tyrone Jenkins

      I feel ddg he wants to take a break and make his music better so I support him

    95. Savy Boy

      I think DDG should stick to KGup bcoz dats his true passion but if he feel like doing music he needs to put a lot of pressure to get there.

      1. F.T.S Goldtron

        Let him chase his dreams

    96. Ashley York

      I hope DDG gets whatever his heart desires when it comes to his music career, he really really wants it.

    97. Monique Sanders

      So I guess he's gonna dissolve his contracts with the Zooted members.. he's done a great job with them..

      1. Siphiwe Ntuli

        Maybe he’ll still be in their videos but not on his channel

    98. CrystalBallRecords 19


    99. Stan Stan

      Ddg is grown. He's probably stuck between being really active on KGup vs getting the traction or attention for his music. His music is honestly really good for a "KGup rapper" to be honest....him slowing down is the best course of action because he's only in competition with himself. If he's gonna get a videographer he should do lifestyle videos maybe he shouldn't be as personal with us. And idc Rubi is bad energy. Too much of that residual industry drama is on her and that's honestly not for Ddg because he can shine more without her her 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Rich P

        Facts rubi bad look for him

      2. Jatia Lovett


    100. J Fiegan

      Not trying to be mean... but if God gives you a talent such as rap.. don’t waste it. DDG wasn’t given this talent.. this is something he decided he could do,, this is why it’s flopping.

      1. J Fiegan

        Kya Smith Okay you just admitted Cardi can’t rap. To rap you have to have 2 things (The sound and The lyrics). Cardi didn’t have the sound or the lyrics.. but she worked her ass off and had to learn the structure of rap. Then she came out with bodak yellow.. she had the sound, the quotable’s.. and the beat. The reason she to learn all of this and took her soo long to blow up, it’s because it’s not a talent of hers... it didn’t come naturally. This is what DDG will have to do to make it big. Learn how it works etc

      2. Kya Smith

        Okay but thats not a good reason for why he’s flopping because we have sooo many people in the music industry right now who dont have a natural talent for rap but are simply still making it big for the money (example , Cardi B)

      3. J Fiegan

        Keionna Watson because he has a whole video.. where he literally said “I think I want to rap now” 🥴

      4. Keionna Watson

        And why do you feel entitled enough to tell someone what God has for them??

      5. S E 9

        Big facts.