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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Corey Explains Kissing Another Girl Video
    6:02 - DDG Responds To Buying Fake Stream Rumors
    11:02 - The Girl Says Corey Approached Her

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    1. Julius Hampton

      the job of the label is TO PUSH THEIR ARTISTS. so even if the play listing was true....it wouldn’t matter lmao. they’re just doing their job. but DDG on rap caviar and that playlist is definitely not money driven. plus we know the attention to mwic came from the features so his come up genuine. lil doom or whatever is a hater.

    2. Sugagal

      Corey got a pregnant wife at home hiding from covid begging for his company meanwhile he out here partying with a bunch of careless gen z super spreaders, hugging on strangers, and getting close enough to people for them to lick him his face. And he's not hiding it. Sonething not right and hes acting out. he acting like he's fed up and don't gaf no more

    3. Truly-_-Sleezy

      Ddg use his fans with vlogs literally

    4. JasonSmallz

      I called out Lil Boom and me and him beefed on my insta. I’m making a vid about it tonight, it’s funny asf lmao

    5. Nicole Lue Quee

      The girl responded he called her over. I do not support Corey he calls his supporters broke. When they are the reason why he has opportunities that he does and why people know his name to even be reporting on him

    6. ChocolateQueensTv

      ATP I think Corey wish his bm was black or he's jealous of black women. Cause why he always speaking on BLACK WOMEN specifically.

    7. Cassandra Aleman

      6ix9ine said artist do buy streams

    8. KiingSaySoTv

      i think ddg growth is organic and his youtube fans are loyal so i doubt he buying streams

    9. Fee Tv

      We need a new video 😭 is that rubi on his story 👀👀

    10. Gunz Hoodvinci

      Bruh lil boom clout chasing please go look him up cause his last post 🤦🏾‍♂️bruh know u say ddg it’s up

    11. Dakeel Thompson

      The nigga lil whatever a fucking hater tf go grind somewhere instead of hating on another man / another black man AT that 💯🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

    12. Alexcia Nicole

      Who is this man anyway 🙄

    13. Mr Price

      Always people who don't have shit hating on people striving to make something out of themselves. SMH. Losers

    14. myOTHERname2009

      I don’t think DDG buying his streams. The way he go hard and telling us to “steal yo mama credit card and preorder my album”. DDG telling us to screenshot us presaving so he post it. I actually presaved it like he told me to and I’m sure others did too. Lil boom boom just trying to get clout.

    15. myOTHERname2009

      Ok but why do the same thing keep happening to Corey. At some point he has to realize he is the problem. How come this is not happening to Clarence or anybody else?!

      1. Nicole Lue Quee

        And when they say that they going to handle business they go and do just that grown movements

      2. Nicole Lue Quee

        Because they stay home and handle home

    16. Jay Plugg

      Lil boom said thats what im hearin? Nigga u sayin that to yoself so you can hear it? Cause i aint heard a single nigga claim that

    17. Antisocial Bj


    18. 2AM in Paris

      What that other rapper fail to realize is how DDG fanbase is widespread throughout the world due to his initial online fame so + that with new music fans 🤷🏾‍♀️ dude is hating because we don't even know who he is

    19. Only Slappers

      As you can see from that i8 pic the “lil bloom” nigga is ddg seed😂

    20. STILL DOPE

      I believe DDG is buyin streams, cause hes lame like that... hes been finessing followers for years, even on his only fans! #noCap 💯

    21. Jamar

      Lil boom a hating azz dude, he don't even got proof and he still trying hard asf to make ak think he buying streams. Lame azz

    22. Jamar

      This man an idiot

    23. Obie Mauro

      WTF Corey talkin about...

    24. That boi Don

      How u know bout tht buying streams

    25. Poca Latte

      Usually when a person says “they saying” it’s one person that said it, prob his lil friend when they were tryna figure out how DDG keeps leveling up, jealous. Like that man (DDG) don’t work harder than most. 🙄 Like he could’ve paid for streams for Valedictorian to blow up if that’s the case 🙄. If u gone hate, at least make it make sense 🙄🙄🙄🙄 lol

    26. Cameron Gloston

      Who’s lil boom tho?

    27. Jay Dawg

      People really dont wanna accept that he was big on youtube and switched to rapping and just getting bigger

    28. Bob Mcgee

      ayyy thats me 10:45

    29. Audrey Chisley

      Corey said he didn’t like black people, and the girl that licked his face didn’t look black. So I was confused on why he said that. Did he say it because of the Shade-room shining light on the situation or because of the girl licking his face?? Make it Make Sense Corey 🙄she shouldn’t be all on you like that from jump street with a Pregnant Wife and Son at home ANYWAY 🤔🤦🏾‍♀️

    30. Sophia Elena

      I love watching your videos but girl PULEASSEEE stop talking about Carmen and Corey I am sooo tired of hearing their names 😩😩

    31. Kwik D

      With a name like "Lil Boom" no wonder he can't make it. What song he sing ? I never heard of him 😒

    32. Splash Squad

      Nah it’s definitely organic, DDG already had a big following

    33. Youri Celestin

      DDG back with Rubi they put themselves together on their story

    34. Big Bossman Tv

      DDG is coming up so meat riders and haters are coming at a high rate

    35. Cheyenne P

      2:29 he can’t talk about anyone else being lame when he’s cheating on his girlfriend. That’s dishonestly in itself. Unless y’all have an open relationship...

    36. Jamil Wright

      Idc Corey brought that on himself lowkey

      1. Nicole Lue Quee

        High key 🔑

    37. Sheila Tabengwa

      Y'all ever had of a lil boom🤔?? Anywaaaays 4 days till D4R 😌

      1. Clark Ke

        who ? oh that's right i never heard of dude . D4R


      Lol how you mad cuz you got geeked for a girls attention and got caught on camera for it dummy

    39. Tayja J

      that girl is weird for doing all that probably knowing exactly who he is and he shouldve checked her .. carmen shouldve been left anyways wtf

    40. House of Matrix

      DJ Akademiks just messy , I’m not biggest DDG fan but he is minding his business

    41. Shirley Simmons

      Boy stop lying, ddg under contract with a label, I don't think he would do that with his own money.

    42. Marisela Alicia

      They hatin🤷🏽‍♀️when you reach a level of success other people envy it’s expected #D4R 🗡

    43. Shirley Simmons

      He should not have to explain if he doesn't put his self in these situations. It looks exactly like it was, this guy here. Everyday explaining, maybe stop and take a min. You all up on her and the internet saw you.

      1. Shirley Simmons

        @Nicole Lue Quee W. O. W ,

      2. Nicole Lue Quee

        @Shirley Simmons but he was the one with the camera and he didn’t look bothered by anything the supposedly did or even what she said or was that only me that saw. Smh. Carmen boo he tryna make sure he keep them sponsorships he care about him.

      3. Shirley Simmons

        @Nicole Lue Quee she wasn't when she kissed him only when he got caught on camera, and the girl called carmen right after, he's messy, messy. 😂😂

      4. Nicole Lue Quee

        And now she a Bish all of a sudden too smh 🤦‍♀️

      5. Nicole Lue Quee


    44. GamerTrey

      3:16 “🥴🥴” LMFAO

    45. lil_ kevroy

      Who tf is lil boom🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😭

    46. Adam Man

      DDG doesn't pay for streams. He pays for features, like any other rapper. Every rapper pays each other, thats how the business works. Your label spends tons on marketing as well.

      1. Blac Deku

        Let's be honest tho the only feat he probably paid fo is yb

    47. ReiWYD

      BUT akademics didn't say KGupr HE SAID "if i say a name im gonna be in youtube titles" meaning if he name dropped all the news channels and shade rooms r gonna speak on it he wasnt sayin it because of ddg the boom guy is the one that was quick to say ddg

    48. F1n3sse zii

      He sound like a hater😂💯

    49. Stacy Owens

      Corey is so messy shouldn’t leave wife and son plus NEW unborn BABY...All I can say... I don’t care about girl and Corey did because we don’t know who is the telling the truth.... STAY SAFE

      1. Nicole Lue Quee



      He's jealous of DDG ... pls show some love to this hardworking guy and not hate...

    51. LETSGETMAD36

      Corey always cheating tf

    52. LMBL

      He had KGup fame so why would he need to buy streams his fans would stream it

    53. Becky Boo

      Boom sound jealous

    54. Ash

      Bro I’m telling you niggas are some real life haters out here no cap

    55. Lil Baddie

      Corey is a hot mess and ddg is a superstar that is not doing anything fake when it comes to his music. 💯💙

    56. mizzy c6

      Lil boom clout chasing hard

    57. Ayden Smith

      Look on his story if u didn’t already rubi back in town😂


      Everybody who is signed pays for Playlisting...

      1. Fooly Cooly

        Sometimes the artist don’t know or don’t care how the “machine” (label) manages to push their music. As long as it does welling in streaming and sales.

    59. nate higga

      DJ akademiks was trying to defend ddg It was there other dude who was constantly hating

    60. Unchained_ lion

      Stay hating on em

    61. BLAXKS WOO

      When the hate don’t work they start telling lies 🤦🏽‍♂️ niggas love hating on DDG

    62. vvsClix

      I swear whenever ddg is about to come in contact with tiana again he just gets brain washed by these things he calls his ex girlfriends...smh

      1. Muvie Lavee

        @vvsClix only time will tell. No one knows what the future holds but yall fans needa chill with telling him who he should be with.. He a grown man & would do what he want even if it doesn't pleases his fans.

      2. vvsClix

        @Muvie Lavee yeah Ik but still tiana is the one Fr, he just can’t see it rn.

      3. Muvie Lavee

        Mahn dont be too worried bouh his love life. Its something that fans can't control & gonna have to learn to leave it alone💀. Just support his music if you a true fan.

    63. Tre Glo

      Ddg and rubi bck dating

    64. OT TV

      Let's be real ddg had the money before rappin, so why he ain pay for OD, cotton mouth, exotics, etc to be on playlist? Ddg ain even get on playlist until moonwalking in Calabasas remix, this washed up rapper nobody knows lil boom need to figure out his life

    65. Mja5y Don

      Guys let's go to his Instagram and teach him a lesson about DDG fans 😈😈

      1. Credpy Squad

        No don’t do that he gon hate him more. Y’all gotta be mature

    66. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      DDG didn’t have to do that.. I even pre ordered his shit. Ijs. DDG is bomb. He been talented. His penmanship is strong. He good in front of a camera because that’s what he been doing. and with that people are going to hate. and the men hating the hardest. 🤷🏽‍♀️ the dummy could of had a feature in the future from DDG. Lol he messed that up.

      1. Poca Latte


    67. been the goat 21

      Ddg definitely don’t use fake streams he just got a very strong fan base and he be spamming his fan base to stream his music 24/7 that’s all😭💯

      1. myOTHERname2009


      2. nate higga


    68. 4visas

      Who tf is lil boom

      1. Dexter Laboratory

        😭😭 I said the same thing

    69. Clark Ke

      ddg and rubi just trolling yall lol , i knew those goofies never broke up because now that his tape is dropping they wanna make it known that they are together . everything was for publicity idc what anyone says .

      1. Alexis family

        I knew they never broke up, and when he said that ppl was saying it’s for publicity and it wasn’t cause he’s new music is comin out months from now all....all that was a damn lie.

      2. Ray Kim

        @Designer the DonOk. I'm at the point where I'll stop talking shit about them, it's what it is with their relationship. But when something happens, I'll be right here talking my shit 😈.

      3. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim they boo’d up on ddg snapchat and ig story. Plus she stayed the whole weekend in Atlanta with him at his hotel even though her mom has a crib in Gwinnett which isn’t far at all from atl

      4. nate higga

        @Muvie Lavee fax

      5. Clark Ke

        @Ray Kim check ddg ig story and snapchat , they are with eachother

    70. Big Mouse

      Does bro ever get a break? He moonwalkin in yall haters head he got his biggest project coming this friday and all this shit happening for no reason 🤦🏽‍♂️

    71. Jeremiah Artis

      This nigga just posted him in Rubi on Snapchat 😂😂😂

    72. Vonte

      Boy niggas be hating so much they don’t wanna see nobody win but they self shit crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️

    73. Jarod Wilson

      Ddg is disliked in the music industry because he does youtube rapper shit, he will ask his youtube fan base to stream his music, whether they like it or not, ddg will say, I need y'all to get me to a million streams so I can be number one, other artists don't say anything, they let the music do the talking, so when other artists look at ddg, they fill like his place in the music industry is dependent on his youtube fan base, and that's not authentic.

      1. aj loc

        this didn’t make sense wtf

      2. felipe godinez

        bro what? ?😂😭it’s called promo wtf i’ve seen hell rappers done the same

      3. Nadia Belizaire

        Bro you weird asf 💀😂😂

      4. Muvie Lavee

        Bro you like 40 yr old.... go attend to your kids or something. Just cos you up under rubi ass cheeks doesn't give you the right to discredit ddg.. He stay grinding hard for himself & got no problems with any industry artist. You just an old Weirdo.

    74. angie p

      All this ddg hate 😒 they know my boy only going up from here. Ddg been working, his music has really improved. I'm seeing too many ppl on social media tryna discredit this man. The whole " youtube " rapper thing needs to stop, every artist had a job before they made it. It's just getting really lame. I love that ddg is over confident and believes in himself because the hate he gets , it's good he's that way.

      1. angie p

        @Muvie Lavee lol nah you right, It's just annoying sometimes. I can tell it's gonna get worse, but a lot of haters gone switch up soon tho. I'm ready for this tape.

      2. Muvie Lavee

        @angie p you should start getting used to it cos he aiming for mainstream artist in the industry & that comes with alot of drama, negativity & hate lol...

      3. angie p

        @Muvie Lavee I'm just tired of ppl always speaking negative on him lol

      4. Muvie Lavee

        @angie p girl same here! I love his drive & motives towards life.... & i always see how you go hard for him in comments section. You def a Real one!

      5. angie p

        @A KICKS you tried it you bum. Lol 40 that's funny.

    75. King Supreme

      Lil boom hating on ddg success.

    76. Isaac Etuk

      Firstly who is lil boom?

    77. Craig Thomas

      Corey shouldn't have been hugged up that close to her in the first place. He likes to blame the fans and social media for everything but he put himself in those situations. Like when he cheated on Carmen with his ex and then she exposed him. He got mad at s/m and fans about that, just like he's blaming them for this incident

      1. Itz Me

        FACTS. If he keeps this up, literally nobody gone believe him no mo 💯 he needa stop falling in these situations.

    78. Muvie Lavee

      Labels gives an artist a push via Radio/Apple/ Spotify playlistings....i personally dont think he bought streams tbh. MWIC was doing well thats why blueface hopped on it & his label decided to push it cos it had potential.

    79. Miss K

      Haters Gonna hate when he goes 🆙 Boy Bye 👋🏽

    80. Mike Harris

      Lil boom it’s more like LIL GOOF

      1. felipe godinez


    81. King Supreme

      Corey definitely hit

    82. Jayzino

      DDG been taking music serious for over 3 years now and got a legit fan base that actually want to listen to him 🤔🙌🏾

    83. Oussama vlogs

      Fun fact He ain't talk like a rapper cuz a Real one don't talk shit behind the others i don't think he's rapper ...too much Fake niggas and youtube rappers Hating on ddg cuz he multiply gold 🏅

    84. Jeje Does Dokkan

      Bro partying when his girl strugglin rn imagine

    85. Ayomide Olaniganlawson

      Who is lol boom🤣😂🤣

    86. Kedrelius Sampson

      That nigga just a hatter

    87. Mike Harris

      Ddg 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    88. Mike Harris

      Lil boom so irrelevant. Never heard of dude before this. And he looks so ugly as well. Man brags about how he has money bought can’t even fix his teeth. He should be the one buying things 😂😂😂

    89. Im Just That Guy

      Lil boom just hating he cant reach that level lol

      1. Mike Harris

        He is a bum. He will never make it to Ddg level

    90. Mike Harris

      Play listing is like getting a shout out on Instagram and buying streams is buying followers on Instagram

    91. Mike Harris

      They call cap. Ddg label payed for play listing and they do that for every artist. There’s a difference between play listing and buying streams. Lil boom has no proof Ddg bought streams. He is just jealous His rap career has gone no where.

      1. Credpy Squad

        Right what’s the label job if not to push their artist. But DDG streams not even that crazy for it to be bought like what

      2. Craig Thomas

        Facts. I'm certainly not going to rely on something he "heard" but don't have any proof its true

    92. Sheisnayomi _

      We don’t accept him in the black community

      1. Mike Harris

        He belongs in no community. Man is a pathetic loser

    93. Michael Michael

      No matter how big DDG gets people are always going to hate on him

      1. Muvie Lavee

        Fr! He just need to ignore them haters & keep on improving on his craft.....

    94. michael _2xx

      Akademiks twitch chat mentions ddg name of buying streams that why lil boom even say something about ddg he was reading the chat of people saying ddg faking Tbh

      1. michael _2xx

        @Mike Harris he's the guy that made the song fuck Steph Curry and kd

      2. Mike Harris

        Cap. Lil boom j a bum who hasn’t made a hit song yet.

    95. Deon

      idk who the dude that says ddg was buying streams is

      1. Mike Harris

        He’s a bum rapper who is signed to a label but still can’t do numbers. He now streams on twitch because his rap career is unsuccessful

    96. michael _2xx

      Yes he ddg buy streams

      1. felipe godinez

        if he did how views would’ve been wayyy more crazy wtf

      2. Nathan Harvey

        @michael _2xx what does it matter they all tie in together

      3. michael _2xx

        @Nathan Harvey why original didn't make the Hot 100 ?

      4. Nathan Harvey

        @michael _2xx stop while your ahead cause being on the biggest chart in America isn't a flop especially going platinum. There are hundreds of thousands of artist in america rn that will never get that far or even a plaque.

      5. michael _2xx

        @Mike Harris but the song did flopped tho but for remix to be 81 is okay for "new artist" like him but if he was in game longer like mainstream and got new song to be at 81 Billboard charts it flopped

    97. Designer the Don

      First it was “he’s a KGup rapper” , now it’s “ he’s buying fake streams” some mfs(not dj akademiks) stay hating on ddg it’s crazy lol

      1. Joey_ Breezy

        ill smack tf outta lil bum

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Y will anyone hate on him

      3. Easy Money

        @Mike Harris lil boom not a bum wtf 😂😂😂

      4. Big Mouse

        @Laay 2Federaal duh he was big ash on yt and still is and been rapping

      5. RoYaL x Splashh

        @Designer the Don u just edited ur comment 😐

    98. MK 57

      Corey really think folks hating on him everytime he get caught cheating 💀he say the same thing each time

      1. gns freaky

        @Yrx Boy a real nigga wouldn't be dat close to a bitch but a

      2. Yrx Boy

        He didn't cheat tho goofy

    99. Iso ‘

      lil boom just mad he ain in his position so he hating on em

      1. Grantcham49

        Lil Boom is a 🐐

      2. Joey_ Breezy

        he soft

      3. Fooly Cooly

        He made one song about Steph curry and that was it lol

      4. Leo A

        never even heard of the nigga. wtf is ‘lil boom’💀

    100. Life with Tresia

      People just hating on ddg cause he blowing up

      1. Big Mouse

        @felipe godinez ik but he sound like he 12 😭

      2. felipe godinez

        Big Mouse hes not little he 40😭😂that’s the crazy thing

      3. felipe godinez

        Jarod Wilson you old asf

      4. Big Mouse

        @Muvie Lavee LMFAOOO he weird😭

      5. Muvie Lavee

        @Life with Tresia fr tho! He has more monthly spotify listeners, songs with millions of streams & views than her. Stats don't lie that guy just always hating on ddg every video.