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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go”
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Clarence Is Tired Of The Rumors
    4:12 - Clarence VS Chris
    6:32 - Clarence, Queen and Leslie Saga
    11:06 - Rubi Rose Miss DDG

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    1. Kash El Perro

      What song is the intro by

    2. Naythan Boodle

      Big mouth the only hit she have

    3. Don Jay

      The watch that rubi rose got on the red one the guy is a millionaire an he’s a forex investor.....‼️‼️‼️

    4. OsG Quan

      Watch that rubi had on was from Bryce Thompson he’s a forex investor

    5. Lena M

      If rubi stays focused and out of Drama she will go far🙏🏽 and DDG has a good head on his shoulders I feel like just like any man still growing he has a lot to learn and go through but he handled it better than most in my opinion I wish everyone you spoke about on this video success happiness and peace as well as you 🙏🏽✨✨✨💕

    6. MotivationalDiva

      Rubi is going to blow up. DDG blowing up. They just don’t need to be together. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    7. Perfect TroLLing

      Clarence a weirdo who’s only with Queen for her money, he would’ve never been with her if she didn’t have clout. He said his son got big meat, dat boy sus.

    8. melanin lanta

      Welpppp DDG just dropped a video 😩


      Clarence got receipts that’s all I gotta say 🤷🏽‍♀️

    10. Divine

      Kiara yes people do need to know how Clarence feels about Queen the narrative is he’s with her because she’s a woman with money and that’s not the case and I love it. In reality if they’ve been together this long he been told her I’m glad he told the world what it is


      Lol that’s Bryce Thompson watch you covered his face 😂 #forexgang

    12. Justin Brown

      Whats rubi rose friends IG ?

    13. Janelle Davis

      Who tf is this zoe person someone fill me in please

    14. Shavn

      Ayo rob can sing lowkey

    15. riesha vibez

      I miss kennedy and ddg No cap

    16. The Drip Kid

      Unpopular opinion : I’m just not getting power couple vibes from DDG and Rubi

    17. OoolalaNaj

      I never did and still don’t like Chris S... 🥴

    18. Franchezca Xx

      Queen and Clarence both gain from this relationship . The reason queen got verified and got signed to a label was because his sister eventually it was going to happen because she is talented and medicine blew up but still they both gained and if he really wanted to be with Leslie he would of blew up with her and invested with her . Cause his sister could of done it for them . That relationship was already done way before Queen can’t blame no one when the house is already broken

    19. Niyyata Sinclair

      Queen was definitely shooting her shot at Clarence because she was done with Chris. Clarence is an opportunist. Let Queen fall off. Only then we'll see if he has that same love and energy for her.

    20. Sandi C

      I believe Clare and Chris is a fool

    21. Callmesmackx

      Chris aggravating asf I’m not gone cap I wanted Chris to blow up after the breakup but he didn’t so now he keep being annoying towards queen relationship he talks about them 24/7 so if Clarence was to respond I wouldn’t call him wrong for that😂😂😂

    22. Paidway Ce

      Look at ddg story he said @rubi please leave me alone we done please and thank you for y’all that keep saying ddg the one that be begging to get back wit her

    23. Petty Wap

      Rubi tired of missing the attention she gets being with Ddg not him.. Rubi fell off the radar she needs Ddg so ppl can talk about her again

    24. Luwam Hail

      Y’all know what we will see how there relationship goes if he don’t cheat one day😂😂😂😂

    25. Luwam Hail

      Tf don’t Clarence know he fw Chris ex tf like Chris was with Queen before Clarence was so fuck Clarence and Queen

    26. GAGirl B

      People should respect both sides of Clarence & Leslie's story, because it's their perspective of what happened in their relationship. He said they were done, but Leslie didn't feel the same...."Perspective." And just because Clarence & Queen had dm's of their interaction doesn't mean that's all the interaction they encountered with each other. We have no idea if they ever called each other or met up with each other....we'll probably never know....not to say what they've said wasn't true, but people have to consider all possibilities before accusing. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    27. BucketFam Sah

      Guess u didn’t see DDG story before u made this vid cuz he said he’s done wit her even though I doubt it 🤣

    28. Treat.

      Clarence and Queen are flourishing and there two Hater exes are trying to bring them down. Pathetic. “ life goes on “.

    29. Lunaticft_

      Drake just tryna hit cheeks that’s what everybody tryna do

    30. Unityyy

      I feel like leslie really had no reason to make a video bc everyone knew the book was fake and nobody was blaming her for anything

    31. Vitrics

      Lmfaoooo nah no cap , that nigga got two bitxhesssss

    32. Q MARIE

      I feel like Queen did definitely know what she was doing for sure! If Clarence was her IG crush she was gonna do all that she can to get him, after awhile she knew that Clarence was toward the end of a long termed relationship so she knew that going to New York was the perfect opportunity to link with Clarence and try to win him over with her clout.. she knew that her and Clarence would become big youtubers because of his instagram following and looks she saw it all happen in her head before it actually happened. I also think that she genuinely wanted to help him yes that’s just the type of person she is, but she also knew that he would be spending some of that money on her too ☺️☺️. Queen is smart, not dumb at all she knew 😏. But that is my opinion about some of that whole thing 🤷🏽‍♀️ don’t argue with me 🙅🏽‍♀️😂

      1. Gabrielle Adamson

        Well...might as well Her so called "husband " was cheating on her and abusing her so why not try n move on n shoot ur shot with someone better 😂😂😂just my opinion.

    33. Anise Westbrook


    34. BJ Turner

      He just bought bag that cost a v6 camaro 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. Aaron YT

      DDG said on IG to Rubi (tagged) to leave him alone

    36. Sarah Archbault

      Nah I think they were done... everybody been there in they relationship before

    37. Rashaya Boston

      I don’t mean no harm but from them DM’s Queen was persistent as hell lol he kept trying to leave the conversations at the business level with the shirts but she just kept talking and talking. He didn’t ask for none of the information she gave to him. Granted it’s old and it’s over but idk how to feel about them DM’s.

    38. Hannibal730

      Queen likes light skin dudes with beards.

    39. Ashley Life

      Kiara shanay is a mood she said this is like when people get greedy and start killing people I busted up laughing 🤣😂😂

    40. Samuel Wright

      It’s obvious he mess with her for da money

    41. Angel Alvarado -_-

      Ngl I hate to be this person but it’s to the point I’m about to skip the Intro and outro for reasons not like it matters but sheesh 🤦‍♂️

    42. Bronny’s Plug

      Rubi don’t miss DDG she miss using him

    43. BIGKickz 23

      Clearance probably didn’t watch Them on the tube but he had to a now who Chris was because when Clarence was trending Everybody said he look like Chris sails

    44. C Smoovez. XX

      Still no TO video

    45. Monique Sanders

      What DDG said on his story about Rubi seem like cap because he would never call her out by name.. Maybe they just wanna see people's reaction.

    46. John Salary

      No yell let queen get away with anything. She be disrespecting her baby daddy for years. Off of feelings. Then got a guy that look just like clarence. That lady be wrong as hell.

    47. Cynicalnox


      1. Cynicalnox

        Man is making 6 figs a month🤧🤧

    48. The Messenger

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    49. House of Matrix

      DDG needs leave Rubi alone she’s toxic but DDG a simp . Clarence a snake

    50. Morticia Gainey

      You funny how do you know he didn't tell her that your married don't your spouse talk to you stuff like that? he was talking to Leslie and all the Haters yeah you do try butta you pro DDG and Rubi so

    51. Nai'Lah Lynn

      Normally I would agree about discussing personal business but Queen story was ALL OVER THE INTERNET so was her personal business really private?

    52. Critics

      talk on t.o

    53. Zai Lottery

      That was a Forex chain🥶

    54. KaylienX

      Who seen ddg new story.He said @rubirose leave me alone..We’re done

      1. Monique Sanders

        @Emma Sungeni Sangala true..

      2. Emma Sungeni Sangala

        @Monique Sanders well their twitter beef says different 😂😂

      3. Monique Sanders

        I think he made that post just to troll.. I don't think he would call her out directly.

      4. Emma Sungeni Sangala

        @Monique Sanders what’s cap?

      5. Monique Sanders

        It's super cap.

    55. Iamjas_x

      Have you not seen ddg’s recent tweets?

      1. yeeezirrTube YBT

        I did, on his IG story aswell, he said Rubirose leave me alone😂

    56. Single Tish

      American teens just created their world of fame here on you tube. Wow.

    57. sugagal1987

      Clarence has C & L tattooed on his chest. Their relationship was deeper than what he's making it seem there is a lot of love and history there and Queen knows that. Leslie still has some feelings there I can tell she's hurt but now there are too many things that have happened. Clarence still has her in his heart but he wants more than the life he had while he was with her which is why he entered the business relationship with Queen. He probably planned to eventually bring Leslie into the picture somehow but things changed he has a kid now and he rather suffers than enter a co Parent relationship. He loves Queen he has a lot of respect for her because she is the mother of his kid and she is making the life he dreamed of coming true. His whole family has come up since he Started messing with Queen. He may not be madly head over heels in love with Queen and physically I don't think she is his dream girl but he is not going to disrespect her on a Peter Gunz level. He is not dumb enough to fumble this like Chris and he has mod and his whole family on his neck because if he does he will also fumble it for them. Thats what I think about the situation

      1. sugagal1987

        @Nai'Lah Lynn so you think Leslie is wearing that L chain in her videos for no reason. that necklace is a symbol.

      2. Nai'Lah Lynn

        Clarence name is Clarence Lorenzo White. He said it was his initials so how can you tell him that's not his initials

    58. Jessii Lee

      Those FAKE ASS TEARS. He could barely work up the nerve to say it to us. It was NOT cute. Queen dumb she isn’t leaving her ig crush.

    59. doGGy _HARIIBO

      Just a reminder to all Kings rq, make sure ya protract ya girls🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Charles Eskridge

      He don’t want her nomore he said leave me alone thank you she toxic gotta be if the dawg got the praying emoji

    61. Sadie Boo

      Queen looked real thirsty in those dms🤔 was definitely shooting her shot😭

      1. duckyzzz

        Queen is an okay looking chick... I think his ex looks better so it makes sense.

    62. watch tv

      Why your intro kiara song sound sleepy🤣🤣🤣🤣 uou gotta insert a clip of a good version of it lls

    63. jgraves58

      I believe Leslie.

    64. Stephanie Carrillo

      That Zoe is lying her ass off!!!! She ain’t got receipts she been saying shit for months even said something about a book months ago. She’s looking for a come up too

    65. Playboy Drippa

      U acting like we can’t go through Rubis followers 😂

    66. Teresa Aguirre

      But sorry I have nothing against clearance but Chris style is wayy better those short shorts gotta go 😂

    67. Teresa Aguirre

      It’s always 3 sides to a story so who knows now a days 💯

    68. Uniqk J.

      I believe "Clare Bear" ❤❤

    69. Yaboi Mars

      It seem like She only want ddg cuz she can’t have tjay ion feel like she really want him for him

    70. Stephanie Carrillo

      Clarence showed receipts Leslie hasn’t shown a damn thing and only has her word and that’s not even credible because she’s already been caught in a couple lies. Saying she’s been quiet for 3 and hasn’t spoke on Queen when that’s a damn lie. There was a video out with her cousins and they made a diss track made on Queen then she was on live a couple times with her friends talking shit about how Queen looked so she is lying and looking for a come up

    71. PhillyJohn21

      What’s the guys IG?

      1. Shershauwn Tyndale


    72. Whiteguuy

      It's extremely admirable how hard DDG and Rubi both work at their craft.

    73. Whiteguuy

      The fact that Drake knows who Rubi is and not DDG (presumably) is hilarious. 😂 😂

      1. Shirley Simmons

        @Angie Ussery 😄😄

      2. Angie Ussery

        Shirley Simmons drake uses everybody’s beats

      3. Shirley Simmons

        O believe me Drake no who ddg is, he tried to use his beats.

    74. Heather A

      Ddg like queen

    75. Heather A

      I thought Lee was the source

    76. Mo Mo

      I believe Leslie 💯💯💯It may have been business for Clarence but Queen was very thirsty in the DM’s 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Azariah

        Very thirsty

    77. Nickolette Nyla

      But I just don’t understand why Clarence ex would wait all this time to tell her truth lol

    78. Nisha Jones

      Queen was on some BS when she jumped in Clare bear's inbox.

      1. STACIE

        She sure was she coulda told that to therapist

    79. Whiteguuy

      Clarence and Chris obviously don't have to be cool, but the least they can do is have enough mutual respect for each other to not "beef" online because of petty bullshit and their egos. The shit is corny and sets bad examples for impressionable people on the internet, and may eventually leave impressions on their kids when they're older.

    80. sugagal1987

      I'm glad you found new characters to add to your gossip stories. Now you got Queen, Clarence and Leslie, and Carmen, Corey, and Molly . New characters are needed every now and then to add some excitement

    81. Florence Morale

      So, this Zoe person creates a secret account to leak someone else's business, (allegedly), but then feels some type of way when HER real identity gets leaked? C'mon!

      1. Kiara Shanay

        😂 😂 yep



    83. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang late

    84. Estephania Greenwood

      Omg tbh this situation is blown up out of control...this book “Queen of Lies” is doing what they wanted to do....exposing ppl. Ppl need to understand this shit between exes are in the the past and they need to move on from it...even if Clarence cheated or Queen cheated let these ppl be...everyone is so focus on that instead of what the bs the book was stating. This is a whole mess🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Estephania Greenwood

        @STACIE but that’s the problem it’s the past. It’s been 3 years....all I’m saying is that sometimes you just need to let things go. Like i understand this girls pain because most of us went through this however, talking about this very cringing and sad. And apparently they found receipts that this girl said somethings that were not even true...all I’m saying if it wasn’t for this fake book this shit wouldn’t happened.

      2. STACIE

        The past is call for reason Nd maybe if ppl woulda told what really happen thin they or u woulda be worry bout what come 💡

    85. Mieyki K

      I believe Clarence. They both admit that they were broken up but Leslie sees it as they were just on a break and she was waiting for him to come back to her but he never did. So she is hurt abt it til ths day. She's blaming Queen for their break up. Saying Queen plotted to break them up and got pregnant on purpose. She's crazy. She acts like Queen owes loyalty to her from the way she's acting. She needs to blame Clarence and not Queen.

      1. have fun in life

        Queen literally got pregnant in 3months of knowing him.she was thirsty. And Clarence was clout chasing

      2. STACIE

        It take two

    86. It's Rissa's World

      Any smart woman knows!.... when your man tells you he needs a "break" that shit over! He got a shorty catching his eyes..... in the beginning it was business!! Where was this energy 3 YEARS AGO!? Come on now baby girl... you just looking for a come up. Why she ain't talk about her ex Jeremih?? Jeremih got fire! Come on now! & Chris an idiot cuz he cheated multiple times with multiple women.. abused Queen?! Fuck outta here!

    87. Tasharra_ to_cute

      I feel like I believe Clarence only Bc his ex still seems like she still want him after all this baby girl let it go sis. And I feel like if you coming to get the rest of your stuff out my house and we don’t even speak babygirl we’re done

      1. It's Rissa's World

        @Danielle W. nah you sound childish. Time doesn't define the severity of a relationship. You can meet someone tomorrow & after 2 months or shorter, you can feel way more than what you felt within the 5 years... time doesn't really mean much it's the connection.

      2. Danielle W.

        Nah y'all just childish. Get into a five year relationship deal with what she has and talk to me later. It's easy to judge someone when you haven't been through something like this. I know exactly how she feels. Don't be childish.

      3. It's Rissa's World

        That's what I'm saying!! THANK YOU!

    88. Jaded Jaderson

      Rubi is really going far places.

      1. Jayyk Morfans

        @I'm high bihhh 🤣🤣🤣

      2. I'm high bihhh


    89. Mieyki K

      Queen was just that type to tell her business like that. It seems like she's grown out of that stage now.

    90. Jekeira Jackson

      If Chris respected the mother of his child Queen, he wouldn’t even entertain the negativity involving her and her nigga . Grow up

    91. Jubaby Tv

      This is prolly the only drama Channel I watch I FW IT

    92. Gina LV

      #TeamClarence 💯💯💯

    93. Michelle Chalon

      He's a IM academy forex trader I can tell by his chain.

    94. KpTheG

      Queen was plotting from the jump. Why else bring up her husband & the fact she’s about to be single?

      1. Empress Mardi TV

        the entire internet knew Chris was donne Queen dirty.. shit I never even heard of both of them until these drama pages were talking about Chris’ cheating at that point all you have to do was google Queen and all that meds would come up

      2. baby girl

        She had a cursh on clare

      3. STACIE

        She talk like she was talkin to good Judy

    95. Sheila Tabengwa

      Yeah ddg and rubi are a power couple. And none of us can change that.

      1. Patrick Da don


      2. STACIE

        I woulda say that

    96. Tina Lifestyles

      It’s the beard for me. It’s not surprising Queen when for Clarence, now we know it is the beard for her lol. Y’all don’t mind me

      1. STACIE

        Yea they after what they leave

    97. Jariee Odom

      BRYCE THOMPSON IS TGE OTHER DUDE WITH THE WATCH😂 my forex mentor #tradehouse

    98. Jason Hayword

      I believe Clarence

    99. haitian x pretty

      My thing is one minute she don’t like ddg and the other she does ,it’s almost like she is holding him back from moving on.

      1. Nadia Belizaire

        @Kelvin Wilson 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Sym Taylor

        @Kelvin Wilson I always want to know where you get these crazy theory from? 😂😂😂

      3. Kelvin Wilson

        Rubi never changed how she feels about ddg, she just realized that she's fell for the wrong person, ddg is not who she thought he was, he's a very selfish person, and a controlling person, he's been trying to get her pregnant, even though that would ruin her career, but ne don't give a fuck, he just want a baby, she should stay far away from him.

      4. STACIE

        Next month is Kennedy bday u know how ddg get when November hit so ol girl try keep em claws in him Nd keep him near by

    100. Smh

      I respect ddg so much in all, but let me just say this for the people that be saying “rubi uses ddg”. Ddg would never have took music serious if it wasn’t for rubi being with him, cause before he was never doing it that serious until rubi came in his life. Rubi is gonna blow up regardless with or without ddg, ddg is getting into the industry and getting more popular in the music industry because of rubi believe it or not. Rubi for sure gonna make it 💯, drake and cardi already follow her and they like her music.

      1. Shirley Simmons

        @Smh she had nothing to do with that, he wrote the song, months before he met her, his manager merch been promoting it, he has a team behind him, not Rubi. She only cause confusion. Most of his songs are about his exes anyway and he's asking her to leave him alone right now.

      2. Smh

        @Shirley Simmons 🤦🏽‍♂️ I understand that but rn he’s blowing up on his monthly listeners on Spotify he literally got 3 million monthly listeners within the past 2 months of him & rubi being together.

      3. Shirley Simmons

        Arguments went gold, Rubi was no where around, the song is about Kennedy, in 2018, ddgsigned a record deal, Rubi wasn't there, when he tried to date her she ran to t jay, then came back to him. I'm trying to see when she helped him.

      4. Smh

        @Shirley Simmons he never took it that serious in 2017, he still was doing youtube and being active on their.

      5. Smh

        @Jumar Vlogs nah he really isn’t he doesn’t get noticed by these big time rappers. I never said he used her I said he benefited off of her cause he started to take music serious when they got together. And then he got a lot of publicity off of their relationship.