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    1. Tatiyana Niyel

      They both libras, like I always say...emotional but loyal. They could work, let them be.

    2. queensnazzy1

      She needs to stop trying to be a city girl and just be herself🙄 she ain’t hard and it’s nothing wrong with that. People will accept you more for being you

    3. Prxzidential

      No jumper a goofy


      Do a video of dk4l ken just got cheating on dearra!!! It’s crazy man I’m finna cry

    5. liyahgotgame _

      Who came here from DJ Ghost podcast 😭💯

      1. llII

        What did he say

    6. Jaycee Shields

      She still is for the streets

    7. Maitlin Joyner

      Rubi 4 the streetz 🗣

    8. Dorian _hunt2007

      noti gang phone broke lol

    9. FyeKidJay

      who else yt broken rn?)

    10. WhatsTea Saweetie

      She looked like she was uncomfortable stating “ they were friends before they dated 🤔 “

    11. iiam Iesha

      Friends yes but with what😂🥵🗣️👂

    12. Tiffany T

      It's so obvious that Lala and Rubi were best friends for real. They remind me of each other soooo much, they're so similar its crazy. The friendship may have started as business, but those girls were clearly best friends.

      1. Deneesha Morgan

        If only Lala didn’t date lil Tjay they would have been kicking it in LA since Rubi moved there. It’s just so weird how lala would pick a guy over her best friend. Maybe they had issues in their friendship, but issues or not it’s not cool what Lala did.

    13. Ron Tibbs Jr

      They still together right now. If you watch thw interview she said I have a king. Than Adam asked a new 1 and she slipped and said never mind.

    14. Mike Lamar

      Why do niggas still fuck with Adam all he does is cause confusion.

    15. Hood Reviews

      It feels more like she was in a therapy session with Adam. Is it just me?

    16. Destinymaleigha

      Kiara watch Rap Radar new vid they posted @ the same time u did

      1. Designer the Don

        Good interview but they just posted it yesterday even though it was done a few days after their breakup and when ddg posted that video on KGup

    17. Anise Westbrook

      🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤣🤣 LOVE AND BLESSINGS KI 🙏🏽🥰

    18. Nathan Slagter

      Rubi a real one for that one

    19. John Oliver

      It’s crazy how I sit here worrying about somebody else damn relationship and not my damn owns but I hope they get back together 🤦🏽‍♀️🥺

      1. 864 Realer


    20. Malick Ramadhar

      Rubi Still In Love We Ddg

    21. Capturethe Matrix

      no junior likes girls leave me with yours to find out

    22. Rashon Morrison

      u post anything other than ddg

      1. Emmanuel Appiah

        Its her channel so she posts what she wants to. #respectfully

    23. Miss K

      Adam is just a DDG hater no 🧢

      1. tahjzus

        no cap old ass niggah be on lame shit

    24. Don Cooper

      Sick of both of them they delusional and belong together.

      1. Marian Barker

        You saw the title but you still watch Chile bye

    25. YoBoy SPADE

      Kiara, I love how you EASILY brush their BS under-the-rug as if it's 'ok'...🤣 but do your thang. 🤷🏿‍♂️


      Adam22 been hate DDG. He’s a goof yo

    27. YoBoy SPADE

      Well, people ain't LYING....

    28. Ashley York

      I wish you guys could stop comparing this relationship to the one he had with Kennedy. The one thing I can appreciate about Kennedy is that she knew when to walk away. Walking away from someone you love isn't easy. Nothing is wrong with leaving a toxic relationship especially when you know it's doing more damage than good. Rubi and DDG are fighting hard to stay with each other and nothing is wrong with that. ✨

      1. Go_Smd

        Right these people are so stubborn in the comment, they don’t realize that it’s better to walk away rather then stay in a relationship that is clearly toxic, and mentally draining. Kennedy made a good choice to walk away rather then staying in a relationship that clearly was affecting her mental health.

    29. YoBoy SPADE

      She so STUPID! She always 'shootin' birds' on her pictures. Speaking of 'respect', she's NEVER gon get RESPECTED as a artist/CELEBRITY if she keeps up that type of dumb sh*t and i know she won't UNDERSTAND that but she will see...

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        ...yet another STUPID one. Two Birds Of A Feather.... y'all know the rest.

      2. Marian Barker

        Stupid is you to even comment something about someone you don’t kno personally understand that

    30. Yfn DRXCO

      Bro she in the bad and bouijee music video I did not know that shii

    31. Juss Fayth

      Yes no Jumper does... he let those girls create a whole show on his channel to bash black men

    32. Sea Land

      Y’all are so annoying with Kennedy didn’t show love shit! If you watched ken and ddg from the beginning you know how in love she was with him until he started acting up and she become way more guarded with her emotions. Kennedy never let y’all know what he put her thru because she want to stay private with that shit! And because Kennedy don’t tell y’all shit about anything, and he always on Tweeting about her not want him! Of course you will choose his side! That’s what guys do, hurt you behind close doors and do nice things for you in public... now everybody calling the girl crazy for still being guarded! Smh wish all of them the best but stop trying to shit on Kennedy when nobody know shit!

      1. Crispy Kareem

        Facts ig

    33. John Salary

      Yall in this comment section is rt. I'm a man I been told yall Kennedy was not what yall made her out to be but it took Ddg to tell yall that I get it but next time a man get on here an say something believe it . So no more talk videos about Kennedy.

    34. Jekeira Jackson

      I still like her 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 and much respect for not down talking DDG . Sis real for that 💪🏼

    35. _davean 876_

      Why would she say him and her have a song on the way, while the guy wanted to surprise his fans with his project.

      1. Emmanuel Appiah

        Everybody knows they have 2 songs together and we seen both snippets. I know one belong to rubi so she might be talking about hers.

      2. Designer the Don

        Everyone knows about that song

    36. ReiWYD

      What about what ddg said in dubs video about ruby

      1. Shasa

        What did he say? Or time stamp?

    37. Nick E Fitness

      Here for my daily dose

    38. Shamma Matar

      Ion care bout all of dat I just ddg want to drop the album

    39. K love

      Rubi and ddg are both into each other and if they learn how to communicate with each other instead of breaking up then they relationship may go far

      1. John Stegall jr

        That's what I'm saying if they do that they can have a long happy and healthy relationship and even get married and have kids

      2. Smh


    40. Rikko Force

      Rubi and DDG need to stop playing and have that baby man and make that family channel 💯‼️💪🏽

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        I never SAW the 'love'. 💗❎👀❎ While her and DDG was together, she was STILL linking up with Lil T-Jay but everyone FORGETS that but i NEVER forget because i have my own ways of REMEMBERING....

      2. John Stegall jr

        @YoBoy SPADE because they both really love and care about each other and want to work things out I think if they went to couples counseling their relationship can be much happier

      3. YoBoy SPADE

        I'll gladly tell you what i think from what i see bro but first you tell me why you think they should??

      4. John Stegall jr

        @YoBoy SPADE why u say that

      5. YoBoy SPADE

        That would be the WORST decision of both of their lives...

    41. bokang 23

      7:26 where is Lil Tay anyway

    42. F K

      this interview with rubi finally made u niggas realize why you shouldn't judge someone off what u see on the internet. I swear 2 weeks ago you guys were hating on her saying she needs to leave him alone. now yall praising her?

    43. Aaliyah Williams

      Both Ddg n rubi said they hate starting over so that’s probably why they keep coming back to eachother

    44. kxng killerz

      She said baby on the way at the end on the interview

      1. kxng killerz

        I just realized it

      2. Emmanuel Appiah

        That was for adam cause his wife boutta have a baby.

    45. Lorraine Hanks

      Kiara, Lala already exposed them. The blind date was for views.

    46. JANNA DON

      " the day we shooted the video"...oooook girl its we "shot" the video but hey you also say promiscuous instead of provocative..idc what yall say she dont know what the word means and her saying "shooted" conformed it for me!

      1. Emmanuel Appiah

        What are we suppose to do with this information. She made a mistake ok?

    47. Melanin Queen

      Adam been shading ddg for a minute and im glad she checked him lol He was doing too much with some of his comments and questions but she still held it down. I love how she gives credit where its due to ddg and is so supportive. I’m also glad she cleared up some of those rumors too.

      1. Alex T

        Just goes to show you that the things they may say about each other on Twitter when they arguing is strictly based on their current emotions cause when they settled down or on good terms they both speak highly of each other it's just unfortunate that there super famous so it involves thousands of people

    48. Jeremiah Artis

      I think lala purposely put Rubi in ddg on that blind date to get closer to liltjay,lala really a snake

      1. Flopp Godd

        She go where money is bro

      2. Ashley York

        DDG set that up

    49. just marc

      Adam called ddg a bitch thou??? this nigga fake he called her a hoe to smhh

    50. Life with Aaryn

      I guess rubi and ddg friends... but defends they friend that much.. I guess they friends They got to much going 😫😭

    51. Designer the Don

      I think when Rubi rose put that tweet up about ,”that it’s a trend to hate on Rubi rose and I’m here for it “ was about the shaderoomteens comments when someone posted her and ddg ig story on there at the basketball game and people on there are annoyed with their relationship 😂 because they be on shaderoomteens all the time

      1. Designer the Don

        @Smh sh*t be crazy lol

      2. Smh

        The shade room teens comments be so wild, they acting like rubi & ddg aint humans too 🤦🏽‍♂️

    52. Flash 33

      Check dub video too you hear what DDG wants from a girl so we know why he likes rubi

      1. A1 SinceDay1

        Flash 33 😂😂😂😂

      2. Flash 33

        @Petty Wap you again 😒

      3. Petty Wap

        Clarence shyt made more since tho

    53. Naira Gatsby

      I kind of understand why DDG messes with Rubi now, she shows that she loves him and that’s something that Kennedy never did if we are being honest

      1. Philly Jackson


      2. Sincere Grant

        @L3gendary Z cardi In a relationship dude shut up bro you probably don't have anything HATER.

      3. Sincere Grant

        @L3gendary Z yeah she ain't do no progress in the relationship do you watch DDG yo cause watch the expressing the break up with Rubi.

      4. Miss trouble

        Wish y'all would leave that girl d fuck alone

      5. Amira Haji

        West Side Rio yes I know what he meant by no effort . In that video he explained why he kept to going back to rubi , she showed effort in fixing there relationship . Something Kennedy didn’t do . I’m not bashing Kennedy I’m just saying in their break up video you could kind of see ddg ain’t wanna break up . If you claim you love someone you try and make it work you don’t run away from your problems . But that’s just my opinion .

    54. Riian Clark

      Kiara postt the time stampssss uu keep forgetting

    55. Divine Sedonu

      I like how the baby casually came in the video 😂😂

    56. Dirtbag Squad

      Lala shady and dis/expose ddg, rubi didn’t do that, I believe and think rubi realer than Kennedy and lala together. Hats off to rubi for this interview

      1. Smh

        You really added lala into the collection I see 🤦🏽‍♂️ how many other females are in there? You got a whole hate list

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        @Ass Licker bruh stfu and read and move along

      3. Ass Licker

        Bruh wtf u comment like 40 comments tf take ur ass to bed

    57. T-Raw 2lit

      You need a deal bruh 😂💯

    58. Designer the Don

      Rubi holding it down for DDG on a big platform like no jumper that’s been known for hating on ddg all year even after their “breakup”. Even the haters can’t do nothing but respect that from her💯 Already didn’t before but I’m not tolerating no Rubi rose slander anymore



    60. cool cool

      Adam is a big ah hater old baster think everyone gotta fuh with him i hope ddg just step on him with success

    61. Sym Taylor

      I love how she showed DDG much love and respect. Been a fan of Rubi and will always be. If DDG wants to be with her, let him be. She hold it down in this interview.

      1. Smh

        @Kelvin Wilson you must be delusional you always be saying the weirdest things. Stop wishing on their downfall, they young let them do what they want.

      2. Sym Taylor

        @Designer the Don He used to be his biggest fan, but I guess people change. That person is delusional and stay making up ish.

      3. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor bruh hate ddg lol

      4. Sym Taylor

        @Kelvin Wilson Idc! At the end of the day that's between them. You need to chill out. You need to stop taking things personally and live your own life.

      5. Jack hOffman

        @Kelvin Wilson what song baby?!

    62. Kuttemkidd

      I love ddg and rubi together

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Kuttemkidd and in about 2 to 3 weeks he'll be making another video talking crap about her again.

      2. Kuttemkidd

        @Kelvin Wilson that's what he always do

      3. Isaiah Hyndman

        Me too 🥰

    63. Chrystal Dorsett

      I see my Instagram ymb_skillz on the rubi pic at 4:12

      1. Kiara Shanay


    64. Jaded Jaderson

      Lmao @ how rubi stays misusing the word promiscuous when she tryna say provocative😂

      1. Wolf 7th

        No, she definitely means promiscuous. She sleeps around with a lot of rappers.

      2. Excuse my Beauty

        She don’t even use the word right she put it in the wrong sentence

    65. Monique Sanders

      DDG was respectful of her in his video calling Rubi a superstar, Rubi was respectful of DDG saying put some respect on his name. Cool, Im ready for DDG tape.

    66. Traveine Burton

      I told you fam, I’m singing and dancing to the first 30 sec and last 30 secs. Contents fire 🔥

    67. 5 Sußbs ßefore ßirthday?

      Literally the 1% people who’s reading,,,, I strongly hope your parents live Longer then 100 years with awesome health✅♠️💯

    68. Hannibal730

      DDG is a youtuber

      1. Mario

        @Ass Licker no capp☘️🗣✊🏿

      2. Ass Licker

        @Mario aww thanks man still luv for ya alot if song be going platinum and gold these days but I respect yo opinion lil nigga 😘😘😘😘😊😊😊👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾🦋🦋🦋🦋

      3. Mario

        @Ass Licker millions of people and a gold record disagree with you but I respect your opinion

      4. Ass Licker

        @Mario its average

      5. Ass Licker

        @Mario fine if you wanna listen to his mediocre music go ahead its generic and 20 mil not that much tbh

    69. Danielle Jackson

      this news is always JUCIY HONEY LOVE IT !!!!!!!

    70. Aaliyah Williams

      I’m ready for this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥳

      1. Ass Licker

        Bruh im legit tired of you

    71. Van Lee

      Did she say she is promiscuous?

      1. Petty Wap

        Rubi looks talks and acts slow asf she don’t know what she saying

      2. Excuse my Beauty

        Luke Day trust me she know what the word mean she wouldn’t be saying that 😂

      3. Luke Day

        @Designer the Don promiscuous means having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships. And that’s what people claims she does. So maybe she is using it right.

      4. Excuse my Beauty

        Shasa right I love her but she be saying address up promiscuous like girl that don’t even make sense😂

      5. Shasa

        Excuse my Beauty like at all lol it’s no ways she knows the meaning 😂 trust she wouldn’t be saying it for sure.

    72. Sarah Archbault

      That’s her gay bestfriend

      1. Amir Wilson


    73. Sarah Archbault

      That body jr is gay 😂

    74. angie p

      I'm rooting for them... period. Chile rubi was about to say ill smack you to Adam for talking crazy about ddg, then she had to catch herself. Lmao respect to rubi man.

      1. Sen Sen

        @0nly. Bhadbby neither did lala and maybe cause she has better things to do lmao

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Smack him ? Rubi don’t got hands , I put that on everything . She didn’t even smack lala like she was suppose too

      3. Bronny’s Plug

        @K love yeah foh

      4. K love

        @Bronny’s Plug she didn't cheat on ddg

      5. Bronny’s Plug

        She ain’t have no respect sleeping wit them other nigga tho

    75. No Face

      Dang i missed the premiere 😭🤦🏽‍♂️‼️

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Gosh darn it 😕

    76. Slice

      Y’all can say what y’all want but it seems like Rubi really loved ddg and still do

      1. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson I bet you hate to see Rubi defend ddg and talk him up lol. Just accept the facts

      2. Flash 33

        Fact they just watch her and saying but she for everyone that girl rise by her mom and she has sisters

      3. 24k_armani


      4. Naira Gatsby

        I’m not it’s love he’s just the first guy to treat her good i guess

      5. Slice

        @Flourish Adebayo Omotola lol it’s many types of love

    77. Designer the Don

      This interview was done like 5 days ago so about a week and a half after their “breakup”. The way she talks about ddg multiple times in this interview and with how she was just at his basketball game Sunday tells you they still been talking but people should have known that already

      1. Designer the Don

        @D Price yep with them sending subtle hints, from the meme ddg had posted about “me going home after messing with my ex after telling everybody we don’t talk anymore” last week as well as Rubi quick post and delete of that girl with the bae where you think you going meme too on ig. Plus she just was with him after his basketball game Sunday in the stands

      2. D Price

        Everything adds up to the way the two of them were acting online sending subtle hints that they miss each other. And with Rubi now living in LA its basically impossible for them to stay away

    78. Jamar

      Adam a B word

    79. nate higga

      Young boy say he dropping a tape at 12🔥🔥🔥🔥

    80. nate higga

      Maybe if she show this side of her on social media stop trying to act like a Savage people would like her more

      1. Double007 G

        Mmmm true

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Exactly & pretending to not give a fuck

      3. Mimi Keandra


    81. Shasa

      I know some of y’all don’t want to admit it but Rubi lowkey or maybe high key loves DDG & it’s genuine & all this interview showed me was, I don’t think it’s the end for them but who knows. Life is full of curve balls.. so we shall see.

      1. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Yall remember wen she kept calling him “ bae” 🥴

      2. Petty Wap

        @Emmanuel Appiah her being with Ddg is free promo/attention for her good or bad... Do I need to break it down some more for you?

      3. Designer the Don

        @Alex T exactly lol

      4. Emmanuel Appiah

        @Petty Wap how is she promoting herself when she is "embarrasing" herself for ddg. I'm pretty sure rhere are niggas popping than ddg in her dms. Y'all just hate her for some dumb reason.

      5. Alex T

        @Designer the Don just listen to the way Rubi says "we're friends, that's my friend" and smiles while staring down. She's straight blushing lol ain't no friends when the love is that strong

    82. nate higga

      She show loyalty to ddg made me kind of feel bad for hating on her but it still them tweet that she be putting out that be pissing me off

      1. Olando Davies

        @Kelvin Wilson bro what😐 rubi cheated on him 2 times Nd ddg cheated on her only 1 time , I realize u that same dude who be hating on ddg on twitter

      2. Petty Wap

        Y’all are weak and pathetic

      3. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Don’t feel bad for shit

      4. Don Cooper

        So gullible.

      5. Mikal Steppin

        @Petty Wap how you know 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    83. Kool Aid


    84. Rueee

      Just dropped father figure a song with a message if you never had a father figure growing up click it fah me

    85. Drillz Drilla

      Let’s be honest rubi love the ddg effect 😂😂😂

      1. MambaBinGreein

        @Kelvin Wilson no he ain’t

      2. Aaliyah Williams

        @Kelvin Wilson cap Ddg brought ha baguettes earnings today n he stayed a night at ha house today 😌 (she called him baby)

      3. Drillz Drilla

        @Petty Wap everyone know there bck together 🤷🏽‍♂️

      4. Petty Wap

        @Kelvin Wilson She for the SKREEEEETS!! She just admitted in this interview that she promiscuous 🤦🏾‍♂️ but y’all Lil kids don’t know what that means

      5. Petty Wap

        Only thing she love is the attention and clout

    86. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi was for the streets but ddg wash her up, and cleaned her up.

      1. C-mo


      2. lyilia aa

        Lmao 😭

      3. Carlos Smith

        Nigga 😂😂😂😂

      4. bernelee Muvhali

        🤣 🤣 🤣

      5. Smh

        She was always clean

    87. Dirtbag Squad

      She’s friends with ddg but Kennedy break up with ddg and makes videos shading ddg, rubi would never 👎. It proves who’s real and fake and Kennedy is fake cause ddg did put her in a better position just to turn around ,and dis him and try to throw him and his career underneath the bus 🚌. Tina would never rubi would never.

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @Petty Wap Kennedy a fake just like u clown 🤡. Go wipe your masters fake ass.

      2. Emmanuel Appiah

        @Petty Wap we don't kennedy to be with ddg so she can move on🤣🤣. We on the rubi train now.

      3. Petty Wap

        Stfu Kennedy moved on y’all need to just accept it.. Kennedy ain’t desperate like Rubi

      4. Emmanuel Appiah

        @Life with Aaryn yeah bye get the fuck outta here.

      5. Life with Aaryn

        @Emmanuel Appiah I can’t even say my two cents, you ain’t doin nothing so byeeee ✌🏽

    88. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi a real one, let ddg be happy with his queen. Kennedy fans kick rocks.

      1. Here's Brayan

        @Dirtbag Squad u just saying that wit no proof

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        @Here's Brayan rappers and a nba manger that used her and left her lol

      3. Here's Brayan

        @Dirtbag Squad ok ion give af bout this side of u youtube but name one person she dated that's not ddg

      4. Dirtbag Squad

        @Petty Wap Kennedy definitely not one then lol. Thank u come again

      5. Petty Wap

        Queens aren’t thots idiot

    89. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi over Kennedy all day, she’s real and she proved it in this interview, Kennedy would never. Kennedy always wanted to smash sollumati and shade ddg why tho cause the love wasn’t real she love him for who he was mr clout man and she was the leech

      1. Jae DAE


      2. K love

        @Ass Licker what about kennedy just because it not on camera doesn't mean kennedy is not f..cking smh

      3. Petty Wap

        @Dirtbag Squad how tf is she loyal if she cheats on him🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all Lil kids are slow

      4. Petty Wap

        Boy shut your sus a$$ up who tf would choose a pass around (Rubi) over woman (Kennedy) gtfoh.. your lowkey Kennedy biggest fan you mention her in every vid that has nothing to do with her

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        @Ass Licker I rather a pass around but loyal. than a fake person thats beside me for clout.

    90. VHS Kara

      I clicked on this video so mf fast😭🤣

    91. Oshay Alawode

      Here for DDG ima support whoever he bring home to the DDG fam Fs💯

    92. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi over Kennedy all day this interview showed her loyalty over fame. She stood ten toes for her man, Kennedy never in life did that, always told him he can be replace after he made her who she is. Ladies and thots pay attention there’s real and there’s fake love, Kennedy love was fake for the views and clout. Rubi love for ddg is real.

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @NuUrbanJade so pressed imma ask u to sub to me

      2. NuUrbanJade

        You pressed asf 💀 you don’t even know these fuckin ppl

      3. Rae Bell

        @Kid Ink_- Don't forget the gifts and trips😝

      4. Rae Bell

        @Shasa Young minded Pretty girls always think they got sooooo many options. Nothing wrong with knowing your worth but don't ever think you too good for anyone! You can be pretty & down to earth, just ask Rubi🤪🥰

      5. The Writer Chick

        @angie p so it was Ddg fans that subscribed to kennedy to make 1 million?? I never knew the back story

    93. Dirtbag Squad

      I respect rubi 100* more. Guys ddg as a winner. I’m all for rubi now. Kennedy trash compare to rubi, I remember Kennedy used to say she will smash the enemy but rubi would never, f Kennedy. Kennedy always thought she was better than ddg but ddg made her became who she is today, look who as the fake body Kennedy who 2hos fake Kennedy

      1. NdahafaTV M

        You are one of the snake i have never see on YOUTube in my life💔🚮

      2. Smh

        @JANNA DON smh these people are 5 year olds comparing women 🤦🏽‍♂️

      3. Ass Licker

        @Dirtbag Squad uh how does that make her a feminist look the definition up kid before using it .

      4. Ass Licker

        @JANNA DON ong

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        @JANNA DON you a clown and a feminist, if u don’t understand my writing why reply ? Exactly you a damn clown 🤡

    94. ISRAEL.


    95. Yaeezy Yt

      LoL can someone tell her to update the pictures for everyone 😂

      1. Sincere Grant

        @Kiara Shanay yep but just do you don't ya know listen to these other people.

      2. KamiReberu

        @Boss Society bruh why u trnna fumble the bag😂

      3. KamiReberu

        Exactly bruh u read my mind, I’m tired of seeing that ddg pic 😂

      4. Boss Society

        @Kiara Shanay who cares end of the day they clicking on your videos and you getting paid.


        lmaoo facts

    96. Amiya's Perspective


    97. Dirtbag Squad

      Ok I believe rubi is waaaaaaaaaay better than Kennedy, she fights for him, Kennedy wanted the clout I’m convince she never fought for ddg and only show him love when his shit was popping that means her clout would be popping too, take notes 📝

      1. A. Anthony

        Ruby fights for DDG because she ain’t never had shit. She know once her DDG she will still not have shit.

      2. Arika Payne

        @Petty Wap I see like stfu annoying done made 1500 comments

      3. Arika Payne

        @Designer the Don 😂😂😂😂

      4. Setera Lockley

        How old are you?

      5. Petty Wap

        @Arika Payne this nicca mention Kennedy in every video

    98. Axel Fountain


      1. ISRAEL.

        congrats 🙃

      2. ISRAEL.

        In deed first