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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen ENT “Bad Vibes Forever” Cover -
    Business inquiries:
    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - J Cook
    6:15 - Cardi B & Rubi Rose
    9:50 - Back To J Cook

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    1. Mikelle Weathers

      What video is Rubi rose and Cardi in

    2. Nytellem

      Bro that sucks, this why I have trust issues. The second a girl is defensive with me about certain things like who she texting or chilling with I’m already on the edge.

    3. Kori Sean- Andrew My babies i love you

      Please see I've kept this a secret for 8 months ... I'm having a boy !! The ddg family 7 months ago and please tell me it doesn't sound identical to the j.cook situation and j.cook has a finding out I'm not the father around the same time in ddgs watch intell the very end.!!!!! And also jcook was in the la Beverly hills area round the time he found out old girl was Prego imagine that!!!

    4. Ajauny moore

      Omg been a while sheeesh 😬😌

    5. soon aye

      intro song?

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Rob Allen ENT - on all major platforms! That song coming soon ! 😳

    6. Byron


    7. Bob Marley

      Shut up no1 cares and ur voice is annoying asf

    8. Lisa Libra

      I suggest that most men get a paternity test when having a child with ANY WOMAN, I would give my sons the same advice when they have a child on the way as well. Too many men go thru such a devastating thing and it’s completely heartbreaking. I’m praying for everyone in that situation🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    9. L3gendary Z

      Kiara is correct! A female knows who her baby father is! We know! Thank God I’ve never been in that situation but I had gfs who was able to call more than one niggas name of who she was with so trust me females be knowing! It’s sad

    10. Dez Loyal

      Any time a baby girl name is London u need to question that shit

    11. SSGSS me

      They should make DNA testing mandatory 🤷

    12. thatgirl maj

      feel so bad for j

    13. LEA 001

      Welp home girl should of stayed off J Cooks vlogs but I guess it’s good cuz know he knows the truth. That girl was a fan she knew what she was doing. This is just wrong if she didn’t know she should of been straight up but the fact she didn’t just makes me believe she was a fan she knew she always got mad over a DNA. If my sons father wanted a DNA I’d be like whatever is Gnna help you sleep at night if u feel you need to know then do it.

    14. 160 King

      This nigga can rap and sing the intro Litty

    15. Jezella Sheffey

      Ngl I was disappointed in the song smh but the music video was dope

    16. Ceejay

      Man the j cook stuff broke my heart. Praying for his healing.

    17. M C E B I S I. K H E S W A

      Girls abuse people with good hearts

    18. Tee Tee

      Mommas baby, daddy’s maybe. Always get a dna test.....always

    19. MzBrown

      Why I feel like this whole J Cook situation is for clicks and reviews, something about this seems so plotted and planned. Even in his intro prior to the news he didn't really even introduce her as his daughter, just held a baby and kissed it, so random but congrats on a million views

    20. KiingSaySoTv

      Check out my reaction to “WAP” on my Reaction Channel “REACTIONS WITH KIINGSAYSO”

    21. Mizz Mimi

      Aw man that's fucked up

    22. theplayerline justgameing99

      Very blessed video. Very touching very profound going through the same thing right now very painful to find out the little girl is not my grandchild. wow

    23. Damond Lockett

      It’s a Cardi b song she hasn’t drop in Hellas

    24. Navas Brown

      How much subs u have

    25. Dvonte Fisher

      But did he sign that birth certificate though 👀😭😭

    26. Addicted To Giggles

      J Cook didn’t deserve that at all. It really made me upset for him. Thank God he found out now and not in some years.

    27. Jenna Smith

      Cook's daughter was darker than him and the baby mother. That's not your kid son!

      1. ERIN

        skin tone doesn’t determine if the kid was his.

    28. Mr TakeYaHoe

      Idc I love rubi and ddg💯

    29. Joseph Sanchez

      Another lit vid 🔥

    30. Felicia Brown-Hudson

      Watched you a few times and had to subscribe. Real Ones are Hard To Find. I'm just feeling your energy. I'm a small KGupr, if you care to, show the love back and check me out. Love your videos & love your channel....issa vibe!

    31. MayaTheSupreme

      Oh no😭😭😭😭

    32. F.B.I

      You have a Discorrrrd

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Uh oh. I’m busted by the FBI 🥶

    33. JasonSmallz

      Honestly, mad respect to J Cook. He spent his hard earned money raising another dudes child. Imagine while his girl was pregnant, he took care of her and everything, just to find out this baby ain’t his. I respect his decision to no longer be a part of the babies life, don’t show these females they can use you as an atm/baby sitter! Some females will abuse your attention and care! It would be different if the baby was already grown because at that point blood or not, he would’ve been her father by then, but she’s only 4 months old.

    34. Mja5y Don

      Why female thinks it okay for a man to take care of another man baby while they were lied to

    35. letsgetseats

      Real grown man vlogs❗️ keep making dope vids‼️ & touch that lil red button on my page‼️💯🤘🏽

    36. Hart Fantom

      The fact that girls look up to Cardi b and Megan the stallion has most definitely prevented me from wanting any kids.

      1. Emini !


      2. Skooda C

        Dis a W comment

      3. RICO 904

        And one of those Kiara face things next to it💯

      4. RICO 904

        This comment deserves more likes than any comment on here no cap💯💯💯💪

    37. Daniel Toussaint

      What's the song name in the intro?

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Rob Allen “Where Do We Go” it’s dropping soon! I’ll have the link in my description ASAP 🔥

    38. some one213

      ngl ion like rubi lmao 😂 but this def a W for her

    39. SugaBear Parks

      #1 🔥🔥🔥

    40. Ammanuel Haile

      Love from Melbourne Australia

    41. King Shali

      Government needs to make paternity testing mandatory at every damn hospital and clinic. So many men will be saved from alot of heartbreak and financial burden.

      1. Florence Morale

        Well, "mandatory" might be considered violating someone's privacy, but they should probably make it a part of the paperwork, whereas the guy has to sign something saying that he's been offered one, and consciously opting out of taking it, so that It's at least verbally presented as an option, and they're allowed to find out up front.

      2. Kevin Ethan


    42. K love

      Ok rubi congratulations 👏

    43. YoBoy SPADE

      Ruby does have a nice voice. Alot of the DDG Squad be hating on it but ive always loved the sound of her voice. I just don't be tryna give her nobody 'props' when they are consideredbto be for the STREETZ but even on her rap tracks she sounds good so Cardi B wasn't lying about what she said but she STILL liable to click into 'street' mode at any given minute. I dont put NOTHING past her....

    44. YoBoy SPADE

      Don't feel bad, i didn't know what it meant either...even after people began making fun and memes of it. I just found out yesterday.

    45. Edward K Alfred Sr

      Thanks Kiara Shanay for saying what you said at the end not trying to defend that. There’s no reason to do that. Especially to a kid. It hurts like crazy. Because you don’t want to lose the kid you think is yours. But you also don’t want to take care of another mans kid especially when the mother said it’s yours. But thanks for checking the women. Because i know a lot who try and defend stuff like that.

    46. Edward K Alfred Sr

      FACTS. it hurts so much when that happens. Because you get attached to a child that totally isn’t yours. That’s the worst thing ever to do. Because your doing the kid wrong off the jump. Just to hold on to something you missed up. I went through it for 4 years and end up not being mines.

    47. Anise Westbrook


    48. Big Bossman Tv

      She just scandalous smh

    49. Divine

      J cook gave his everything for this baby what a man to say f anything else I’m gonna take responsibility and this girl** dare take advantage of a good man like this I-. We don’t claim her bruh. And to all the men going through it who don’t get enough love and gratitude thank you for your heart and God will reward you. And punish vindictive ppl like her

    50. Vonnie's Time

      She try to trip J-cook because he got that bag, and at the same time how do we know if this not a publicity stunt to get views youtubers are so unpredictable nowadays! Ruby Rose and DDG relationship bouta be over pretty soon, because soon as females start moving on they own they forget all about the ones that put em in position in the first place!!

      1. Vonnie's Time

        @Kevin Ethan all of these KGuprs are gonna learn the harder way smh

      2. Kevin Ethan

        True he’s gonna learn the hard way damn

    51. xTreCapalot

      wap ??


      They was vulgar but I like it 😂😂😫🙃🤞🏾

    53. shaquille noel

      subcribe for no reason

    54. Craig Thomas

      If he signed the birth certificate he is the legal father and is still financially responsible for that child. The mother can go after him for child support. It doesn't matter if he's not the biological father. Hopefully he can get his name removed from the birth certificate. Terrible that happen to him

      1. LEA 001

        Did you know they have to do a DNA test at the courts before getting child support? Just went through it.

    55. John Addison

      I like it when you show all these fake youtube hate Drama channels that you don't have to hate in order to stay relevant. You will grow very big with this positive energy. Keep it up

    56. III

      Songs only get promoted for a week now. It pushes the numbers for the release. The song decent

    57. Rated R-onda

      That’s what happens when you cheat on ya girl 🤷🏾‍♀️

    58. Halei

      Keep us updated w j cook!!!

    59. A P

      I was in the same situation as J Cook I had went to FOC to try to put myself on papers and they told me the baby momma had to turn me in but she never did so I finally got a DNA test done without the baby mother and find out she wasn’t mines and when I tried to stay in her life she wouldn’t let me saying she was mad I got the test done. Wth

    60. Demi

      There are drug store DNA tests, but I suggest one of those and a professional one. I don't get why women do this. This isn't fair on the dude or the baby!!! Kiara, girl, this is INDEFENSIBLE!!!! This man bonded with a baby, got the name tatted and everything!

      1. Kiara Shanay

        They sell them at the store too? I didn’t know that! Indefensible 👏🏾 you’re absolutely right.

    61. Tàe. London

      What voice Rubi have ? Cardi stop capping

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        nah, her voice dope fr

    62. Crisann Brown

      I would react the same way as rubi rose did with cardi b... if DDG follows me back or even text me too😭😂😭😂❤❤❤

    63. Shiquechica

      Really disheartening for him to find out months later after all his sacrifices the baby isn’t his. I wish women wouldn’t do this. I know 3 guys personally that found out through DNA testing that a child wasn’t theirs. 1 after 7 years, 1 right after the baby was born, and 1 while the baby was in utero. It’s hard to trust anyone after that. It’s unfortunate but you guys might want to wrap it up or definitely get DNA test as early as possible if you’re unsure.

    64. Quintessential

      I'm sorry but does anyone believe that Rubi wasn't gassing up the long list of other rappers she was with in the same way? I saw DDG’s new video. She is trying so hard to change the narrative🤦🏾‍♂️ She needs to work on her acting skills.

      1. E thekid

        Acting skills? Another day another conspiracy theory.

    65. 2100briex

      I feel sorry for J Cook

    66. 2100briex

      Cardi new song ass

    67. Mrs S

      What’s happened to Justice is nothing short of heartbreaking for not only him but his entire family. I pray he finds peace & with time he heals. This boys world has been tipped upside down, that baby was everything to him 😭💔🙏

    68. Gina LV

      It Always takes a THOT to Turn a Good Guy Bad 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Kevin Ethan


    69. Lonnie Boyd

      Why would you be promoting a song like that to these little kids?

      1. Jennifer Jacobs

        PG 18+🙃

    70. Lonnie Boyd

      Guys... go get that DNA test man.... these girls be cheating out here.... you wrong for that crying face guy at the end though... I really wasn't tryingi to be out here laughing at old boy.

    71. Abb B

      JCook situation: That female is grimey asf. As a women, you get ur period once a month. That means she was fckinh more than one guy raw during that time period. She probably had doubts but didn’t want to say nothing.

    72. Roshie

      And Kiara idk if I’m tripping or not but I think the background music for the video was in the background of the intro 😭. Still fire tho 🔥

      1. Kiara Shanay

        That’s probably Kayleigh’s toons playing in the BG 😂

    73. L Nixon

      She's 4 months I wouldn't do it it's someone else's kid!

      1. Larenz

        You know the girl insta

    74. Rosemarie Hood

      Somebody tell me what is wap

      1. Flawless Ari

        Ashley Oliver ngl I’m not feeling WAP either and I don’t support colorists either so we’re on the same page.

      2. Rosemarie Hood

        @Ashley Oliver ty. I'm not familiar with cardib and to old to kno all the lango but I'm catching on at 70. Lol The only rapper I listen to is Ddg and some of his lango I have to skip. But I guess that's what rappers do, I just like him as a person.

      3. Ashley Oliver

        No, I don’t really listen to rap songs like that. I don’t support colorist so most rappers are dead to me, don’t care for them, don’t support them in anything. Cardi’s song was trash but I am sure it’s gonna get #1 somewhere. How are singing about WAP but your husband always cheats on you so maybe there should be more to a woman empowerment other that her WAP.

      4. Flawless Ari

        Ashley Oliver but can you listen to male rappers rapping about the same thing?

      5. Ashley Oliver

        Wet ass pussy. Couldn’t even listen to the song. These rappers have no talent at all.

    75. Roshie

      Bro 🤦🏾‍♂️.. Rob with another banger? 🤔... His music is such a vibe bro 🔥 literally a vibe. I replayed the hell outta the intro 😭

      1. Kiara Shanay

        🥺 thank youuuus

    76. Anitra

      That baby don’t look like him or her at all! She picked the guy that probably had more money and would step up. Some women can be so selfish.

      1. King Shali

        @Jazz A Tons of women do this, paternity fraud is a big problem in the states.

      2. Jazz A

        Am so disgusted that there’s women who have the audacity to even do that

    77. CANNON Jit

      Some of yall women on some bullshit this year.

    78. Egypt Overstreet

      11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 trending number one

    79. Gaming with Chrissy!

      right and rubi in this music video i thought i was seeing stuff but that was her right

      1. Kelvin Wilson

        Yes that was rubi

    80. Blissful Journey

      remember to LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE and Get your membership badge🙌🏾

    81. Simone Ashslay

      That’s pretty sad but good thing he took the test when she was 4 months and not later on down the line but I know it’s going to be hard for him.

    82. Yazira Romero


    83. Gaming with Chrissy!

      heyyyyyyy yall but whats that rubi

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Yep yep that’s her in red.

    84. dook ee

      intro song need to be dropped ASAP

      1. dook ee

        f k u hating

      2. F K

        no it dont


      Is it true J hook was asking for money regarding been a single dad? Cos he said he was giving money away to some charity cos the babies not his. Soooo I'm confuesd did he ask for help?

      1. CLJX3 A

        Mrs S ☺️ thank you!! ♥️

      2. Mrs S

        CLJX3 A sending much love to you Mumma C 😭🙏😘

      3. CLJX3 A

        Martin Louis- you are confused! He is talking about all the gifts that were sent to him and Londyn from supporters. Not talking about money. Not ever. Nor did anyone ever send him money for her or him. Just gifts for her. He was telling his supporters all that wasn’t for nothing and he is donating it all to a local non profit group - Father Matters. They help single dads get settled. So that they knew it was going to a good cause. FACT. #proudmama♥️

      4. Mrs S

        He didn’t ask for anything. He simply assured everyone that sent gifts for the baby it will be donated to a fathers group/charity that aid single fathers during custody issues etc. Baby equipment & decor from the nursery will all be donated for a greater good.

      5. cortara mitchell

        I believe his supporters wanted to donate money and baby stuff. So now he’s giving everything to a charity that supports single fathers struggling.

    86. tipsy kush

      Intro Song????????

      1. tipsy kush

        @Kiara Shanayit's fire, can't wait

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Rob Allen “Where Do We Go” it’s dropping soon 😄

    87. Elias Sancho

      unpopular opinion Rubi Rose has a bright future in the music industry than DDG.

      1. Ashley Carter


      2. Elias Sancho

        @David brown Exactly... DDG cant even find a signature Voice...

      3. Kelvin Wilson

        They're both rising stars, and they will rise together.

      4. David brown

        Ashley Oliver You right but as of now rubi has more potential to be bigger. Ddg still seen as just a youTuber making music so he has it harder.

      5. Ashley Oliver

        Not really. Normani has been pushed for years and she still can take off. Just because you get acknowledgment from bigger artist, it doesn’t guarantee success.

    88. Melanin Queen

      Im happy for Rubi she’s def up next. The WAP interview on apple music Cardi did with the girls was really good.

    89. H.A.G Life

      The intro literally doesn’t match your videos

      1. F K


    90. Afro Libertarian

      Take notes from Kirk Frost. Get that baby tested...

    91. Afro Libertarian

      You don't need to have permission from the mother

    92. Lulu Nzama

      Its exactly this exposure that will make her leave ddg ass🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Sniper Cle


    94. Zach Varner

      I barely missed it keep up the grind🙏 y’all really the 🐐 love the vids

    95. Lalalalala

      Damn he got her m name tatted on his face yikes, hes too young its better to let her go now

      1. Speedy_

        King Shali wym pretty sure he’s still gonna keep her

      2. King Shali

        If his name is on the baby's birth certificate, he's fucked for the next 18 years.

    96. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi leveling watch she gonna leave ddg lol. Just like Kennedy did

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        Ashley Oliver we love u Ashley lol

      2. Sheila Tabengwa

        @Ashley Oliver ryt 😂😂😂

      3. Ashley Oliver

        At this point you are in love with Kennedy. You can’t make a post without mentioning kennedy.

      4. Justin Mitchell

        Sheila Tabengwa fr😂

      5. Sheila Tabengwa

        Why you gotta ruin the mood💀💀


      Why did I thought the title has J. Cole in it

    98. Lalalalala

      Lol cardi don't even have that voice n saweetie has the perfect rapper voice but don't have bars so having the voice is not that important

      1. Plug Walk

        @Carlos Spence lol yea she be sounding like a lil Mexican boi bullying kids

      2. Carlos Spence

        @Plug Walk yeah it can be annoying when she loud and petty

      3. Plug Walk

        @Carlos Spence its annoying but I like her flow

      4. Carlos Spence

        Cardi does has the voice imo i like her voice lol

    99. Dirtbag Squad

      While rubi getting exposure in the rap game Kennedy once again showing her ass on the gram lol talent vs non talent lol. We can say ddg as upgraded

      1. Go_Smd

        Skully gang she’s an insta baddie, She made it to the top 12 in the NYX Face Awards, she has her own brand kck collection, she’s a youtuber/influencer/entertainer. She’s one of the top beauty and lifestyle gurus. And she partnered with style haul. She got 1.8M subs on youtube, 1.6M followers on insta. She seems pretty talented to me 🤔

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        Dumb_ass Kennedy as no talent lol none

      3. Go_Smd

        All_6K Tamir right rubi just posted a video of her shaking her ass on her Instagram post.

      4. 4k Studios

        But doesn’t Rubi show her ass??😂are you stupid

      5. Go_Smd

        Girl Blessed lmfao she ain’t allowed to use the blanket as a thumbnail ? But ddg back then always used her in thumbnails. 😂 your funny

    100. Dammy

      I love Kiara Shanay man❤