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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Youngboy Arrested
    4:53 - DDG Isn't On The Rumored Freshman List Of 2021
    8:55 - Rubi Rose Took A Break From Social Media
    10:02 - Corey Pritchett Looking For Artists To Collab With
    10:52 - Damien Prince Says Social Media Is Too Toxic

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Who do you want to see on the XXL Freshman List? 🎤 🎶 🔥

      1. Music By LEAK


      2. RGE DopeBoy


      3. Taymar Hooks

        Ssgkobe,sofaygo,pasto flacco,ddg,

      4. Sheila Tabengwa

        Ddg duhhh

      5. Elijah Richards

        Bruh I can’t even honestly rap a Corey verse because he’s not an artist 😂😂😂

    2. Dasia Graves

      I want DDG to be on the magazine period

    3. Yami Atem

      That's one thing about life when you expect to accomplish something it doesn't happen right away its always when you least expect it XXL bout like the Grammys anyways lol.

    4. Noah Johnson

      1:50 lol whats wrong with white guys eyes

    5. Maria Velez

      Would be nice extra exposure. Really don't need them tho. DDG been putting in work with the music, everything organic.. besides lots of Artist never made XXL they bussin. DDG will be fine.

    6. KTG

      yall need to be forreal with ddg until he gets an actual music fanbase he will be a youtube rapper and no him getting millions of views on his music videos means nothing because thats coming from his youtube fanbase not music fans...... xxl keeps denying him cause there not blinded by his numbers again thats nothing but his youtube fanbase thats dosent translate to record sales and being a rap star two different worlds man

    7. Justin Walker

      Magazine sub cancelled

    8. Dee Ciento

      So you’re telling me that XXL would rather put just anyone nobody’s never heard of like SSGKOBE & SNOT but not DDG who just went Platinum and had a Billboard entry? Rigged 🤦🏾‍♂️😴

    9. The Anoying Troll

      I’m just throwing this out there....Lil B was in the same Freshman Cypher as Kendrick Lamar on XXL....DDG down BAD 😂😂😂😂 Based God - 1 DDG - 0

    10. Phil T

      Rubi want some of that d4r money l rock with DDG


      Ddg tweak sheff g would ... have the best freestyle

    12. Ashley York

      Corey is delusional

    13. Ashley York

      I think Rubi had covid & didn't want people to know

    14. Craig Thomas

      I don't know...taking a long break from social media could be a career killer. It's kinda like when music artist take a break from making music for a while, but when they finally come back nobody's listening to their music anymore

    15. Quade

      DDG dont need to be put on XXL coz he has already proven his quality and gained respect of many artists, even YB.

    16. 8 6

      J.I 🔥🔥

    17. Bob Mcgee

      that’s how you know xxl is fake

    18. Ice Mike

      Damien a whole cap

    19. Ja Mo

      Why DDG so pressed about a freshman list? Fuck them people

    20. Jayzino

      DDG and King Von should’ve been on XXL last year 🙌🏾

    21. Jayzino

      This the 3rd year in a row that they been snubbing DDG it’s getting out of hand 🤦🏾‍♂️🐐

    22. A A

      I can possibly see rubi rose on XXL more than DDG, the industry is gonna pull a slick one and do this to him.

    23. A A

      he needs that freshman xxl energy, that's where you drop songs and remix songs CONSISTENTLY. no disrespect. I do not see much quality work from ddg.

    24. K.O.F Çhamp

      rob allen better be on that list

    25. GH Sense

      DDG trash he ain't a rapper just an amateur actor who blew up

      1. babydoll17x

        Exactly lol

    26. Courtney Smith

      I don’t know why people don’t think the hip hop police are not real. They’re watching your every move looking for a reason to put you in jail. They use lyrics as evidence to get you set up to do time or doing interviews and giving up information that’ll later be used against you. This system is rigged and trapping our youth.

    27. C-Dub Carter

      Sounds like he's copying off of corey🤣

    28. Jarod Wilson

      Ddg don't need to be XXL because this album or what ever he just dropped could go gold, every song sounds like a hit to me, album of the year type shit

    29. Strayaa Onee💜💚

      All blessings to everyone Nd they family🙏🏼💜💚

    30. Synayah Glover

      don’t nobody wan do no song wit no damn corey fuck🤨😂

    31. Boutabag

      I don’t know why he want it so bad it’s not that serious he shouldn’t be that pressed over it

    32. Mrs Tee

      A feature $1500😂😂😂😂 early April fool's

    33. Mrs Tee

      I work in healthcare on the front lines. 500,000 people have died from covid-19. And trust they're not all old, believe that. Covid-19 thickens fluids in your lung, thickens you're blood. Creates blood clots, you are prone to a heart attack. It's more than a cough and a fever. People perish for lack of knowledge. Think it's a old person disease if you want to. Big mistake!

    34. Arichhh Wayyy

      Free youngboy

    35. Huncho K

      Wether he made it or not that dont Solidify that he gon be BIG its other rappers who didnt make it and they big now

    36. 417.SCREAM

      So we not gone act like you don’t know Rod Wave🧢🤦🏽‍♂️😂

      1. RGE DopeBoy

        @417.SCREAM hmm

      2. 417.SCREAM

        @RGE DopeBoy I heard her say that she just didn’t say Rod wave name that’s why I said it

      3. RGE DopeBoy

        She said She KNOWS THEM🤦🏽‍♂️

    37. Joey_ Breezy

      Kiara if nigga dont know what rico is after snitch 9 situation then they under a rock

    38. Unityyy

      If ddg not in it this year, I'm convinced somebody got something against him 😂😂

    39. AnnieB Smith

      🤣🤣🤣 double XL KIARA WE GOT YOU

    40. n8z

      the list is fake 🤡

    41. LEX

      He outgrew xxl he better than half the people that been on there 💯

    42. Da Don

      XXL doesn’t rlly determine anything tbh but I mean DDG definitely deserved to be on it

    43. Dirtbag Squad

      These guys finessing off ddg clout lol xxl is a whole clown “

    44. Cassie Sandra

      He'll be 10yrs into the rapping game but still crying about being on XXL, lol.

      1. felipe godinez

        bruh what crying ? stop taking shi too far

    45. SSGSS me

      Why does he want to be on xxl still fuck em 🤷🏾

    46. Emmanuel Appiah

      the xxl list fake. leaked freshman list came out in 2019 and 2020 but ended up being fake. DDG is definately making it this year.

    47. Anise Westbrook


    48. Bryana Rose

      But it was some people on xxl 2020 that was mostly unknown and songs bullshit but ol

    49. K1ng Exotic

      The racketeer is how 6ix9ine was put in jail

    50. Fernando Martinez

      If anybody pay Corey for a feature, you deserved to get got. Corey music is A$$! People gonna be making videos complaining about how wack and short the feature was and his response gonna be " I only charged 1500, I could have charged more. What did ya'll want a whole song?."

    51. Fernando Martinez

      Honestly, that double Xl list is complete Bull$#!t. Half the artists that usually come out in it never really go on to do anything major. Not making that list might be a good thing.

    52. KpTheG

      DDG ain’t slick. He making sure y’all make a big mess & fuss about it so they see his impact & add him to the list 😏

    53. Hood Reviews

      Not X X L. Double XL mama

    54. Legendary Entertainment

      No shout out?

    55. Albert Hays Town IV

      I'm from Louisiana knowing it's not NBA Youngboy. He's famous from social media #KidsLoveSatanicTempleDrama

    56. Jarod Wilson

      I really didn't notice rubi was off social media because she has a new song with trap manny, trap manny sounds a lot like pop smoke, and rubi do her thing on the song and the visual are fantastic 👏 I watch it everyday

      1. Jarod Wilson

        @Designer the Don it don't matter when it was shot, because ddg was not there when she shot the video, and the video just dropped 5 days ago, 7 days ago ddg and rubi was at six flags, but now they have broke up, so i was just asking the question.

      2. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don Maybe for once their moving in silence and not saying anything like one of them usually would. Maybe today one of them will tweet or post something indicating their single.

      3. Designer the Don

        @Ray Kim are they done though? No don’t be naive

      4. Designer the Don

        @Jarod Wilson bruh that was shot in December, no lol

      5. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don Things ain't looking too good. Check his most recent tweet.

    57. _ Bsiog

      His husbands music ass i cant lie nigga aint going no where with that shit 😭😭

    58. Major

      Rubi pregnant 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Muvie Lavee

        Not she's not tf!

    59. Emmanuel Chenny

      Didnt he make a video last year saying he didn’t care about making the list anymore or am I tripping ?🤔

      1. deezy123456

        I think he said if they didn’t pick him this year then it would be F’em

    60. STILL DOPE

      DDG will never be on the freshmen list, cause thats not REAL hip hop! ask a real hip hop artist about DDG & he'll tell that sh** is FU-GAZZIE!💯

      1. Poca Latte

        @STILL DOPE To be clear, Mr DoYourHistory, Hip Hop is a culture with rap music being a part of it and It’s not just one type of sound. Some crosses over into Pop but it doesn’t mean it’s no longer rap or hiphop

      2. Poca Latte

        @STILL DOPE Drake is versatile and a lot of his music is hip hop.

      3. STILL DOPE

        @Poca Latte everybody u just named is not hip hop! Do your history!💯 those are pop artist who considers DRAKE hip hop! LETS BE FOR REAL!!!💯

      4. Poca Latte

        What’s not real hip hop? I’m confused cause his music is versatile and lest I checked these top rappers out here doing everything from yelling to singing/harmonizing about everything from the hood to their relationships. Youngboy, Dirk, LilTJay, Drake, Rod Wave etc DDG held his own with every feature on his tape cause he’s just as good or better.

    61. No name

      1500 for a feature from Corey is good if you are underground because you are going to get a guaranteed 100k views at the very least

    62. CINCO

      Idk why he thinks he needs XXL. 90% of XXL every year is just filled with artist that are ALREADY VERY well known

    63. Sinds93

      That list booty cheecks🙃🤣

    64. Only Slappers

      List fake💀

    65. naquan london

      Shii it’s rigged anyways

    66. Becky Boo

      Also DDG said "my baby sick" on twitter the other day

    67. Prince Of R&B

      Bro Xxl be blowin DDG with leaving him out the list the man should have been on the list last year tbh its good cuz he gonna be Successful I mean he already is 💪🏾💯

    68. Becky Boo

      Ur consistency is insane

    69. OT TV

      Only mfs I agree wit this years, Is pooh sheisty, Coi Leray, 42 Dugg, and J.I. add ddg in there and we got a good ass 5 and maybe Rubi

    70. Sidney Lewis

      I hope DDG makes it since he wants to.enjoyed the video.

    71. Precious Mlokoti

      Damien, we don't give af!

      1. Kiara Shanay

        😂 😂 omg.

    72. WaVy O

      Some ppl went on xxl and you dont even hear of them xxl dont mean nun

      1. Emmanuel Chenny

        If it don’t mean nothing then why do some rappers wanna be on the cover so bad ?🤔

    73. WaVy O

      Drake , lil baby , nba yb was never on xxl ddg is still gonna still be a great rapper

      1. LuvWade

        @LxvGlocc he did freestyle go look it up

      2. LxvGlocc

        Yb was on xxl 😂 he jus didn’t freestyle

      3. WB 30

        @Jayisland yb didn’t decline he got arrested

      4. bella

        @sechaba chalale he declined.

      5. The Anoying Troll

        @K3oxx DDG is my favorite KGupr...I’m very comfortable tho 🥱

    74. Shirley Simmons

      You mean DDG still didn't get it, well, he really don't need it. This boy popping on his own and doing very well. I didn't realize all the rappers features on his new stuff. I heard Rubi violated the rules, I really hope she is covid free, that's a serious, serious sickness.

      1. Shirley Simmons

        @K Breezy He should be on it, he just surprised Brice Hall at his house, ddg be everywhere.

      2. K Breezy

        Nah he’s most likely on it, this is a fake list that they do every year

    75. OT TV

      Come on fam the kid laroi over ddg? Cap asf, and iann dior? Nigga on 1 popular song and it ain even his song

    76. King Supreme

      Corey talking like he really a rapper. Nobody paying for no feature bra!😂😂😂

      1. india brow


      2. Ganny Bredy

        Com'on maaaannn!😭😂

      3. Tavii bee

        😂😂😂😂 this is like reading my thoughts

      4. Kiara Shanay



      What y'all don't know about this industry they will put pressure on you to sign yourself up, if you want exposure.like so call in the illuminati there's things you have to be willing to do some shitty things...blieve it not it's not that simple.talent itself a lot of time won't cutt it

    78. Yoo Chief

      Why would he be worried about getting put on the xxl when he got songs with Major artist???

      1. Emmanuel Chenny

        @Yoo Chief exactly so your agreeing with my point. Him being on songs with big features doesn’t guarantee him blowing up. To truly blow, you have to have song that blows up because of you & not because of the feature. Having a big feature can be a gift & a curse. Because after getting that big feature your gonna have to prove yourself on your own afterwards, if you keep relying on features then ppl won’t give you full credit for your success

      2. Yoo Chief

        @Emmanuel Chenny that the same with majority of the xxl freshman’s

      3. Emmanuel Chenny

        Having songs with major artist doesn’t guarantee you success

      4. felipe godinez

        yk bro likes to freestyle he just wants to do it🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    79. angie p

      Just here to bring positive vibes, so with that being said...STICK STICK MOVE MOVE 💃💃👯‍♂️ 🤣😂

      1. Music By LEAK


      2. Kiara Shanay

        💃🏽 💃🏽 💃🏽

    80. Muvie Lavee

      Xxl gives more exposure but Major record labels buy a spot for their artists. Ddg gonna be fine with or without XXL. He just need to keep grinding & i wish rubi a speedy recovery.

      1. Music By LEAK


    81. Mike Harris

      If Ddg isn’t on there it’s rigged

    82. E N

      ddg is getting black balled

      1. Muvie Lavee

        No he's not. Record labels buy a spot for their artists on XXL cos its Rigged. Epic not gonna do the same for Ddg cos they don't own his masters.

    83. Toria Herron

      I rock with DDG but HONESTLY I'm tired of hearing about RUBI 🌹. They really need to keep their relationship off the Internet. Cuz I honestly believed they were done this last time. But I'm human I've said I'm done alot also.

      1. Ganny Bredy

        @Marian Barker myyyyyyy nigga

      2. Marian Barker

        Then don’t watch

    84. nate higga

      That lawyer had made an update and said he is not facing the RICO charge now only gun charges

      1. nate higga

        @Mike Harris I hope so

      2. Mike Harris

        He will most likely get bail

    85. nate higga

      I just hope they don't give NBA youngboy a lot of time cuz he going to serve some time now he should have never ran and that made it even worse😭😭😭🤦

      1. nate higga

        @Mike Harris you know it's always free youngboy until his free 4ktray

      2. Mike Harris

        Free yb

      3. Ray Kim

        It ain’t looking too good for him 🤦🏾‍♂️

    86. Tre Jones

      Ddg and Big Rubi still together right?

      1. Marian Barker

        @Raymond Kimani that tweet was days ago since then they haven’t been together they dine

      2. Marian Barker

        @Spawn Demon they not together they just not letting ppl kno right now

      3. Raymond Kimani

        @Marian Barker He retweeted her most recent tweet tho. Do you honestly think he would do that if that wasn't the case? She hasn't tweeted anything herself to say otherwise either.

      4. Spawn Demon

        @Marian Barker and he replied to that tweet with a joke... He wouldn't have done that if they weren't together still

      5. Kay Kay

        @Marian Barker I noticed and because people saying they still together is confusing

    87. Go_Smd

      Who gives af about xxl list. 😂 that shit don’t mean nun just keep doing you don’t let that shit stop you take it as a motivation.

      1. felipe godinez

        DickLacey they choose you dumbass🤣😂😂ddg got nominated twice but he ain’t get picked shit rigged and he had the most votes

      2. Go_Smd

        @DickLacey xxl doesn’t do anything for you it’s just a list

      3. DickLacey

        ddg been begging xxl for years to be on xxl don't downplay xxl because they don't want ddg.. xxl don't need ddg .. ddg needs xxl honestly

    88. Ray Kim

      Damn, if she really caught covid, that’s tuff. Wouldn’t wish that on anybody, even her.

      1. BIG MAN


      2. Moreno_P

        Word my girl had it… shit she became more annoying

      3. PrimordialJay

        @Jarod Wilson yea bro I was looking at the shit and this covid shit is really mainly affecting the elderly.

      4. Ray Kim

        @Jarod Wilson True 💯

      5. Jarod Wilson

        Most of the time covid don't do shit to someone in their twenties, the problem is they go home to see mom and mom dies or dad dies or older cousin dies, but most people in their twenties don't even know they have it.

    89. Jordan12


    90. Ray Kim

      The nigga shouldn’t be caring about that xxl bs. He just needs to focus on being the best artist he can be and let the music speak for itself. Fuck all the extra shit to get validation.

    91. 0nly. Bhadbby

      Rubi really got bad luck

    92. Sym Taylor

      He don't need XXL but it will help his career because some of his fans still haven't been supporting him outside of YT. Plus Rubi have covid, it's good to see her feeling better. A little SS MIA is good for the health too.

      1. LEA 001

        Not surprising with all the traveling she been doing

      2. Keilz Barb

        How u know she have COVID?

    93. BIG CUDI

      He don't need xxl... tons of rappers has became successful even if they didn't make it to the xxl

      1. SLIME TIME

        @Emmanuel Chenny my point is he doesnt need them just like youngboy didnt need them and it took youngboy a domestic violence charge to realize that idk what ddg need to realize he dont need them so his fans need to tell him

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @SLIME TIME yes but the only thing stopping young boy from making the cover was legal issues, had nothing to do with music or buzz. DDG ain’t got no legal issues which is the difference I was trying point out between the 2. Not saying he doesn’t deserve to make it

      3. SLIME TIME

        @Emmanuel Chenny youngboy was just like ddg he had hella interviews he even got a freestyle/pitch, that year he went to the xxl shoot but before he got to go he caught a case for beating his bm so he got cut from it. ddg chasing them not gon get him nowhere he should just drop music and continue to elavate

      4. Emmanuel Chenny

        @SLIME TIME my point is that them not being on the list has nothing to do with their talent or lack of buzz

      5. SLIME TIME

        @Emmanuel Chenny not youngboy, youngboy couldn't go because he hit his bm and now look where he at consistently top 3 artist

    94. It’s all love Sorry

      Hopefully Rubi doesn’t have the Rona 😳

      1. Jarod Wilson

        @It’s all love Sorry facts, it definitely can kill little kids, but it kills them in a different way, but must healthy twenty somethings don't even know they have it unless they take a test or get someone else sick or lose their since of taste and smell.

      2. It’s all love Sorry

        @Jarod Wilson that’s tru but let’s not act like children haven’t lost their lives from C-19 it’s serious no matter what age you are

      3. Jarod Wilson

        Rubi probably had covid 19 ten times or more, it don't effect most young people in their twenties

    95. NotQuiteLikeQ

      They always putting mfs on XXL That nobody knows like last year who TF is 24k golden foo😹😹😹.

      1. NotQuiteLikeQ

        @Joey_ Breezy but tbh i feel like blueface cypher was better🤷🏽‍♂️

      2. NotQuiteLikeQ

        @Joey_ Breezy mannn ong I ain’t know til that cypher

      3. NotQuiteLikeQ

        @K Breezy it is unless that nigga remixed it or sum

      4. 3headed Goat

        I only knew him from that one song from 2k20

      5. Joey_ Breezy

        bruh you know who 24 k golden is stop tha cap n he had the hardest cypher

    96. The Bryce family Bass

      First 🤞🏽

    97. Designer the Don

      Xxl don’t mean sh*t, drake and lil baby was never on there

      1. Haitian Jack

        Rubi is with that lightskinned nigga

      2. Cxmp-Fuad

        Lmao yb not even on there

      3. Emmanuel Chenny

        That was by choice not because they weren’t picked to be on the list. They both turned it down. That’s a big difference between turning it down & not being considered at all. They were to big for the list. Nicki Minaj turned it down also.

    98. Crushdemstarz11

      DDG just gotta keep on trying just because it’s raining outside don’t mean you won’t go to work pick up the umbrella and charge the day 💫

      1. RGE DopeBoy

        @Boutabag he do need it

      2. Boutabag

        Nah fuck that he don’t need it if he don’t make it this year

      3. GoatedJus

        @dj _kingsavagi that’s whT I’m saying 😂

      4. Black Bananas


      5. Black Bananas

        @dj _kingsavagi you stfu

    99. Kid Ink-_

      Disrespect to my dawg ddg

    100. Ayakha Aya