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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Abby Nicole BF Kay Speaks Out
    4:01 - Fredo & Jasmine Are Back Together
    5:15 - DDG Fan Flexin
    10:32 - Lil Tjay & Lala

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    1. TheRealMyaa Kaash

      Yeah that’s what I’m starting to think too think too cause 🙄🤣 she do fall out with everybody. And always trynna put somebody out a apartment with rent together!!!!!! And giiiirl you got that lil clout from getting into it with queen and diamond NICOLE . And Ian picking sides but ABBY boo your KGup channel been going down hill you don’t even get as many views anymore TF , gmm doing KAY like that , y’all bsf ain’t no way it should of made it to social media first

    2. Christopher Bowen

      That boy need a lineup

    3. J O

      Move, block , ignore done ✅

    4. JD Gotit

      Thanks for the hot gossip 😉

    5. Shannara _

      Everyone is a problem for Abby Nicole. Well if you ask me she is D problem.

    6. Richie Way

      Full gist about ddg here kgup.info/get/lGerl3qwrIKXjaE/video

    7. Kev Hollywood - Topic

      GOT ONE OF THE HARDEST TRACKS OUT NOW ‼️‼️‼️CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW👇🏾🚀 kgup.info/get/m4GAq3-wqICte4M/video

    8. JL Aguilar

      Why she care so much about youtubers lives 😂

    9. Mari Leshai

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    10. Kei'Sara Young

      Can you guys follow me?!

    11. Travis253

      Do a video about the song quando just dropped called end of story

    12. Major

      DDG is in Miami. It’s pre recorded video

    13. alreseea johnson

      Look at that hair oh Nooooo lol In smoothGio voice

    14. Jai kole

      I agree wit his advice to a degree. Not blocking, but stop responding to messages. Get your ex significant other out your system before reengaging in contact.

    15. Dasia Graves

      To me that advice was a little bit too straightforward

    16. Renita Alane

      Damn she called her friend channel weak lol that mean she always thought that about her friend Channel that’s tough when you mad how true feelings come out !!! I hope they work it out though

    17. Naph YT

      t.o shoot is on a yahct , rubi posted a video saying she cant wear a bathing suit on the boat

      1. Designer the Don

        Could be that but it’s also her music executive manager birthday this weekend too, so it’s probably that as well

    18. thug8200

      Ddg was in Miami last night lol

    19. Anise Westbrook


    20. KingLo

      Advice was terrible . If u block them u never truly get over them. It may be feel like it but the moment u see them all them feelings come back

    21. ZyZyZy Zy

      DDG gave libra advice 😂 that’s what Libras do maybe not all but most😂

    22. Vkingsley

      That's actually good advice coming from DDG😂


      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣look at the kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Lily C

      Is it just me or is ddg disrespectful to his youtube audience at this point? LIKE THIS IF YOU KNEW DDG THROUGH KGup FIRST.

    25. LoveKerra

      Ok my question made it in the video 😂😂 y’all follow me @_lovekerra 😂😂😂

    26. Bri

      Naw I def think ddg in Miami too

      1. Designer the Don

        He is now , he was on the plane last night

    27. Elijah James

      ❤️Jesus loves you and He is coming soon, Repent and Search for Him with your whole heart, Talk to Him He will bless you❤️

      1. Carys Mayagila

        AMENNN 🥰

      2. Hilarious Tv

        Amen 🙏

      3. Unityyy

        Amen. 🙏🏼

    28. Paul Senteu

      Did Moo block miss Fabolous in the making

    29. Jared Fleming

      You do gotta block them cuz if y’all try bein friends that shit gon be hard to move on

    30. Kia’s Life

      Where the hell D’angelo went comments be dry asf.

      1. Mrs Tee


    31. JANNA DON

      Smh you said that's not bad advice...did you hear what I heard? The nigha said act like they dead to get over them .. smh that's some dumb shii to say....smh hes right, he's the wrong nigha to ask any advice from and his momma should have a talk with him bc that's beyond sad af ..smh l'lI be damn if my sons say they gotta act like a girl is dead in order to deal with a breakup..nah you accept it as a blessing that gave you a lesson and keep it pushin..let me hear mine say some wild ish like that like I didnt raise them better than that, they are 22 and 20 but , they'll have to see ME at the corners of HEARTBREAK LANE & LEFT&RIGHT Hand AVE. !

    32. Jermaine Frazier

      Nah that’s bad advice

    33. STILL DOPE

      DDG is rubie rose new daughter!😁 the simp-leader dont even realize cats out here laughing at this clown!💯

      1. STILL DOPE

        @Marian Barker hey ddg nut-hugger, wanna hug mines too... they're available!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Marian Barker

        And you ddg and rubi son cause up keeping up with they every move pussc

    34. Miguelito

      jasmine n fredo aren’t back together.. stop the 🧢

    35. Sarah Archbault

      Ain’t nobody should take relationship advice from Moo the simp

      1. Sjay VEVO


      2. John Stegall jr


    36. Sheila Tabengwa

      Ddg in miami now. Welpppp here comes drama. They better fix they miss. If tjay and lala can do it l, why cant they?

    37. Antonio Vicente Bailon

      Dr phill who ? I’m going to DDG for advice cuz this man know something 😂

    38. A Michael


    39. BLE Jay

      A dab of conditioner would of saved that kid day🤣🤣

      1. Plug Walk

        Lol more than a dab

    40. Craig Thomas

      The only thing that will help you get over an ex is time. You can block them, pretend their dead and even date someone else, but its going to take time to fully get over them. Once you open your heart to someone its hard to close

    41. AntFromBX

      Besides DDG , Lil Tjay is Kiara shanays favorite

    42. YoBoy SPADE

      That sh*t sounds 'cringy' af @her man

    43. YoBoy SPADE

      ol'peazy head boy...😂🤣😭 Holding up all those twenties...🤦🏿‍♂️

    44. YoBoy SPADE

      Well, if he's not in Miami with her yet, he'll be there soon. I hear he said he'll be in Miami soon anyway...

    45. Nytia Henry


    46. BigTankTelevision

      Again Nah Abby a magician with that makeup brush why the fuck she look like Kennedy Cymone in this picture knowing that without makeup she hit

    47. Afro Libertarian

      Abby is almost as toxic as Chandler Alexis...

      1. Duval BT

        I forgot all about her fr 💀

      2. jellafigo22

        Not Chandler Alexis 😂

      3. Triple GP

        You ain’t even wrong

    48. Quenda French

      Please do more on Lilt jay and LaLa, they are fire together.

    49. kjnjun edwed

      7:15 what is that?, ohhh sssht, what is that?

    50. Quenda French

      Lala an Liltjay smart staying out the drama, as for his ex- girlfriend she is childish and needs to get a life, she ain’t even on LaLa level.....

      1. Quenda French

        Sorry ladies, Rubi Rose is no even a part of the equation, I speaking on the little girl that was saying LaLa is touchable

      2. Smh

        @Marian Barker dummy I was talking about tjay and rubi. You clearly can’t read!! Go get your eyes checked

      3. Marian Barker

        @Smh do you even kno wth you talking bout rubi and ddg was together dummy

      4. 999. socks

        @Smh myia

      5. Smh

        I agree with the lala and tjay not being problematic part and choosing a safe rout of keeping a lot of things off social media, however I disagree with your second statement. Which ex are you talking about? If your talking about rubi they never dated they were just fw each other she’s not that childish as you think, she just gets dragged into things and a lot of people make up things abt her. Lala and rubi are both equal to me I don’t be comparing females like that.

    51. KAnn De

      As for Abby and Kay, this must be some fake beef.

    52. MeloTha God

      KGup drama getting boring lowkey lmao

    53. Quenda French

      Liltjay and LaLa are Fire together🖤🔥💯

    54. Certified_nyc

      Ddg fucked up for what he did to dat fan

    55. PJKnows _

      Come to my channel to watch the whole live

    56. Andre Hurst

      Love the video Kiara💛

    57. Nigel anderson

      i saw the live i was crying for a minute😂😂

    58. nate higga

      Why everybody was spamming up that Kennedy said she want him back did I miss something but I think that's cap

      1. Designer the Don

        100%cap, people have been trolling famous KGup people lives lately, it’s the trend

      2. Go_Smd

        100% 🧢!!

    59. Fuadbegreening-

      I know tjay is clapping someone else’s cheeks bc all 19 year olds cheat and he’s a rapper

      1. MzzThang

        @DANELYS .’ I get that but my point was to the person who said lala was too fine to get cheated on. Anybody can get cheated on no matter who it is the most desired woman in the world got cheated on it has nothing to do with looks ppl are going to do what they want

      2. DANELYS .’

        @MzzThang Beyoncé is just HUMAN LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE, just a lil known by the world. There are non celebrity nun Beyoncé women not getting cheated on.

      3. Petty Wap

        You sound dumb not everyone cheat regardless of their age

      4. Designer the Don

        @Ass Licker you a pure hater, lala fine as hell

      5. Ass Licker

        @REESE_aBUCKET lala im sorry she look like anime character doing lsd and meth thats why she cant open her eyes

    60. Aaliyah Williams

      Nobody are about lil tjay nor lala or his ex 😂😂😂

      1. Ass Licker

        @R. S bish need to just stick with posting pictures and leave just like rubi i dont know why every pretty auto “girl” think they can rap look what woah vicky started

      2. Ass Licker

        @R. S ong thats why i never subbed to her nor watched her vids thats why need to be cancelled like riley cause barley pulls views even if she with seven and ddg sometimes she get barley views for her try on haul because simping niggas

      3. R. S

        Facts lala so irritating

      4. Prince Kwabs

        ur mother

    61. Go_Smd

      We all known ddg was shocked when he got asked about relationship advice cause he known dam well he sucks at relationships.

      1. Tramayne Harris

        😂😂😂 Put him on the spot quick

      2. Beniciooo Bkrrr


    62. MackGee ATL

      That hairline out of pocket😆

    63. Kelvin Wilson

      Rubi is in Miami with lidiyaa, she also went to Vegas with lidiyaa, they’re in Miami living their best life, they both are fine,so you know niggas are hitting on them

      1. Marian Barker

        What your point stalker

    64. STACIE

      At this point Abby don’t need no roommates

      1. Plug Walk

        Lol she dont need anymore friends either

    65. Smh

      Yup you are correct kiara ddg is not in Miami he’s still in LA he’s just getting things planned for Miami. Rubi is currently in Miami we don’t know how long she staying there? If possible they could link up over there if she is still there by the time he gets there. But we don’t know when he’s gonna be going over there

      1. Designer the Don

        @Mrs Tee tf are you even talking about...

      2. Mrs Tee

        Seven is moving there, bet they'll be shooting a video there...or atleast that's the excuse he'll use,😉🤦

      3. Designer the Don

        Yeah ddg had mentioned multiple weeks ago that they were going to Miami to shoot TO video .

    66. Designer the Don

      Ddg said he going to get back on KGup making videos in that ig live video yesterday

      1. John Stegall jr

        When did he say that

      2. tia nicole

        Ion believe nothing that man say no more...💀

      3. Go_Smd

        I ain’t gonna hold his words accountable cause he said the same thing about onlyfans, Facebook and he don’t even be posting anything on there.

    67. Benjamin D

      Ddg mad short 😂

      1. Marian Barker

        Your point

    68. Sym Taylor

      That live was lit, DDG was ⛽!😂😂😂 Plus DDG shouldn't be giving out any relationship advice, since he and his girl argue every other day. 😭😭

      1. Kdot Tv

        Easy to give advice hard to take it

      2. Crispy Kareem


      3. Unityyy

        They break up every other day you mean 🤣

      4. PJKnows _

        Y’all could watch it on my channel

      5. Smh


    69. Leo got Hopes

      Sorry for not watching your video anymore but my phone had broke now it’s fix and I’m watch the 5 videos I missed sorry again I’m leave a like 👍

    70. Laay 2Federaal


      1. Designer the Don

        The one with the butterfly emoji tweet was song lyrics from baby keem hooligan song

      2. A Moneyfl

        No Lmfaoo she was wildin

      3. Smh

        What did she say I didn’t see it? Nvm lmfao I just saw

    71. A Moneyfl

      Bruh that live was funny asl yesterday they was roasting that nigga in the comments 💀😭😭

    72. Dirtbag Squad

      Off camera ddg and rubi be playing pokie man lol 😂

      1. WB


    73. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg fan was smoking on ddg pac last night boy lol 😂

    74. Dirtbag Squad

      How she call ddg her oops, but on charco podcast she said she talk to ddg and dub in a club. She was even on charco podcast. Abby is a clown with a whole lot of make up. I can’t trust a female that as 6 pounds of make up she can’t even love herself.

      1. Smh

        Quick question who’s your celebrity crush ? cause I bet you they be wearing makeup too, which there’s nothing wrong with that

      2. Smh

        Here you go again with your bs. Stop coming at every female 😭 . Dam you have a whole female hate list!!! And nothing wrong with wearing makeup.

    75. Trey Von

      I will collab with kiera shanay. Like so it happens

    76. Dj Sims

      Who else made it to premiere

    77. Trey Von

      Fredo went back to jasmine cause he know ddg gonna date her if he dont😂😂😂

      1. Smh

        @Ty Wilson ong people be actually be thinking that

      2. Melly Rara

        @Smh chill man its a joke😂damn

      3. Ty Wilson

        @F K you would be surprise on how many people actually take it literally an actually believe the stupid shit

      4. F K

        @Smh its a joke my nigga pipe down

      5. Smh

        You really think jasmine would ever get with ddg? And vise versa ddg wouldn’t get with her either cause all he was doing was trolling he ain’t interested in her. You sound ridiculous. She already blocked him within a second of him commenting on her page. They are trying to rebuild their family due to the sake of their child which I respect! I’m not a fredo fan but I’m glad they can be able to be on good terms for their daughter.

    78. Dirtbag Squad

      Fredo on that clout chasing clickbait life lol. Ddg sent him back to his baby mother lol

      1. Coumba Ndao

        @Franny Estrella its ddg and fredo fans

      2. Imdrex6 03

        @Franny Estrella nah they just sum young kids that don’t understand life

      3. Ass Licker

        Uhm miss so does ddg

      4. Ass Licker

        @YBA ong

      5. YBA

        Your favorite KGupr clickbaits as well...so what’s the problem🤔🤔

    79. Marco Snippets

      Who in the premiere rn👀💯

      1. Mzbigbabydeedees Johnson


      2. : /

        Not me

      3. : /

        Not me

      4. : /

        Not me

      5. : /

        Not me

    80. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Literally 99% won't care but I'm struggling to get to 5k 😔 but I know there's people who'll love to help & if its you . Thank you & God Bless 🙏🏼✨

    81. Ajontheblokk

      Who in the premiere😂💯

    82. Olando Davies

      Someone gotta give me the kid insta😭😭

    83. VHS Kara

      I clicked on this video so mf fast