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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Chris Sails Situation
    3:51 - DDG's Bday

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Let’s get positive 🤩

      1. LEVI HOLLYWOOD 92

        They probably ran into Carl B she was in Vegas in her birthday to ddg Birthday the day before Carl B Birthday

      2. Jose Previl

        I really appreciate u because u’re honest and humble.... keep grinding Girl.... Happy birthday DDG #DdgSquad

      3. JB got VLOGS Vogs

        Kiara Shanay, this channel is lit 🔥🔥🔥 Keep grinding and getting your bag💰💰💰

      4. Jaded Jaderson

        For coronaa☄️

      5. Anise Westbrook


    2. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang

    3. 3xyunginn

      DDG da goat no cap🙌🏽🖤

    4. Queen Hayden

      It’s crazy I used to watch DDG before all his success when he lived in Pontiac in that light colored brick house it’s been a real long time

    5. BamToFunny TV

      Duhhh you gotta film it now cause then if the don’t y’all gon say he lyin🤦🏽🤣Mann this world really dumb asf. Somebody do sum off camera they get no credit but they do it on camera and it’s still a problem 🤣

    6. BamToFunny TV

      She doing the most🤣

    7. don’t try me

      They ain’t get no invite to cardi party tho😂😂😂

    8. Fee Dripalot

      Happy birthday Darrel

    9. Jonah Harris

      did u like ddg

    10. Abubakr Barry

      Fax DDG really inpires people he inspired me to buy a jet too 😂

    11. Anna Lewis

      Happy Birthday DDG

    12. Ivan Doir

      In his new video”I’m heart broken” he was with rubi and when he was explaining how he lost the money you could see a hickey on his neck pretty sure there back together,rubi was also calling him bae!!

    13. D

      Rubi only there if the money is there, we know this 😂

    14. Monique Destiny

      Yall saw the shade room post about chris & his new baby on the way

    15. Sadie Boo

      rubi got into a fight here in vegas who has the tea???

    16. poetic gaming


    17. Princess Diva

      I'm sorry but its clear Ddg has low self esteem that's why he won't leave Rubi alone. She boost his ego, she's dominate he's submissive. Its embarrassing atp he needs to move on.

    18. Savica Goenden

      More blessing ddg

    19. Riley Smith046

      Happy birthday DDG yesssssiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr🥳

    20. Katy Cunningham

      If you enjoy watching the homeless get fed then feed them...its all for clout. None of us was born yesterday

    21. ThatsDemo

      I’m a ddg and At this point he should go back with Kennedy

    22. Sandi P

      Happy Birthday 🎉🎊🎁 D!

    23. Hes_jus_niceee

      DDG is respected, son came up, dub I’m 50/50 on him, when he talks about coming up then feeling blessed I feel him, then he turns and gets cocky lol relax man

    24. Vitrics

      Lmfaooooooo he a real nigga the way he reacted after the fact 😭 he ain’t feel offended

    25. Lil Aa

      Every vid she posts she has “ddg” in her title

    26. Robin War

      Bout time he humble Dub

    27. Robin War

      Ddg really want kennedy bac he would drop Rubi in 1 second if kennedy calls but kennedy wouldnt fu witj ddg he in.pass

    28. KMJ

      People always wanna come from the mud, but never wanna experience the mud for themselves. I’m finna be a billionaire no cap. If you don’t believe in your dream how can they ever come true

    29. JB got VLOGS Vogs

      The G’s on a private jet is way different that a commercial jet. 🛫

    30. JB got VLOGS Vogs

      Happy Birthday DDG 🎉🎁🎊🎈 Next Level Movement 🌟

    31. Christopher Torres

      ya know he aint buy it right, it was chartered

    32. [ Richyrichhi

      He didn’t buy a jet it’s RENTAL

      1. [ Richyrichhi

        Christopher Torres ong💯

      2. Christopher Torres

        facts niggas really think a jet cost anywhere near 25k are just dumb

    33. Iridessa Essence

      Ight i usually dont comment. But if she felt a type of way and posted it...why bash her. Stop defending him he’s wack. Protect our women and stop teaching them it’s okay to be quiet. I’m just saying something to the comments i was reading. It’s lame.

    34. Business Family

      I knew that bitch did whyyyDDG

    35. Keke and Fam!

      Cardi had her birthday party last night in Vegas maybe rubi went to her party.

      1. Akeilia Gordon

        CrazyDouble_ How u know?

      2. CrazyDouble_

        She’s with DDG

    36. Shannon King

      Hbday ddg

    37. Petty Wap

      Imagine how many real woman that are wifey material that Ddg out here swerving for Rubi 🤦🏾‍♂️

    38. Petty Wap

      HBD Ddg but Rubi still ran thru

    39. Petty Wap

      Idgaf if a bihh cheat on me it’s ova 💯 i know I can get another one and I’m just a nicca with a 9-5 Ddg a whole celebrity I for sure know he can do better but he’s out here looking like a fool with a big bank account 🤦🏾‍♂️

    40. The Drip Kid

      Happy BIrthdays 🐐

    41. C S

      That girl Indyia Marie a cocky self centered bitch honestly EVERY GIRL gets disrespected not more than one race! Y’all sound dumb af honestly...

    42. Malissa Moore

      LIBRA GANG!!♎️✌🏾 (10/17). Sending balance and good vibes to all you grumpies out there. Be kind, it’s free😊❤️

    43. tj Harris

      She saw the jet and said baby i miss u 😂😂😂

    44. Zelly Cyril

      She obviously know about him even though you want nothing to do with him. Before y’all react understand lingo... you hoeing is basically saying you playing not calling you a ho

    45. The Messenger

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    46. Vel 1hunnid

      Charc chino & von wasnt there

      1. NJC CHANNEL

        Charc was there

      2. Lil Jack

        Ty Von and chino wasn't there. Charc is there

    47. Royal Highlights

      Jet is faster than a airplane?😂

      1. Saadaq Maxamd


    48. Star Willaims


    49. Taeshaun Forbes

      Bruh these niggas don’t know what hood is nigga

      1. J Niles

        You know that's not a bad thing!

    50. Landon Daley

      Happy birthday DDG 🖤🤞🏾💫

    51. 2strng_vision

      Fam in another episode of simp news..

    52. Tomuchteez

      Happy B Day my boy🥳🥳

    53. Gilligan 123

      What the hell is sitting on dub head........that shit looks nasty and char barber 💈 must have been 🥴.

    54. House of Matrix

      I need hear intro everyday. DDG need a real woman.

    55. Jed Mars

      Homeless need food. If u better than him go feed the homeless. Otherwise don't mock him for it, he should do it regardless if he has the means/motivation.

    56. Giovanni

      I've had too be boil water...and I'm not from the hood 😭😭😭

      1. Kaleb Williams

        Talking bout to take baths and stuff

    57. officially_Oj

      Come bruh DDG get back with KENNEDY she the one for you all these other females just draining your energy 🙄

      1. llII

        Leave that man alone he do what he want

      2. Paul Ankah

        You're too invested in other people's business. Get a life and don't be outtea choosing who he should be with

    58. BlessedElxte-

      Happy birthday big dawg🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

    59. Trini Bess

      Love you & your Videos Kiara Shanay , your Family

    60. Darryl Frost


    61. Kemi116

      She didn’t need to have done what she did to Chris. I think he meant “you be hoeing me” as in like ignoring but she took it the wrong way. But I mean good for her if she felt justified to turn him down the way she did and expose him, to support women who’ve been abused by men before. As he sadly has the reputation of being an abusive man and is most likely, still is.

    62. El Hajj Matthews

      Happy birthday GOAT

    63. Stephanie Carrillo

      He said of all the dudes in her dm’s she posted him. Well this clown has been messaging her and it’s border line harassment at this point

      1. wee johnny

        He sent 3 messages in the span of a year... you talking bout harassment lmfao stfu

    64. La Cassie

      Why do I feel like when he wrote *you be hoeing* he meant..hoeing him like ignoring him. But using the word hoe isnt a great way to get a woman you dont know yet to talk to you, yikes... anyways, I just like DDG & Rubi im team their love prospering regardless the hate they be getting, love always wins when its real. anyways back to my food now... nom nom *

      1. Tezzy Fbaby

        I was thinkin the same thing

      2. Petty Wap

        If your into to toxic shyt 🤦🏾‍♂️

    65. Katlego Maakamedi

      Happy birthday to DDG from the DDG squad🎉❤️

    66. Kemi116

      Happy birthday DDG, hope you have an amazing and blessed day. I love you and Rubi together and ship you guys hard 🥳❤️❤️❤️

    67. Gina LV

      Aria (Aw-ri-a) No Capp 😉

    68. Gina LV

      💫💫Happy Birthday DDG 💫💫

    69. SPORT HD

      Happy birthday ddg

    70. Unfamous Dexter

      I don’t like rappers in private jets. Look at how they did juice 🗿

    71. CvilleMade Kam

      I like rubi , happy birthday ddg ❤️!

    72. Vivian

      Happy birthday to my man of 5years...he did it the way he should’ve done you bae

    73. Tati Hendrix

      She over did it, he was saying she was hoeing him 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Divine

        He should’ve said she hoeing a nigga if that’s what he meant. Nothing she said was wrong

    74. Insta Tv_

      U a real if you know what dub talking about

    75. Buddha

      Happy birthday DDG

    76. Gabriel Spence

      Can y’all let DDG and Rubi live y’all ain’t know their relationship

    77. kentrell roosevelt


    78. Fresh Mo

      happy bday ddg

    79. Thatrealiljayy

      She fuck up for that

    80. Jekeira Jackson

      EXACTLY !!!!! If DDG being with Rubi is impacting your life that much, DON’T WATCH THEM ! MOVE ALONG . These ppl weird asf 🥴

      1. House of Matrix

        Your Flawless ❤️🍯

    81. Marissa White

      Ddg and Ruby Rose situation is nobody's business but vloggers, and anybody else that talks about their relationship makes it everybody's business. Happy birthday ddg and you have a blessed year

      1. Petty Wap

        This relationship is pathetic bday or not it won’t change my opinion

    82. Tae074

      She could of said Chris don’t text me simple but post online clout demon

    83. coccygemini89

      Happy cake day DDG Enjoy 👑💪🏾🤩🥳🤑🎉🥰🥃🙏🏾👍🏾

    84. Juicy Ting

      You are the best Kiara!!

    85. Tae074

      Chris funny she wanna clout simple

    86. Juicy Ting

      Happy birthday DDG !🥰🤩🥳

    87. Brown eyes _ 123

      Mr.Ddg.. Happy Birthday..stay happy on your Birthday..& stay safe..

    88. Cullen

      Hbd Ddg🤘🤘

    89. Von Papi

      Omg ddg 🤦🏾‍♂️

    90. YoBoy SPADE

      "Happy Birthday baby! See you soon....after this 'clap' session" 😳

      1. Silest Kazintwari

        Lol u really like drama

    91. Devin Henderson

      Happy bday DDG DDg squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    92. Treveaire Jordan

      Why she post him out of all niggas ?😂 😂

    93. savageboy Roge

      No wonder seven didnt went wid them on the private jet with like she asked in her vlog

    94. KingDX

      kiara ik you not over there crying 😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        😂 😂 mind your business 😭

    95. Ashley York

      That girl could've blocked Chris and kept it moving. She exposed him for no reason.

      1. Jayden Winter

        Clout chaser

      2. Tramayne Harris

        She loves that attention it just so happen to be a famous person 💯

      3. Divine

        He said she was hoeing when all she did was ignore him and put no energy into it. That’s a reason. The outcome? He thinks to mind himself.

      4. Olando Davies

        Chris is wrong for calling her a hoe but you are right she could’ve moved on but she wanted clout

      5. Mervlyn Joseph

        He had no reason to call her out of her name..... He wrong

    96. chantell z

      Well I pray rubi rose start treating ddg right cause for a man to still want you with all the rumours that means he really likes her cause I don't see any guy that can treat rubi right like ddg💆

    97. Cradige

      Happy Birthday DDG I wish you many more fam!

    98. G G

      i think it’s great to record it spreads positivity and actually genuine shit for people to consume rather then all the drama and beef and other stuff

    99. chantell z

      Happy birthday ddg❤

    100. chantell z

      Well if ddg likes rubi then who are we to complain 💁 stop thinking you have a say in someone's relationship and you know the best girl for ddg ,do you even know rubi personally y'all just judge from what you know which is sad if they don't work out ddg will move and so will she .