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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - AJ Shooting Her Shot At DDG
    2:07 - DDG Trolling SoLLUMINATI
    4:12 - DDG Said This About Kennedy
    6:53 - Lil Tjay GF Shades Rubi Rose

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    1. Moise Picard

      DDG does not miss Kennedy.

    2. Gilligan 123

      I cannot believe ddg is a nutt ass dude........he looks like he wakes up with a chip on his shoulder so he goes out with bulling people over what he got. I know kennedy glad she got away from this sick puppy. Ddg is for the streets and ain’t no hope for this this dude. He’s definitely not happy inside so he covers it up with materialistic things and only the wise can see this....there is some sick and evil spirit brewing inside ddg. Everyone in that car with ddg sounds like a kid at recess time.

    3. Chelle Miller

      Ken Ken and DDG vibe together was amazing but wish them the best apart

    4. Mincey Edwards

      The hilarious part about it is...ddg is really clueless to what spiritual so was saying😭😭😭...the nigga still flexing money after so just said he doesn’t care about that type of shit...and the second funny part about it is ddg REALLY! think he’s making so mad by flexing what he got😭....so it go’s all the way back to what he said....”you ain’t broke Physically but your broke mentally and spiritually”.💯💯💯FACTS

    5. Ouzi Clips

      Dub should not be talking all that about so. Like first of all So has a million subscribers on both his channels. Fatass dub career built off of ddg. So literally talks about how he Dosent care about materialistic things smh. Them niggas broke spiritually

    6. Jasmine Mccone


    7. Joshua Louis

      They proving sollumanati point they can’t say shit so they talk about the materialistic stuff they’ve obtained to make them feel better about themselves it’s sad tbh

    8. Saffie Gigo

      I hope they get back together 🥺

    9. He Cap

      DDG Really got no soul lmao

    10. Avaylah Kin

      In my opinion when ddg and Kennedy was together she humbled him.

    11. DESIRE Reacts

      ever since DDG Quit KGup and Shit is always hater till hating on him. Wtf is that?😤😤 leave him the fuck alone💯

    12. atf 4x

      ddg is a bot

    13. trin bc

      I love you videos 😂

    14. Juwishh

      Bruh this nigga dub jus flex from his lil brother 😂😂😂

    15. Chris Dior

      Y’all think solluminati or whatever dude name is , is like a god or something . He says one thing now everyone follows suit . Just a bunch of sheep , nobody cares about anything dude got to say and nobody cares about DDG watches cars money whatever the fuck .

    16. Yoursofunny Dj

      Rubi has Been with like ten rappers🤣🤣🤣

    17. KAZE

      Von a whole meme😭💀

    18. Mia Avila


    19. Mia Estil

      Yes he miss kennedy i miss then together 😭😭😭😭

    20. JG3ONYT

      Ofc he does it’s s Kennedy come on🤷🏽‍♂️

    21. La Cassie

      Omg leave the exes in the past damn lol

    22. Keith Spencer

      I feel like if Kennedy and ddg were to like each other now they would lasted they were to young back then they were a good match for each other

    23. TwitchBurner

      Ddg just proved sol point Ddg a lost cause

    24. mike bardge

      He answer the questions about Kennedy not because he miss her because he know Tea channels and pages are going to post it. DDG loves the attention that’s why he troll all the time. Rubi has been with a lot of rappers.

    25. Jonathan Lowe

      So rent free in ddg head

    26. Suava jac

      Dub really only popping bc ddg

    27. The Goat

      Every single little thing he do you think it’s something that’s why he been told you to stop making videos about him

    28. It's Teyoncé

      8:31 Her laugh wtfff🤣🤣

    29. Aisha Mohamud

      Everybody knows that ddg miss Kennedy 👀

    30. Justin rorie

      Nah he don’t miss her

    31. CINCO

      What’s crazy to me is I constantly see the SAME top 5 DDG haters in EVERY Kiara Shanay video in the comments here just to hate on DDG. Like they don’t like him yet then constantly talk about him. Makes no sense

    32. Life with Aaryn

      Who just wishes that Ddg and Kennedy would just get back together

    33. F1n3sse zii

      “The rappers love rubi rose” I’m crying🤣😂

    34. All Ears

      🤣🤣🤣 So owns land in DDG head

    35. All Ears

      Is that the bitch that topped off the 7 NBA players in a row

    36. Kim Rhodes

      Yes he misses Kennedy & so do we

    37. XxClampXSavage 3

      Ddg becoming mad cringe

    38. YANABOO

      Crazy thing is, So don’t care lol he know this is just “a distraction to his spiritual work” I still like Ddg because dude just be funny

    39. VpThatGuy

      anyone who sees this including @kiarashaney needs look up and speed the word about #freeTiannaArata

      1. Chelsea Reid

        Is that you? You're cute

    40. Daedae pranks gang

      he know he wants his wife back Kennedy

      1. Jess Bakre

        No he doesn’t

    41. Ferrogomu

      Lol half of the comments want ddg to miss kennedy the other half riding so illuminating word saying he spiritually broken lol comment section full of half n half ass people love to hate people ddg don’t care bout kennedy he doing his own thing lol y’all are weird Let’s just say y’all miss him and kennedy and far as the other spiritual dude y’all go help him since y’all follow the herd

      1. Ashley York

        Well tell him to stop talking about her

    42. Asha Adia

      He gone always miss ken ken

    43. Im Mo

      Lil tjay pulled a 1/10😂

    44. Shani's World

      I think he do

    45. Perfect TroLLing

      He said on my soul, but he doesn’t have one😂😂😂. Solluminati owns that guy, he will continue to take shots the rest of life just like he will continue to miss Kennedy the rest of life. DDG needs to realize So and DDG don’t care about him.

    46. scottlo211

      The fact that DDG is trolling just proves that was So said got to him lol.

      1. scottlo211

        @Alfred Siyabonga Keep thinking that lol. He does the opposite of everything he says. So got to him lol. Everything he said was pure facts.

      2. Alfred Siyabonga

        😂😂😂Ddg got you my guy been watching that boy 4 years he a marketing genius

    47. ThatRandomB

      Lol y’all lil So fans had y’all time now it’s over I don’t give no fuck bout somebody being “spiritually broke”. Half y’all niggas watching So sitting at home “spiritually broke”. The only So fan that ain’t “spiritually broke” is probably now choppa😂😂

    48. Tramayne Harris

      They been going at it for years tho 💯

    49. Huncho Bundz

      Soluminati is Right man🤷🏾‍♂️ Ddg a Bot and All he cares about is money and flexing. What can he really offer his fans other than distractions??

      1. Chelsea Reid


    50. Zav Mitchell

      If your a supporter of tripp uk damn well he wasnt shooting his shot😭

    51. M PJ

      Guys Jesus is love he is the prince of peace please repent guys as I did

    52. Alfonso Goree

      Of course he misses Kennedy he mentioned it in a few Vlogs

    53. Food delight tv by Ayinke

      Yes ddg missed Kennedy they both missed each other

    54. Ryhna


    55. Courtney Samuels

      Honest question, anybody paying for his OF Vlogs? Are they worth it?


      Kennedy would be a fool to fool with that fool again


        @Krazily Eclectic exactly....and yes!!


        @Yousaidwhatnow Right!!

      3. Krazily Eclectic

        I agree. Ppl dont understand K, because she have that femine essence that's lost in this generation. She's a modern girl with old school values. She knows her worth, and doesn't need outside validation. Tbh, I think she still healing, but when she finds someone worthwhile and directs love and attention his way, it's going to hit a sore spot with DDG.

      4. Ashley York

        @Joe Stuehmer What God had planned for Kennedy was going to happen with or without DDG.

      5. Yousaidwhatnow

        totally agreed. me and ken ken just might have to fight if she mess with him again. lol i can see kennedy, on dearra and ken typa shit. and that's not gonna happen with drama king ddg


      When Is someone going to beat ddg??

    58. Jarel

      Bro why can’t they just be cool they beefing for what?

    59. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      It’s rubi against the world 😂

    60. BOTTOMS UP

      DDG and Dub moving helli childish money watch and cars isn’t everything, the way they acting you can tell so got to them, money has no value money it isn’t an asset, casinos can make real god damn money, me I’m an human I’m an assets gold bricks that’s an asset, just because you got a lot of money don’t make you no better than anyone else, don’t misinterpret what so was saying smh.

    61. Abdoulie Sallah

      she a 8

    62. Katarina & David Tipu

      For everyone asking about AJ instagram.com/ayyyejae?igshid=1e9qhocls1mtc

    63. Laker Ludz

      Niggas talking bout material shit...so don’t care lmao

    64. King Shali

      Rubi Rose out here collecting rappers like infinity stones.

    65. ozil

      DDG got a whole lot of free time now since he stopped vlogging and you can tell by his IG bevaviour lmao

    66. YoBoy SPADE

      If he ever finds out who she messes with, then he won't miss her no more. There will be no missing or ever thinking about a Kennedy ever again in life...

    67. YoBoy SPADE

      GAIZER, GAIZER....😭

    68. YoBoy SPADE

      DDG always showed MORE love to Kennedy than she EVER has....on or off camera so Let's Just Be CLEAR On That!

      1. lil squirticus

        @SkipTastic!!! ! I know. I was the camera.

    69. Rhoda Parks

      please what app do you use to edit ur vids!! Please tell me!

    70. YoBoy SPADE

      He gon ALWAYS miss Kennedy. When he said that before, he really MEANT IT!

    71. KountryboySave

      He tryna move on y’all keep bring ha up

    72. B Mack

      Of course he does!! (Miss Ken). He says he don't be he 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🤷🏾‍♀️

    73. shining lion

      Imagine hating so who is still praising another black man which is ddg even though he is dissing him over a girl that had nun to do with him, over a year old "beef" , Imagine saying your mature for your age but not acting your age

      1. Michael Michael

        shining lion I’m not reading all that it’s not that serious 😂 and They’ve had problems for a while not just this year and it all started with solluminati. You must be a new fan

      2. shining lion

        @Michael Michael and if in your head it did start cause of so. What does your comment have to do with the fact ddg is hating on so and so still is elevating a black man regarding the diss..and if you were actually was focused and are black you would see the main point of my comment of black men hating on other black men which is constant in this world rn

      3. shining lion

        @Michael Michael actually the beef started because of ddg and that shorty if you learn yo info g. Ddg flew her out over her speaking on social media about suicide and shit. But you did not see so start that shit over a shorty he been was not claiming g

      4. Michael Michael

        The whole beef started because of so but DDG shouldn’t have brought it into 2020

    74. Blue O4C

      He been tryna beef wit so for soooo long just cus he want his core fan base witch would never happen 😭

    75. Xoomal Jones

      Its crazy how since Solluminati said "spiritually broken" yall niggas act like yall dont want money🤣🤣yall follow anything that nigga do like a cult, and dont even be knowing the true meaning of what he spiritually talk about😂😂 before he said that shit, niggas was wishin to have Ddg type money, now its "who cares about money, YoUr SpIrItUaLlY bRoKe" like foh goofies💀 I will bet a stack that most of you if you had to choose, you'll rather live Ddg lifestyle than So lifestyle💯💯

    76. Anise Westbrook


    77. SDSen

      So has really gotten to him, he's proving him right by acting like this. If only he read books he could read up on faith and things away from this materialistic stuff

    78. Row Shotgun Beats

      ddg this ddg that shuttup 😂😂😂

    79. Dirty Sauce

      It’s funny how ddg and dub be flexing hard af and then say it’s motivational purposes afterwards🤔

      1. Florence Morale

        DDG needs to take a good look inside, and figure out what he has to offer other than materialism. When materialism is all that you magnify, you shouldn't be surprised when that's what attracts ppl.

    80. Fabiola Acosta

      If every time your response is, “ I got more money, I got this, I got that”, that lets me know without all that you flossing, you ain’t shit lol period

    81. if only

      How is he missing Kennedy 😂😂 your comment section is weird 💯

    82. Promise Uzeala

      Broke spiritually he sold his soul he dont got one no more

    83. Eduardo Jordan

      DDG like when girls shoot her shot first too 🤫

    84. Paul Hayes


    85. Paul Hayes

      I can't find her if

    86. Paul Hayes

      Wats aj ig

    87. Jamar

      He don’t miss kennedy, he miss the fact that he could be toxic with her

    88. Matt

      Don’t do it ddg she a willdabeast she just wants $

    89. lulvaehh vae

      we jus gone act like liltjay wasnt touchin homegirl chest...

    90. Ty Too Fye

      Jesus is king repent if you haven’t.

    91. earl rainey

      These ppl getting soo!! Corny

    92. Iso ‘

      ddg n dub did exactly what so said they was gone do 😂🤦‍♂️

    93. Gonecr3zy 3

      What’s aj @

    94. K Preme

      Why you call her aj

    95. Kris

      niggas be so petty on youtube nowadays. i used to be a fan of ddg. as a fan who been watching him for years. i understand a person will change over time but he’s becomin weird. dub too

    96. Ceejay

      Lol Celina and Aj podcast kinda cool tho. I watched the first episode. I fuck with it.

    97. Top militerian Pa Raul

      Ddg please don't do it uve taken L's recently don't do it ddg😭😭

    98. Kdot Tv

      I feel like they gone fw each other in like 2-5 years and then get married they tied way too tight together to never try again at least but I want bruh with Tiana she was the most down lowkey female hes been with

    99. Rayshawn Ward

      I just don’t understand why ddg didn’t have that same energy with prettyboyfredo smh don’t make sense

    100. Yung Kirk

      Shut up dub🤣🤣