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    0:00 - Intro
    0:22 - London On The Track VS Clarence NYC
    2:26 - Rubi Rose Squashes Beef W/ Seven
    4:18 - DDG & Rubi Back At It
    8:01 - Cardi B Goes Off On Fans
    10:58 - Paidway T.O Talks About Drama Channels

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    1. opinionated duke

      I won't lie, this do seem like a drama channel. That's all I seen on your channel since I started watching. Btw not everybody be in tune with social media. Everything I see on here is new to me.

      1. opinionated duke

        No really it's just gossip

    2. emily rose

      your correcting his they're but saying valivictorian seems like both y'all need to take some English classes to me

    3. Single Tish

      Cardi B though ....she's trying to show younger females that's the way to deal with cheating boyfriends?

    4. Jalene Johnson

      London and summer both need to mind theirs

    5. jh1 25

      Cheating doesn't exist!

    6. Finessin It.

      Rubi Said Seven best Friend Taylor was piped out in a bathroom at a party by T Jay.....Seven better ride

    7. alreseea johnson

      Seven always been in her own lane she always focus on her self&Her family.She is a real one

    8. OneShot Gaming

      Rubi knows seven will mop the floor with her. She knew better.

    9. GRINCH

      She's bipolar 😂 but she's not the only one 🤫


      DDG NEED JESUS 🤷‍♂️his love life is cursed

      1. Omb Lito823


    11. chevyway77

      Cardi didn't say that offset cheated she feared that he would cheat so she left outta fear to protect herself the hurt. She may have realized that enough is enough of being afraid.

    12. thatgirlkourt

      DDG proving that "all publicity is good publicity" everybody know this boy name now

    13. Xavierswrld

      If you are reading this I just wanted to say your an amazing person love yourself and god bless you guys hope you have a good day❤️🤟🏿 Can you guys check out my KGup and sub it doesn’t hurt to help me out ❤️😣😌

    14. YOUNG.T.O

      Summer got more money than both of them combined💀

    15. Michelle James

      So true Hurt ppl hurt people.

    16. The Writer Chick

      I’m coming from a different view, DDG and Rubi aren’t done just wait, cause they’re both toxix with trust issues. I’m convinced Flight is slow just like Janet, you mean to tell me after this girl forced a mattress in his small condo and a tattoo after 2 weeks of dating that Janet wasn’t slow🤷🏽‍♀️? I don’t think Summer Walker was throwing shade on Queen Naija, however someone most definitely sent London on da track what Clarence said.. Shiid industry folks don’t be studying you tubers like Clarence unless social Media blogs and pages send it to them. I just learned about KGup seriously and learned who the top black influencers were this year during Covid quarantine, because my 16 year old sister put me on. Seven is a real one I like her. I do believe Rubi probably felt a type of way about any chick close to DDG, because you tubers stay doing pranks and flirting, then DDG stays flirting with chicks. Lastly, Tell DDG to stop using the valedictorian ish, he is 23 years old No one talks about highschool anymore. People are bragging about college degrees -Masters and Doctorate degrees not a diploma. Kiara you see even WAKA flocka completes his masters, which is major. Since DDG is proclaimed ‘Smart’ y’all encourage him to finish his college degree. Once you start using incorrect grammar , no one will believe your highschool valedictorian flex. Seven is a real one -I think she should move back home and do health, beauty and travel vlogs she is a mother and should no longer cater to lil kids or (ddg fan base) Oan: I don’t feel bad for flight, he knew Janet was FOS, a gold digger and slow! I believe flight is kind of Slow .. it’s no way a man who claimed to believe in GOD , will continually sleep with a low life woman like Janet who clearly has no guidance. He made his bed so let him lie in it -it’s called *CONSEQUENCES* folks... I’m out Kiara

    17. Anise Westbrook


    18. just hurry

      Clarence wasn’t talking about Summer. He wrote that comment under the post of him giving Queen the Birkin bag on the shade room. Summer’s post came after. The shade room posted Clarence comment after Summers to make it seem like he was talking about her.

    19. Lola A

      Y did Clarence assume Summer Walker was talking about Queen?? She’s not the only girl that has one..that’s outta line

      1. Lola A

        @just hurry ohhh thNk you for clarifying!!

      2. just hurry

        Clarence wasn’t talking about Summer. He wrote that comment under the post of him giving Queen the Birkin bag on the shade room. Summer’s post came after. The shade room posted Clarence comment after Summer’s post to make it seem like he was talking about her.

    20. Tanan Wagare


    21. Andriana Simms

      Who tf care what he got her what your man get you......

    22. Platinum Barbie

      Rubi been for the streets anyways! Idk why ddg even wasting his time with this girl. She be in a different nigga face everyday. He need to just focus on him until he finds the right person

    23. Shawntae Lanase

      So are you gonna post about the queen of lies book series about queen and Clarence ?

    24. Menzi Wandile

      I be hitting the intro song so hard with Rob. 🗣And I keep trying to fight these feelings

      1. Angie Ussery

        Kiara Shanay we need 2 intros the rob song and paid way T.Os clip

      2. Kiara Shanay

        I love that song as well! It’s so dope !!!! 🙃🙃🙃

    25. Quoyah Carballo

      Cardi so disrespectful to her fans. Like calm down!!! 🥴

    26. Jalen Thomas

      Here for the Target music 🙃


      I’m waiting for DDG and Kennedy to get back tg. But I was ruiting DDG and rubi tho.😢 {opinion}

      1. Angie Ussery

        Why you waiting for something that’s not gonna happen

      2. Tanan Wagare

        Rubi and DDG cute together


      Kiara have 1mil🤯

    29. dlr

      Rubi is the one cheating and playing games. She's the type to cheat then make it seem like it was your fault and turn it around on you. That's what happens when you date a narcissist.

    30. Bri

      He used the wrong their and you pronounced valedictorian incorrectly.. we are all a lil slow sometimes lol

    31. keyanna jefferson

      That random “black lives matter” 😂

    32. Melly Rara

      DDG keep on trying to keep they relationship private but they always slip to the internet everytime 😂😂

    33. That_Guy_ Milly

      Funny part about me following this channel is, I really don’t care to know peoples business on my own. But if I see a ig post about someone I follow. I come here to get the details. I might have missed a post or 2 and don’t get what’s goin on. And 🔑 tectives will keep u on point. Instead of lurking around for hours trying to piece the puzzle. I just watch your 10min vid and and learn everything

    34. Phil Rockwell

      "Is that a word? Well its a word today." 😂😂😂😂 I Luv me some Kiara Shanay

      1. Kiara Shanay


    35. SIX

      Why cardi getting mad, being a celebrity comes with sacrifices and you have to learn to tolerate that, you can go at your haters but not your fans especially for petty shit it’s crazy how y’all forget that the ones who are invested enough to care and tell you that you relationship makes look like a tool are the ones who streamed your songs all day and did all they could to get your that no.1, all those Platinum records are all cause of them and you get mad at them because they care enough??? That’s crazy, if you mad just aim it at the haters even if it’s the fans

    36. Lishann Vlogs

      While Kiara was talking about we should not cheat in our relationships, my nigga was sitting beside me listening and said to me “you should listen to her”😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😂. (Read my name btw)

    37. Sinead Brown

      Can we find out what’s happening with Seven and Taliban 😭

    38. Eman Promo

      I enjoy it because honestly I don’t have time to listen to every single thing that happens but this way I can catch up 🤷🏾‍♂️ also I’m not on twitter much so I miss all that and people lives on instagram. Drama/opinion channels are important 😂

    39. JayRichTv

      That was shots to druma plug

    40. Theysay AL

      KGup life was so much better when Rubi wasn't around. Shawty makes everything toxic. DDG u just 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ idk bro

    41. morgan junius

      Not JoJo Siwa😂

    42. I2clappzy

      Rubi was knocking at his door she can’t live without him

    43. David Jones

      Clarence bought her a bag with her own money,real player shit.😂😂

    44. mia

      rubi know better than to mess with seven. seven not gon be playing wit her

    45. That_Guy_ Milly

      I feel like ruby only cleared it up with seven because she don’t want them parts with this woman

    46. Shonya Kalvin

      I just don’t want her to hurt him physical and emotional hurt DDG shes pretty but seems devilish dark and unstable dangerous.

    47. Llhuncho2x

      Jus got outta jail I got a lot of videos to catch up on this finna b a long night😩

      1. Llhuncho2x

        Got pulled over with a stolen gun in the car

      2. Angie Ussery

        How the fuck did you get in jail nigga

    48. shannon h

      There was nothing wrong with summer saying who she doesn’t owe that girl anything point blank period. People came on her page telling her what she can’t say, no miss mamas

    49. Queen Kia The baddest

      Me personally I don’t have time to keep up with celebrities on social media so this is where I get the scoop from I rock with this channel heavy

    50. TexasJefe

      kgup.info/get/e6R4dIata6iUmYs/video Check me out please.

    51. Zyawn 90s


    52. Lanzile Barnes

      He should've kept savannah

      1. Angie Ussery

        They never really fw each other they were just chillin

    53. Alexa welcome

      You noooooseeyyy asf but okay I feel you G👌

    54. Emmanuel Chenny

      DDG has shown how loyal he is to the females he’s with or have been with. He wouldn’t even do videos with Yasmine Lopez simply because she had beef with Kennedy back in high school. & him and Kennedy ain’t even together no more . If that ain’t loyalty then I don’t know what is. He turned down a bag just to stay loyal to Kennedy. Yasmine being on Zooted would of been a great business move.

    55. Emmanuel Chenny

      Let’s keep it all the way 100. Rubi probably hit Seven up because she didn’t want that smoke & DDG probably more than likely advised Rubi to clear things up with Seven. But Seven already said that she was made aware of Rubi’s issues with her way before LaLa went public with it. Seven is just more mature & is choosing to take the high road as opposed to dragging the situation

      1. Angie Ussery

        Emmanuel Chenny it was just rubi being insecure

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @MELVIEE B it was smoke, seven knew about how Rubi felt way before LaLa went live

      3. MELVIEE B

        Wasn’t no smoke lol they never had a problem with one another Lala just tried to pin seven against ddg.

    56. hamilton

      Rubi bought him some balenciagas today

    57. Tanisha LaCour

      There was no beef with seven in the 1st place🤦🤦🤦🤦

    58. Tayja J

      Now all of sudden Rubi wants to reach out to seven ?? Cmon now i can see right through this girl.. she so manipulative! It’s crazy how i bet ddg is the only person she ever walks all over he needs to let go .. focus on zooted and himself!! One minute he’s in a video with a zooted member when he’s single and then he’s boo’d up again and forgets zooted ?? He’s clearly being controlled this is getting toxic and childish

    59. Bill Anon

      I am no Rubi fan but putting other females on blast only gives them clout. Not mentioning their name gives them nothing.

    60. Taylor Garcia

      Can he leave toxic ass Rubi alone already? He said his relationship w Kennedy was toxic Lmaoo this one takes the cake.

    61. Nico C.

      Yo Kiara, why your subscriber count wavering? When I watched your video and it said 2.2M and then it said 169k, now the subscriber count disappeared. Let me find out you out you got 2Milli lol.

    62. Raya Too Lit

      He said he was single on Twitter a day before queen party so why Rubi mad if he did mess wit a girl he didn’t cheat cause he said he was single plus Rubi not Innocent now if DDG called her out he would be wrong Rt?

    63. Plain Jane

      Rich people problems 🤦🏽‍♀️

    64. Briana Franklin

      I don’t think Summer was shading Queen and Clarence. They are KGupRS! Queen just now getting out there. Don’t nobody know them and Clarence always in women business. Shut up.

    65. Jade Bernard

      Ruby already shown that she will be soone friend for opportunities so I think that is it get back at Lala

    66. Young Twon

      Imagine still bein subscribe to ddg an kennedy couple channel an nothin on there

    67. savageboy Roge

      Rubi didnt want the smoke

    68. T-Raw 2lit

      Can y’all support my channel I’m new 😭

    69. 914 NYC

      Rubi did the right thing reaching out cause seven don’t talk she a real one

    70. Marques

      Ddg a simp

    71. Simply Bonita

      Summer walker in her feeling because of the prank that Tina had done on Queen, telling Queen that her album is not good. Tina said that she listened to Summer, Queen was like I’m Queen Naija 😂 14:18 is the time stamp on the TNT squad video.

    72. Lor Q

      Darryl just ain’t the same anymore take me back to 2017 😐😐😐

      1. Angie Ussery

        I want to go back to 2018

    73. Merged Zamasu

      Bruh ddg could literally tweet "just came back from the gym" and ppl gon find sum way to bring up Kennedy🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ yall more of a simp than he his

      1. Merged Zamasu

        @Emmanuel Chenny makes no sense to u cuz ur one of them🤦🏽‍♂️

      2. mikeyyy xx

        @Emmanuel Chenny that’s kinda the point, they always find the dumbest way to bring kennedy up

      3. Emmanuel Chenny

        What u said made absolutely no sense

    74. Alexis Vibe

      T.o ass music ass he ass so he only getting money kus of ddg but I guess u have to b a ass rapper to make it in the music industry

    75. Lil Bii

      Kiara you’re made horribliest a word today and you’re correcting him for typing “they’re” instead of “their” cmon😂😂

      1. Louis Williams


    76. Za’marie Williams

      I’m weakkkkk “ nigga ain’t you valedictorian that’s the wrong their “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    77. Shasa

      I think I believe ddg now, I think Rubi & Ddg are alike.. that’s what he said & I was like nah but now I think sooo. They could work but they don’t communicate & they both obviously have trust issues. I think they are on & off so idk if it’s cheating.. if they were broke up for majority of the time.

    78. Leonard Anim

      why cardi do jojo like that😂😂😂

    79. Life with Crystal

      Everybody always blames rubi. It really could be ddg. Stop just putting everything on her. For example his last relationship; Kennedy, they did not break up for cheating but they were arguing a lot. Same thing with essence. Tbh Kennedy is the only person that did not cheat and stayed 10 toes down. But think about it? It could be ddg who is the problem. He did say all his relationships end the same. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    80. KiingSaySoTv

      If you didn’t have drama or fame u wouldn’t be on drama pages #BigFacts

    81. Rashanda Hayes

      I love them together but DDG not mature enough for Kennedy so they’ll break up again. Then DDG off the chain now

    82. Miles Adgerson

      It’s there

    83. Mr Fugazy

      Why can’t we just go back to 2017 when everything was better 🤦🏾‍♂️

    84. Iso ‘

      1:28 I’m pretty sure if summer wanted one she could just go by one 😂

    85. Craig Thomas

      Rubi reached out to Seven because she didn't want that smoke. Seven ain't Lala. oan...who else knew DDG and Rubi wouldn't last long? Doomed from the start

      1. Azariah

        @Lit Like Leaura yeah i understand also I wasn’t talking about your comment

      2. Lit Like Leaura

        @Azariah don’t get me wrong I like lala but if she and rubi have a misunderstanding keep it between y’all don’t get anybody else involved

      3. Azariah

        The amount of hate in that comment

      4. Lit Like Leaura

        @Lovey Johnson exactly lala just didn’t wanna fight for herself she wanna bring everybody in it

      5. Gabrielle

        @Craig Thomas rubi did not say she had issues with seven stop lying

    86. Deneesha Morgan

      Can Rubi show proof? What if a girl was lying to break them up?

      1. Angie Ussery

        That could be true but ehh they gonna stay together anyways

    87. Dex and China

      Really wish cardi would stop being so easily quick to respond !! You are a celebrity girl get it together.

    88. billy bill

      dat dude ddg then got so many baddies in his dm's dats why rubi act like this

      1. Huncho Bundz

        Stop it

    89. Jaded Jaderson

      I liked them together too, but at this point I’d rather they take a break from each other for a few months and do some maturing up.

    90. D’Angelo Russell

      DDG be in drama every week, it’s his fault cause he be putting himself in these situations. Dude is not private at all.

      1. Youbu100% Walker

        That's why Kennedy left she realized he just wanted to use her for views and 💰. And he probably cheated as well, she probably just couldn't after all of that.

      2. Angie Ussery

        Nigga did she unblocked u

    91. Lone Wolf

      It’s little werid how she said he cheated but wasn’t he with her all this time tf 🤔🤔💀💀

    92. Cheycandyy


    93. NawfSide GOKU

      I seen that rubi pik lol I see why ddg Kant leave her alone

    94. Tombe Morbe

      Rubi and seven had beef?

    95. Azzir V2

      I honestly think ddg should date Kennedy again miss seeing morning vlogs

    96. D’Angelo Russell

      DDG should leave Rubi to the streets and actually stop simping for her.

    97. How too

      Cardi B and offset there so cute but if i was her one stike and you're out of here but i support her cause have nothing but love for her

    98. D’Angelo Russell

      At this point DDG needs to stop getting into relationships and focus on himself cuz when he messing with a girl and rush, it doesn’t last for a week.

    99. How too

      you know what If rubi and ddg are back together i am done supporting them they TOO TOXIC for me y'all can but they are not meant to be they keep on breaking up and get back together itss at this point annoy he didn't have this much problems and break ups with kennedy i want him and kennedy back together

    100. Tyjhun Blakeney